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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead

Again, the Mets proved they are the epitome of a team. The same day the Yankees' $200 million juggernaut gets ousted from the playoffs, the Mets swept the Dodgers to move on to the NLCS for the first time since 2000. The Mets needed a big boost from their pen and got it and they scored every run but one on singles. The Mets can beat you with the long ball, they can manufacture runs, or they can just hit nubbers, flubbers, and chop shots until they win. They won each game of this series in drasctically different ways and showed the baseball world why they are so good. Paul LoDuca, who I cannot apologize enough to for calling BloDuca, led the charge and proved again why he was such an integral part of the teams he was on in the past. The guy is just clutch. The guy is just consistent. The guy is Paulie Ballgame.

As for the Yankees, I was fortunate enough to watch the game from the lair of the beast and I watched it from Mickey Mantle's. The mood in there was a somber one as nobody could believe their eyes. The YES network was there and the woman doing the interviewing had written a lead in piece that started like this: To say the mood in here is somber would be an understatement.... It was. The mood in the bar was as if daddy just hit mommy at the dinner table. The place was uncomfortable as Jeremy Bonderman was just dealing and the Yankees season was crumbling. The Mets are now 5-0 in October and look as tight as ever. Willie showed us all just how much of a leash Steve Trachsel has and with a rested bullpen, he won't have much of a chance to let the game get away. There are so many good things happening for Mets fans right now and there is not one team they cannot match up against in these playoffs. Starting pitching be damned, this team has what it takes to overcome.


Anonymous DG said...

Willie will have to count more on the starters in the next series. Less short of a leash will be required. The offense is strong enough to compensate to a point. Willie pulled Trachs yesterday just before the moment of dread, but in a long series, he's probably gonna pitch through that.

I'm still kind of confused by the Nady trade, more and more so actually. And it's not because of the necessity of Perez in the playoffs (when we would have all preferred next year); it's because Willie has zero confidence in Roberto Hernandez. Kind of amazing that Hernandez didn't even warm up in the Division Series as far as I can tell. I wouldn't be surprised to see he gets dropped over Bell as the Mets bring in an extra outfielder to compensate for keeping Cliffy.

Nice to see Green perk up. Nice to see the Yanks crash and burn. What can I say? I feel spoiled.

4:50 PM

Anonymous Coop said...

As Willie once said, HELL YEAH BITCHES!!!!!!!!!

OK, maybe he didn't quite "say" that, but I like to think he did.


Mike, u going to game 1? i'll be in my seasons that night (section 14)

7:02 PM

Anonymous benny said...

Can the postseason get any better? Holy shit. Yankees lose Mets win.
Everyone in the BRonx is getting fired, Met players are being given awards.
That Tigers game was especially special because of the crooked score so it was that excitement of inevelibility that kicked ass.

People say Christmas is "the most wonderful time of the year", not to me. It's October.

I must say in the past 3 days there have been SOOOOO many Met shirts and jerseys around Queens. I'm loving it.

7:46 PM

Anonymous Coop said...

Hey Benny - with the influx of Mets shirts and hats, come the inevitable Yank-mee blowhard comments. Like "here are the Mets gear coming out of the closet, hardy har har." Whatever. I was walking around in Hoboken today and someone in an apt over Washington Street was waving a Mets flag at like 4 pm today, screaming "Hey YANKEE FANS!!!!!! WHERE ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU???!?!?" I had a good laugh. It's so true.

8:20 PM

Anonymous seattle steve said...

Thank you Steve Phillips for not persuing AROD. The curse of the AROD lives in the BRONX, and as i stated before the dodger series, after we defeat the dodgers and face the cards do not pitch to ALBERT/ walk him every time, right now he is the only player in the majors who can carry a team to victory.

1:24 AM

Anonymous Will said...

Had to oust someone from their office chair at the China airlines office in my hotel in Qingdao, China...but hell if I was going to go all weekend and not know what was going on with the Mets..hahaha.

1:58 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please only go if you feel if it's nessacary and to feel anger and such:

I have a friend who writes at a Blog call Baseball Toaster, who writes on the Yankee blog Brox Banter. I only go to read what he has to say and his scouting reports of teams. But I just HAD to go the past two days just read read the sorrow and hate and anger that Yankee fans have right now. Blaming everyone from $-Rod or Selig to Everyone else short of Jesus.

I'm going to post the link so you all can enjoy the Yankee misery. I dont, however post the link to endorse Yankee fans:


- Nokes

8:53 AM

Blogger fellista said...

After using it you will never leave your family or friends to know your secrets to your superfast good dog behaviour.. New fail-safe

11:05 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a great day for mets fans Saturday. Can't be better.

Of course, how annoying is Steinbrenner, you know he was sitting in his hotel room Saturday night already pissed off that his $195 million bought him just 1 playoff win. Then of course he has to watch the mets ripping through the Dodgers without there two bes starting putchers. He had to sense the mets would get the back page. He called up Bill Madden told him he had an exclusive but it had to be the back page. Told him Torre was fired and again the mets are in obscurity, despite being the only team in town still playing.

I hate Steinbrenner, he should go commit another felony two is not enough.

Guarantee you he will announce Torre's firing officially on Wed, so the Mets are off the backgape on Thursday after game 1.

On Sunday morning someone calls Francessa to ask about the Mets rotation in the NLCS, Francessa just responds dismissively "I don't know I haven't given the Mets in the NLCS any thought." What an arrogant Yankee fan, this guy works on the Mets station and he can't think about the Mets.

I was talking to another Yankee fan and he was saying how pissed MLB and Fox is that the Yankees are gone becuase no one will watch anymoore baseball this year. Like the sun rises and sets with the Yanks.


1:51 PM

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