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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Operation Pitching: Posting Day

First off, kudos to Scott for calling out the rumor that Glavine will be back for two more years. Scott said it would possibly be a $20 million deal, but the Daily News reports that it is $25 million deal. Personally, it seems like a lot to pay for a guy who will be turning 41 during Spring Training, but saying $2.5 million more per year than he should get is going to break the Mets backs would be overdramatic. What does this all mean for the Mets though?

It certainly changes the pitching picture. The Mets are still likely to bring in pitcher from outside the organization via trade, the posting system, or free agency. However, when Pedro returns it is entirely possible the Mets have three veterans coupled with John Maine and Oliver Perez forming the Mets rotation for 2007 and 2008. It really should have a marginal effect on things with Humber and Pelfrey needing one more year in the minors anyway and the probability of an injury happening to get them in sooner is always looming. Besides, we all know that someone will be logging about ten to fifteen starts in place of Pedro in the first half.

So, where does leave the Mets and their pursuit of the current available players? I do think that Glavine coming back for two years might just preclude the Mets from chasing Barry Zito. Why? The Mets have been saying they are not interested and really might not be. If Glavine left, I would have thought it was a foregone conclusion that they chase Zito. If Glavine was around for only year, I would have thought they would have gone after him. However, with Glavine around for two years as the resident lefty getting $12.5 million per year, it is hard to think they will add another $12+ million dollar pitcher to Pedro and Glavine being they might only have a $25 million dollar budget to fill a few holes. That is unless it is Daisuke who's stock is rising by him simply doing nothing. Believe the hype or not, he is the best pitching prospect out of the entire minor leagues and international market. You have to be players for a guy like that and he is a reason to blow through a budget. So, if I was Omar, how would my pecking order look?

1) Daisuke Matsuzaka:
Pros: Sick splitter. Add onto that a nice slider (check around 1:05) and a consistent fastball in the 91 to 93 mph range (147 km/h is 91...150 km/h is 93). Jim Callis said the other day he is better than Phil Hughes, who is widely considered the best pitching prospect in the game. Sure Daisuke is older, but in terms of them both being considered prospects, Diasuke is up there. His stuff is legit.

Cons: It might cost $30 million just have the right to sign him and another $75 million to sign him. $110+ million for a guy who is still an unknown is crazy. Scott Boras has all the leverage as well with Daisuke eligible to just go back to Japan if he does not get the deal he wants and the ability to become an free agent after the 2007 season and have teams fight it out for his services.

My Take: He should be the #1 target and the only pitcher the Mets should target for more than three seasons at big dollar amounts. While some people are still feeling the sting of Kaz Matsui, this is not Kaz Matsui.

2) Jason Schmidt:
Pros: Jason Schmidt has a bad wrap as being an injury prone player. He topped 207 innings three times in the last four years and has averaged 30 starts per year since 2002 and 31 a year in the last four years. Schmidt is also a hard throwing righty that has the ability to dominate and would give the rotation another look while not costing $15 million per year and might not take more than three years to sign. If someone is willing to give him four years, I would pass.

Cons: His declining K Rate is somewhat of a concern, but hitters still only posted a .238 /.310 /.379 line against him in '06. From '04 through '06, hitters own a .227 /.301/.363 line against him. He has Cy Young stuff and is a guy that can flat out dominate. For the right amount of years and the right amount of money, he could be a perfect fit. If the market starts to get out of control, the Mets should pass, but they need to be involved if they miss out on Daisuke.

3) Freddy Garcia:
Pros: Since 1999, there was only one year that Garcia did not top 200 innings and failed to make at least 31 starts. He is only on contract for one year and with Pedro and Glavine tabbed to be around for two more seasons, having a guy for one season might be a good thing for the Mets with all the youth they have ready to go.

Cons: He has a declining strikeout rate and is coming off a year in which he posted the highest ERA of his career and gave up the most homers of his career. Garcia also needs to be traded for and would require the Mets give up talent in return.

My Take: After Garcia's 18-6 season with Seattle when he posted a 3.05 ERA, many thought he was going to be in the upper echelon of pitching. In 1999, he had finished ninth in the Cy Young voting in his rookie season and finished second in the ROY voting. He followed that up by finishing third for the Cy Young award in 2001 after the aforementioned great season. It looked like he was no fluke. While he has not been horrible as evidenced by his 4.01 career ERA in the American League, he did not live up to expectations. However, he is one guy that has the ability and could quite possibly put up a career year after moving to the NL and playing for a team as good as the Mets. If he does that, the Mets have the option to bring him back or let him go and they can nab a draft pick for him while giving an extra year to Phil Humber and Mike Pelfrey.

4) Trade:
Pros: With the Mets depth of young, top tier pitching already in the bigs or just about ready for the bigs, they are in a perfect position to nab a stud just about to hit his prime or in their prime.

Cons: With the need to have payroll flexibility and the climate of the Major Leagues being one in which teams have been drastically overpaying for pitching, giving away promising prospects seems downright insane.

My Take: If you give away youth, you better get youth in return. If the Mets trade a stud prospect for a player over 30, it would be a grave mistake. However, if traded for the right pitcher, it is a no brainer 100 times over. For instance, with the emergence of Chris Young as an ace, Clay Hensley having a great rookie season, and the rumblings of the Padres making a run at Barry Zito, could Jake Peavy be available? Kevin Towers already said he would be targeting Oliver Perez for the bullpen and the Mets have blue chips ready to add to any deal, could Jake Peavy be had? The bottom line is when you have young talent to trade away, there are always possibilities and if Zito is signed to a lavish contract with the Padres, an Oliver Perez and Lastings Milledge based deal would not shock me.

5) Barry Zito:
Pros: Since becoming a full time pitcher, he has topped 213 innings in every season and made at least 34 starts. In seven big league seasons, he has a Rookie of the Year award, a Cy Young Award, a 21st finish in the MVP race in 2001, and a 13th place finish in 2002 for MVP. Throw on top of that a possible top five finish in this year's AL Cy Young race, and you have a very accomplished pitcher that has yet to turn 29. His 3.55 career ERA is certainly impressive and I have a hard time believing he would not flat out dominate the National League if he chooses to move there.

Cons: Scott Boras.

My Take: The bottom line is that the Mets need to get stronger in the rotation. While I'm against overpaying for mediocre talent, Zito is not mediocre talent. if plans A through Z fail, getting a guy like Zito for a few million more per year than he is worth is not the worst thing that can happen since he is legit. If Omar has a rough time of it in getting an arm that fits into their long term plans better, Zito should be his guy by default.

The Rest:
We know that Omar had mentioned Chris Carpenter as a model for the way he might be approaching this off-season. Carpenter was not a big name before the Cardinals nabbed him and now he is a bonafide ace. Omar is might try and look at a guy who is undervalued like Ted Lilly and see if he can predict the next breakout pitcher. Lilly has good stuff, but has never logged more than 200 innings in his career and has had a myriad of injury troubles. If the free agent market starts awarding AJ Burnett type contracts to undeserving pitchers, Omar should stay away. If by chance the market for 2nd tier pitchers does not get blown out of the water, Ted Lilly bears looking at.

Mark Mulder's name has been bandied about as a possible low risk/high reward type player, but he will not be ready for opening day. Can the Mets really have two key starters start the season on the DL and not have any idea what to expect from either of them when they return? The only way Mulder makes sense is if Omar brings back The Duque on a one year deal and prefers not to have both Oliver Perez and John Maine in the starting rotation in the second half of the season.

The bottom line is Omar has to do something. Some things make more sense than others, but one thing is clear, Omar needs to get a front line starter in the form of someone who is one, or will be one in 2007.

* * *

  • It is amazing what a two year, $25 million contract will do for a 41 year old pitcher's outlook on things.

    "Tom wants to come back to the Mets," his agent Gregg Clifton said yesterday. "He has some unfinished business with them. He wants to win a World Series with the Mets."

    I am happy they actually made a definitive statement though. You can argue the pros and cons of giving an old pitcher a two year deal, but he has been a solid pitcher since he has been here. Ideally you give him one year, but he will still be an effective pitcher in 2008 in my opinion.

  • Newsday goes over how the auction works for Daisuke.

    Once Matsuzaka is posted, and MLB is notified, teams have only four days to submit their bids, and the highest one - without the team identified - is turned over to the Lions. At that point, Seibu has four days to accept it, and only then is the team revealed. Then the club has 30 days to get a contract done, and if that doesn't happen, Matsuzaka would return to Seibu and the posting fee is refunded.

  • Alfonso Soriano still has a place and New York and has told friends he would like to return to New York and play for the Mets.

  • The Phillies are still planning on being big players in the Soriano sweepstakes. At worst, let's see if the Mets can't drive up the price.

    The good thing is that this will all be over soon enough for the Mets to not be waiting on Daisuke while the other pitchers are ripped off the market.

  • Now the Cubs are interested in Heilman. Provided the Mets bolster their pen, it seems like the market for Aaron Heilman will be a very nice one. Omar might be well advised to see what he can get for the disgruntled reliever to try and fill other needs for the Mets.

  • Kenny Williams is going to go hard after someone. Just who it will be is the question.

  • Baseball Prospectus gives out their Internet Baseball Awards. The Mets had three players make their top ten in terms of the National League MVP award. Sick.

    Anonymous Coop said...

    Hey Mike - how accurate is Baseball Prosp able to predict awards? The only reason I say is...AL MVP...Jee-tuh? You have to be kidding. OK, the dude put up good numbers this year but look at the line up - pretty potent. Am I the only person with a problem about ANY Yankee winning the award? (And no, I don't cut the Mets any slack in that dept...plenty of people to take the the MVP votes away from each other - read Beltran, Josey, D-W).

    OK now that I got that off my chest...just want to say this one thing...

    I really really really REALLY hope to not get pissed off with the trades and free agent signings. You know, Zito was thrown around in our face so much this year, I truly felt like we had a chance to get him. Omar is good at creating smoke screens - but I'm thinking that he generally isn't.

    I'm hedgy on the Dice-K (easier to spell that way) stuff, yeah he's got filthy stuff, but is he worth that much? ON the scott boras spin machine? You guys seem to have more sights of his stuff - tell me what to think about him. Right now, I guess with our travails with Shinjo! and Kaz Matsui steak house, I'm just like - meh. Let him go to Seattle and wither there.

    I'm just sayin...I don't want to pissed off this year. That's all.

    11:40 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    BP is not very predictable, but certainly a good gauge. They are 'experts' and not really homers. I like them a lot and unfortuntely, Jeter is the front runner. I say Santana, but no one cares what I say.

    Coop, you won't get pissed off. Omar ain't no Phillips. Believe.

    I understand the hedginess, but the Mets would instantly have three of the top 15 right handed pitching prospects. Let that sink in. You want a dynasty? You should look at young pitching. Get Dice K? Keep your picks and your top two arms. Sick...Dice K, Humber, Pelfrey, Ollie, Maine? C'mon. That is just nuts. I understand the hesitation, but Japanese pitchers have come over and done well and some have dominated in some instances. There is none better that Daisuke in terms of Japanese pitchers.

    Feel good. I'm very excited. This Mets team is going to be nuts.

    12:55 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    I think $12.5 million is a good enough deal. And hey, its not impossible to trade Tommy next season if Omar feels the rotation is too crowded.

    Daisuke also has many variations of his fastballs, sliders, and whatnot.
    Daisuke is getting posted this week. Teams have 4 days to make thier bids, so all this crap ends next week. And you know there will be some guys leaking info :)

    With Kenny Williams ready to put McCarthy into the rotation, I don't think it should be too hard to net Freddy Garcia or any other of thier rotation pitchers. Kenny wants some bullpen arms.

    Assuming Peavy is had. ROtation would begin in 2007 as Peavy, Glavine, Maine, El Duque? Pelfrey?
    And then HOPEFULLY with Pedro's full health will turn into: Pedro, Peavy, Glavine, Maine, someone?
    Not too fucking shabby but we sitll have to curb our enthusiasm.

    I don't think of Scott Boras as a con becuase Omar has worked with him twice already. Once with Beltran and another with Pelfrey. I'm sure he'd rather not deal with him but I don't think Omar has a real problem with him.

    The Cubs have nothing to offer for Heilman. As far as "our" needs go, Jacque Jones? Cesar Izturis?
    I like Izturis but not fo Heilman. Or wait, push for the stars? How about Cesar Izturis and Felix Pie?
    Then you have Pie, Milledge, and Carlos Gomez, shiiiit, use one of them in another trade to land some else and we woudln't skip a beat.
    Nah... not gonna happen.

    Coop, I think he'd be worth it. He's going to get almost exactly what Zito's gonna get. Think about $14-$16 million? And he's just as much of a workhorse as Zito. It just seems like alot of money because of the posting fee. But i see Dice-K getting 6 years @ $15 million per.

    12:57 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    Also to go on the Japanese pitcher thing. None of them have ever come this young. Irabu was 28 when he first came with a significant weight.
    Then there are the other countless shitty ones like Komiyama, Iriki, and Ishii.
    THese guys were real old when they came here already, like 35 years old type old.
    ANd then there's Ishii who had crappy walk ratios even in Japan, so everyoen should have seen that coming.

    Then the Japanese relievers have been inconsistant. Some are good, some are bad, some are excellent.

    1:07 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    RE: Garcia..I agree. Frankly, Heilman for Garcia straight up is not out of the question. Maybe they can get some cash too since Heilman will be under and under their control.

    RE: Peavy..I'm not saying he is available or I expect him to be, but if they get Zito, anything is possible. Their pitching would be very strong without Peavy. I'm just speculating and saying anything is possible when you have some talent to dish off.

    Boras is no con, but he drives a hard bargain and is willing to blow things out of the water to just not compromise. It's not that Omar has a problem with him, but you never know what he is going to do.

    The Cubbies have nothing, but there is some nice interest out there. The Mets can always get prospects to dish off in a another deal, you know? Like you said, they have some nice young ones so it might be a tandem deal. Omar is creative, we know that.

    You think Dice gets $15 a year? I was thinking about $10 to $12 a year with some years being $10 and a few $12s at the end.

    1:10 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    Well he could get as high as $15 mil, I think.
    If he gets $10-$12 million then, shit, that's just fucking graaavy.
    That's cheaper yearly than Glavine, Zito, Schmidt and all those guys are gonna get.

    1:21 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...


    1:38 PM

    Anonymous Coop said...

    Gravy? I say that all the time.

    Benny, where does Oh-Pea figure into your rotation? He's GOT TO BE in the rotation next year...I have big plans for him LOL. Seriously, I have him pegged as the first no-no. Now that I believe in.

    I guess the waiting is the hardest part...I remember the Beltran sweepstakes back in 05...I was pretty mad then too. Just because I had to wait so long!!! I figure...it's gonna be 2007 before I know what the hell is going on with my team, dammit. DAMMIT!!!

    OK I'm cool now. WTF?

    1:52 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    Speaking of WTF, there's a game on the Sony PSP called "WTF" its wierd.
    WTF for Sony PSP

    Is Oh-Pea, Oliver Perez? lol. I forgot about him. He's the fucking man. He STILL has the potential to be a #1. I <3 Oliver Perez. He's gonna be a sleeper. I really feel bad for the rest of baseball in 2007 becuase if he gets better its a wrap. That's Glavine, Pedro, Oliver Perez, and a Mystery Man as super duper dependable guys.
    Gotta love it.

    2:00 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Ollie and Maine have to be in the rotation. It's theirs to lose with Dave Williams waiting for first call-up if he is not in the bullpen taking Oliver's role or making Pedro's starts.

    Also, with Glavine on board for two more years most likely, Ollie P, and Omar saying he thinks Dave Williams could be a 15 game winner, I'm starting to think the Mets have no desire to go after Zito or any lefty for that matter.

    I think Perez will get better. It's not just wishful thinking. There was progress in such a short time. His mechanics were tighter, he wasn't missing as badly, his slider is still one of the best. Get in some mini-camp work and keep going forward. I feel pretty good about him too.

    Benny, Why no Maine? He do something to you?

    2:06 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    Oh shit... bad news.
    Really bad news.
    Just heard on MLB Radio that Guillermo Mota has been suspended for 50 games becuase of the joint drug someshit program.
    So he prolly took greenies or something.

    2:12 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Got damnit. What do things like this keep happening? Hey, at least he'll be cheap and that should rid of all comp. They can live 50 games without him. They will be deeeeep anyway again in the pen.

    2:15 PM

    Anonymous Coop said...

    Yup, not concerned about Mota, we'll have Dirty back. What about Heilman though? Methinks he's trade bait.

    I like the way you think here Mikey (and Benny, Oh-Pea is Olive Perez, that's my super secret special name for him - wait, not so much a secret anymore) - but...I want Zeeeeeee-tooooooooooh (can you hear me whine? it's not pretty) Not only is he cute, I just want to laugh in the face of my friend the Yankee fan who is convinced they end up with him.

    Although I think if not Mets, then San Diego. But it would still be funny as anything.

    2:54 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Mike, I love ya, but I would rather sign Bradford to a 2 year 6MM deal than keep Mota and this is BEFORE the suspension. Now, he just can't be back. Between the Piazza rubbish, Spezio fastball, the suspension, and his crappy performance early in the year, it would really piss me off if he came back and Bradford didn't.

    Please, don't tell me about Joe Smith. Bradford HAS to be kept. It's a moral imperative.


    2:56 PM

    Anonymous Coop said...

    Hey, do any of you guys have access to ESPN Insider? The reason I ask is that I started clicking around and got there...it looks like there is a rumor that Oh-Pea is coveted by Padres. No no no no NO! Oh-Pea cannot go anywhere, he just can't.

    3:07 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    Emad, I think the Mets can live without Bradford, I mean, c'mon, does the name Joe Smith mean anything to you?

    3:15 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Nothing. You want him pitching to Pujols in a big spot?



    3:24 PM

    Anonymous seattle steve said...

    In reading all the rumours the funniest thing is that the # of teams that want to pay a freeagent over 10 mil is maybe 5-8. They do not mind rewarding there own players but it is difficult for them to reward a player for doing things against them.
    To pay a team 20-30 mil just to negot. and then have to deal w/ boras on top of that takes stpiidty and big grapefruits. he must be a hell of a pitcher, the Japanese Koufax.

    3:25 PM

    Anonymous brian b said...

    With omar saying he's interested in a reclamation project, and the cubs interested in Heilman... could a Heilman for prior deal be in the works? Prior only has 1 year left until free agency and has been an absolute DISASTER in chicago...

    That would be a very very risky deal, My friend said he'd be all for something like. I'm not so sure.... I'd almost rather start Heilman than make a deal like that, of course if prior were to come out and dominate I'd look like a fool... I guess i just don't think that will happen.

    I don't like Mark Prior.

    Fuck Mota, Dirty will pick up anything we lose if we don't resign him. On the bright side I would imagine this would drop his asking price a LOT.

    3:35 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    The Cubs aren't really a good match for the Mets. Outside of Pawelek, I don't like anyone in their system. Murton is an OKAY player, but I don't see us getting him.

    Other teams will offer more... maybe we can milk Heilman to the point where adding another decent prospect could net us Crawford.

    Today, is a very dangerous day.


    3:39 PM

    Anonymous Scott said...

    A shout out in the first line! Wow!Thanks Mike.

    The Glavine Contract is too much money. I dont mind him being our #3 for 2 years though. He can be a real stopper when we need him.

    Mota has to be a spanner in the works. I think Benny is on the money with Heilman being trade bait. Yeah, the dirt will be back but now will Heilman need to stay in the pen?

    3:47 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Not only is he cute

    I'll let that slide. But the word 'cute' shall never be used here to describe a player again.

    And yes, Towers openly said he views him as a left-handed reliever and will make a play for him, which is why I mentioned Peavy in the post if San Diego lands Zito. The Mets should have a quite a few things Towers wants.

    I want Bradford and I'd give him two years if he wasn't looking for something crazy. I just want Mota back too. The suspension does not bother me. He's not the first, last, or otherwise to do some illegal substance. Like I said, the Mets now can get him at a bargain most likely and not have to do a multi-year which is what it looked like it was heading if he was to return. Not many teams can just pay a guy to sit around, but a team with a deep bullpen can. If not him, then Dotel.

    Daisuke is for real.

    Brian b, I'm with you on Prior. The Mets need more certainty to avoid having a collapse like they did this season in the rotation. And if he does good? He wants tons of cash. Fuck that. If he does bad? He walks and the Mets lost Heilman? Fuck that.

    Heilman can certainly be used to get Crawford. Omar has tons of options. Really good stuff going on.

    It was well deserved Scott. Good stuff all around.

    4:51 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    *But the word 'cute' shall never be used here to describe a player again.*

    David Wright is adorable. Better?

    *The suspension does not bother me. He's not the first, last, or otherwise to do some illegal substance. Like I said, the Mets now can get him at a bargain most likely and not have to do a multi-year which is what it looked like it was heading if he was to return. Not many teams can just pay a guy to sit around, but a team with a deep bullpen can. If not him, then Dotel.*

    But you're missing the frickin' point! Mota was terrible pre-PED's and now you want to keep him and he won't even be able to pitch until June? As Penn would say, "Are you fucking nuts?!"

    *Brian b, I'm with you on Prior. The Mets need more certainty to avoid having a collapse like they did this season in the rotation. And if he does good? He wants tons of cash. Fuck that. If he does bad? He walks and the Mets lost Heilman? Fuck that.*

    Huge Mark Prior fan. Applauded as hard as anyone when he left after pitching six 1-hit innings at Shea earlier this year, but you just can't trade a Heilman for him at this point.

    How sad. I really do hope he gets it together some day.


    5:10 PM

    Anonymous brian b said...

    Prior is a train wreck.

    I feel like this team needs to trade heilman this season no matter what for a couple reason whoever. I feel that when he DOES become a free agent he will leave this team. I do not think he really likes what the organization has done to him and obviously we know he wants to be a starter. I just feel like his trade value is very high right now, we've got him for i think ... 2 more years? Lots of interest in him this offseason and I dont think he'll be with us for the long haul.

    I'd give bradford a 2 year deal, He's a submariner, that always makes batters uncomfortable. As long the deal isn't something totally wild, I say give him that second year. He's not that old.

    5:12 PM

    Anonymous Scott is ROCKIN!!!!!! said...

    Mike I feel the warm and fuzzy feeling your sending my way, thanks. But don't think you and I will be holding hands in the showers in the wee hours of the night!

    I like the Bradford two year idea, he rocked this season. I'd also give Mota a 2 year $4m deal with a club option on the second and a 2-way option on a 3rd year.

    If Willie gets a new deal I hop Omar locks Dr. Rick up for 5 years too. He is the best pitching coach the Mets have had.

    What is Omar going to do with Green? Any chance he eats half of his salary to move him to a Pittsburgh or SF? That way we free up RF and some cash for a better hitter, such as Carl Crawford. I would be down with HEilman leaving if we get Carl back.

    Scott's next prediction: The stache is back!!!! 1 year deal for $3mil.

    6:04 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    'I'd also give Mota a 2 year $4m deal with a club option on the second and a 2-way option on a 3rd year.'

    Clearly, you're either an escaped mental patient or a guy with a higher education. You had to have gone to college to say something that stupid.


    6:13 PM

    Anonymous Scott said...

    Well i am a Ph.D student. But lets not bicker about your lack of understanding.

    Prior..no way baby. He is a Tommy John operation away from being good again. He will be great if he gets to a great pitching coach and not overused. OP is enough of a reclaimation for Dr.Rick.

    Could Heilman be the long guy next season if he is not traded? Woulfd that make him happier?

    6:23 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    'Well i am a Ph.D student. But lets not bicker about your lack of understanding.'

    Congratulations, but your ideas on baseball leave much to be desired, and your writing hides behind a facetious and thoroughly unfunny smirk.

    Perhaps it is you who don't understand... should I spell everything out phonetically? If yes, please smile and nod.


    6:35 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    David Wright is adorable. Better?


    But you're missing the frickin' point! Mota was terrible pre-PED's

    The guy has a live arm. Whatever he took doesn't affect that. I'm willing to bet he'll be a bargain and I'm willing to bet he can still throw 95/97 mph. He'll be a nice addition late in the year. I'm sticking to it.

    Prior went from Hall of Famer to not even being enough to trade for Heilman. Yikes.

    Heilman has no place in the rotation. Maybe beginning of 2006 he did, but now? Forget it. The guy is also pegged as a closer by some teams so he might be pissed off wherever he goes.

    Mota for $2 million is not that crazy. Albeit he shouldn't get $2 million in '07. I would do $800,000 with an option for $2million in '08 that is performance based. You cannot reward him for getting drugged up. I doubt people will be knocking down his door.

    I'd take Prior, but not in a trade for Heilman and the Cubs won't just give him away. It makes sense for them to keep them if they cannot rip someone off.

    I guess you guys can just disagree on Mota. Emad doesn't like him. Scott does. Personally, I like him. I like his arm and think getting him mid-year when EVERYONE is looking for relief is just fine. Plan like you don't have him, bolster the pen, and you get him 50 games in. Fucking swell. At least no one will be wondering if he will be healthy enough a la Dotel. I'm all for bringing him back.

    7:04 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...


    Hard cheese, buddy boy.

    'The guy has a live arm. Whatever he took doesn't affect that.'

    AW, come on, would you please? He was throwing 90-93 with the Indians. You want this cheating headcase on the Mets?

    'You cannot reward him for getting drugged up. I doubt people will be knocking down his door.'

    Right... signing Mota to a 2MM deal is really punishing him.

    'I guess you guys can just disagree on Mota. Emad doesn't like him. Scott does. Personally, I like him. I like his arm and think getting him mid-year when EVERYONE is looking for relief is just fine. Plan like you don't have him, bolster the pen, and you get him 50 games in. Fucking swell. At least no one will be wondering if he will be healthy enough a la Dotel. I'm all for bringing him back.'

    Swell. He sucked even when he was a cheater, giving up a hit in almost every fucking big spot in the playoffs, and now you want him back post-PED. Sorry, but for a pen this deep, he isn't a vital component. As long as we keep Bradford, we could trade Heilman away, let Mota go and STILL have a devastating pen.


    7:31 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I cannot confirm or deny what he was throwing with the Indians. The 2nd he came over he was throwing gas man. You think he got traded, took them the day in between and pumped up to the high 90's? That doesn't jive. He's been throwing hard for years and years now.

    I wouldn't say he sucked with the Mets. For the right price, I want him back. The Mets were seven deep and I want them to be seven deep again. Bert is still a part of this team, but I don't think he is very useful. He'll be 'pitch two innings in a loss guy'.

    It's cool if you don't like Mota. I get it, but I happen to think he's the kind of guy that thrives under Peterson and I said that when they got him. He looked nasty. Whatever he took won't have an affect on his arm. That's my non-medical minded take.

    7:40 PM

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    Cardinals in 5.... Ha Ha!

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    Everybody has their reasons... *sigh*

    Scott, it's not like me to go off on a fellow Mets fan. My apologies.


    7:49 PM

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    In the playoffs he only messed up when he woudl go out for his second inning.

    7:56 PM

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    Emad your cool. I wouldn't get pissed with anyone here andespecially over Mota, Wright or Reyes...maybe. Mike's blog is a cool place for us to visit and talk it up.

    No offense taken amigo.

    11:04 PM

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    hellooo moto!

    "$110+ million for a guy who is still an unknown is crazy."

    makes me wonder if this is crazy for the mets, why is it not crazy for all the other gms? why does this thing happen anymore? Do recent world series teams have these kind of contracts on the books?

    6:24 AM

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    i don't see why emad wants that novelty sinkerballer back so badly. r-e-p-l-a-c-e-a-b-l-e. at a certain price yes, but how long til they figure out what he's doing? i trick some people in wiffle ball with that arm angle too, for a little while.
    Omar can pick something else off the trashpile.

    i'd take a flier on prior too. I like him dammit.

    toothless tom for two years and mota out for cheating. Not crazy about this hot stove so far.

    6:34 AM

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