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Friday, October 13, 2006

Swellicious / Hell Yeah Bitches!

There is one team that has not lost in October. Care to take a guess who it is? The Mets are now 6-0 in October if you include the last two regular season games and this team can do no harm. Glavine was absolutely sparkling again and has yet to give up one run between his two playoff starts. I'm not ready to say I have a man-crush on him, but it's getting close. Dangerously close. As for Beltran?

What Michael Jordan was to the Cleveland Cavaliers ...

What Troy Aikman was to the Buffalo Bills ...

What Tiger Woods was, and is, to the golf-course architects of the entire universe ...

That's what Carlos Beltran is to the St. Louis Cardinals.

They can't stop him. They can't even hope to contain him. Not this time of year, anyway.

Thursday night, in Game 1 of the second National League Championship Series of Carlos Beltran's life, he did what he does every time he sees some Cardinals pitcher firing a pitch in his direction in a month we often refer to as "October."

He launched a baseball that needed its own air-traffic controller.

He launched a baseball that didn't come down until it had nearly wiped Tom Glavine's number off the scoreboard (which happened to be minding its own business, 430 feet away, at the time).

He launched a baseball that turned a 0-0 pitcher's duel into a 2-0 victory for his latest employer, the New York Mets.

And let's just say this is getting to be a more familiar story line than the one about the CSI crew unraveling another crime-caper mystery.

This was Beltran's eighth career postseason game against the Cardinals. They have now served up five home runs to him in those eight games, in just 28 at-bats. He now owns as many October homers against them as singles.

El Tigre Del Noche's shot was a no doubter and Encarnacion and Edmonds barely even moved after it was hit. I'm not going to start calling him the new Mr. October just yet, but that blast was unreal. If you missed it, you have to check it out on Mets.com and revel in it's glory.

But the real swellicious thing that has been going on for me, wasn't pitching and it was not offense. You can hear something about ballplayers around the league, but you really do not get the full effect until you watch them. When I have checked out the Oakland Athletics play this post season, Eric Chavez's defense was jaw dropping. The guy looks as good as anyone I have seen at third base and this guy can play shortstop in the Majors and probably be one of the better ones too.

As impressed with Chavez as I have been, I have been equally impressed with David Wright. I've been to two post season games so far and I've seen both of Tom Glavine's starts. In each start, David Wright made plays that made me want the punch the kid in front of me in the back of the head because I was so pumped. He made two gems last night and one that probably preserved the victory in catching a screaming line drive and doubling the runner up at second.

He had some hiccups earlier in the year in regards to throwing the baseball across the diamond late in games, but the kid is a tireless worker. Simply amazing how good he is and defensively, the Mets left side of the infield is as good as I've seen and there is still tons of upside. You can say what you want about the Mets starting pitching and I know I've been redundant these days, but I cannot help it. This team does everything so well from defense to relief pitching to base running to offense....they have what it takes to overcome a weak rotation. They have been coming up with the big hits when the need them, the big plays in the field when they need them, and the big pitch when they need it.

Cardinals fans like to believe the pressure is on the Mets because they are the favorites, but the pressure is now squarely on the Cardinals. Their ace is going tonight and if he does not win tonight, the Cardinals will have to find a way to dig themselves out with Suppan, Reyes, and Weaver. Yesterday was a must win game for the Mets and today is a must win for the Cardinals. The Mets rose up to the occasion and now we'll see what the Cardinals are made of. Something tells me they are not made of much though.

* * *

  • Adam Rubin has some nice tidbits on the Mets in his blog today.

    Carlos Beltran's home run in the Mets' 2-0 victory was his fifth against the Cardinals in postseason play. That broke a tie with Lou Gehrig, Al Simmons, Jeffrey Leonard and Lance Berkman for the second-most postseason homers vs. St. Louis. Only Babe Ruth hit more (seven).

  • Pedro might not be able to pitch, but he is making his presence felt. He is helping out Guillermo Mota and he has just been a savior for this team. He filled in a void that we did not think could be filled and it baffles my feeble brain how he did so bad in the AL. The guy is electric.

  • It looks like Floyd season is over. I cannot see him coming back after this and I would not be surprised if he mulls over retirement at the end of the season. The big guy's body is just breaking down.

  • With Valentin's deal with the devil wearing off, should the Mets give Anderson Hernandez a few starts? With the defense he brings to the table, it is tempting and I say give him a start and see what happens. He was looking better in his September call-up than he has ever looked before at the plate.

  • Albert Pujols? Douchefuck. He's a big fat douchefuck and now this series should be personal.

    Asked about the effectiveness of Mets starter Tom Glavine, Pujols, who lined out twice, said, "He wasn't good. I thought we hit the ball hard but we didn't get any breaks."

    He made you look stupid in that first inning strikeout.

    "I say he wasn't good at all. We just didn't get some opportunities and that's it. . . . (Glavine did the) same thing that he always does. Throw a changeup, fastball and that was it. I just think we should've done a better job than we did."

  • He's being doing it all year.

    Lo Duca extended the sixth inning with a two-out single, setting the stage for Carlos Beltran's two-run homer, which proved the difference in the Mets' 2-0 win over St. Louis in Game 1 of the NLCS in front of 56,311 at Shea Stadium.

    "It's all about placement, that's what I was telling everybody," Lo Duca said. "I just found the hole. [St. Louis starter Jeff Weaver] was tough tonight. He was throwing his sinker, and I just happened to find a hole and get on base, and Carlos put a good swing on a pitch and that was the difference in the game."

    It does not surprise me that it was Lo-Duca who set the stage for the big hit. He might be a Met for only two seasons and then done with the organization, but he will be up there on a lot of people's all-time favorite Met list.

  • Kevin Mulvey gave up two runs in two innings for the Mesa Solar Sox as they tied Grand Canyon 7-7. Michel Abreu went 1 for 4 in the game with a run scored and Fernando Martinez went 0 for 2 and is 0 for 5 on the season.

    Blogger Itsmetsforme said...

    I am starting to think i don't like Poohos--Willie better get this shit up on the clubhouse bulletin board.

    I decided I don't like him cause of the way he smirks at the plate. It was fun to watch him arrogantly get doubled up in the 4th. Ahh, he's probably juiced.I hope he defiantly enjoys his coming vacation.

    To nitpick, I wish it was a less tense game--I wanted to break these silly little birds right out of the shute. I still want a sweep cause it frees up my schedule next week. Let these midwesterners go back to milking cows or voting for tax breaks or whatever it is they do out there. I actually agreed with "TIMMY" McCarver: men on second and third last night, one out, only up two runs (in the 8th?) why not take a chance to score insurance and send the runner on that ground ball to the infield? Was that Willies bad, or maybe the third base coaches?

    1:08 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    "made me want to punch the kid in front of me in the back of the head because I was so pumped"

    Ha Ha! Classic.

    Yes, what Pujols said was absolutely idiotic and I'm sure he was totally frustrated about the outcome because I don't recall him making those kind of statements in the past. As far as using it to get the players stoked for this game, whatever it takes. I'm sure they will be focused on the media's take that Carpenter is the second coming.

    Come on, Carpenter is an excellent pitcher, but they (the media) make him out to be fucking unhittable.

    Pressure is totally on the Cardinals tonight. Reyes and DW have to step up tonight. I love how Beltran still considers his legs to be at 80%. Love to see him at 100%. He's pretty much won over the Mets fans. Excellent signing.

    And speaking of winning over, Glavine should be considered a "Met" now, if he wasn't already in the eyes of some Mets fans. Classic Tom last night and a big-time clutch performance. But he really wasn't good. ;)

    - Bada

    1:32 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Someone needs to brush him back with a 94 mph heater....on second thought, we don't want to make him mad.

    I'm torn on the less tense game thing. The last game I was at was ho-hum...just business as usual and that business is making the other team look like girls scouts for the Mets. Tense games are more fun, especially when you win.

    Let these midwesterners go back to milking cows or voting for tax breaks or whatever it is they do out there.

    That was a gem.

    RE: Willie...he's not a good manager...this is a good team. It masks his deficiencies when he writes the lineup card and everyone just doest their thing.

    Carp is hittable and he's been weak to end the season. I'm feeling good today, very, very good today.

    Beltran was getting the MVP..MVP chants...no curtain call on the homer, but there was not a need for it. Wrong time in the playoffs in a close game.

    Well, from my view in the Mezz....he looked like CY Young....

    1:37 PM

    Anonymous Coop said...

    "I say he wasn't good at all. We just didn't get some opportunities and that's it. "

    Um, exsqueeze me? Was Poo-holes even at the game I was at? Was he even WATCHING the same game? Glavine puts up the game of his career - as you guys agree, a MUST WIN for the team - and all he can say is "Nanny nanny boo boo?" He was still feeling the affects of getting struck out and looking like a little leaguer on the double play.

    I used to *heart* Pujols. Now he's on my sh*t list. I hope Mainer beans him tonight.

    And to DW and Reyes - Wake up bats! where's jobu when you need him?

    1:41 PM

    Anonymous rick m said...

    This was a good win, and I'm very happy today. However, I do have to say that Tim Welke was giving the pitchers a huge strike zone. It benefitted both teams -- Weaver's pitch to Beltran was the only mistake and it got hammered. I would like to have seen more of the bullpen last night, sometimes when these guys go a week without work they get a little wild, but maybe such a tight game was not the time to get guys in just for the sake of throwing. I was a bit surprised to see Glavine leading off the top of the sixth. The Met bats weren't exactly lighting things up, but I was glad to see the Cardinals lineup look positively ordinary, even with Pujols.

    1:48 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Yeah, the kids need to get into it. The Mets will need more than two runs from here on out.

    As long as the pitches go both ways, big zones are good and when Tommy gets squeezed, things get ugly. Chang-ups get left over the plate. Welke gets an assist on the win.

    You had to stick with Glavine to save the bullpen. They are going to get worked.

    2:02 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I'm sure they booked Charlie Weis in advanced, but he's been on WFAN promoting his book for at least an hour. Wonder if the Yankees were still in the playoffs would they have had Weis on this long?

    4:21 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Francessa hates the Mets wants his fellow fat slob and Parcells kiss ass Weis on there.

    Yeserday Michael Kay was talking about Curtis Martin and talking about who Yankee fans would want to win if Mets played BoSox in WS. Duhh, this happened once, not eveything in this world revolves around Yankees.

    Same goes with Glavine is a true met now. Thats Yankee talk, if the guy plays hard for the Mets, he is a true met, none of this auditioning Yankee fans feel they need their players to do.

    I'd keep Valentin, bat has cooled off, but his glove is really dependable, breat play on the grounder up the middle in the 9th. off the bat i thought for sure that was a base hit. He has a lot more potential in the bottom of the order. With Chavez playing already bottom of order is a lot weaker with Chavez and Hernandez there.


    4:29 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    I loved beltran's press conference where they asked about the whole Reggie Jackson/Mr. October tag, he just responded with a, "Thanks for the comparision, its a nice one but I'm Carlos Beltran."

    4:39 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    The WFAN is horrible and I love how they are the Mets 'flagship' station. It's comical really.

    Adam....You didn't get the memo? Everything does revolve around the Yankees. This WS winner will be unofficial since they are not in the playoffs anymore.

    Valentin's glove is dependable, but Hernandez's is gold glove caliber.

    Benny, that was a great quote. Fucking great.

    4:46 PM

    Blogger AE said...

    like the dude above said, welke's strikezone was large for both weaver and glavine. welke had a lot of trouble calling off speed pitches. any off speed pitches "around" the plate were strikes, fastballs "around" the plate were balls. weird, considering you should be able to offspeed pitches easier than fastballs...

    as for pujols comments, he's just frustrated. not a big deal....

    and billy wagner is awesome:

    reporter: This was a big win for you guys tonight, right?... especially
    when they've got chris carpenter on the mound tommorow night.

    wagner: So?... we've got john maine tommorow night?

    wagner with a nice fuck you to the media...he couldn't have done it any better.

    4:55 PM

    Anonymous jake said...

    bada beat me to it but that line about punching the guy's head was priceless...

    but mike i have to disagree on two points. first, i'm with coop, forget the brush back; bean him.

    second, i know you've begun to give willie credit, and of course i feel your reluctance to aboutface as you did with bloduca, but i do think we should give him full props. why? you wrote it yourself and it's no coincidence:

    "This team does everything so well from defense to relief pitching to base running to offense....they have what it takes to overcome a weak rotation. "

    5:35 PM

    Anonymous DG said...

    Glavine got to pitch a very old fashioned Glavine sort of game. He pitched as he did with the Braves. I think some of this was preparation for the second time he faces them when he will likely pitch more agressively as he did at his most successful points of the season (early on & then again after his health scare). Obviously, he & Peterson knew that the umpire was one more inclined to expand the zone. Pujols can sound like a dick if he wants to, but for as many balls that Glavine got off the plate, Weaver got the same.

    6:20 PM

    Blogger KB said...

    and this team can do no harm

    I'm sure you meant that this team can do no "wrong". They can do all the harm they want to opposing pitchers!

    6:32 PM

    Blogger Itsmetsforme said...

    yeah but some of those curveballs to Reyes, I think, were horrific calls. and I know cause i watch a lot of tv.
    yeah if you're gonna have an 0 fer playoffs 2nd baseman, Air hernanez may be better, but...intangibles baby! plus stash ended the game with an airhernanz play in short right. Ok he didnt really, but i thought it might be a hit off the bat.
    It's looking more like we'll be seeing the tigres in the WS should we make it. And you know what that means...
    Revenge list #4 The Gambler

    I heart Mets.

    7:48 PM

    Anonymous DG said...

    After Trachsell's Charlie Brown moment, let's hope that Oliver Perez keeps us in the game tonight.

    1:40 PM

    Anonymous Will said...

    What's up will Belliard's tongue?

    7:51 AM

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