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Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Most Magnificent Bastard of All?

What once looked like a curious move, now appears to be a more calculated move if the latest rumor has any credence, which judging by the source, might not. Omar went into the off-season with a game plan. The pecking order was #1) front-line starter #2) sure up 2nd base #3) find a left fielder #4) sure up the bullpen. He struck quickly with Alou, which is one of the off-season's best deals, brought back Valentin, which remains to be see if that makes sense or not, and brought in a bevy of bullpen arms in Burgos, Adkins, and Standrich. As of now, the bullpen looks very solid and the offense is a tick better than last year and more balanced with Alou’s right-handed bat in the lineup. In regards to the starting pitching front, Omar tried to bring in an ace-type guy. He bid really big for Daisuke and their $38 million bid fell short of Boston’s unforeseen and astronomical bid. After that, he turned towards Zito who ended up getting a deal that not many of us would have been excited about if the Mets inked it, though most of us wanted him. He didn’t cost young talent, profiled nicely with this team, and was going to be reunited with professor Rick, but that is a moot point at this stage.

Now Omar is left to scramble if he still wants that ace. Speier or Riske would have been a better option in regards to freeing Heilman up for a trade than Schoeneweis, but Omar did not quite see things coming to the point they are at now. After getting ridiculous demands from GMs such as Kenny Williams for some of their marginal to slightly above marginal arms and getting priced out of the two big arms on the market, Omar was left holding his chorizo hands. So what did he do? He tried to piece together a quick and very smart contingency plan. (Taking bits from metsdynasty and Gotham Baseball here) With the importance of guys who can get lefties out with the Phillies fearsome twosome due to battle the Mets this season deep into September, it was vital to have not one, but at least two guys that can get lefties out. We know that Feliciano and Heilman fit that bill currently. As for Dave Williams, he has the potential to be useful, but lefties and righties hit him for about the same and it’s in the .280 area.

Now to my point. After the Schoeneweis deal, I called my friend and to discuss the deal and he said he felt a trade brewing with the recent acquisition. I said I don’t know about Schoenweiss contributing to any of that, but look out for Omar to go after Haren or Harden again. It turns out, Schoeneweis does help free up Heilman in regards to having two guys who can get lefties out in the bullpen, which is vital. It doesn’t in the sense that you are possibly removing a set-up man out of the equation and not replacing him with one, but I have more faith in a Heilman-less bullpen coming together better than a Haren-less rotation. The Mets need a front line starter more than they need Heilman and Milledge is obviously expendable as the outfield is their deepest position. Additionally, I feel good about Adkins and Burgos contributing something positive to this bullpen after some work with professor Rick and now all of sudden Omar’s head scratching move does not look so crazy. If no deal happens, Omar still needed to have Scott in place just in case. The insurance on the Mets needing to ensure two guys who are effective against lefties was worth the $10 million over three years. The only sticking point for me would be who that third player would be. It is not worth it if it costs Humber or Pelfrey as well, but Neise is certainly expendable.

While I think Beane would be extracting a large bounty, the Mets would have to overpay to get Haren from the A's at this time since they really do not have to trade him. However, giving up a blue chip outfielder, a very good proven reliever that could possibly start, and another blue chip is just too much. However, just thinking of Haren, Humber, Maine, Pelfrey, and Oliver Perez in the rotation picture for the next four years or so makes me want to run around naked. Omar….I apologize for doubting you and your poo does in fact smell like mangos and papayas with hint of kiwi if this was your game plan. Whether the deal works or not, it just shows how Omar's mind works and how he is always planning ahead.

* * *

  • Ummm.....yeah...put a stadium there please.

    Not via expansion, but out of an unproductive market.

  • The Mets are nearing a deal with Jorge Sosa as another potential power arm out of the bullpen.

    Sosa was 3-11 with a 5.42 ERA with Atlanta and St. Louis last season, when he made 13 starts in 45 appearances. The 29-year-old earned $2.2 million last season.

    He was designated for assignment in late July and traded to the Cardinals, who left him off the postseason roster.

    Sosa had his best season in 2005, when he was 13-3 with a 2.55 ERA in the rotation and relief for the Braves.

    Mazzone and Peterson go head to head so to speak with this reclamation project. It will interesting to see if Peterson can turn him into something useful as Mazzone did.


    Anonymous benny said...

    To bad Gotham Baseball just completely sucks ass at getting anything right. Even it was "discussed" everytime Gotham Baseball writes something it doesn't happen, even though thier job is not to predict but to let you know about chatter thats been going on.
    I'll still take it and be happy about the news and wish upon a star it'll happen.

    I also like how the Mets are interested in Sele and Ramon Ortiz. Those guys would ne tthe same results as Weaver and Ohka with less of a commitment.

    Yesterday the Yankees signed Jeff Nelson and invited him to Spring training. 15 minutes later, he retired. nice...

    10:46 AM

    Anonymous Dandy DG McGee said...

    Chatter.... Gotham is the kiss of death. I think their veracity factor is like 1 for 1 million, and yet they get blog referals all the time for their columns. I think I'll wait until I hear it from somewhere legit, but yeah, I'd take Haren but would hope the Mets keep Pelf & Humb.

    Jorge Sosa... Is that minor league deal or what? If I was Steve Schmoll, I'd be wondering why I bother. All in the name of depth, I suppose.

    Sele, Ortiz don't fool anyone. Just go with what we have and shut up all ready.

    Either Omar has a face mottled like a chorizo (in which case I be barfin dude!) or I'm forced to conjure Omar holding his baby batter splatterer. Okay, thanks, Mike!...

    And why is it a chorizo in the latter case. You got something against latin organs? Must we always resort to sausage analogies?

    One month to pitchers & catchers!

    12:45 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Yeah...why can't a reputable source talk about that Haren rumor...

    Ah, Sele and Ortiz are kind of pointless. I don't see much upside there and I think the rotation picture is much clearer.

    Some dude from Baseball Prospectus weighed in on the Blanton rumor....I couldn't find the link, but he said not only was Milledge way too much to give up for Blanton, but it was debatable if Haren was enough of a return. Not that I 100% agree with that, but if you are throwing in Heilman, that bounty is surely good enough. You can point to the deal in with Mulder brought back Calero, Barton, and Haren, but the Cardinals viewed Haren as a reliever at best, Barton was good, but no Milledge, and Mulder was a Cy Young candidate. Different situation and Milledge and Heilman would be enough if Billy were actually shopping him. Enter in the Mets needing to overpay...but certainly not with another blue chip prospect. 2nd tier..sure...but not Humber or Pelf. That type of deal is reserved for the best of the best.

    We used resort to sausage analogies always...always.

    One month? Fuck yeah.

    2:34 PM

    Blogger Itsmetsforme said...

    just hope the day that Gotham Baseball predicts the sun will rise tomorrow never comes. say that 5 times fast.

    6:32 PM

    Anonymous Gehoff said...

    Is Haren really a frontline starter? I remember that baseball prospectus article and it made a good argument. Milledge is still one of the top OF prospects in the game and hes really worth a lot more to teams with an opening in CF. Also isn't Oakland one of the teams that thinks Heilman can pretty much duplicate what Haren has done for them as a starter? This trade makes a lot of sense from Oaklands point of view, but is Haren good enough for the Mets? Maybe he is?

    8:08 PM

    Anonymous Coop said...


    Mike - it's _ hell yeah bitches! Not fuck yeah...Actually right now, we've been saying "Rock n Roll muthafuckas!"

    10:19 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    hell yeah, fuck yeah, rock n' roll muthafuckas... whatever, as long as there's foul language, Its all good.

    11:44 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Kids with LM’s bat speed don’t come along too often (see Gary Sheffield). There is no doubt that with LM’s bat speed he will hit for power when he matures. He also has a strong enough arm to play the corner spots. I would not trade him.

    Before they trade Heilman for a starting pitcher I would like them to give him a chance to start. Heilman reminds me so much of Don Drysdale (pitched before most of you ever watched a baseball game) and while he doesn’t throw consistently as hard as Drysdale he has the same nasty movement on his pitches. There is no reason why Peterson can’t turn him into an effective starting pitcher.

    3:55 AM

    Blogger warmsox said...

    benny - Nelson wanted to retire a Yankee because he is a giant tool, so they invited him so they didn't have to give him a 1 day contract or whatever. And then he retired.

    3:56 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    I can't wait for the Jeff Nelson Yankeeography.

    6:11 PM

    Anonymous farva said...

    Baby Batter Coop? Do you mean baby banter? Baby Batter is sperm! I don't know why DG's masturbation habits are annoying you.

    10:58 PM

    Anonymous sidd finch said...

    Mike, see what happens when you make an offhanded chorizo remark? It quickly degenerates to splattering baby batter, followed a frank discussion of the effects of Viagra.

    10:24 AM

    Anonymous DG said...

    I've hereby retired the offending words lest we be deluged with Viagra ads (making it a little more like most people's email in-boxes). I hope you know, Coop, that I was just looking for a funny euphemism the first time I used the words and then was forced to again with Mike's chorizo statement. And by the way, the euphemism came from the movie "Flirting with Disaster."

    11:30 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

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    7:08 PM

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