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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Forget about the curveball Johnny, give 'em the heater

Swellicious. Game six was amazing. John Maine was tight and worked through some bad jams for 5.1 shut-out innings. He was attacking with his fastball and throwing a lot of high ones. I cannot say enough about what the kid went out there and did.

A few thoughts on the game:

1) The Cardinals are far from classy. I can say that Willie is a bad tactical manager and I would be right, but he gets his team to play the game the right way and the honest way. After Albert Pujols' antics this week, the last thing I needed to see was more poor showings by the Cards. Last night, Ronnie Belliard completely fell on top of Reyes head after it looked like he could very much avoid, or at least minimize, the impact during one of Reyes' stolen bases. Then, Jim Edmonds attempted a take out slide in which he hit the ground and proceeded to jump off the ground and basically try and tackle Jose Valentin. I'm okay with playing hard, but I think they crossed the line and looked like a desperate team.

2) Why is Wagner ever put in when there is a non-save situation?

3) Did anyone see Braden Looper knuckle deep up his nose after he got knocked out of the game? He was picking his nose with this ring finger (who the fuck picks their nose with their ring finger) and deftly switched to his pointer finger and hit pay dirt. Nice.

4) Tony LaRussa needs to give up the shades. He is not playing poker.

5) The Mets fans helped fuel that victory. I was not there, but you could tell things were nuts out at Shea.

6) Reyes woke up and when Reyes is in the game making things happen, the Mets win.

All I know is it does not matter who won game six. It does not matter who won game four or five. It does not matter who won 97 games or who won 83 games during the regular season. This is down to winning one more game.

Incredible. I am insanely excited right now and game seven cannot come fast enough.


Blogger Itsmetsforme said...

we will win game 7.
yesterday Benny said:
"How do you think Jeannie Zolasko looks without makeup?
I mean, she kinda sorta has the makings of a MILF, but I'd be kinda scared to see how she looks without makeup.
How you think she looks when she wakes up in the morning? "

I'd like to talk about this some more with my fellow pervs. I had a tv crush on her until i saw her big ass. She still fascinates me.

4:10 AM

Anonymous joe said...

7) After some light heckling from the first row field level Juan Encarnacion blew me a kiss (which I pretended to catch and throw back at him) *Far from classy St Louis, that guy is a prick too*

Side note, I'm glad I got some use out of my "state of maine" strikeout Ks (look for the olives tonight)

8:57 AM

Blogger oSSyCoCoTaSo said...

it looks like the traxx era is over.

think about it, you won 15 games and ur getting passed over by a dude with 13 losses and 2 wore 2 or more different minor league jerseys this year.

i fell asleep watching the game. i ate some chinese food and got the itis. waking up at 630 am for work didnt help. but im glad i did did bc i didnt see that near meltdown.

9:26 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The sight of Trachsel throwing in the bullpen might be the last time we see him throwing in a Mets uniform.

I still think Pujols making Floyd run out that grounder in Game 5 was extremely classless. I hope the Mets have a huge lead so they can drill his ass and wipe that smirk off his face. Pujols may be the new Larry Jones.

I'm still partial to Melissa Stark when she was on MNF. That broad was hot.

LoDuca's pre-game pep talk with Maine was classic. I was totally wrong about LoDuca after they traded for him. He has definitely been the on-field leader of this team. Hands down.


9:45 AM

Blogger oSSyCoCoTaSo said...

i totally forgot perez was on short rest.

if we win, duque comes back. who gets left off the roster? floyd or traxx

9:50 AM

Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

Game 7 baby, we're in there.
I'm trying to work some magic to attend Game 7. There is like a 99% chance I go.

If I do end up going this will mark the 3rd week in a row where I have cut my once a week, 3 hour sports marketing class... UH-OH!

Juan Encarnacion blew you a kissy, Joe!?!??!

Knowing the justice system in this country you could probably take him to civil court and sue for something, make a couple of extra bucks.
How does Juan Encarnacion the "Gay Raping Harasser" sound?

10:08 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll be there.

I have no idea where the seats are (friend has the tickets) but I'll be there.

I expect my throat to be sore, my body to go through a ton of emotions and my ears to pop......and yes, I expect to be going to the World Series Saturday night.


- Nokes

10:20 AM

Anonymous seattle steve said...

No matter what happens to nite it has been a hell of a ride, I'm not ready just yet to start thinking about next year.

10:51 AM

Anonymous sidd finch said...

I am beat. The upper deck was moving last night. The buntings on the upper deck were bouncing like a Brazilian volleyball team member's bikini top. What a game!

I hope that I can keep my head off the desk during today's training session.

Let's go METS! WOO!

11:11 AM

Blogger mr. met said...

All good stuff everyone.

Joe, those were your state of maine K signs? Swell man, swell.

11:13 AM

Blogger Abe said...

This guy has some pretty interesting comments on what baseball has become.

1:38 PM


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