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Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Well, not yet. But hopefully this all gets wrapped up before I go incommunicado for New Year's weekend. We know that the Angels have said they are out of the Zito bidding, but we also know that anything can happen and Moreno could fish into his deep pockets for cash. The Dodgers seem set with pitching, the Cubbies should be tapped out after signing Jason Marquis, the Giants suck, and the Padres are assuredly out of the running. What really concerns me now is that fact that the Rangers have put out an offer, but no one knows what it really is. Hell, do we even know if an offer was actually placed?

This is where Scott Boras excels. The Mets could very well be bidding against themselves and a phantom bid. I said that even though the Daisuke signing was a different circumstance, there are things to be learned by the way the Red Sox handled themselves. Omar is going to be tough in regards to these negotiations. I do think that the Mets truly believe Barry is a vital part to the 2007 Mets, but I also believe they will not do whatever it takes to get him and they will not let Boras get them to bid against themselves.

Now the Mets are taking the show on the road in an attempt to ensure Barry sees the painfully obvious benefits of him being on the Mets. What they need to do is find that sweet spot that will make him come to New York for less money than Hicks may or may not have offered him.

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  • Plant Zito? Believe it.

  • Let's all take a moment and pray for Calvin D.

    What is the status of Steve Trachsel? I really like him, but I'm concerned that he's not listed as a pitcher on the Mets' roster.
    -- Calvin D., Hurricane, W.Va.

    Trachsel no longer is on the Mets' roster. He is a free agent, and the Mets have decided not to pursue him.

  • I'd love to make fun of Steve Phillips for being wrong, but I never though he would actually sign either.

  • The Alex Rios on the block rumors are certainly interesting.

    An intriguing possibility would be a Mets-Jays swap for Rios. The Mets were ready to swoop in and make a pitch for Wells if his negotiations fell apart, and threads of those conversations might be picked up in a Rios deal. As Barry Zito and his agent know, the Mets don't have much in the way of established, front line starting pitching, but they do have depth in young, inexperienced starters, like Aaron Heilman.

    Now, I do not think that Heilman would get a deal done and I do not think the Mets really have much of a match since the Blue Jays would be looking for more of a sure thing, but you never know. The Mets also have Lastings Milledge for an expanded deal, but where does that really get the Mets? I've liked Rios as a prospect for a long time, but the power was just never there....except for two months in the beginning of 2006. Other than that? Not so much. Not before that and not when he returned after injury.

    The Blue Jays might be highly advised to move Rios for the simple fact his trade value might be as high as it is going to get...or he could really be a five tool stud. I think it is a toss up right now. I do not think it's a question of if Alex will be good, but more of how good. A .300 hitter with 10-12 homers annually and great defense at a corner outfield spot or a .300 hitter with 25 or so homers? The former is not worth what it might take to pry him loose and the latter certainly would be. There would be too much risk in acquiring Alex Rios for a top young arm especially since the Mets are more in need of an arm than a bat. Lastings Milledge may very well end up being better than Alex Rios at this point while Rios will cost significantly more over the next few years and it cannot be ignored that Rios will turn 26 this February and has 28 homers in 385 big league games.

    Unless the Mets can pull of a deal of the Heilman for Rios ilk, which makes little sense for the Blue Jays, it simply is not worth it. He's an intriguing player, the Mets are sufficiently deep with toolsy outfielders and might be better advised to dish some off rather than stockpile more while losing pitching depth.

  • Jeremy Bonderman gets extended for four years at $38 million and it's a good deal for both sides.

    Bonderman gets $4.5 million next year, $8.5 million in 2008 and $12.5 million in each of the following two seasons.

  • The Mets are guaranteed to have four of the top 100 picks.

  • Huh?

    "Pittsburgh's not ready yet," the official said. "(The Yankees) have an interest, but I don't know if (they) would do Cabrera for him."

    See the above Buster Olney link for stats on Gonzalez in regards to him being 7th in the bigs in 1-2-3 innings with .389% of his innings having three guys come up and three guys get out. He might have his control issues, but he is certainly worth more than Melky Cabrera. The Pirates getting LaRoche who hit 32 homers makes a bit more sense, but I still think Cabrera is getting over valued in the deal for LaRoche. I wouldn't mind the Braves getting a lesser player, but the Yankees would pull off another coup in the end if this deal goes down.

    Anonymous seattle steve said...

    Zito is already rich, we all know the $$$'s will be 14-16 mil, the years 5 with a 6 yr option. For a pitcher the NL and Shea stadium is unbelievable plus's add the fact that he will pitching in the advertisement capital of the world his earnings from that will make up for the no state income tax thats in Texas. We know the Borass ego took a bating from the redsox but if Zito is his own man the decision is a no brainer/ with Texas making there pitch already and he took a pass so he can wait on us is a good sign that your title for this article will become reality. Re: Rios he's the real deal and it would be a great pickup... it would take pitching to get him.

    1:26 AM

    Anonymous $900 Worth of DG said...

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    My Zito confidence index was up a notch anyway, since I basically agree with your analysis of the situation. I doubt that the Ranchers have made their expected offer as yet but offered something more in line with where the Mets will go for a start. Now I'd like to lead the congregation in a nice spiritual chant of "sixth year option." Feels good right? What's the difference between a sixth year guaranteed and an easily vesting one to play for a contender? The new religion: sign Barry Zito.

    Calvin D, he probably made $900 extra last month after clicking one of those ominous links. Poor guy likes Steve Trachsell. Well, Cal, we all like Steve "Sad Sack" Trachsell, we just don't want him to pitch for our team.

    Rios speculation is just that: brought to you by a guy named Buster. Why do I get the feeling that that guy's name is really Duane? Or Harold? It was a slow sports week, yes, but the argument just doesn't bear out. I mean, it seemed to me he was basically suggesting the Mets use Rios as a fourth outfielder until 2008 when Sean goes off to Greener pastures.

    The best deal of the offseason by the way? Vernon Wells. I am an official Blue Jays fan, at least my impoverished AL self is. I hope they find some pitchers because I'd love to see them win the AL East. I am an opportunistic AL fan; I root for anyone that may knock off the Yanks and the Sox. Go Jays!

    So looking at that list of supplemental first round picks, one things does not make sense. Why don't the teams who lose an A free agent get their supplemental pick before the teams that lost a B guy? No one dispute that losing an A player is more significant, yet the Shlubs get the 31st pick for losing Stinky Pierre while the Mets compensation for losing Chad Bradford comes after seven teams who lost a B level guy. The A's should be before the B's in the supplemental round. That don't be making no sense to me.

    Well, anyway, I really enjoy your blog but just didn't find what I was looking for. so if you want to make an extra $900 dollars a month you can SMD! Whatever.

    Mike Oliver, meanest man alive!!!!

    4:18 AM

    Anonymous benny said...

    Zito is gonna be with the Mets. I can feel it.

    To me trading for Rios especialyl considering thats the Mets prospect strenth. They have 3 guys for the OF. 3 chances for them to suceed.
    And the Blue birds defifnitly want a pitcher back, and trading a pitcher is not smart for the mets right now.

    Did anyone read Noble's mailbag when he takes credit away from Zito because of his W-L record? of course ignoring all the offense the team has lost over the years.
    I gave him some feedback on how judging a player on W-L is sorta primitive

    5:50 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    $14 to $16 for five years with an easy vesting option sounds swell to me. And true dat Seattle Steve, if Zito is indeed his own man

    DG, I apologize. But the truth is, I'm getting a bit excited. Kind of like climbing the ropes in gym class excited at the thought of this team coming together with Zito in hand as well as all of these lucious prospects.

    Calvin is straight up a nut. A fruit cake. He must be related to Steve.

    As for the Rios rumor DG, they need pitching more than they need Rios. Their offense was solid last season and are in dire need of one more arm. AJ? Halladay? Chacin? Not bad at all. You throw another power arm in there, and they should be able to hang. I think Rios could be had in a deal, but I am not sold on him being an automatic. That being said, the Mets just do not match up unless they want Pelfrey for Rios, which might not even help them until 2009 after Pelfrey gets a lot more much needed work on his secondary stuff.

    RE: A and B supplemental picks, I have to agree 100%.

    Noble certainly had some stupid stuff to say about Zito. For me, you can look at ERA, H/9, W-L, BAA, and k/9. All of which are solid. He still strikes out about 6 per nine and posts solid peripherals. Glavine cut down on this walks about now and if Zito can, look out. He'll move into that upper echelon as that is his only glaring weekness. His WHIP takes a hit because of that and he allows a bit too many baserunners. We'll see if he can turn that corner, but either way he'll be good.

    9:32 AM

    Anonymous bmc said...

    Jesus. The Giants have 6 first round picks.

    10:43 AM

    Anonymous seattle steve said...

    So Omar and the 3 wisemen are going to mecca(LA) for some xmas shopping, so lets see travel time is a minimum 10hrs rtrip/ stuck in LA traffic another 3/ the cost of the travel plus possible staying over accomadations,etc.,etc., I can not see Omar coming home with his *&*& in his hand.

    10:46 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Jesus. The Giants have 6 first round picks.

    Wow. I didn't even see that. Well, they'll certainly need them since they are the oldest team in the league and they will lose one anyway once the Mets get Zito. They will just fall back and take the Mets 2nd rounder, which still leaves them in pretty good position at this point.

    Yeah. It's easier to to fly out to Baghdad and take a drive around town than to go to LA and mosey about. I think Omar will say 'at the end of the day' 1000 times and bring Zito back for a press conference.

    10:54 AM

    Anonymous Brother DG said...

    The Noble piece on won/loss records was an excellent example of stupid reasoning. Amazing when you consider that he has been a respected baseball writer since my forefathers were being clubbed to death in Mother Russia. I'd go out on a wing and say that two runs meant more in the 1970's when Seaver was his awesome self than the measly two spot the A's have tended to put up most games the last few years. I don't have the time to prove that, but I have excellent baseball memory.

    Calvin ain't no fruitcake. He just likes Sad Sack, which is fine with me (but not on my team thank you). Look at it this way: some kids like Archie and others like X-Men. The X-Men make better ballplayers, and the only X in Trachsell is X-Met! (Sorry my son is infatuated with Wolverene & Co.!)

    You must remember, Mike, to be inclusive, not exclusive. It's a global community baby! You gotta think of EVERYONE, and if Brother Calvin came to this site - and as long as he wasn't posting no mumbo jumbo with ominous links - we'd want him to feel free to post his idiocies just like the rest of us. Why, think of it! We might be able to EDUCATE him, TEACH him to open his blinkered eyes to see the TRUTH. Yes, even Calvin may come to realize what we have already come to know, which is that Sad Sack SUCKS! Then he might go back into the world a changed man, a happier one, ready to spread the swellicious metropolitan gospel.

    ... Or we could just trash his ass!...

    11:59 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

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    Blogger mr. met said...

    While I agree W/L certainly doesn't paint a complete picture...far from it, the top ten ERA finishes every year and top five h/9 every year should help complete that picture. Is he a 'true #1'? Maybe not, but he's a '1a' for sure.

    Sorry Calvin. I take bad any misinterpretation that you were in fact a fruit cake. You just have an illogical view on Steve Trachsel at this moment in time and have confused him for a useful commodity. Has he even got one offer yet? Even Marquis of the 6.00+ ERA was signed to a three year deal. Maybe Boston can use him as a closer?

    I thought I was linked to american legends already. If I remember tonight, I'll do it. Your best bet is to send me an email though or I'll forget by the time I get home.

    1:04 PM

    Anonymous Sister DG said...

    Got to like that idea! In the bottom of the second inning the television announcers would announce that Trachsell is warming up in the bullpen, and by the ninth, he'd be ready to pitch!

    I would be very suprised if Sad Sack got more than a one year deal, or at least, if I was his agent I'd insist he take one. He may have the lowest market value of any 15 game winner in history after his major league disintegration in the playoffs. He would be better off proving he had recovered his manhood and then fishing for a two or three year deal after 2007. But, with the cost of free agents as it is, he is likely going to get a fairly decent deal even - or especially - if he only takes a one year deal.

    Man, I'm already grooming my kid as a pitcher. I let him throw whatever he wants - spaghetti, carrots, shit, bills - against the kitchen wall and applaude him when he gets the stuff in the strike zone I've spray painted on the wall. I'll even put on the most boring clothes I own and pretend that I'm Scott Boras; the two of us will try to negotiate a good dinner and dessert with his Mom instead of the usual burnt offerings. Meet my son, Fort Knox!!

    1:53 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I don't know how you can you can bounce back from losing your manhood. That seems like a 60 day DLer to me. Two Tommy John surgeries? Yes. Losing a hand? Yes. Loss of self respect and manhood? It's forced better men to retire.

    Traxx should still get four million this season and that is pretty scary. Hopefully you are forcing your kid to throw lefty and switch hit.

    RE: Boras' clothes...You don't like the Steinbrenner-esque mock turtle necks and sport coat look?

    I feel for your poor wife.

    2:03 PM

    Anonymous Marty Noble's Bastard Child said...

    I have a pretty understanding wife (plus I'm given to flights of rhetorical fancy).

    This is from Jumpin John Heyman:

    "During his career, Zito has won an astounding 95.5 percent of the games in which Oakland scored at least four runs for him and was 15-0 last year in such games for the light-hitting A's (and 16-0 when they scored three or more runs)."

    Someone want to send this to Marty Noble?

    7:11 PM

    Blogger Itsmetsforme said...

    What is the status of Mo Vaughn? I really like him, but I'm concerned that he's not listed as a first baseman on the Mets' roster.
    -- I.M Forme, Los Angeles, CA

    3:28 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

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