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Saturday, September 29, 2007


Asked if his team smells that finish line now, Phillies manager Charlie Manuel replied: "Yeah. Of course we smell it. And we want it. Matter of fact, we might want it bad enough where we've got to take it easy, just relax and just play."

And there you have it. The tail of two teams. You have a team that needed to do spectacular things to make it happen in the Phillies and a team that just need to be a notch below mediocre to solidify things up.

The fans have been criticized about their non-participation in the games, but last night they showed up and guess what? The Mets fell flat again. Can we please dispel any notion the fans are somehow tied to this slide or are not doing their part? They want to cheer, but have been given little reason to lately.

This rest squarely on the Mets shoulders and now instead of controlling their own destiny, they are relying (ironically enough) on the Nationals. The Wild Card is seemingly unlikely being the Padres magic number is now one. This utterly collapse by the Mets is mind boggling and though it is not over, these Met games are starting to feel strikingly similar to a funeral.

With the Mets playing before the Phillies today, let us see if they can step up and put some pressure on Philadelphia to win tonight.

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Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

I'm just going to copy and paste what I said in the other post.

You know, for a couple of days the biggest complaint was that the fans weren't behind thier team. Whether it was the fact it was an "empty" stadium, people leaving early, or the fact it was a hostile environment with not much cheering and alot of booing.
Well... Yesterday me and about 55,000 other Met fans gave it ALL we had and it made no difference. We were not rewarded with anything. Fuck 'em, Fuck the Mets.
I'll get hyped and excited again during Spring Training but this season is sadly over, I'm not even mad, I'm just very very very dissapointed.

12:57 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It isn't over yet.


1:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...



2:18 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Emad, please tell me you didn't give up your tickets today.

2:46 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lastings making up for lost time

2:47 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mike - I believe the pressure has been applied.

No no hitter...I almost suggested one on my first post today but decided not to say anything. Great..amazing start by Maine.

This is the team we have been waiting for. Now sit back and let's see last week's Nat team show up!


3:54 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

And Wash already has one run

4:06 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice game today. Amazing that it took this to get them to FINALLY wake up. It's not over yet. Phils have sucky pitchers going today and tomorrow. I like Glavine tomorrow. This can still be done. Go Mets.


4:12 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am in need of sleep as it's 5:30 am in Korea. Anyone know where I can pick up a feed of the NATS game online?


4:28 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am in need of sleep as it's 5:30 here in Korea. Anyone know where I can pick up a feed of the NATS game online?


4:29 PM

Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

This is fucking intense.
If the Phillies lose, I'm going to the game tomorrow.

5:47 PM

Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

Sorry Will it'd be impossible to get a feed of the Nationals game because its a Nationally Televised FOX game so you can't even watch it on MLB.tv
Just good ol' Gameday.

5:48 PM

Anonymous DG said...

You can pick up the feed on MLB.com at least here in Europe. It's the top of the 9th and I'm watching.

6:53 PM

Anonymous DG said...

Thank god we didn't trade Philip Humber for Chad Cordero!!! He just saved it for Chico & the Nats. Brewers/Pads in extras!

7:08 PM

Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

In the midst of all the gloom and doom a ray of sunshine appears.

After the Mets fell out of 1st place it seemed like the weight of the world was lifted from their shoulders. That’s the way they played today. I hope they do not revert now that they are once again tied with the Phillies.

Tomorrow there may be heartbreak for one of these teams and its fans. However if it goes to a playoff game on Monday I would think Mets fans, not expecting the Mets to bear the Phillies, would not take it as hard as the Phillies fans if the Phillies lost the playoff game.

7:41 PM

Anonymous DG said...

Would likely be a free for all of Mets pitchers if they make it to Monday. I expect that the Phils would be starting Kendrick.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. One more win to go, and I do expect the Mets to be pumped after the brawl with the Fish today. Kind of thing someone (not named Milledge as he would have gotten the hoody/driveby tag from the "favorable" NY media) should have done earlier.

Wow, feels like I had my entrails ripped out and the carrion birds circling overhead and then someone came and stuffed them back in and sent me home.

8:02 PM

Blogger mr. met said...

Wow. Just wow.

Rubber...meet road. Road....meet rubber.

Crazy shit. A win pushes them into a one game playoff.

What an insane finish....One game to go. I'll be there tomorrow going nuts for sure. I just pray Glavine has his changeup tomorrow.

8:12 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kept napping during the breaks but finally crashed midgame. Nice to wake up to see Washington did it.

Also interesting that the Brewers were down to their last out when Tony Gwynn Jr's triple tied that SD-Mil game in the 9th.

Dad must be proud....


8:59 PM

Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

Randolph has to treat tomorrow’s game as game 7 of a playoff series. He can no longer worry whether or not he has offended a veteran. If Glavine is squeezed tomorrow then Willie has to get him out of there before the game gets out of hand. Let Glavine brood while the Mets celebrate a victory. Omar should make it clear that Willie is managing tomorrow’s game for his job.

9:57 PM

Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

The last 2 well pitched games have been caught by Castro. Willie if there is a brain in your gut you must start Castro. Unfortunately, PLD will want to give it a try and Willie will go with his guy, his veteran.

10:42 PM

Anonymous DG said...

That was one thing on Friday I didn't understand. Castro had handled Perez so well his last start that you would have liked to see them repeat the combo.
But then, Perez was so amped that it was going to be a struggle, I guess. He threw some pitches like he was Nolan Ryan and others like he was Charlie Puleo. Castro does tend to keep him calm however.

Both Maine & Perez will seriously mature over the next couple of years becoming more dependable. As it is, no Met starters are as capable of completely dominating a game with the hard stuff.

Let's hope everyone shows up ready to play today.

7:38 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Or at least that the Marlins don't show up

8:35 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Randolph is leaning toward allowing Humber to start against
Philadelphia if necessary on Monday.

Wright needed a rest.

Mota entering any game before Tuesday.

8:54 AM

Anonymous ossy said...

yesterday glavine was on the radio saying he wouldve wished to have the day off today but circumstances put him on the mound.

...nice to see he got his day off!

go mets!

1:36 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope he can sleep with himself finishing his season like that. I can't imagine he'd want to hang it up and go out with this being his last game.

1:44 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What was two-by-four sayin?


1:57 PM

Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

I was out for most of the day and I didn’t get the score till now and it knocked me on my a$$. I checked the box score and couldn’t believe my eyes. Did Willie actually leave Glavine in there to take all that pounding? If so Willie has to go down as one of the worst managers in baseball. Even Art Howe would be above such stupidity. Tell me it ain’t so.

3:47 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yep, he did.

It's not looking good unless you're a fan of Philly or Colorado. SD just blew their lead. Hopefully some others can manage the same.


I'm looking forward to Glavine in another NL East uniform next year ;)

3:58 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Washington didn't make it happen. Just as well. I'm exhausted by this team.

Let's hope we get a new manager for
'08. At least I'll be able to make a game for the first time in eons as a friend's getting married in PA in April.


4:37 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ubaldo Jimenez is doing his best Maine impression...Go ROX


4:39 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so happy I sold my tickets.


4:51 PM

Anonymous Matt Ceronne said...

Oh golly gee! I mean, shucks! What can I say, we just didn't have it today. We all have those kind of days, don't we? I'm sure if it was another day, Mr. Glavine would have done better. He's such a great professional; this must really be hard for him. I bet he's seriously bummed! I hope he comes back next year and shows us once again what a great pitcher he is!

5:50 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


This is hard for me to say, so I'm just going to come right out and say it... I need some time away from you. I don't know if I'll return. Just, don't hold your breath.

It's not like I haven't tried. I always wore my rally cap during every at-bat of yours. When you actually showed a positive moment during the past few weeks, I tried to sit in the exact same spot to bring you luck for the rest of the game. I damn near peed my pants during Maine's masterpiece, refusing to move till the game was over. My girlfriend called me an idiot, so I politely asked her to get the fuck out of my house until she wears something that has METS written on it. Amazingly, it worked and she left... and I haven't heard from her since.

I know you've been trying hard lately, and things haven't gone your way. I'm sorry to leave you at your lowest point, but you must have seen this coming. For the two and a half weeks, its been one screwup after another. It's affected all parts of my life. I get depressed every morning at work, and can't seem to concentrate. I have no appetite, my friends haven't seen me much in the past week since I'm either watching you or reading about what is wrong with you. And now my girlfriend is probably out screwing a mariner now.

I can't take this anymore, Mets. It's over. Maybe forever. Or at least until you chop your Willie off.


6:43 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Several months ago, I said that if the Mets failed to make the playoffs and the Yankees made it, I would never watch again.

I'll see the Mets in 2009.

I want to die 1000 agonizing deaths.


7:12 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pavan... you had me at 'get the fuck out of my house.'

I love you, man.

7:20 PM

Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

Tom Glavine shit the bed.
In fact, Tom Glavine left vomit, diarrhea, and period blood all over the bed.
Tom Glavine deserved to be booed today.

Luis Castillo, David Wright, and Moises Alou were the only guys that showed me they wanted "it".

Dontrelle Willis is a piece of shit for hitting Delgado and fracturing his wrist, he better be ok for next season.

Willie Randolph is a fucking moron but we've all known that since 2004.

I hate the Phillies. I hate Jimmie Rollins.

The Phillies didn't even win the division, the Mets simply lost it for them.

I just don't get the Phillies winning. How does a team with such a bad and shitty pitching staff and shitty depth win? It's like the 2003, 2004, 2005, or 2006 Texas Rangers winning a division, it just should NOT happen.

Jose Reyes DESERVED to be booed.

I don't even know who to root for in the playoffs. Well so far i've narrowed it down to "not the phillies".

And for no reason, fuck Branden Looper.

8:28 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Root for the Rockies. They got hot when the Mets were not. It seems fitting.

Or, while we are at it, why don't we just pull for the Cubs to break their streak and win it all. I'd be happy to see that. Not that I have any love for the Cubs, remembering their old rivalry with the Mets.


10:22 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I owe it to sit down with my ownership and tell them what I think," Minaya said. "But I'm telling you that I am happy with the work that Willie Randolph has done here for the past few years."

PAST few years

Let's make a move. Send him back to his roots. Trade him to the Pirates for a player to be named later. Wouldn't be the first time a manager was traded.


10:37 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


10:38 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Randolph for Tracy

10:41 PM

Anonymous ossy said...

haha @ fuck braden looper for no reason.

i blame this whole season on one thing.

willie randolph

there are so many things wrong with him its not even funny.

i wanna say i hate glavine but he's givin us some big starts... i turned on the game 15 minutes late and wasnt suprised that he walking off the field by himself

11:35 PM

Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

I started to watch Mike’d Up on NBC and was not surprised to hear him call for the Mets to keep Willie. Francesca is a passionate Yankees fan that knows Willie personally; Willie has a spot on the M&MD show once a week, and additionally Francesca loves him from his Yankees years so his call to keep Willie should come as no surprise. BTW after Willis hit Delgado the Mets should have retaliated next inning. At that point the Mets were playing tighter than a drum and a free for all might have been just what they needed to shake off the tightness.

If the Mets are to become younger they need a skipper that can develop young talent. As we have seen Randolph turns away from the young and embraces the old in tight situations.

The Willie backers are starting to poke their heads out of their mole holes and are once again speaking up on blogs such as Metsgeek and Metsblog. They have no facts to back up their position except for the W/L over the last 3 years; one even went so far as to claim the 2000 team had more talent than the 2007 team. Perhaps we should bring back Benny Agbayani. They basically attack all the people that want Willie gone. BTW Matthew Cerrone runs his blog for a living and is trying to ingratiate himself into the Mets rganization. So his opinion has become next to worthless.

12:38 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the guys from Primer should run the Mets. I trust them far more than Willie.

Two-by-Four is spot on, as usual.


1:06 AM

Anonymous DG said...

"BTW Matthew Cerrone runs his blog for a living and is trying to ingratiate himself into the Mets rganization. So his opinion has become next to worthless." Really? Shucks, I never would have thought it! Maybe he'll do a podcast about that!

Would like nothing more than to see a new manager, but we won't folks, we won't.

Dan Graziano says we should consider trading Maine & Ollie.

Pavan, awesome!

4:08 AM

Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

The thing about Willie is that, he never should have been hired in the first place and most people that read and comment here knew that and felt that way long before it was the cool thing to do.
We never should have been given the opportunity to hate Willie and second-guess him because quite frankly, a man who has never managed a high school team, a college team, a minor league team, or a major league team during one of the many times that Joe Torre got himself ejected, should just not be managing the new york mets or any team, as his first job.
I think we all know now what the Reds, Brewers, and all those other teams meant when they said "Randolph was not prepared" for the position/interview.
Just brutal, brutal, brutal.

I can't wait for the World Series to be over. I wanna discuss the off-season and trades and free agents already. Unlike some jokers on some other blogs, I don't think Minaya is racist and I still have faith in him to do the right thing and bring us back.

Dan Graziano is a fucking dumbass.

4:56 AM

Anonymous DG said...

Heyman, Klapisch & Davidoff are all good today. Graziano, who's not generally horrible, is out of his mind today.

Everything points to JM & OP getting better. And obviously Pedro will be back and likely throw much harder. I wonder if El Duque would accept a middle relief, spot starter sort of gig. I personally think he pitches best in NY, but maybe he's worth something to someone elsewhere? Glavine needs to be gone and not because of yesterday. I think the signs were there all season.

The pen must be rebuilt in a big way. With no guarantee that Duaner will be as good as he was before he was hurt, the Mets need to seriously amp up the set up and middle relievers. Perhaps this is the season they give Heilman a real chance to return to the rotation?

Heyman thinks that I-Rod will be the catcher. Orlando Hudson may well be available which would be a great acquisition but costly. I don't anticipate the Mets being able to acquire a true ace. Like to see them get off the Pelfrey tick and slot in Humber as a fifth pitcher. Don't trade for Joe Blanton, Omar, just don't.

World Series? I'll go out on a limb: Indians vs. Diamandbacks.

6:03 AM

Anonymous jake said...

Klap: "Still, there wasn't much suffering in the clubhouse; Glavine's common-sense responses were similar to many of his teammates'. The Mets said all the right things, but not one of them seemed truly torn up."

I don't really get this. I get mad as hell if I lose in a casual tennis match. i can barely stand to lose in paper rock scissors. wtf?

9:05 AM

Anonymous DG said...

Jake, on one side you could argue that that's healthy; on the other, you just wonder if this is an extension of the impregnable air the team had from the beginning of the season. Still, you could see DW was torn up, and I imagine there is some hiding in public. At home that may be different. Unlike most trainwrecks this one came nice and slow - the players could see it for miles - that probably diminishes the surprise and adds to the shock.

10:33 AM

Anonymous jake said...

at least willie seemed to take losing hard. talk about a stand-up manager! i hate to say i told you so, but you have to give him credit for great coaching, keeping the clubhouse on the right page, and all the other intangibles.

10:41 AM

Blogger metsfanincincy said...

I'm 47 years old. I've been a die-hard Mets fan since my first childhood memories. My grandfather adopted the Mets as his favorite team in '62 (an ex-Giants fan since they left). I learned about baseball as I learned about the Mets. My mom spent the entire '69 playoffs running me back and forth to her Dad's house. I watched his jubilation as the Mets won it all and heard the word "miracle" countless times. Over the next 40 or so years I've seen all the fantastic, bizarre, and horrible moments of being a Mets fan. It seems like everytime they do something really good it is like a miracle. The thing is, everytime they do something really bad (like this week) it is also a miracle, or an anti-miracle if you will. As I've gotten older I've learned that when things are going really good to enjoy it but realize that it't not going to last. And when things are going bad, bear it and realize that it's not going to last. In other words, try not to get too up or down and keep an even keel. However, this does NOT apply to being a Mets fan! Being a Mets fan is a life long commitment. And it's no fun unless you REALLY enjoy the highs and REALLY hate the lows. I'm suffering today guys. I'm dissapointed, sad, and angry. I'm wallowing in my baseball depression. But you know what? One of these years something truly amazing will happen again. Who knows how long that will be? But it WILL happen. Talk to any baseball fan of any team. They will know about the miracles of 1969 and 1986. Then ask them who won it all in 1982. They might be able to come up with the answer, but probably not any amazing stories about the series. I love being a Mets fan. I don't need a vacation from them. In 1969 I watched a 60 year old man cry tears of joy. In 1986 I almost knocked myself out when my head hit the ceiling after junping with joy as the Mets scored the winning run in Game 6 of the WS. I don't know when the next miracle will happen, but it will and I will enjoy the fuck out of it! GO METS!

Oh, and if there is a baseball god out there, please let us lose Willie, Moto, Green, Captain Red-ass, Glavine, Schoenweise, and Luis Castillo (too old) before next season.

10:57 AM

Anonymous brian b said...

I'm not a big will fan but i feel that a lot of this is on omar's shoulders. how nice would it have been to have any of the following.

Brian Bannister, Henry Owens, Matt Lindstrom, Heath Bell, maybe even Royce Ring (not really).

11:16 AM

Blogger mr. met said...

Before I even sat down, it was 5-0. Unbelievable.

If anyone needed something to sway their feelings on Willie, just know that LoDuca was pinch hitting with the bases loaded. A slap singles hitter. I understood the move when a lefty was still in the game, but it was egregious not to have Marlon or Gotay there to hit the righty after the switch was made.

Bases loaded and two outs. Who do you NOT want at the plate? A singles hitter who never pinch its. GREAT!

11:35 AM

Anonymous DG said...

Good point, Mike. Cursed when LoDuca came up to surprise of the people I was with. Knew there was no chance. And voila! there wasn't.

Was pretty intense to see how broken up Willie was, I will admit, but when players stop playing for the manager you are in serious trouble. Clear that's what happened here. Does that sort of thing tend to mend? I think not.

Cincy, Mets will be back in the hunt next year. I'd liken this season to '87, which was also injury ravaged (though the players didn't quit, a major difference!). I still have confidence that the organization has the right GM in place, but it's never going to be as easy as last year, mostly because the Phillies will be strong again and the Braves may as well.

11:52 AM

Blogger Itsmetsforme said...

aw, there's no crying in baseball, Willie.

12:13 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

listening to mike and the mad dog...

milledge is a fucking idiot. he's gotta learn how to act on the field. he showed me why he wasnt ready to be on mlb roster.

1:27 PM

Anonymous ossy said...

another tidbit...

we couldve dominated the playoffs against these teams if we were playing up to capability.

im really down man

1:40 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

that owens lidstrom trade was crazy. i didnt know that we gave them away for a bag of used socks

1:58 PM

Blogger mr. met said...

Milledge was definitely wrong in things he did as was Ramon "I'm #1" Castro after raising make the #1 hand signal while in the process of flying out in a six run game.

2:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cincy, nice post. Agreed. It's really tough. But I can't help but wait for when it comes...and it will. When it does, it will be the best.

Pretty unfucking believable that this has happened. Truly felt like a funeral yesterday to me. Fuck Glavine. His post game comments were pathetic. He doesn't care. He was never a Met and never will be. Good riddance. He can go fuck himself. Thank god he's not on my team anymore. I pray for him to go back to his beloved Braves so we can bury him next year.

Going to be very interesting to see what happens next year. I do believe that this team is not far from being really good. They did win 88 games with a massive meltdown and a shitload of injuries. The reality is that we have players in place that are a core to creating a serious team. The Mets need to regroup. Tweak things. Not blow it up. Wright, Beltran, Reyes, Maine, Perez, Wagner and of course Pedro. There is pieces in place for a very good team.

I believe we have a GM that will not fold and let this team reel backwards. Omar is a tough, smart guy who will win. The bullpen needs to be redone. Some key positions need to be figured out (1B, 2B, catcher, corner outfield spots?). But this team will be good next year. Guarantee this lights a fire under Omar and he gets it done.

The FIRST order of business that needs to happen though is they need to find out what is wrong with REYES. What has happened to this kid. I have enjoyed watching him grow up and mature into what I thought was going to be one of the greatest baseball players of this generation. I am completely baffled as to what has happened to him. I hope that the kid is ok both mentally and physically. Because whatever is going on with him, it seems major to me.

And then obviously, the team needs to figure out how to change the attitude that has created this collosal meltdown. They were not HUNGRY enough. They laid down. Not all of them. But some of them. Horrible. Can it be fixed as long as Willie is mgr? I'm not sure.

Mike, as always, thanks for making the Mets season a lot of fun. Big fan.


2:19 PM

Anonymous jake said...

does anyone have a link to milledge details (or care to post a summary)? i heard he was showboating and may have caused the fight but i missed that game (the only good game of the month, dammit!).

yesterday on the broadcast keith kept saying over and over, even before it hit the fan, that the mets made a serious error in firing up the last place team....

2:23 PM

Anonymous jake said...

oh, and thanks for the perspective, cincy...

and anthony -- spot on as usual. of course the pitching sucked but reyes.... i mean, what can you say?

this guy was my favorite player and now you just wonder, wtf? i've been wondering if he's been partying too much but that doesn't make sense. tired? i doubt that was it. blase bc he has his contract now? maybe...

i never liked glavine on the mets. i always hated him. he deserves a punch in the face.

2:29 PM

Anonymous benny said...

keeping the clubhouse on the right page,

Well after yesterdays loss I was hoping Willie would be there to tell me its no big deal and to just "turn the page", like he's been saying all season, oh wait... we can't turn the page, yesterday was the last day!

What did Milledge do?

Everyone always goes back to the trade Omar made with the Marlins when he traded away Owens and Lindstrom for Vargas and Bostick. The reason I don't get worked up about this is, I saw Minaya's logic when he made it. Hindsight is 20/20 and Omar was trading middle relievers approaching thier 30's for starting pitchers in thier early 20's. I think it was a smart strategy that just didn't happen to work out. I mean Lindstrom has consistantly been an underwhelming peformer in the minor leagues, I'm shocked he's been able to be this good. He's always ahd control problems.
I don't blame him for that trade.
The Health Bell one? Ehh, but you know what, if the Mets were never going to use him, might as well trade him.

I think the Mets should resign Castillo. Let Lo Duca go. Let Glavine go, I think its time to move on.
It's fairly reasonable to expect Perez and Maine to improve.

I'm over the loss. Next year should be fun but Willie is still a dumbass.

2:43 PM

Anonymous DG said...

I thought the whole argument Keith made about firing up the last place team was a bit of a lark. I mean, any patient team will clobber Glavine especially if a) the home plate umpire strictly conforms to the strike zone as defined by major league baseball and b) he does not have perfect feel for his change up.

Milledge and Jose did one of those sly, "secret" handshakes that Jose seems to specialize in, and according to KH, that handshake and Milledge lifting up his arm as he rounded first base were showboating. I'm getting the impression that the correct manner of celebrating is to say virtually nothing and insist it's no big deal. (Call that the Willie!) Milledge came through at a moment the Mets really needed some guys to stand up - as Maine did as well - and how can you condemn his fucking excitement? He is 22 yrs old and just hit his second home run, he pauses - like Prince Fielder does, like many home run hitters do (oh but wait he's not a homerun hitter!) - for a second and watches, then starts to run. "Oh man, he's showboating! Yeah that makes me mad man! Let's hit him with a fucking pitch!" Bullshit!

If he did anything wrong it was failing to know how many outs there were in a blowout (he returned to second base on a flyout to the outfield with two outs). He initially failed to run out the eventual error that got him on base during the same inning. But if you watched the at bat, he cued that ball, fell slightly backwards, and obviously thought it was going foul. Should he have been running? Yes, but, fuck, people do make mistakes. Oh yeah, but he's a gangsta, a cocky mo-fo who gets excited and high fives the fans (excuse him for acknowledging their fucking existence!) once after hitting a homerun! It's like get a fucking grip!

You know all this crap is being made about there being less and less African-Americans in baseball, and here you have a young prospect and he's held to a bar that smacks rather condescendingly of racism. I'm not sure there's another word for it.

So, fired up? Come on, Glavine was throwing puff pastry out there. Did the Fish score any more runs after Glavine was gone? One. Yeah, they were really "fired up." Fight or no fight, "this was [their] game 7." I forget which Marlin said that. They played the game that way, taking Willis out before they let the Mets back into the game, putting their closer in with an 8-1 lead. (Maybe we should hit them with a pitch for doing that!) Would they have just rolled over if there had been no fight? Come on, this is a pussy argument!

Basically, the players quit on Willie. No confidence in the manager. I'm not saying the players necessarily had a reason to do so even if we all believe they did, but they did it. That doesn't auto-correct. You break up the team or you fire the manager. Make your choice....

3:27 PM

Anonymous Danny said...

DG, what a wonderful post. Kudos.

I just don't want Omar to panic in the offseason. Keep the long view, Omar. You've done a great job up to now.

3:57 PM

Blogger mr. met said...

I do not think the Mets fired anyone up either. I mean, you know if Glavine is going seven innings while giving up two runs or getting shelled within the first two batters.

I said to my friend that morning, "Glavine is the LAST guy I want on the mound." Stretch of good starts to end the season or not, he is no one I ever want to see on the mound for my team anymore and has not been for a while.

DG...Milledge has a target on his back and anything he does will be magnified in the media. Frankly, I thought he made some great strides this year and still has room to grow for sure, but he he made strides....and he surely has a ton of talent to.

Again, we know I do not like Willie. The players lackadaisical play down the stretch is a direct reflection of him and the way he runs his team. His calming demeanor that everyone loved backfired if you ask me. This team needs someone with fire....like Valentine, but not quite as grating. Too many people were rubbed the wrong way which was his problem.

And this team needs someone that is more trusting of young guys. The Mets need to get younger and simply cannot get younger with people in this organization that shun youth. Willie likes his vets that 'know how to play the game'. Right...you go somewhere else and do that. I bet if he gets fired, we will not see him managing for a loooong time.

And everyone stop fucking saying he knows how to win. He has six rings as a THIRD BASE COACH!!! Do they even give rings to 3rd base coaches? Will DOES NOT have some magical winning pedigree and he certainly is not the right guy to manager this New York Met team.

Omar made mistakes, but he has done a lot of things right and Benny made some good points echoing what a lot of us had said earlier.

Whatever....I'm just disgusted and probably cannot speak about this team rationally right now.

5:32 PM

Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

Fine post DG. Now send it as an e-mail to Matthew Cerrone and see if he agrees with you. :)

1:45 AM

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