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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Marquis out...Reyes In

LaRussa is going with the youth.

The Cardinals made just one change to their roster from the Division Series to this week's National League Championship Series, but it was a significant one. Left off of the NLCS roster was Jason Marquis, with Anthony Reyes taking his place.

That means Reyes is the likely starter for Game 4 of the series at Busch Stadium on Sunday. Neither pitcher got a start in the Division Series, with Marquis kept on the roster as a potential reliever or emergency pinch-hitter or pinch-runner. The NLCS schedule, however, will require the Cards to use a four-man rotation, rather than three. St. Louis will carry seven relief pitchers.

What does it all mean? Not much. That fourth game was a crapshoot anyway. Anthony Reyes didn't pitch all that well in the second half as evidenced by his 5.90 ERA and .299 BAA, but as his first half ERA of 3.86 and BAA of .202 shows, the kid has stuff. The Mets have not fared well historically against Jason Marquis (4-2 in six starts with a 3.40 ERA and .234 BAA from '03 to '05 and 1-1 this season with a solid start and a stinker). I would have rather of faced him, but I think this game depends more on what Oliver Perez shows up as opposed to what pitcher the Cardinals have on the mound.


Anonymous Scott said...

Weather report says that there will be sprinkles but no rain of any significance.

Dont know about god but the weater service are Mets fans.

3:20 PM

Blogger mr. met said...

Fuck yeah...not much else to say, but fuck yeah.

3:37 PM

Blogger oSSyCoCoTaSo said...

corey lidle died on the plane today.

mike and the mad dog ripped his ass yesterday.

that sucks

5:05 PM

Blogger mr. met said...

On the plane that crashed in NYC? Shit man, that sucks. That is some horrible news.

5:13 PM

Anonymous scott said...

wasn't just riding the plane, he was flying it! wonder if he ended it because of what they said yesterday about him?

5:51 PM

Anonymous Scott said...

Sorry about the shitty weather you guys with tickets.

Bill Evans was totally wrong, Bill Evans is dead to me.

11:11 PM

Blogger warmsox said...

I was watching CNN when they broke the Lidle news. It shocked me.

I also suprisingly had tickets for NLCS Game 1, drove 3 hours from central PA to come home for it and the game got rained out.

So I went to McFadden's.

1:35 AM


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