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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Wow. Just wow.

Of course everyone knows by now that Omar was targeting Danny Haren and not Rich Harden, but the idea is the same. Bringing in a young arm that will be under the Mets control for a while.

Haren, a 14-game winner in each of the past two seasons, is more accomplished than Harden, and only one year older. He also is more durable, averaging 220 innings the past two seasons.

The A's surely are reluctant to trade Harden, who is signed for a bargain-basement $11.7 million over the next three seasons, with a $6.75 million club option for 2010.

Harden has a much better arm than Haren. In fact, when healthy, Harden is a Cy Young Award winner waiting to happen. The obvious issue with him is that many view him as a Tommy John candidate waiting to happen. I do not see the Haren deal happening unless Beane gets an offer he cannot resist. The A's are going to be contending for the AL West. However, Beane is a realist. He needs to keep an ever vigilant eye on the future. He will give a away a guy that will be productive and affordable for the next four years, but he will need to receive at least two or three guys that will be productive or affordable. Basically, he needs to be blown away.

If the A's were in a rebuilding mode, Milledge and Heilman might be enough. Beane likes both, but I'm not sure he would go for that deal at this point. Another player would have to be included and a good one too. John Maine...Mike Pelfrey...someone good. Beane has traded guys with a few years left before like Mark Mulder, but he was making more money and carried injury concerns. Haren is much cheaper in an inflated market and is healthy. Beane needs to be bowled over and the Mets are not desperate. There is not a fit that I can see and I don't know if I would like a Milledge, Heilman, and Pelfrey package. I might think about a deal with two of the three, but I'm not seeing the benefit there for Mr. Beane if it's just two. One thing is for sure, Omar is a stud. The man goes after whatever he wants and it doesn't hurt to ask, right?

* * *

  • The Dodgers pulled off another short term contract for more money and gave Schmidt three years and almost $16 million per year. Gil Meche netted five years and $55 million dollars. Ted Lilly brought in four years and $44 million.

    Schmidt has a career ERA of 3.91 pitching in the NL only.
    Gil Meche has a career ERA of 4.65 pitching solely in the AL.
    Ted Lilly has a career ERA of 4.60 pitching solely in the AL.
    Miguel Batista has a career ERA of 4.46 pitching in both leagues.
    Andy Pettitte has a career ERA of 3.81 pitching in both leagues.
    Barry Zito has a career ERA of 3.83 pitching in the AL only.

    Two things. Well, actually three. First, if the Yankees can bring in Pettitte for two years, it is a shrewd deal. It helps that Pettite wants to retire or else he might be asking for three or four, but you get the idea. Second, Gil Meche to the Royals is not as bad as it seems. Too much money and too many years? There is no other way to get players to go to crappy teams. He's 28 and could be ready to break out. Meche, Odalis, Bannister, Hudson, and eventually Hochevar is actually not a bad rotation. If Billy Butler, Alex Gordon, and Justin Huber can come along and join Emil Brown, Mark Teahan, and David DeJesus, the Royals just might have a team. Bad contract? Yes. However, not as bad as a deal as it looks on the surface. Lastly, Zito is the best arm on the market if you discount Daisuke. I think the Mets should now offer six years $96 million and the rumor is they will. I doubt anyone will go too much above that to really make him sway as that is a lot of money and Boras will of succeeded at wrenching the most money out of the team Zito wants to be on. What's more is that the Mets keep all their big prospects and that is worth the extra few million a year most of us were hoping the Mets did not give up.

  • The most interesting item of the entire day? Nothing to do with Zito, Haren, Andy Pettitte, Manny Ramirez, or anyone else that is a household name. The Reds picked up Josh Hamilton in the Rule 5 draft.

    Another excited front office official is Marlins vice president of player personnel Dan Jennings, who scouted and ultimately drafted Hamilton in 1999.

    “I like where he is now, and I love what he could still become,” Jennings said. “The upside has always been there, and I know I’ll be rooting for him with this change of scenery and really, the chance to finally prove he can be a major league player.”

    If you do not know about the kid, you can read all about him here. He is one guy I'm pulling for. He is an immense talent and would be a success story of success stories. You do not see a guy like him that has bounced around for seven years get back on track to star at the highest level. Good luck bro...

  • Nicey nice.

    Willie Randolph announced that Howard Johnson, who was the Triple-A hitting coach last year, would be the Mets' first base coach next season and work primarily with base running and outfield play.

  • Re: Zito...

    One Mets official said, "If we want a player we will get that player," and they clearly want Zito. But so far they have not shown a willingness to match the numbers of years and dollars being considered -- believed to be in the range of six years and $100 million.

    These ain't yo' pappa's Mets.

  • Losing Flores sucks. Make no mistake about it. I don't even count forty guys on the 40-man and there are guys that could be taken off, but I get it. Who would have thought that a catcher who needs at least two or three years in the minors would have been selected? I mean, c'mon. The kid is 22 and have never played above A-ball. Who would have thought that could have happened? The Nationals blow and could waste a roster spot on him. They will finish in last regardless, but the thing that irks me because I like Flores is watching him lose a year of development because a lack of at-bats is a waste of his talent. I still cannot figure out if Bowden is really dumb or really smart in regards to this move.

  • Mota is back and that is a good thing.

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    11:23 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    This is the day the 2007 season ended for me.

    We need Zito PLUS to be contenders. The bullpen is going to take a MAJOR step back. Burgos stinks. Mota is abhorrent. Wagner's declining. Bradford is gone. Feliciano is due to regress a bit.

    I'm just sick to death of all these veterans. Most of our position players are ancient and the pitching is nonexistent. The Phillies have three pitchers better than Glavine. Minaya's utterly pathetic. The Braves get Soriano and we get Burgos. Just fucking fantastic.

    I'm calling second place. In December. You read it here first.


    1:01 AM

    Anonymous seattle steve said...

    second place, i don't think so.
    Re: gil meche, i saw enough of him to know that there is something wrong with this world when that pathetic piece of you know what can con a team to give him a 11 mill a year for 5 years, no wonder the royals suck.
    Omar must remember and it seems he has at this time that trading LM maybe like the cubbies trading lou brock or even our metsies trading amos otis.

    1:13 AM

    Anonymous benny said...

    I hate it when people take a moral high ground on stupid things. For example, people everywhere are bitching about Mota coming back because of the whole steroids thing.
    Who gives a shit? I hope that the cocksuckers that said they would NOT root for the Mets if they signed a cheater really do stop rooting for the mets and become fans of Nascar or someshit.

    God bless the Royals for spending. Its alot better than thier craptastic Elarton, Bako, and Mientkiewicz trio signings from last year.

    Hamilton is amazing. he came back after not playing in like 4 years and started to hit. He was raking.

    4:25 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hi Sara,

    First lesson:

    Say, "Let's Go METS!"


    7:08 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I'm glad everyone didn't ignore that crazy 1st post? Wacky stuff.

    Emad! Relax. I think you are going off the edge a bit. Yes, the Phillies made some nice moves this off season. However, the Mets are not done taking shape. Mets get Zito...they still have Heilman and Sanchez. Feliciano is a nice lefty specialist at worst. Mota is not horrible. Wagner did better as he went along.

    Have faith.

    Meche is a bad contract, but not a horrible deal for that team. I'm sticking to my guns. I give him credit for trying to shake things up. .500 is not out of the realm of possibilities.

    become fans of Nascar or someshit.

    I'm sure they cheat somehow too.

    8:35 AM

    Anonymous Scott from Peekskill said...

    What is KC thinking though? 5/55 still isn't taking them out of the basement. Perhaps they should have taken Manny...nah, waste of time for both sides.

    Hi Sara. To be successful all you really need to say is "me love you long time." It will get you through life ok.

    Where the hell are these spam posts coming from?

    I'm off to Australia for Xmas. Enjoy the cold sucka's! I'll be looking in.

    Have a great Xmas and see you all here in the Metstastic New Year!

    10:16 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Enjoy Australia. Eat some vegimite sandwiches and enjoy fried eggs on your pizza. Don't get eaten by Great Whites and enjoy yourself.

    I don't think it's spam actually.

    10:22 AM

    Anonymous Danny said...

    I think the Mets should now offer six years $96 million and the rumor is they will. I doubt anyone will go too much above that to really make him sway as that is a lot of money and Boras will of succeeded at wrenching the most money out of the team Zito wants to be on.

    Mike, you have come to my dark side. This is exactly what I was saying a couple of days ago. The value in Boras extends beyond just taking the highest contract, it's extracting the most money out of the team you actually want to go to. Well done my man.

    Emad, oh, ever the cynic. Do you anticipate Reyes and Wright regressing too or something? That's crazy talk. The Mets will be fine. Burgos is not awful, he is young and unpolished. A distinct difference.

    Zito makes this team the clear best team in the National League. Injuries and anything can happen, but I still love where we stand right now.

    Benny, completely agree on the Mota signing. With his suspension, that is like 2 years, 4.2 million. Nada for the Mets to invest in him.

    10:40 AM

    Anonymous Danny said...

    Scott - I went to Australia for my honeymoon a couple of years ago. If you have never been, it's pure gold man. Enjoy!

    10:41 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    That deal for Haren? Lastings, Heilman and a pitcher for Haren. Would you or I do it if they threw in a BP guy, like Kiko Colero? That's STILL a bundle.

    It's just a thought. Not saying I would do it.

    - Nokes

    10:42 AM

    Anonymous Danny said...

    I would do Lastings, Heilman and Maine for Haren and Calero. In a nanosecond. Beane wouldn't, though.

    10:48 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    The dark side is swell. It's seem like more fun over here.

    Burgos is not awful, he is young and unpolished. A distinct difference.


    Zito makes this team the clear best team in the National League. Injuries and anything can happen, but I still love where we stand right now.

    And that is before Pedro comes back. The Phillies are a not-so-distant second though and if the Dodgers can get Wells, you have three very good NL teams as opposed to just one.

    Nokes..didn't Kiko have an off year? I'm just saying...getting Zito is a better alternative than give up THREE blue chippers for a guy who probably would never win a Cy Young. Haren is good, but not upper echelon of pitchers.

    Danny, I would do that deal...I don't think they would, but I would do it.

    12:20 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I like looking back at that old post and seeing 20 comments of spam.

    12:22 PM

    Anonymous Coop said...

    OK, I see that people are OK with the Mota signing, and yes I know, sh*t happens and he got "caught." But I have huge qualms about Omar giving a contract to a guy who a.) who is only avail to play 112 games next year; b.) suspended for 50 games; c.) singlehandedly lost Gam 2 of the NLCS for us (easy to point Wagner as the scapegoat but he would not have been in that situation if not for Mota). Not to mention, Omar doesn't pull the stops to keep Chad Bradford, who was our rock of gibraltar? Of course, I ate crow last year for all the stuff Omar did, but I really feel strongly against the Mota signing. He just was not that good, in my view.

    Is anyone else concerned about the language of Omar regarding Zito? I just get the feeling (they way he is being represented) is that he does not want him. While I'm happy we haven't made a deal simply to make a deal, I'm also unhappy with the way they are making a big deal about money. WHO GIVES A SH*T? Zito makes our team better, period. Throw boatloads of money at him. Plus he's cute, think of all the pink jerseys they can sell to girls LOL (of course i have to get that dig in)

    if we stand pat on the rotation, i think you'll hear me screaming from Hoboken. No guarantee Maine will be as dominant, Oh-Pea is still a crapshoot (though I think he'll be OK), Glavine might decide he's old after all, El Duque - nuff said, and Pedro? Still a ??.

    For F's sake, coddle this guy already. We need him.

    12:29 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    Coop, the only reason I go easy on Mota for the playoffs is because Willie over used him.
    He pitched in 5 games out of the 7. And then to top it off, his appearences were back to back. And then back to back to back!
    C'mon now. That's ridiculous.
    I'll view Mota the same way we got him last year. As a mid season trade. He pitched less than 20 games for us last year and was amazing.

    With Zito... its not about the money, its about the years and to be honost, that's what bothers me. Everyone here knows that I'm just not a big fan of commitment.

    12:58 PM

    Anonymous Coop said...

    Benny-benny-benny! I'm going to have to go ahead and sort-of disagree with you there. I think that, yes, years are an issue, but the money is an underly-er (sp?) as well. For some reason, I think that Omar is hedging because the market is little wacked out right now.

    I have no problem giving Zito 6 years off the bat. Yes, he's a pitcher, and if we think in terms of - he's a guy who plays every fifth day or whatever - that's BS because we all know it's different for pitching. Pitching is everything and not exactly something the Mets can stand pat on.

    Fact: He is only 28 y/o
    Fact: He will only be 34 y/o at 6 years end
    Fact: He will automatically be a top of the rotation guy on Mets
    Fact: He's never missed a start
    Fact: he's got a nice butt (OK I threw that one in)
    Fact: We need pitching
    Fact: We get better if Zito signs

    What's the problem?

    As for Mota, OK I was the first one who said that Willie got outmanaged that game, but screw him. I'm still pissed at the Mike Piazza incident years ago.

    1:34 PM

    Blogger Alan said...

    You've got it nailed, Mr. Met, as to why Beane won't part with Danny Haren. It's relatively inarguable that Mulder, when he was traded, was in his prime and the market value for him probably couldn't get any higher. Haren still is on the rise and will only get better over the next 3-4 seasons. At that point, then the Mets can snap him up.

    Seems inevitable, too, that Zito will be hurling at Shea next season. Six years does seem like a lot to ask for, but I'm imagining the Mets increase their dollar offer and barter him down to 4-5 years.

    1:34 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    I see his contract goign like this. Offering 5 years with the 6th being VERY EASILY atainable through whatever type of option. And the 7th being some sort of innings/performence based type of option.

    1:50 PM

    Anonymous jake said...

    i think we -- fans, omar, boras and zito -- seem to be approaching consensus and that it is only a matter of time before the deal benny describes becomes reality. hopefully a short time.

    regarding mota, i don't mind signing this particular cheater because he has been caught and will pay his dues. (the wholescale corruption of the game is another matter for which i blame all: players, media, mlb and fans). that said, my concern is that mota SUCKED last year until the mets got him. so presumably his dramatic improvement came from the juice. and presumably he was juiced when he was good during the pre-testing era. so why should we think he won't suck again if forced off the juice?

    mike, thanks for posting late morning. it's much more convenient than in the middle of the night. keep it up. whatever it takes. quit your job if you have to. cause all of our jobs are that much bleaker without lunchtime dose of metropolitans.

    2:08 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Mota was good. He made a bad pitch. Shit happens. I think he needed to come back.

    RE: Bradford...his contract was NUTS. He's a ROOGY and as much as I love him, five a year for the next three years with Joe Smith waiting in the wings was not a good business deal for the Mets. I cannot argue with that move.

    Omar and the Mets want Zito badly. That is becoming clearly apparent. Everyone says the Mets are trying to play it cool to keep the costs down. Also, when dealing with Boras, you cannot deal with him like any other human being. Omar is playing this cat and mouse game as perfectly as it can be played despite the fact that the Mets might actually be bidding against themselves.

    Yes Coop..He's totally dreamy too. However, if any pink jerseys surface, then I'm done. I'm resigning as a Met fan.

    Standing pat is ok too. This rotation is better than the one that took us to game seven and that is without Pedro. The rotation you see opening day will even improve as Phil Humber gets more innings in..HAVE FAITH! The Mets are going to have a glut of starters...six or seven ML caliber guys. Maybe even more with D Will and Vargas.

    Benny, I'm with you...the only argument people could have though would be shaking off Pauly Ballgame. No one shakes of Pauly Ballgame.

    Ok, if I must, I must. Zito's sixth year option needs only 180 innings to kick in. Make Zito's seventh year option a mutual one with a team for the 8th. That should make it interesting. He'll be 36, probably a bargain, and still peforming. That might seal it.

    Jake...yes and I'm getting excited. Getting a Zito jersey as soon as it drops.

    All posts will be middle of the night man. Sorry. That was posted at 10:something PM. New job is not conducive to blogging.

    2:45 PM

    Blogger Emad Mekhaeil said...

    'For example, people everywhere are bitching about Mota coming back because of the whole steroids thing'

    No. It's because Mota's a cheater AND because he's probably going to suck. Two years and 5MM? That's just fucking daft!

    It's a question of ethics.

    'Emad! Relax. I think you are going off the edge a bit. Yes, the Phillies made some nice moves this off season. However, the Mets are not done taking shape. Mets get Zito...they still have Heilman and Sanchez. Feliciano is a nice lefty specialist at worst. Mota is not horrible. Wagner did better as he went along.'

    I was a bit 'under the influence' last night.

    'Burgos is not awful, he is young and unpolished.'

    Check his minor league record. Sure, Burgers was young for his levels, but his performance has ALWAYS been mediocre.

    3:46 PM

    Anonymous jake said...

    well, at least you're dedicated enough to post on leisure time and not just while getting paid and stuck in front of a computer. furthermore, you've either quit drinking on weekdays or can spell better than most late night. wow, just wow.

    keep em coming, better late than never.

    what's the new job?

    4:57 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Mota has a live arm. That's all I know. Steroids and pitchers is a weird thing. It had more to do with endurance than anything for them. He'll still be able to bring it and Ricky P. has had success with live arms before. I still like him coming back.

    With the money going around, it's not horrible. Admittedly, it seemed the Mets had the uperhand, but are we really squabbling over a million dollars? Pro-rated, he gets $3,820,754.72 in 2008 and $1,179,245.28 in 2007. Again, a little over a million this season is not bad and 3.8 in '08 probably could have been leveraged more, but he could have just accepted arb...He could not have earned less than $2.6 million in arb for the Mets to have him for 112 games. $2.6 mill for 112 games or $5 for two years? Really, more of a compromise. Each guy had some sort of leverage, though it seemed the Mets had more.

    Burgos is a guy that has always been young for his level. He needed to sit and learn. Now, he has a guy who rehabs big time arms. Give Rick a change before anyone says he's no good. Have faith!

    4:58 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    well, at least you're dedicated enough to post on leisure time and not just while getting paid and stuck in front of a computer.

    Yeah, it's getting rough. I'm beat, but I love the Mets. I'm torn. I'll just settle for less posting, but still posting. Now the weekends will be my big post days when my fun ruining girlfriend is not around.

    As for my grammar and spelling, it's more of a concetration thing. I'm dumb...really I'm not. English is not my strongpoint, but I not exactly as dumb as it seems.

    I switched from telecom to the wonderful world of finance. I'm working in Mortgage Backed Securities. Interesting stuff.

    5:01 PM

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    7:23 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Thanks John....everyone have a good Friday night and try not to kill yourselves...Zito will be a Met by Christmas.

    8:03 PM

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