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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Strapping A Set On

It is easy to sit here and write these things, but sometimes the GMs need to step up and do the right thing for their club even if it is unpopular. It was mentioned that the Twins might be better off trading Nathan and retooling a bit for the next few seasons and bolstering their team long term. However, that would be a ballsy move and not very popular. The Twins need some payroll flexibility for Torii Hunter and he seems like a more integral part to this team than Joe Nathan. If the Mets were going to give up Humber for Chad Cordero, wouldn't one assume he would have brought in a big return?

The Mets need a right handed set up man and failed to acquire one. They have talent close to the bigs so Omar could promote Phil Humber and see how he performs. However, he is inexperienced and though Wainright and Miguel Cabrera should be a shining example of how some guys can step up and play a tremendously large part to a team's success, it would be a ballsy move which is why Omar tried to trade him for Chad Cordero. Instead of rolling the dice with the unknown, he went for the known.

The Yankees made a minor deal, but did not get their bullpen arm and have moved Joba into the AAA bullpen and are slated to give Joba a big chance with Proctor off the team. It is a ballsy move to trade a bullpen arm that logged a ton of innings for you over the last years when you need a reliever. It is especially ballsy when you trade him for a guy who does not exactly fit onto the current team nor pitches and roll with the rookie, but you have to respect the move.

You look at the Rangers and they got a pretty good return for Gagne and Teixeira and you have to wonder why other GMs do not try and emulate that. The Astros for example should probably make a few deals of that ilk and trade big parts of their team as should the Twins and many other teams, but GMs are perhaps too worried about public opinion at times and need to operate with some blinders on as it relates to the media and the fanbase. Taking a step backwards is not necessarily a bad thing and most of these guys try and make every move a step forward, which is impossible.

While Humber may not be a household name and not far removed from Tommy John surgery, he might be able to pitch 95 to 97 mph in a one inning stints and provide that bullpen spark that Joe Smith did. Weren't the Mets brass still buzzing about his relief appearance last fall against the Braves during Spring Training? I am really happy that the trade did not go through and I'm not sure of the logistics of the entire deal since my internet sucks, but it seems as if the Mets were not willing to throw in another player, which seems about right. Why should they? If Bowden was asking for too much again, that should just be another reason he should be removed from his position because he lost a potential impact starter which is something the Nats need badly.

The best thing the Mets could do right now is take the Yankees lead and look to within to solve their problems. Right now, the Mets have holes and one is starting to become a glaring hole. Their bullpen has taken a step back, but there are pieces to work with and it is vital to balance the future while tending to them.

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  • I really enjoyed the mega chat that ESPN had all day and they should do the tag team chats more often.

    Jonah Keri: I liked the Luis castillo deal btw. Yes, Gotay was hitting .350, but his track record didn't suggest that it would continue. Castillo's a solid OBP guy who's a very good defender. Mets pitchers have to be loving Castillo-Reyes-Beltran up the middle, assuming all 3 are healthy. The Mets already catch more balls hit into play than any other team in baseball.

    Keith Law seems to think he has lost a step and he probably has. He is older and not quite as quick, but he is sure handed and just came off a 130 game errorless streak. If the Mets wanted defense, they surely got it. If they run with Milledge out in right, the Mets will have some spectacular defense out there with the exception of Delgado and Moises.

    Matt (Philadelphia): How much of an upgrade was Luis Castillo for the Mets? I think it would be interesting to get your take on the trade and then compare Joe Morgan's answer when he chats.

    SportsNation Jonah Keri: (11:09 AM ET ) Castillo's defense is the clincher here. I don't think Gotay's close to a .350 hitter, but I think he'd have a shot at stayiong competitive with Castillo offensively, with Castillo a better OBP threat and Gotay with more pop. I call this a minor in-season upgrade, with a big-time bonus of compensatory draft picks at year's end if they let him walk to free agency.

    If the Mets give Castillo some insane 3-year, $21 million contract, then I don't like the trade nearly as much.

    Even if Castillo is a Type B free agent, which he should be, the Mets get a high enough draft pick they could bring in a player much better than Butera or Martin. Besides, we have no idea if Gotay will be sharing time, which is possible. I suspect we will see plenty of him as he has deserved it. However, after the season, I agree with Keri here and signing him to a multi-year deal would seem to be a mistake.

    Jack (NY): Have you heard anything about Phil Humber for Chad Cordero?

    SportsNation Jonah Keri: (2:13 PM ET ) That would be a very dumb trade for the Mets. Heck, they could promote Humber to the rotation, slot Jorge Sosa in the pen, and get a similar effect, without losing a guy six years from free agency who could be an above-average SP.

    Again, just repeating what most of us already think and I want to send the Met front office their quotes of them gushing about Humber's relief appearance against the Braves. What can it hurt? Seriously, at this point, there needs to be some action taken and sooner rather than later and if not Humber, Bostick has been lights out of late. Try him. Try anything.

  • You could certainly make the argument that Willie indirectly killed the poor mom in this article. Not that we all haven't been there before with our mom in regards to getting mad at them, but stabbing them in the head and beating them to death? Randolph's curious moves are enough to drive anyone to murder at times and thankfully I was not watching the game. Unfortunately for Maria Fischman, Michael Anthony was. It could have easily been my name in those papers.

    In all seriousness, the guy obviously had issues. But I truly wonder if of the most controversial series of moves by Willie all season set Michael Anthony off the way Kramer set off Steve Gendason, who happened to be a ex-baseball player in the Seinfeld episode, by hitting him with a penalty stroke for picking up his golf ball and cleaning it.

  • Willie Randolph is still hesitant to bat Milledge higher in the order. What is really bizarre is that Milledge was batting above Green for a bit and now he was inexplicably dropped back to 8th. Simple reasoning would seem to support the theory that your better hitters should get more at-bats. Call me crazy, but I do subscribe to that theory and would think most managers would. Yost certainly believes in that theory has he plugged Braun into the third spot before he compiled up insane numbers and there is no real good reason to not trust young guys. Their skill should dictate where and when they should play and not their age as I've said here a bunch of times. Of course as I wrote this, Milledge had a bad game at the plate, but those will happen. Overall, I'd still bet on Milledge outperforming Green the rest of the way out and I would still prefer to see Milledge in the two hole for now until Beltran comes back.

  • Set your DVRs. With Pedro getting his first rehab start down in St. Lucie and the Mets airing it on SNY, things are about to get interesting.

  • Thoughts on last night's game:
    • Glavine didn't have his best stuff, but he gutted it out. When he guts out a game like that for his 300th win, you simply cannot let that game slip away from him.
    • When Castillo was up with the bases loaded and one out, I had no faith in him and I would have really preferred Gotay there. Of course Castillo will meaningfully contribute, but he is primarily here for defense and small ball, but not RBIs as evidenced by his 18 RBIs as a full time starter in Minneapolis. But as I stated yesterday, I'm not sure about him batting second. If you wanted him for defense, great, but why is pop a bad thing out of the two hole?
    • Aaron Heilman has been a stud during the last month or so, but the bullpen has been a big letdown of late even if the numbers do not show it.
    • Lastings can play centerfield with the best of them and he looks just great out there and he can definitely go after it. That catch to end the 9th with the bases loaded was nothing short of amazing.
    • Sosa coming out of the bullpen would seem to point to Pelfrey getting another start on Thursday. The good thing is that Sosa showed something on the mound out of the bullpen.
    • David Wright was absolutely huge in last night's game. He was on base all the time and all around just proving how smart of a baseball player he is.
    • As frustrating as the game was, it was a pleasure to watch. So far it's a tie score heading into the 12th and with the Braves having chalked up a win already, they need to finish this off, extend their lead over the Phillies, and keep the Braves at bay. The Braves have just picked up two huge pieces and they probably are feeling pretty good about themselves. It is imperative that they do not let them get a chance to feel really good about themselves by picking up a few quick games in the standings.

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    Anonymous ossy said...

    mota throws good heat. i cant figure why he sets it up with change up. most guys do it the other way around. wtf?

    it wouldve been nice to get cordero but im not hurt by the non move. there wasnt much out there this year.

    the nats proved this past week why they will suck for the next 5 years. why resign fat ass dimitri young and not trade any vet for even a decent prospect. they ruin the market for themselves and other teams with ridiculous trade demands.

    with chuck lamar gone, jim bowden and the texas idiot are next in line to get booted from their gms post.

    1:16 AM

    Anonymous benny said...

    I'm not going to lie I was very dissapointed in the Mets not getting anyone new today. It was such a let down. While watching ESPN and having MLB Radio on and seeing and hearing about the the Red Sox and Braves making big moves and doing big things, I was just thinking "fuck it, trade Humber, trade Pelfrey, trade them all, just bring me a reliever".
    Just pretty dissapointing, even if it was Chad Cordero who they were after who just isn't very impressive.
    I would love to see Humber in the bullpen.

    Of course as I wrote this, Milledge had a bad game at the plate, but those will happen.

    Everybody had a bad game at the plate today.

    Fucking Brewers...

    4:39 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Ossy, I do think Mota has an approach problem and loves his off-speed pitch a bit much, though it is good. But when you throw 97 mph, you roll with that primarily. I think Darling is right. If you start off with an off-speed pitch, there is nothing else to gauge it off of and lessens the impact to the batter. Bring the heat even it’s a ball…try and paint the black and come back in. I wonder what his stats are on first pitch fastball vs. off-speed.

    Bowden could have gotten Humber and a few more decent prospects. Nothing great for Young, but a B-level prospect. Not sure Belliard would have brought anything so that is a moot point, but he should have dealt Soriano the same way Texas dealt Teixeira. Best deal gets him. Someone would have been willing to give them at lease one B+/A prospect. SOMEONE. But nope and the team that took him did not even give them a first rounder. BRILLIANT!

    Benny, Humber for Cordero? Humber for maybe Lidge. I would have done that, but beware of righties that rely on guile. I want dominance for a top prospect. Sorry. I think Humber could be effective and his upside is immense, even if he just ends up in the bullpen. I wanted something too, but Humber + another prospect for Cordero? How many times did Boston balk last year about sending over Manny Delcarmen in the proposed deal and who is better? Give me the power arm any day and always d power for power….. I know he has been effective, but there aren’t many people really excited about him these days.

    8:52 AM

    Blogger BookieD said...

    Great Steve Gendason reference. Willie's confounding moves certainly are analagous to Kramer's overzealous enforcement of the penalty stroke.

    Glavine was his usual, behind-in-the-count self. He is really starting to scare me. You want balsy? How about letting Tom get #300 and then sending him to the bullpen.

    Why not just start El Duque Thursday on normal rest? I really don't want to see anyone from NOLA this week.

    1:46 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    You want balsy? How about letting Tom get #300 and then sending him to the bullpen.

    That sure would be. I'm ok with Tom Terrific as long as he's not the #1 playoff start thereby maximizing his starts. He is running on FUMES.

    I'd rather not see Pelfrey either. In either of the two circumstances (going for the series win or trying to avoid a sweep), it is not good to have him on the mound.

    1:59 PM

    Anonymous seattle steve said...

    Normally if your pitching staff gives up 2 runs over 9 innings you should win the game, I realize i am a far but I am totally disappointed in the in ability to score runs and when we do its usually in a blow out. Milledge should be batting in the 2 hole, the castillo trade is ho hum... at least we didn't give up anyone in our top ten. If the bats don't turn it around soon we may not be playing any meaning ful games in OCT. This is the 1st time this year I have felt this way.

    2:57 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Steve did you watch the game? Between both teams, they had about a hundred opportunities to put it away in the last five innings. It was actually a good game with a lot of nice plays, but ten straight balls and Alou hitting into a DP really killed them.

    No way he was going to bunt and he really is not a run manufacturer so it was just a tough break right there.

    3:01 PM

    Blogger J. Mark English said...

    Thats a really disturbing image...


    4:53 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Someone needs to explain to me how folks like Mike & Mike called the Mets the loser of the trading deadline, because "they desparately needed pitching". Ummm... second best ERA in the NL. Sure they would have LIKED to improve the pitching, but with 4 solid starters (1 in the running for the Cy Young) and 3 solid relievers, their staff is in better shape than nearly every other team in the NL.

    Speaking of the pitching staff, I'm kinda up for Sosa in the pen. He looks tired in the rotation recently, but looked like he could dominate coming out of the pen. I was pulling for Humber in the pen, but maybe Sosa is the guy to get righties out.

    Looks like Lawrence is going to start Thurs, which I'm OK with. Lawrence has been pretty good in AAA - 3.87 ERA, 1.15 WHIP, 6:1 K:BB ratio. Give him a shot or two and see if he can be a solid #5. I know some people were pulling for Humber, but I'm not sure a guy a year removed from TJ surgery is ready to throw 6+ innings every fifth day in the majors. Give him time, and some innings in the bullpen in Sept, and then see where you stand in the offseason.

    6:12 PM

    Anonymous Danny said...

    I want to hear someone defend Willie now.

    Marlon Anderson, he of the 7 career games there, is starting in CF tonight and "for the near future", according to Willie.

    Yup, Milledge back to the bench, for Marlon Anderson. Alou in left and Green in right.

    I wish I was kidding.

    This is indefensible and I hope the day is not far away that Willie Randolph is fired.

    7:15 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    At least he drove in a run...but that's crazy to say he'll play over
    Milledge. Perhaps it's time for Lastings to return to AAA...hahaha

    9:00 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Make that 4 runs. Anderson is Milledge today. Tomorrow...probably not.

    9:08 PM

    Anonymous Danny said...

    I am fine with Marlon Anderson playing... in the corner OF. The OF defense is still atrocious tonight and has already cost the Mets runs.

    9:12 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    I really hate that Pepsi Max commercial where everyone in the whole commercial is tired and constantly yawning.
    It makes me yawn and I hate that... damn you commercial for making me yawn on command and on que.

    2:39 AM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    There’s an enormous gamble in trading off your better and/or best talent for young prospects. We tend to remember all the fine young players that were obtained by trading your talented veterans. Unfortunately we don’t hear too much about the failures that leave the team that obtains them in a quandary. The talented players helped fill the park and give the fans hope that with one or two pieces the team can be a contender. With youngsters that are only young and nothing more the team is left looking at many years of bad baseball and the resulting empty seats and reduced revenue sources.

    I hope that Willie does not bury Gotay. As I said previously Gotay from the left side reminds me of Robinson Cano and there was nothing, except for some brief episodes, in Cano’s minor league stats that suggested he would hit as well as he has done. Against right handed pitching the Mets need Gotay’s bat unless the big boys (except for Wright who is contributing) start to hit with power consistently. Even tonight it was Green, Castro and Anderson that provided the heroics.

    A poster at Metsblog wrote that he lives across the street from the boy that killed his mother after Saturdays’ Mets loss. He claimed the boy had mental problems and the boy’s father wanted the boy committed but the mother wanted him at home. She paid a terrible price.

    3:22 AM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    Perhaps Willie is punishing LM because Omar didn’t trade him for Livan Hernandez. :)

    3:34 AM

    Blogger Itsmetsforme said...

    mike you got spammed by the american legends. you have truly arrived.

    11:40 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I think he's spammed me before. Magically I was not upset about Milledge not starting. I just took it as as rest day. He's played a lot and was coming off a bad day and should get some rest.

    I just hope Anderson is not 'reward' for it, but guys should sit. Reyes and Wright included.

    Mike & Mike are douches...the Mets are not losers and plenty of baseball people don't think that.

    11:58 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    The YES network for sale? Hmmmm...

    12:02 PM

    Blogger Sidd Finch said...

    Every time I see the Brewers play, all I can think of is 'GEICO insurance, so easy, even Corey Hart can do it'

    I like Sosa in the pen as well. He seems to do well up to about 30 pitches, then seems to hit a wall. Maybe that's because he's trying to pace himself, so one or two innings might be the way to go for him.

    12:29 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I second that...Sosa in the pen is gooooood. I think that might be a big help to the team. He might have one last streak in him before he hits the scrap heap after the Mets win the World Series.

    4:11 PM

    Anonymous Danny said...

    I blame John Delcos. He made it seem like on his blog that Marlon Anderson was going to be the new everyday CF until Beltran came back.

    That would have been crazy!

    9:42 PM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    The Brew Crew is 18 games over .500 at home (37-19) so winning 2 out of 3 is extremely satisfying. The bats have been active the last 2 games and they will need to be against Zambrano tomorrows. Except for Glavine and has wife this was a fine series for the Mets.

    If Lawrence of Arabia had an average major league fastball he could be very effective. After he builds back his arm strength he may have it, but now he is decidedly below average and his other pitches don’t knock your socks off. I’m not sure if command by itself is enough. He was acceptable today and hopefully can give us some decent starts. I still wonder when we will see Humber.

    12:51 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    John Delcos writes some weird stuff. All is well, Lastings was back in and making things happen.

    Except for Glavine and has wife this was a fine series for the Mets.

    I will forever have that look of shock and awe on her face while the Mets were battling for a win. There is not 'I' in team, but there is an 'I' in Glavine.

    I 100% agree on Lawrence. He went out and got the job done and gave the Mets exactly what they were looking for....5 decent innings. But they cannot go to the well too many times. Humber should be the next to start and he's been pitching very, very well. less hits than innings pitched in the PCL is impressive.

    11:09 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    the lineup looks solid. why isnt milledge in? we tryna get no hit today?

    2:41 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    No milo? Big Z. KILLS righties. He's just trying to overload the lefties...hence Newhan and Marlon.

    Personlly, I'll take Milledge or Alou over a Newhan. Just being lefty doesn't make up for skill, but that is the line of thinking here. For the record though, that is a potential no-hit lineup for sure.

    2:50 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

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