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Monday, October 23, 2006

Compensation? We Don't Need No Stinking Compensation.

Thanks to Benny for pointing this out...

In the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, there will be no compensation picks for singing free agents anymore.

The new deal won’t have any major changes from the past, but there were be several subtle alterations that will have a long-term benefit. The two sides have agreed to eliminate draft choice compensation for teams losing free agents, and they will have a slotting system for bonus money paid to June draft choices.

At first look, this helps the richer teams who will be picking studs whose contracts expire and are leaving small market teams while not having to surrender anything to do it. However, the compensation idea has hampered free agency to the point where it inhibits who will actually pursue who. Small markets teams who depend on their draft picks are forced to look elsewhere sometimes when there is a guy they like, but will cost them their first round pick if they did not own a top fifteen draft pick.

Additionally, this hurts the ball players themselves. There are guys that have their markets limited because they are offered arbitration and some teams have been undoubtedly deterred from going after certain players because they could not lose a pick. It opens up the market completely with no caveats. While the system was geared to help teams that could not afford some of their departing players, it did work both ways. For one, rich teams like the Red Sox sometimes had more picks than any other teams in the first round and compensation round. Second, there are plenty of teams who do not have deep pockets that couldn't risk offering big ticket players on the chance they could accept and let those players walk away anyway. It became a vehicle for teams like the Yankees to offer whomever's contract is up arbitration so they can stockpile picks.

The system should either have been chucked or re-worked so it did benefit poorer teams, but if the rules were not going to help poor teams, this was the way to go. There are plenty of poorer teams that have enough trouble affording one first round pick much less two or three and bypass some of the better players just so they can stay within a budget. Maybe it is for my own selfish reasons like my favorite team has deep pockets and is usually giving their picks away, but I really do not think that is it. Ultimately, it makes sense and if they want to help some of the poorer teams, I'm sure there is a better way. For now, Omar can just concentrate on spending on whomever he wants without any impact on their draft...swellicious.

* * *

  • Why would Tom even want to go back to the Braves? Ten wins on that team is far from a guarentee and with the Mets, he will have an exceptionally easier time notching his 300th win. I do not care what excuses he has about family and needs to head back to Atlanta for them, but it makes more sense for him to stay with the Mets, get more wins, and have a shot at winning another World Series title.

  • The rich man's Steve Trachsel is going to cash in on his next contract.

    ESPN.com's Buster Olney estimates Suppan added $15-$20 million to his next contract by virtue of his stellar Game 7 performance in the NLCS.

  • Adam Rubin has the four keys to the Mets off-season.

    1. Re-sign Tom Glavine, Orlando Hernandez, Guillermo Mota and Chad Bradford

    I would not complain about The Duque coming back, but with the Mets need to bring in a bonafide ace, John Maine looking like a keeper, Oliver Perez looking like a starter in 2007, and Glavine most likely coming back, it will be a crowded situation. I would also like to keep a spot open for Humber or Pelfrey, but having them get one full year at AAA would not be the worst thing in the world. When Pedro comes off the DL, he would push Maine, The Duque, or Oliver Perez into the bullpen and hopefully that would be a tough decision. Mota, Bradford, and Glavine are musts, but Hernandez is not a must, but not a bad luxury item to crowd the rotation.

    2. Trade Lastings Milledge for an ace

    I would package Milledge and Heilman up for an ace in a second. But ONLY a true ace on the right side of 30. That, of course, is dependent upon Dirty being ready to go also.

    3. Sign Moises Alou and Julio Lugo

    I cannot argue with these choices as long as Moises is here on a one year contract. Next year is kind of a transitional year for the Mets in the outfield as they are buying time for some of their young studs to develop more.

    4. Stockpile starters

    Adam Rubin does not think the Mets would run with John Maine, Oliver Perez, and Pelfrey/Humber for the first half of the season, but I believe in Maine and Perez a lot. I guess it depends what camp you are in.

  • How much is Willie-Time worth? If you ask me, not much. He will be signing an extension for sure and I will get to enjoy is managerial prowess for years to come. Good seasons to not mean you necessarily have a good manager and he did make some mistakes this season as all mangers do, but he is far from the upper echelon of managers. The Mets need a guy who is in that upper echelon but that will have to be tabled for long, long time.

  • Apparently, the Mets like to try and kill their ushers. Who knew?

    According to the complaint, other elderly ushers were reassigned to jobs they were sure to fail at. One suffered a fatal heart attack soon after he was sent to work the upper deck. Two others were demoted to the commissary, "a position that is very difficult for elderly people," according to the complaint. One died soon after, the documents said.

  • Omar wants The Duque back.

    I'm a big fan of El Duque," he said. "To me, he brings a lot to the table, not only between the white lines. He brings a lot to the table in the clubhouse. He's a competitor. He's the kind of guy who makes us better."

    Like I said, I have mixed feelings on this but it certainly would not be a bad thing.

    Anonymous Anonymous said...


    Well, I've had a few days to realx and look back it Game 7. It still hurts, but with a solid foundation for the future, things look birghter on '07.

    I was at Game 7. Man, the crowd gave the Mets all the energy they could ever want. The Chavez catch....50,000 + people yelling 'Ohhhhhhh!!' at once is something to listen to. Just freekin' amazing. The silence after the Molina HR was sickness. I mean, it WAS sickening, by in the back of my mind, I had the feeling they would come back. I went to s game this past year against the Phils (8/26) and the Mets were down, but I just knew they' would make a come back. And they did! They won that game something like, 12-5.

    The bottom of the 9th, look, EVERYONE around me was just saying 'Floyd? Pinch hit with Cliff?' Not ONCE did we hear the word 'bunt' from anyone. Looking at it I can see, but I guess we all got caught up in the 'Kirk Gibson' moment.

    The Beltran freeze, ah well, what can ya do. he should have been swinging, but that freekin' ball just curved like no tomorrow. We cant blame Beltran on that on at bat when the entire team doesnt get a hit for 7 straight innings. To me if there's a 'goat' I guess it would have to be the entire Mets lineup that night. They just didnt get it done.

    But new days bring new excitement. I'm already antsy for '07!! Going into this year all I wanted was to make the playoffs. I got that and then some. Into '07, I want the World Series.

    1) I'm dwon with ressigning TG, Mota, Bradford the The Duque.

    2) it might be too much, but Lastings, Heilman and Oliver Perez for the D-Train.

    3)No Aluo. No Lugo. Try and sign Carlos Lee and make a trade for Jorge Cantu. his value might be down from this past year and if the D-Backs want to make any headway with their youngsters they need to start clearing room.

    4)stockpliing is good.

    We may not agree with what he does, but Willie should get an extension. And besides, who the hell else is out there to manage?

    Come on, Hot Stove!!

    - Nokes

    12:53 PM

    Blogger Toasty Joe said...

    Mike, your thoughts on getting Soriano?

    1:01 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Thoughts on sori? He's seems like a nice guy, but that would necessitate them moving Milledge for a stud pitcher, who is also affordable. I do not think they can go out and spend $30 million on two new players and then spend another $10 million on locking up Bradford, Mota, Hernandez, some more bench players, 2nd base, etc.

    Can they legitimately add $40 million? Their payroll is already $83 mill for next year. Seeing them break the $120 threshold is not likely and they need pitching more. They cannot do both and figure them to be about $105 this year. If they can nab Dontrelle, it is certainly feasbile with Glavine coming off the books in 2008 most likely. If they get Zito, no dice. The interesting thing about Daisuke is that he will cost a lot in terms of the right to negotiate, but he will command a lot less per year money wise. That could certainly allow both to fit into the budget.

    The bottom line is the Mets are not the Yankees and will still be decently budgetted in 2007.

    Nokes, I still do not fault Willie for not bunting there or leaving Heilman in. Rough game that's about it. Chalk it up to the Mets just getting beat and I agree, the goat is the Mets lineup if anything, but I'm still not on board with any Met bashing. That would take away from the Cards pitching that game. Sometimes you get owned. They got owned.

    RE 2): I'd think about it, but wouldn't mind getting something else in return. Maybe a bullpen arm because that is a lot. That package should get you any ace in the league that is on the market. I'd rather go after Ervin Santana and give up less if he can be shaken loose or dealt in a three way.

    Lee Scares me man. Scares me.

    Who else is out there? My man Gary Carter or Ken Oberkfell, that's who. That being said, there is no way not having Willie back in '07 can be justified, I'm just not a member of his fan club.

    1:12 PM

    Anonymous Danny said...

    I love the no compensation for free agents. The rule was stupid anyway. Since the luxury tax and the national TV deals pay all of the small market teams payrolls anyway, they shouldn’t get extra compensation when they decide not to re-sign their best players because they don’t want to up their payroll and make less than the $30-40 million they make a year from advertising and their local TV deal.

    It's a joke. The Florida Marlins probably make $60-70 million dollars this year (although their "creative" accounting would dispute this).

    1:14 PM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

    Holy shit, I didn't even realise that another part to the news was that there will be slotting bonus money for draft choices?
    No more Mark Teixeira's with thier crazy ass contracts? This is good shit.

    Fuck Jeff Suppan. I hope he gets rocked tonight, or whenever the hell he's pitching.

    I think the rotation may SEEM crowded but remember the season won't begin with Pedro. So it would be Glavine, Maine, Perez. That's 3, lets assume a FA and El Duque, that's 5 and the other guys are "in case shit happens". And I would prefer that than opening up the season with one of our "in case shit..." guys.

    I dunno about Alou. I mean, the Mets are gonna get over Cliff Floyd by going after another injury prone guy? meh. Fuck that. I say sign both Alou and Floyd and platoon both of them, that should keep those fuckers healthy for a full season.

    i guess Omar seems to be focusing on the intangibles of El Duque.

    Even no one asked for my opinion of Soriano, I'm going to give it anyway, free of charge.
    Soriano will be good for atleast next year. The problem is commitment. The guy is going to get atleast 5 years and maybe even 6 or 7.
    And well, he's not THAT young. He's 2 years OLDER than Beltran, and Beltran himself only has 5 years left.
    And shit yo... in his CAREER year his OBP is a .351? His skill sets don't age well. He's STILL a very toosly guy.
    Good to have on a team but not a guy you want to be commited to for a long time.

    I like Lee, but again how many years is this guy gonna get? 4 or 5? shit man, he's already a big dude, don't want to see him breaking down.

    Also, on Dice-K, I was reading that the money teams used for the "posting fee" comes from the scouting/developing/amatuer player budget. So it doesn't come from payroll. It comes from the money used to sign draft picks. So all it means, is that the Mets would PROBABLY go the KC Royals route this year in the draft.

    I was madd bored this weekend and made a list of FA's and POSSIBLE trade candidates that I like alot. The trade candidates should be guys that might be available.

    Chris Burke
    Jose Bautista
    Jose Castillo
    Rich Aurillia
    Craig Counsell
    Jerry Hairston Jr.
    Cesar Izturis
    Maicier Izturis
    Jhonny Peralta

    Peralta is a SS but whatever, Although I find it hard to believe I've read alot about Cleveland management souring on Peralta, so who knows? He's probably the only guy that's far fetched.
    Hairston Jr only as a bench player though, lol.

    1:30 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Yeah, the slotting is tight. It needed to happen and frankly that helps the Smaller market teams as that allows them to pick for talent and not signability. Awesome stuff.

    I agree Benny, but I envision an issue where the two young studs are pitching the like the #2 and #3 guys only to get pushed out. I believe in them, which is why I am hesitant. Even if they get one free agent and have a 'in case shit happens' guys, they are still pretty damn deep and have some healthy arms.

    Soriano will not get more than five years in my opinion, but that's still a big investment when pitching is the #1 need.

    Benny and I are in agreement on the size of Lee. Has anyone watched him play? He looks like a water buffalo out there.

    I'd take Burke. He's a solid player. There are a few guys on that list I like and they are nice if the Mets needed to go the cheap route. It really depends on who they sign for a pitcher.

    1:51 PM

    Anonymous Coop said...

    First Benny, thank you for posting the FA hitters. I was asking about that this morning, you took the research out of my work LOL

    I'm not sure I'm crazy about any of those guys...see here's my feelings, and y'all can take it with a grain of salt.

    My theory is...trade John Maine when his trade value is high. I know, the dude came up huge when he needed to, he's the anti-Trashball, but we are going to have enough pitching...think Pelf, Humber coming up through the ranks...Pedro gone for half the year...I think Maine isn't so much a necessity as a luxury anymore. Use him to nab a hitter in a deal. Not sure who...I'm too on the fence like you are for Lee, Mike. But we all know, Omar's got his scouts there.

    Just say NO to Trash and Floyd. I'm done defending Traxx and as for Floyd...look I know he's a good guy and all, but we can't afford to pay him the $$ he's going to want, then get older and more broken down. That's why we need a middle of the order hitter, like Cliffbanger. No one is really on my wish list though. Just a pipe dream I guess

    Mike, I'm with ya...give me Gary Carter or Ken oberkfell anyday of the week. What about HoJo? Do you think he'd be good at the major league level? If not, then definitely bring him as a hitting coach. We need to fix Sugar Pants' swing, which failed us in the last half of the season.

    Toasty, you didn't ask my opinion on Sori, but just say no to him too. Arrogant yankee bum who wants like $8 mm per year and he's worth like $1 tops. I know, I'm being mean, but I just don't think he's worth it.

    Lastly - Lastings palooza! I'm curious to see what this kid has to offer but if we can package him for like a Willis type pitcher...I'll pack his bags. But if we're talking a Schmidt type? Pass. He's on the wrong side of 30, plus my understanding is he does NOT want to play on the west coast. Omar has to be smart about playing his Milledge card.

    Also as for surplus of pitching...do you think Pelf is more expendable than Maine? I think they are both kinda the same pitcher. Maybe Pelf is a speedier thrower.

    More stuff - Extend Soul Glo's contract. NOW! Well, we can't now, but the second the world series is over, do it Omar!!!

    Get rid of Rick Downs.

    OK I'm rambled. I need hot stove to start RIGHT NOW

    Oh and PS - Omar, get Zito. Pretty please, with sugar on top.

    1:57 PM

    Anonymous Coop said...

    PPS Mike your assessment on Lee looking like a water buffalo is dead on. LOL!

    1:57 PM

    Anonymous Coop said...

    PPPS I meant about Schmidt - he doesn't want to play on the EAST coast. Duhhhhhhh

    1:58 PM

    Anonymous jake said...

    what about green? he sucks.

    the way i see it we need two new outfielders unless lastings or floyd is going to start. does green have any trade value?

    also, the bullpen is crowded, especially if we move el duque there, which i feel will happen if we sign him, at least when pedro comes back. so, with a healthy duaner and everyone else, maybe we should give heilman a chance to start? we can always move him back. if not, trade him i guess.

    you think, lol, we could still get manny for hielman and lastings?

    2:03 PM

    Anonymous jake said...

    coop, i like it, dangle maine and see what happens...


    also, floyd himself said he would need to sign a one year deal for cheap with incentives to prove himself ala big hurt.

    so, think about this...sign floyd for cheap and platoon with lastings (also make lastings floyd's personal bitch). then put manny in right.

    and get cantu at 2nd.

    now we're talking:


    2:09 PM

    Anonymous Danny said...

    I didn't know about slotting. It's a good rule. That is quite a concession for the union, but if you think about it, it probably rubs a bunch of veterans the wrong way that these unproven guys are getting these huge signing bonuses before they have done anything, and that takes away money from the pool to pay the guys at the major league level. So maybe I shouldn't be surprised. It technically hurts the Mets, but it's a good rule.

    2:09 PM

    Anonymous jake said...

    who needs defense?

    2:10 PM

    Anonymous Coop said...

    See, Jake, great minds think alike. I like the idea of bringing Floyd back and making Stings his personal assistant. If anyone is gonna get through to that kid, it's Cliffer.

    Manny, huh? Wow, I think you broke the record to how many days till Manny to Mets rumors surface LOL

    2:11 PM

    Anonymous Coop said...

    See, Jake, great minds think alike. I like the idea of bringing Floyd back and making Stings his personal assistant. If anyone is gonna get through to that kid, it's Cliffer.

    Manny, huh? Wow, I think you broke the record to how many days till Manny to Mets rumors surface LOL

    2:12 PM

    Anonymous Danny said...

    Jake, Manny in right? Oh man. Manny would make Shawn Green seem like Willie Mays out there. Manny is only even passable defensively because the Green Monster cuts down so significantly on the area he needs to cover. Manny is an AL player.

    I think I am starting to get into the re-sign Cliffy and go after Lugo camp. Lugo is awesome defensively and would be a nice bat at the bottom of the order. Cliffy, Lastings, Endy and Shawn Green can hold down the corner OF spots. I think Lugo's price came down from his time with the Dodgers, but I still think he might end up being overpaid. I do fear his price tag vs. value.

    We would all love to have Soriano, but I would rather use big money for pitching.

    2:13 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    it probably rubs a bunch of veterans the wrong way that these unproven guys are getting these huge signing bonuses before they have done anything

    Well considering alot of these guys were those former unproven guys that got huge signing money, I don't think they have a problem, haha.

    2:20 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Hmm..trading Maine. I would be on board with that in the right package for sure. If it's an upgrade, go for it. He is defintely not a necessity.

    Coop for full lists of free agents, go to MLB4U.com. You can find all you need there an more.

    Jake, I have no problems with Green off the bench as a pinch hitter/backup 1st and COFer. He's not going anywhere unless the Mets pay his salary and take nothing back, but he does still have a place on this team.

    I'm 150% on board with Lastings needing to be Floyd's bitch.

    Danny, also, the slotting has NOTHING to do with the ML guys. It makes the owners happy, more money in the players pockets as the owners have more to spend, and the young guys who have no say get screwed, even though they were living in a fantasy land. If this was the case in 2004, the Padres could have had Weaver!

    Screw Manny. Keep him away, I'd rather have Soriano for that money.

    2:30 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    RE: Wright disapearing in the 2nd half...the guy still hit .305. That should be noted. His power was zapped, but he still hit.

    3:08 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Keep Maine. Stuck with Green. Trade for the D-Train(?) and Cantu. Sign Zito and Lee.


    Zito, Glavine, Willis, Maine, Williams/Bannister/Pedro (2nd half)

    Jake: You have the Mets trading Lastings for Manny, yet you have a Lastings/Floyd platoon? Zuh??

    - Nokes

    3:40 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...


    Dont try and sign for everyone? Just becasue we have the cash to sign everyone, doesnt mean we should (ie - Yankees).

    In Omar we Trust.

    - Nokes

    3:42 PM

    Anonymous Coop said...

    Mike, no agreed. I wasn't necessarily in the camp that DW flat out sucked in the 2nd half, but you could tell esp in Sept and in postseason, he was squeezing the saw dust out of the bat, and his swing was a little off. It may have been mental, but get someone he trusts to help him out of it

    As for the elusive 5th pitcher till Pedro returns, where's Pelf or Humber? I think we can do without scrubs like Bannister or Williams (though he wasn't bad for us)

    i don't know much about Cantu. What's he like?

    3:44 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Well, I don't want TOO many trades if you can get guys like Loretta on the market on the cheap. If Cantu is cheap fine, but he had a bad season and I don't want to pay out the notes for 2005 Cantu.

    I don't see the Mets trade for and signing an ace. It's one or the other. The only way they sign two starting pitchers is if they bring back Duque....that is unless Omar goes mad and wants four aces in the rotation.

    Coop, the 5th pitcher would be.....PEREZ! I think the Mets will bring back The Duque. If they consult me, I'd try and argue the benefits against, but that is because I want to see Humber step up and take it. However, another year will do him good. He'll get his chance as someone goes down anyway.

    #1: Zito/D-Train/Some other stud
    #2: Glavine
    #3: The Duque
    #4: John Maine
    #5: Perez

    Whomever is doing worse out of Perez and Maine (no matter how good both are doing) will be jettisoned to the bullpen or AAA. Such as life, but Omar wants to create this crunch. Humber will get a shot at some point as someone will go down and Pelfrey needs another year (at least) to work on secondary stuff. That's how I see it shaking out anyway. As for who will be that #1, I really think it will be Zito.

    4:25 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    Coop, Cantu can hit. But he can't umm, walk much. Shit, his OBP was a .311.
    And I mean, I like OBP but I don't feel its the only thing you judge a player but shit, that's baaaaaad.
    Last year in 150 games, he walked 19 times, haha!
    You thought Reyes was bad?

    He could play 2nd or 3rd base. But neither of them very good. He's just... decent. There's been talk of him going to 1st base and play there.

    Other FA 2nd baseman that are interesting are Ronnie Belliard (that fat roly poly punk can field!)
    Ray Durham, and Mark Loretta.
    I like Mark Ellis, but I think the A's like him alot too.

    Minor league guys I like but probably won't be acquired by Omar are:
    Scott hairston, this kid can freakin' RAKE!
    Erik Aybar?

    Whatever... I don't see Omar putting a minor leaguer from another team and "naming" him the starter.

    4:29 PM

    Anonymous Coop said...

    Ha! I didn't mean 5th pitcher in the traditional sense...meaning I know Perez will be in the starting rotation next year, and that is just fantastic. Personally, I think Maine would be fine out of the pen, he has stuff that can translate, ya know?

    I don't think the Mets should overspend simply because they can. I was accused by a Yankee fan over the weekend by supporting the Yanks of the NL. I was in shock. I mean, yes, the $$ is an issue but lots of stuff is coming off the books this year and they are not going to go out and get every single free agent off the market...just target the best ones :-) And not mortgage the farm. TRUST IN OMAR. I need to make the t-shirt

    4:41 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Jorge Cantu looks like Valentin. It's scary. But I don't think Cantu is the answer and the Mets need to get on base more like Benny alluded too or kind of alluded too. When you have trouble getting hits, walks can kick start things. Ultimately they are not HORRIBLE as Beltran, Delgado, and Wright walk a decent amount, but it is a steep decline afterwards.

    Mark Ellis is solid. Loretta would fit with this team in 2007 also.

    Hairston is a man without a position. Although, he might be able to play left decent enough, but I don't think he is particularly gifted out there and he certainly cannot play infield which is where he was originally.

    Aybar? Is he for sale? I don't think they will be in a rush to move him especially if they dish off Kendrick or Wood.

    Agreed on Omar not looking for ML guys. He likes deals, but he wants to have a certain level certainty there.

    4:44 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I thought you were musing as to who would be the 5th guy in Humber or Pelfrey and I was just saying neither. They will be a part of the best AAA rotation in baseball. Humber, Pelfrey, Dave Williams, Kevin Mulvey, and Brian Bannister. Wowee zowee.

    was accused by a Yankee fan over the weekend by supporting the Yanks of the NL.

    Tell him Mike said to go screw. The Mets payroll was not even the 2nd most and was like fourth or fifth. Next year, it will be $105 million compared to the Yankees $200 million. Anyone that attempts to draw any comparisons is silly. Yes, the Mets spend big on players, but within a budget and within reason.

    4:47 PM

    Anonymous The Brooklyn Bum said...

    I think all the talk of free agents is overblown.

    If Omar's tenure has proven anything, it's that he's not afraid of pulling the trigger on a big trade if the trade provides more talent than a FA.

    Zito isn't a stud. He's a finesse pitcher with a great curveball.

    Lets play the Zito or Trachsel game!!! You know the rules, I give you some stats and without looking them up, you have to decide if it's Zito or Trachsel:
    2003: W-L ERA
    16-10 3.37 14-12 3.30
    11-11 4.48 12-13 4.00
    15-8 4.97 16-10 3.83

    Zito is overrated and is going to cash in on the fact that he had one outstanding season 4 years ago. That's why all indications are that Omar wants no part of Zito.

    My guess is that Omar is willing to put up Lastings and Aaron to whichever team is willing to trade a real stud. Go get Roy Halladay or Brandon Webb.

    5:12 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    'Go get Roy Halladay or Brandon Webb.'



    5:31 PM

    Anonymous jake said...

    mike -- please never again mention the best aaa rotation that i will no longer be able to see.

    i agree with the bum. my gut tells me omar wants someone better than zito. halladay or webb sound nice, so does oswalt.

    5:45 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    I don't liek W-L as a measurement of whether ot not a pitcher is good or not.
    You need other numbers man.

    I like Quality Starts. Quality Starts are defined as pitching 6 innings while giving up 3 runs or less.
    Lemme put it this way, in the entire MLB, Barry Zito was tied in 14th with 20.
    The highest in the MLB was Roy Oswalt with 25. Johan had 24.

    Jason Marquis had 13, Josh Fodd had 14, Ramon Ortiz had 15, Paul Byrd had a pure shit year had 15. Hell, even Pedro had more than him. And if you REALLY want to laugh, Anibal Sanchez had the same ammount as him.
    All more than Traschel who had 12.

    5:54 PM

    Anonymous The Brooklyn Bum said...

    I always thought that 'quality start' was bullshit because if a pitcher goes out there and throws 6 innings of 3 run ball it's a 4.50 ERA. Sure I'd be happy with that from a bottom line starter, but I'm not paying $14 million+ to get that.

    I know that W/L isn't the be all of stats, but the point of it was that Zito is not a stud/ace/whatever you want to call it type pitcher. He'd be a really nice 2 or 3 pitcher, but he's going to command ace salary because there is no pitching available on the FA market this year. Zito isn't Santana, Webb, or Halladay. He's a nice 10-15 win guy.

    Omar is a balls to the wall guy as shown by the trading deadline. I'm sure he had teams throwing mediocre starters (Livan) at him before the trading deadline, but he wanted an ace (Oswalt), got his ace, and had the deal collapse because Angelos has decided that he's going to run the O's into the ground.

    If Toronto comes to you and says that you can have Halladay for Lastings and Pelfry, would you do it?

    Halladay is a free agent after next season. The Jays can't compete with the Yankees and the Sox despite their second place finish. Now factor in that the Jays won't get an picks for losing him to free agency and you might have found a potential match.

    Now, this deal is as likely to happen as my Brad Penny deal before the deadline, but the fact remains that Omar doesn't settle for second best. And he's not going to settle for Zito.

    6:33 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    'If Toronto comes to you and says that you can have Halladay for Lastings and Pelfry, would you do it?'

    Yes. I don't even think twice. A 3.2 ERA in the AL East is about a 2.5 in the NL East, especially considering park factors. Legit aces are nearly impossible to get, so if Pelfrey and Milledge will get it done, you HAVE to do it.

    I'm not the guy to ask, though, as Doc is one of my favorite pitchers.


    6:42 PM

    Anonymous brian b said...

    If there was any possibility we could get the doc (which I don't think there is) I would give up lastings and pelfrey without batting an eyelash.

    I realize Zito isn't the fireball throwing ace we wish we could finally have (again), but he does bring durability, a pitch that ages well (power pitchers don't always age gracefully) and plenty of playoff experience. He is also only 28. There also isn't really that much out there in terms of good free agent pitchers. You don't want to sign Suppan do you??

    As for hitters I realize Alou always seems to find a way to be productive, but the man is older than sin and for gods sake he pisses on his own hands. I'm not really sure I've decided what I think about the outfield for next year but I really don't look forward to see Green out there, he often doesn't look as bad as Nady but I'm not sure he actually play better defense than him.

    I love Floyd, but does he really have another year in him? I mean I feel like i barely knew him this year, and if he's going to be hurt when we need him most, I just don't know if it is worth it. Lastings / Floyd platoon next year? Endy / Lastings platoon? Endy / Green / Lastings / Floyd rotating outfield??? That brings me back to the bobby valentine AAAA outfield days.

    The bullpen will be good no matter what happens but hopefully we see both Mota and Bradford return. Billy Wagner will of couurrse be back and hopefully sponsoring Mylanta night at shea.

    7:01 PM

    Anonymous Coop said...

    Emad, I'm on board with that trade. lets do it! :p

    9:50 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...


    This is a must see... Phil Hughes' baseball card collection.

    12:38 AM

    Anonymous JohnF said...

    Go get Brooklyn's own Rich Aurilia as infield super-sub. Reds have a $2M option on him for 07, with a $200k buyout. He played all 4 IF positions this year, batting .300/.349/.518 with 23 HR and 70 RBI.

    Go get Passaic's own Mark deRosa as the #4/5 outfielder. He is a FA, I believe.

    10:01 AM

    Blogger chris said...

    Instead of expensive free agents or tired/old retreads how about a trade of Heilman, Bannister and Bell for Carl Crawford to play left field? He is 25, hits .300, plays solid defense, steals near 60 bases and can hit 20 plus hrs per year. He would be an excellent number two behind Reyes that would drive other teams crazy with their speed. Omar wants athletic young core guys, he certainly would fit. Tamap has indicated they need young pitching and would move him for the right deal.

    For a starter I'd offer Milledge and a prospect for Ervin Santana or Jake Peavy.

    Spend the available cash on resigning the bullpen, El Duque, Endy Chavez and maybe working a deal with Glavine if he decides to stay.

    rotation: Santana/Peavy, Glavine, El Duque, Maine, Perez/Peflrey/Humber.


    Reyes, Crawford, Beltran, Delgado, Wright, Green, LoDuca, Hernandez.

    11:36 AM

    Anonymous Scott said...

    Just say NOOOOOOOOOOO to Suppan! Duque, yes.

    I wouldn't mind seeing a trade of Heilman and Bannister for Crawford and leave Milledge in AAA until his shit is together. If we cant get that done then there is no harm in having Soriano patrolling LF and Green in RF. Adding him and Zito will be costly BUT it means this is not a transition year and we will be pushing for the WS next season.

    11:59 AM

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