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Friday, January 12, 2007

All is Quiet on the Mets News Front

I thought the Schoeneweis deal would really be a minor grumbling...a small head scratcher move, but it seemed to illicit some unforeseen reactions.

Scott Fuckin' Schoeneweis is getting Bradford money, My eyes are bleeding.
~ Anonymous

And who likes when their eyes bleed?

So much for full autonomy.
~ Coop

Are the Wilpons still lurching?

And the Mets needed another lefty. Surprised it's three years but will lose no sleep. Funny to see how people seem to be freaking out about the signing though as usual not here. The comments in MLBTrada Rumors were hilarious.
~ DG

Hilarious indeed...more one them later.

Here is what I think about the Schoeneweis deal:
1. A lot of Omar's moves make people scratch their heads. Seo for Sanchez, Benson for Maine and Julio, signing Chavez and Valentin. Omar's greatest talent is that he can find underrated players who are on their way up.
2. Schoeneweis' numbers are much better than what people think: during his 8-year career, he limited lefies to .231/.303/.302. That's pretty good.
3. We only had Feliciano as our left hand specialist before this deal. Wagner is our closer, Williams isn't impressive against lefties. Feliciano had a nice year in 06. Schoeneweis is our insurance if Feliciano can't repeat his success. LHRP is important because our main enemies are the Phillies in 07.
4. So why 3 years and 10.7 mil? Why not Bradford? First of all, Schoe made 2.75 mil last year. Ask him to take a paid cut in this market is impossible especially when he had a strong finish in 06. Second, MLB average salary is going higher and higher. 3.6 mil/year for Schoe is very close to the league average. If he really pitches well for us, he will be a bargain at that price for the next three years. Third, there could be a million reasons why we gave the money to Schoe but not Bradford. Maybe they know something that we don't, Bradford's health concern, our inability to get an ace at this point. Who knows?
I know that if you are smart you better not criticize Omar's moves before you see how they actually work out on the field. Also, is a 10.7 mil deal really that much of a financial risk for a big market team like the Mets?


Food for thought...

At first, I was a bit confused when I heard about this signing. But then I thought pretty much everything you just stated about Omar and his signings. Came to the same conclusion, just wait to see how it plays out on the field.
~ Anthony

Does Omar's shit really smell like mangos and papayas?

Nothing curious about the Schoenweis move if you think of some of the other moves Omar has made recently.

He traded for Shawn Green acquired Dave Newhan as a free agent. Its obvious that Mr. Minayawitz is trying to field an all Jewish team. I can hear Chris Russo complainiing about it now. Here comes Lieberthal, Jason Marquis, Youkilis. Its obvious that Minayawitz is out to make a point about his people.
~ Adam

You heard it here first.

From MLBTraderumors.com:

Anybody think this is a perfect prelude for a Milledge/Heilman for Joe Blanton or Esteban Loaiza swap?

Why not throw in Humber for good measure?

Please... somebody shoot me. My GM is a fucking moron.


Mets fans everywhere just threw up in their mouths a little bit.

Heck, as an Angels fan among those who were happy to see his ineffective ass leave a few years ago, *I* threw up in *my* mouth a little bit at seeing the moolah tossed his way.

In summary, blecch.

We don't need your sympathy.

Yeah, let's lock up Scott Schoenweiss! I want to make the deal with the devil that Boras did. This guy has thrown 57 innings in his career that warrant anything near this kind of deal.

It's not like this is going to hurt the Mets, he could always be good I guess, or that it's some huge mistake or albatross.

But, yikes.

Getting warmer.

All in all, I don't think anyone is going that crazy. The deal seems a bit off even in this climate hot ending of ’06 for Scott or not. Again, the move is not going to hamstring the team, but I’m all for fiscal responsibility after the 2001 through 2004 version of the Mets and throwing any money away is never good. This is simply a case of the Mets waiting too long and only the scraps are left now. It could end up being solid if Rick Peterson can work more bullpen magic, but there were better options for relatively similar pay.

Justin Speier was the premium reliever on the market and got 4 years and $20 million. I’d rather of splurged for him as it only cost the Mets a second rounder since they picked up Alou and he held lefties under .200 last season, .211 since 2004, and held all batters combined under what Schoeneweis simply held lefties too in '06. Yes, Schoeneweis can start, but the likelihood of him being around as a starter with Williams and Vargas in the mix seems remote. Is it bad to have another arm around? Fuck no. I just think it kind of caught everyone off guard. The reality of it is that we do not know who the real Schoeneweis is.

Since 2004, he has a 4.10 ERA, .250 BAA, and a 1.40 WHIP as a reliever in 110.2 innings. In 112.2 innings as a starter, he has a 5.56 ERA, .288 BAA, and a 1.54 WHIP in 112.2 innings. He keeps the ball in the park and has a 1.84 G/F ratio. He was bad in '04 as a starter, good in 2005 as a reliever and held lefties to a .188 BAA (righties hit him for a .306/.405/.389 line), and bad in '06 as a reliever until his stellar 14.1 inning stint with the Reds which essentially got him this deal. Righties didn't hit him very hard in '06 so at least he had that going for him, but you get the picture. It just seems like a lot for a guy who has been very inconsistent.

Obviously the sky is not falling and this is really a minor move, but it's been slow in the news for Met fans and most of us wanted Zito and instead we got Scottie. I'm sure it will be a swellicious relationship between the Mets and Schoeneweis as Rick Peterson guides him to being a successful reliever, but that doesn't mean many of us get the deal right now. I would have understood it more if it freed up Heilman to be dealt, but this move has nothing to do with that. In the end, it seems like a lot for a guy who will most likely be primarily used as a LOOGY.

* * *

  • As DG pointed out, Mark McGwire might now lose his highway.

    First he was snubbed by Hall of Fame voters, and now this: A state legislator wants to strip Mark McGwire of the highway named for the slugger after his record-breaking season eight years ago.

    State Rep. Talibdin El-Amin, a Democrat from St. Louis, submitted a bill Wednesday that would rename "Mark McGwire Highway" to honor former state Sen. John Bass, a veteran city politician and educator.

    Not a good week for Mark. Not a good week at all.


    Anonymous benny said...

    My favorite part of the DG comment,
    "Funny to see how people seem to be freaking out about the signing though as usual not here"

    We're always the normal ones aren't we? The group that posts here has something called common sense.

    I could care less that Omar signed Schnowiensaws, its just that he gave him a 3 year commitment, thats the confusing part. Especially considering Darren Oliver although a little older would have come at a cheaper rate, with less commitment, and already proven successful in New York, at the same exact role...

    State Rep. Talibdin El-Amin is an asshole and a douchebag. Because he's trying to rename that highway becuase shitting on Mark McGwire is currently in style and the cool thing to do. Fuck you Mr. Politician man.

    1:59 AM

    Anonymous Gehoff said...

    The 3 year committment is odd but really you could cut him, eat the $10 million and not lose sleep over it.

    A friend of mine is a huge blue jay fan and was a fan of scotty but said he was way over used.

    2:10 AM

    Anonymous Redneck Met said...

    "State Rep. Talibdin El-Amin"- God damn Al Qaeda! First the World Trade Center and now the Big Mac! Time we dealt some street justice to these damn people!!!

    8:24 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I could care less that Omar signed Schnowiensaws, its just that he gave him a 3 year commitment, thats the confusing part. Especially considering Darren Oliver although a little older would have come at a cheaper rate, with less commitment, and already proven successful in New York, at the same exact role...

    Precisely! Like I said, there were better options, Oliver included, and the Mets waited to long and if they really wanted a reliever, they miscalculated a bit and had to get Scott at three years. Again, I get why they got him and he certainly gives the team more depth, the three years is the weird part. Obviously it will not hamstring the team, but I'm not of the mind you just throw away money...they can 'throw away' Green's $4 million or so they owe him, throw away Valentin's couple million if he's ineffective...you see where this is going. It adds up. Sound decisions through and through are the way to go and I understand the idea that teams will have crappy contracts sometimes and risks need to be taken.

    Again, this is a minor grumbling and it's really a dead issue at this point. Not many people are going to care about this one going forward. It was just a shocker.

    hitting on Mark McGwire is currently in style and the cool thing to do.

    McGwire hasn't quite endeared himself to the public with his disappearing act. But what's really weird is that he gets maligned for hiding out and plenty of people want Bonds to do the same.

    A friend of mine is a huge blue jay fan and was a fan of scotty but said he was way over used.

    gehoff, great point. I do believe he can put up solid numbers if used the right way...Like he was in '05 when he faced more lefties than righties and not a fifth starter or main reliever. I'm just not of the mind you pay LOOGYs $10 million over three years especially when they are erratic ones.

    First the World Trade Center and now the Big Mac! Time we dealt some street justice to these damn people!!!

    I think Bush already tried some street justice.

    9:14 AM

    Anonymous D-D-D-D-D-D-D-DG said...

    Benny, yeah, we all must get the medicated Koolaid!!! A swellicious brew!

    Frankly, Pederson is probably the hidden component of importing Shoenough - exact type of pitcher he excells at maximizing. I'm sure Willie will attempt to use him for full innings or more, but in the worst case scenario he makes way more sense as a one man at a time loogy specialista than Feliciano who showed some ability against righties as well.

    Big news of the day? We have TWO Peteys! There's Pedro & Pedro E his 19 year old son. I've been doing the math all morning and it seems that Pedro was splashing baby batter when he was 15. I hate to say this but PeteyE is too old to be playing in the Dominican summer league as opposed to somewhere over here, but he apparently had decent numbers.

    10:06 AM

    Anonymous Coop said...

    OK splashing baby batter? That just made me LOL, splashing water all over my screen

    10:36 AM

    Anonymous Danny said...

    I don't think we would ever have to cut Schoeneweis and eat the money. Relievers are always valuable on the market, especially lefthanded ones, unless his arm fell off. If we don't like what he is cooking, we can trade him. His salary is not that inhibitive. We wouldn't get anything back, but I imagine someone would take on the whole salary.

    I tend to think he will be fine. But these rose-colored glasses that Omar sent me in the mail really match my outfit. And I won't take them off unless I get slapped really hard. And this was more of a gentle poke.

    10:40 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Baby batter?

    Swellicious. It's good for the skin.

    Peterson can take any healthy bullpen arm and maximize their potential. He cannot make them better than physically possible, but I have 100% faith he can maximize their potential and/or at least make them hit that threshold consistently.

    Scott has upside..no doubt he can be effective and being a groundball pitcher, you have to envision him getting Howard or Utley to drop a few double plays in some bigs spots.

    Just an aside...Howard is to the Mets what Ortiz is the Yankees. I think it has gotten to the point where they have a pitching specifically for him. He KILLED the Mets last year and if they are hanging in it at the end, he needs to be dealt with.

    Pedro E? You can never have too many Pedros....Never.

    10:56 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Danny...point taken. I don't think they'll ever cut him, but we could be praying for him to leave like Stanton in '04. Remember how much we all disliked him...remember? That was a similar deal...similar money...

    But these rose-colored glasses that Omar sent me in the mail really match my outfit.

    Omar certainly might have us all fooled. His excrement smells like papayas and mangos at this point and he has a ton of credit with Met fans so he could do quite a few things wrong before we turn on him.

    10:58 AM

    Anonymous Danny said...

    I just cringed at the accuracy of the Stanton comparison. Somebody hold me...

    11:08 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Did I bring up bad memories?

    People can say all they want that the money is no big deal, but teams are still hesitant to cut that unless they player is utterly useless. Look how long we had to look at Stanton be run out there?

    If for nothing else...keeping away from those bad contracts preserves out sanity and that is no small thing. Just chew on that one.

    11:54 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Ah...I just read on MLB Trade rumors about the Mets still trying to nail down Haren. I had written a blurb about Omar going back to Beane and explained why Beane would do it, but I erased it in the interest of not wanting to sounds stupid....If I kept it, it would have looked prophetic.

    Anyway, I still think that is on the table. Beane can trade one young pitcher into three parts, two of which are major league ready and Milledge being one of the top 20 prospects in all of baseball in reality. He'd do it.

    12:25 PM

    Blogger Anthony said...

    I think his shit smells like Mangos last I checked! Cracking up when I read that. Mike, you know I can't help my man crush on Minaya. As Danny said, until he slaps my rose-colored glasses off, I'm keeping them on.

    Agreed though that three years is completely odd and weird. I don't really get that. But hopefully it works out. Maybe the thinking is that if Scho doesn't match up to expectations, they will be able to trade him easily to another team that is desperate for relief pitching.

    On the MLB rumor front, for some reason something tells me that there is one big trade that Minaya is still going to pull off. I think something happens before the season begins with us getting some type of front line starter. I feel that it probably would've already happened if Beane and Minaya didn't respect each other so much and weren't totally afraid of the other fucking one or the other. Two masters trying to play it out. Interesting.

    12:54 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I feel that it probably would've already happened if Beane and Minaya didn't respect each other so much and weren't totally afraid of the other fucking one or the other.


    And in reality, with the Mets outfield depth and the A's being the A's...it makes sense. Mets get a frontline starter....

    Beane gets the objecct of his affection and a right handed bat that has the potential to be an impact one, a solid set up guy, and hopefully the last guy is Jon Neise and NOT Humber. I love Haren, but the Mets are overpaying, which is the only way they get him. I understand that and accept it at this point.

    1:12 PM

    Anonymous Screamin DG said...

    I don't mind Milledge/Heilman and someone not named Pelfrey/Humber to the A's for Haren. I think it does have potentially deleterious effects on the pen, but if you could have a rotation of Haren/Glavine/El Duque/Maine/Perez going into the season, we'd all be happy. The only tradeworthy minor league pitcher of note that we have (outside of the big two is) Jon Niese. I just cannot see Beane going for Deolis Guerra even if he was pitching at the same level. Too much time before he's ready.

    1:26 PM

    Anonymous Screamin DG said...

    Plus, I'd consider giving up Johnny Maine or Ollie if it meant keeping Pelf & Humb.

    1:27 PM

    Blogger Anthony said...

    Totally agree with Milledge/Heilman and somebody not named Pelf/Humb (especially Humber). Great call dg on a possible Maine/Ollie thrown in. I think something's going to happen. It's just been sitting there too long. Lastings would fit very well in CF for Oakland. I'd LOVE to have Haren/Glav/Duque/Maine/whomever and eventually Pedro/Haren/Glav/Duque/Maine. THAT latter rotation is badass.

    2:01 PM

    Blogger Itsmetsforme said...

    let's talk about Petey jr. somemore. the reports are vaugue. He's the Met's, but how exactly? Is he their property? Or are the articles saying that bc he's working out at the Met's facility? When did he sign? I guess he must suck cause this is the first I've heard of him and he's kind of old. Too much coffee. But wouldn't it be cool to keep him in the system--like Bobby Orr's son was nurtured for years just on the off chance he might turn out great. On the other hand, Gretzky's son plays but isn't so great. I love coffee. I would love a young Pedro. Wouldnt that be the balls? I hate Clemens and he has a son. So i'm not for anyones son, just Petey's. He's more handsome than his dad already. I wonder if Pedro jr. has a midget lined up for when he hits the show? Let's do this!

    2:03 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    DG…that is the deal I proposed. It’s clear Omar is giving up too much, but Beane has to extract more than exact value due to the fact that Beane a) has a good team b) has to upgrade his team substantially to give away him most reliable starter. Milledge/Heilman/Maine or Ollie or Humber or Pelf is too much. You have to draw a line and say Neise is as good as it gets. Ollie and Maine are big for this year’s Mets…I think they’ll be very good.

    Anthony, that latter rotation is sick…just sick. I love it.

    Itsmetsforme, you hit the nail on the head. He’s not very good. He’s not even starting there at 19.

    I love coffee too.

    He's more handsome than his dad already.

    Definitely too much coffee, but I’d attribute that more to his mom than Pedro as I’m sure Pedro only baby batter’s the cream of the crop.

    2:12 PM

    Blogger Anthony said...

    I also added the numbers with Pedro. So he was 16 when he had little P Jr. Just going for it. I just had my son last year at 37 and it fricking blew me away!

    2:31 PM

    Blogger SonnyD said...

    Man, I still think we should give Heilman a shot at a rotation spot. He certainly has the potential to put up similar numbers to Haren, and we'd get to keep Milledge and whoever else would go in the package. Maybe the brass know something we don't? And if he sucks, we keep him as a reliever and make a trade for a starter later on in the season.

    4:07 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    sonnd....welcome back.

    Heilman I think is solid guy, but give me Haren anyday of the week. I just think if the deal is on the table now, you have to take it. Haren might not be on the table later if the A's are in the mix for 1st...you have to strike now and NO pitcher will be on the market that is as good as Haren or under control for so many years.

    4:40 PM

    Anonymous seattle steve said...

    the Schoenweiss deal is a puzzler, D. Oliver could of been had for less $$$ and for 1 year, I understand the logic since he can spot start, give you innings in a pinch,& if D. Williams wins the #5 role, etc., etc.,but I would rather reward someone who did it for me as Oliver did than give it to a stranger.

    5:17 PM

    Anonymous D-D-D-D-D-D-D-DG said...

    But Steve, there is absolutely no way that DOliver can repeat that year. I mean, nothing in his past even came close and late in the year he started giving up homers in a manner reminiscent of the days of yore; basically already you could see the veritable spokes on the wheel (sorry early a.m. Paris time and clichés rule).

    7:16 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    But DG, you can say the same about Shnowwise, can he repeat his 14 innings with the Reds?
    Atleast Oliver has done it once with the Mets and it was onyl last season. Scnoqwess has never done it... ever.

    Oh well, whatever, I don't really care. I love this Mets team. I was looking at thier minor league invitees and they're solid.
    Standridge, Adkins, Schmoll, Padilla, Nageotte, and my favorite sleeper, Jorge Vasquez.
    The Mets also signed Jorge Sosa. Super Solid move. I like it.

    7:54 PM


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