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Friday, December 29, 2006

Clarity Is Key

It’s clear that everyone is not panicking. It’s good to see Coop will be able to move on from this. It’s obvious that the Giants, though not a bad team, are not appreciably better than last year if better at all. You cannot blame them for chasing Zito when it seems like such a natural fit in that ballpark with a quick move across the bay. However, the Mets needed him. He was what the Mets needed to sure up the rotation while enabling them to keep all of their studs. That being said, it is far from a disaster. These new Mets are not ones that operate with knee jerk actions and stand their ground. They put a price tag on Zito and stuck to it. You could have seen the Mets going up to the $96 million range, but still would have been $36 million or so off the Rangers bid. I’m not going to criticize the contract. Barry Zito should have in now way gotten the biggest contract of any pitcher of all time, but that is beside the point. What really irks me is that the Giants have seemingly operated without a clue the past few years. They always seem to be on the fringe of contention, but they have been giving away their first round picks on mediocre free agents like it is their job and have signed 90% of the over 40 free agents over the past few years.

When they should have taken their team down to rebuild last season and traded their usable parts away at the deadline, they stood pat and got nothing in return. Yes, they have a solid rotation, but they also have seven years of being fringy contenders if they are lucky. How this is a good long term buy and sound business deal is beyond me. It’s seems that Brian Sabean has been at Barry Bonds’ mercy over the years to operate with no long term strategy and play for today. The Giants just inked one of the better pitches in the league, but have a really bad farm system behind him. They have virtually no offensive prospects and every starting position player could possibly be over 30. Not only are they over 30, which isn’t necessarily the problem, but they aren’t very good. How they are going to supplant these old guys once they are put to pasture is beyond me. The Giants have Merkin Valdez and Tim Lincecum who are two premium arms, but Valdez has lost just about all of his luster and is not exactly young anymore.

One thing is clear, the Mets are still OK. Their rotation is better than the one they took to the playoffs and could be vastly improved….or it could be vastly worse. There are a lot of wildcards with the young arms of the Mets and how they shake out has everything to do with how they proceed with their rotation issues. Will Maine continue to be a solid big league pitcher and can he go deeper into games? Will Oliver Perez take a step forward and get his ERA around 4.50 and be more consistent? Will The Duque hold up? Will David Williams…Phil Humber…Mike Pelfrey step up? Will it be someone else? Outside of a taking a run at Mark Mulder, I am not seeing a benefit in the Mets making any move. Barry Zito’s signing along with all these other crazy ones to the pitchers this off-season just raised the value of every usable starting pitcher and the Mets could in no way get a fair deal. They should just stand still and see what the have towards the break at which point they can judge Pedro’s progress and see how all of the kiddies are coming along. If Pedro is healthy, they can easily have a formidable playoff rotation with a surplus of starters. They can also make a deal for a starting pitcher if it is clear the kids are not working out. The good thing is that I do not expect the Mets to panic and trade a young stud unless they get a young stud back. A few years ago I might have been nervous at this point, but I have the utmost confidence in regards to this team being run the right way these days. The Giants lack of a clear plan and them sweeping in to steal Zito out from under everyone else is certainly not the best thing that could have happened to these Mets, but is far from the worst thing. Come the All-Star break, we might be wondering why we even needed Barry Zito in the first place.


Anonymous seattle steve said...

One must look at he glass "half full" not "half empty". It seems that the other teams think Jim Duquette is still the GM with all the rumours of us giving up 4 inexpensive high ceiling players for one average expensive pitcher.One must remember it was not the pitching that didn't get us to the world series it was our bats. Looking at our division and the NL overall I am very confident that we will be playing once again meaningful games in October.

10:33 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It definitely was a disappointment not to get Zito, but that contract is just insane. Kevin Brown and Mike Hampton are the other insane contracts for pitchers that I can remember. And we all know how well that worked out for them.

I agree, let the young pitchers show they can do it. Getting Pedro back after the break will be like obtaining a top-tier pitcher at the deadline, if he is healthy.

The Mets are a win-now team at this present time. They were so close last year. Zito would have definitely put the Mets as the favorites this year. Now, the Mets are relying on unproven pitching talent and two 40+ yr old pitchers. Feh, not good. We shall see.


10:53 AM

Anonymous sidd finch said...

I'm not sure that Jim Duquette was the problem with the old Mets, I think it was Jeff Wilpon. The thing that has made Omar a success is that he knew how disfunctional the Mets had become, because he was here before becoming Expos GM. When he came back, he made sure HE was in charge of baseball operations.

Jim Duquette has himself in another disfunctional situation in Baltimore. That team needs new ownership, that's for sure.

I'd like to see Tomo Ohka in New York, he's not a power pitcher, so I don't think his surgery will be that much of an issue with him.

If the Mets had any kind of pitching last year, they would have made it to the World Series. Hell, they almost made it with Traxx in their rotation. They need to upgrade the pitching, but I agree, they were right to drop out of the Zito sweepstakes.

10:55 AM

Anonymous DG said...

Good point all around. Come All-Star break we might as well be wondering what all the big fuss was. And of course, it was not a matter of pitching last year.

Still, I'd maybe take a run at MMulder. At 3/$33 he would likely be a great deal. I looked at his career stats last night and he's had one bad, injury plagued year - last year. He should bounce back and provide ample rotation depth for later this summer.

Same manner with a lot less upside, I'd consider signing Tomo Okha, who's a solid back end kind of guy.

The golden question is what happens to Pedro this year. He had serious surgery, and we have to wonder if he will even figure in the Mets plans in '07. If he won't it does make a lot of sense to look at MM or TO.

But all in all, I'm wholly relieved the Mets have held on to their financial flexibility and could easily see the team doing quite well with their rotation solved from within.

The Giants still figure to finish fourth in the West.

10:56 AM

Blogger mr. met said...

Steve…I hear that. Teams still try and rip the Mets off. No such thing as fair market value for any team trying to trade with the Mets. There really seems to be some kind of irrational desire to rip this team off…

Bada, the Mets sure are win now, but not at a cost of the future. Omar said he wanted to keep a balance between the two and surely has stayed true to his word much to the joy of Met fans. He’s trying to build a winner and has proved to be a very intelligent GM.

RE: Two 40 year olds….Both have been pretty resilient and effective their ENTIRE career. These aren’t guys rebounding off of a major surgery or anything. I have faith.

Ohka? Eh…not sure they cannot use one of the kiddies and make out better. Mulder at least has upside….or more upside. Ohka is actually decent when healthy.

Mulder 3 years $33 guaranteed? Not sure I’d do that much….at least make it a third year vesting option.

On a side note, it’s been hysterical reading what Yankee fans suggest they get for Randy Johnson…I repeat..hysterical.

11:38 AM

Blogger mr. met said...

HA!!! Read that insane 2nd comment...The Mets got drastically worse? Their rotation will be just as good as it was last year. The Braves? People are seriously delusional.

11:42 AM

Anonymous DG said...

RE: 3/33. Well, you have to figure that Meche money (mush money?) for Mulder is the absolute low bar, and that's where the injury plays in: it creates doubt which drags on the potential value. And given that the Mets basically folded from the bidding (or were eliminated), a third year is the only way to get back in. Three years for Mulder is not a bad investment, especially if you get two healthy ones after one year of recovery.

12:06 PM

Anonymous DGerific said...

Well at least I'll say that I'm more scared of the Fish than the Tomahawks, but I still expect a lot of players to slip a little in their second years as sophs so often do.

Let everyone panic. I'm calm. You're calm. Funny, Klapisch wrote that Met fans everywhere were nervous yesterday, but here it was, what else?, calm. Perhaps you attract a more Zen kind of poster or perhaps we're all stoned on anti-anxiety drugs and ganga with a beer thrown in for good measure?

I used to have a friend who swore that bliss was xanax and a beer with a warm bath thrown in for comfort. I don't know what she called it, but I dubbed it the "Drown in the Bathtub."

12:16 PM

Blogger mr. met said...

Good point DG...that being said, it should have some type of clause. Too much to give a guy who you don't know what you'll get. Maybe they should just stay away afterall. A few years on Ohka or Armas is not the worst thing, but a bad allocation of a rotation spot with all the talent the Mets have in the rotation department. I need more upside....

Your friend is very wise...though I can't attest to sitting in a tub and drink beer while popping them, few things were better than when I was in Tahoe and getting back after a long day of snowboarding and popping some and drinking some beers. Few things are more relaxing than that...

12:31 PM

Blogger mr. met said...

Off to Maine for the holidays....boarding beer and lots of driving. Enjoy...don't expect any posts until Wednesday!

1:36 PM

Blogger AE said...

good to see no one's panicing around here - because there's no reason to. i am confident that a mets rotation of glavine, el duque, maine, perez, and humber/pelphrey can get the job done. if the mets don't want to use humber or pelphrey yet, there's dave williams. not enthralled by him, there's alay soler. not satisfied by that, heilman is off in the wings. ok, heilman will never start again for the mets...

anyway, point is, the mets are deep with starting pitching. they are not anywhere near league best but overall, add in the bullpen, and they have an above avg team of pitchers. relief pitching is such a big part of the game now that, as long as you have a starting pitcher that can go 6 innings at 3 runs, if you have relief pitching, you're gold. i am confident the mets will win more than they lose in 2007 and be in contention for the division title, regardless of who they add to the rotation - as long as it's not jose lima, but i digress...

2:13 PM

Anonymous Coop said...

Zen like posters? I think that's why I like this place. Cerrone's blog posters act like you just kicked their three-legged sick dog if you disagree with them. Half of them were OK with the Zito non-signing, the other half not. I wasn't going to be unhappy if he was signed, but certainly OK with him going the way he did. BYE!

Happy new year everyone!

4:29 PM

Anonymous bmc said...

"It’s obvious that the Giants, though not a bad team, are not appreciably better than last year if better at all."

The Giants are not a bad team.

They're a TERRIBLE team.

It's a long season. The Mets will find a rotation by June. They have so much shit to throw against the wall, something's gotta stick. Props to Omar for adhering to The Plan.

I'm more concerned about The Stache stinking out loud this year.

5:41 PM

Anonymous jake said...

well, what about heilman to the rotation? worth a shot?

8:53 AM

Anonymous Sidd Finch said...

I'd be interested in seeing Heilman in the rotation, to see if he could get over the big inning problems he had when he started before going to the bullpen. That one start he made in 05 still intrigues me.

He will probably not get the chance to try, because of how many other people the Mets want to try in that role.

11:57 AM

Blogger Anthony said...

Unfortunately for Heilman, the Mets just love him in the set up role. He's been too good and they don't want to have to replace that spot. It's a hard spot to fill. So I don't think Heilman will be getting a shot in the rotation.

Mike, congrats on the Rutgers win. Nice season at 11-2 and you get to keep a very good coach.

Happy new year all.

3:37 PM

Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

7 years gauranteed is alot! Jeeze louis.
THere was a line and the Giants crossed it. They woulda beaten me if I was GM.

Is it just me or are people over rating the Marlins? Thier players were good no doubt, they performed and they will get better but... they were sub .500 team! Get to .500 and then start talking.

Mets dominate again in 2007. Remember in the beggining of 2006 when all of us coudln't wait for the Mets towin so they could get respect. All they did was win and they never got any respect and they're STILL not getting any. Everyone always counted them out in every game of the playoffs, fucking fuckers.
Oh well, I'm sooo hyped for the 2007 season.
I can't wait for April. I can't especially wait for October.

7:09 PM

Anonymous Gehoff said...

Not getting Zito is a disappointment sure but no way would I have matched that contract. Crazy. I think they do need to aquire another starter though. Glavine, Duque, Maine, Perez, Williams is a serviceable rotation in theory but the chances one won't get hurt or struggle at some point are pretty slim. I'm inclined to think the young guys need a bit more time in the minors, Pelfrey, Humber, Vargas, Soler. Am I forgeting someone? In any case I'd be interested in Mulder or Armas on a short term deal. Next years free agent class could provide more of a long term answer.

11:05 PM

Anonymous jake said...

anthony they have duaner coming back who can set up. plus other strong pen arms. we have seen heilman can pitch so i feel like it makes sense to start him. i don't really care because we have other options. but it would make sense to me, especially if other options turn out not good. like with wainwright and papelbon, it makes sense to get more innings out of good pitchers by starting them. the question has always been does heilman have enough pitches to start. i'm not really sold on that concern, but i'm no expert.

however, i think the mets will acquire a stud between now and the trade deadline, as soon as omar can find someone to trade equal value for lastings and heilman and (dear lord please let it be so) maybe green. why green is on our team i have no idea. he sucks.

so if there is no deal for a pitcher maybe we will score an outfielder or 2nd basemen. a blockbuster could happen at any time.

10:10 AM

Anonymous jake said...

also, when you close your eyes and go to bed at night please pray that the twins suck and omar gets johan at the deadline.

10:13 AM

Blogger Anthony said...

Agreed on all points Jake. For some reason, mgmt just doesn't seem to want to try it. I would really like to see Heilman get a legitimate chance to start for a while.

Yes, Green...that is really not a good thing that he's currently our right fielder in 07.

Johan would be unreal. For what Zito just got, Santana will be a 200 mil pitcher. Crazy shit.

10:11 PM

Anonymous Sidd Finch said...

The problem with trading Green is what could you get for him? He can play first base to give Delgado time off when needed, but he makes too much for what he adds to the team. Trouble is, all the other clubs know this, so he's virtually untradeable.

Happy New Year

12:55 PM

Anonymous benny said...

Actually Green only makes $3.2 million from he Mets. The DBacks are paying him like $7 million to NOT play him. Amazing! LOL!
I think he's tradable.

1:13 PM

Anonymous cyril said...

When I look at the options that are available, Pelfrey and Humber seem to be better than anyone except maybe Mulder. I don't know how much Mulder is looking for, but it might be worth a gamble to pay a little extra for two years so you don't have the third year as potential deadweight. Since Duaner is coming back sometime during the year, he can slot in to a setup spot, with whichever of the young arms don't make the rotation, and have heilman start.

I'm not interested in seeing Milledge traded since he's so young, and I can see the Mets just placing Green on waivers if he sucks up the joint, and letting Endy, BJ and Lastings split time in right. Since Alou is injury prone, we'll see one of the three in left on a regular basis. Having Green an BJ may also be a ploy to delay Lasting's arbitration clock until he starts hitting with more pop. Also, I'm not sure about this, but I was under the impression that if the Mets traded Green, they wouldn't get any money from Arizona.

Does anyone think that Anderson Hernandez will hit? It just looks like he's a weak contact hitter with little upside. Hopefully the Mets will get Dave Newhan, so the Mets have a left handed backup for Wright.

12:45 PM

Anonymous DG said...

Cy, hernandez could probably start for the Mets without too serious of a negative impact for the Mets, but that's because of the team's offense, not his. He's a light hitter who could improve with some more patience. Still, he's ideally a backup.

Interestingly, Jeff Keppinger was DFA'd yesterday. It would be hilarious if the Mets swooped in and claimed him as most everyone not in Mets' management thought he was more than capable. Luckily for Kepp, the Mets won't claim him.

7:32 AM

Blogger mr. met said...

Kepp would be a nice righty platoon partner...but his adventures into utility role did not work out too well. He's too pigeon holed as a second baseman to have much value on this team.

RE: Blanton rumors...I puke all over thinking about his .300+ BAA getting traded for Milledge, one of the best prospects in the game.

2:32 PM

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