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Friday, March 28, 2008

Pointless Exercise 2008

Ok, ok, ok...stop me if you heard this one before.

The New York Mets are the best team in the National League and frankly, it is not even close. The Mets should run away things and a healthy Pedro means the Mets might actually field a team that could quite possibly make your head explode. I mean, sure the season could be exasperatingly boring, but a little boring is good every once in a while. With all that said, my picks:

NL East

1) Mets (suck it Philly fans and Atlanta 'fans')
Easy, breezy, beautiful. Willie gets some more undue credit for turning this team around as they motor on to 95 wins. They would have gotten 100, but they started mailing it in after Sept. 1st.

2) Braves
Pitching? Check. Offense? Check. Fielding? Check. Stupid rally cry? Check. Organizational depth? Check. If not for Omar's crafty moves this off-season, I might actually pick the Braves. However, Pedro covers Glavine's innings (still cannot believe I dumped $250 on that dumb ass jersey) and Johan covers....um...well no one's innings. He brings 9 to 10 wins alone. Good lord, that is tough to overcome. Nice team for sure, but Wild Card candidate the whole way.

3) Phillies
When your off-season was lost when you failed to resign Kyle Lohse, things are not good. The Mets have four pitchers better than their second best pitcher. 'Nuff said.

4) Nationals
The mini-Mets will be reminiscent of the Devil Rays. Sure they might be bad, but they are an annoying team that could really give some teams fits.

5) Marlins
I will enjoy watching Cameron Maybin, Hanley Ramirez, Jeremy Hermedia, and Andrew Miller, but yikes. Bad team.

Quick and Dirty:

NL Central
1) Cubbies
2) Brewers
3) Reds
4) Cardinals
5) Astros
6) Pirates

The most exciting fight might be between the Astros and Pittsburgh for last place. Someone did remind Ed Wade someone needs to start games, right?

NL West
1) D-Backs
2) Dodgers
3) Padres
4) Rockies
5) Giants

I would have picked the Dodgers if not for these two words. Juan Pierre. I just have no faith Joe Torre will do the right thing and the D-Backs have a good enough team to outlast everyone in the West. It will be a fight until the end, but it will be D-Backs as the last team standing.

The Wild Card

The best recipe for the playoffs is feasting without famine. Sounds like a good recipe to fatten up on to me. The Brewers have some great young arms, tremendous young bats, and three terrible teams in their division. The West has four good teams and the bad team has some scarily good pitching. No esta bien para otras equipos. The Braves will be in on this one and miss out by a game or two, but I think Gallardo and Parra are really going to be a big boon for this team. 

American League
AL East
1) Red Sox
2) Yankees
3) Rays
4) Blue Jays
5) Orioles

The Red Sox are good and the Yankees are depending too much on young arms and two sub .400 SLG outfielders and one really ugly one. The Rays are good. Reeeeallly good. Not second place good, but good enough to show the world they actually exist. The Jays will be battling for third no doubt, but I think the Rays will shock people and a four teams with 80 or more wins in the AL East is what I'm seeing.

AL Central
1) Tigers
2) Indians
3) Twins
4) White Sox
5) Royals

I like the Royals and do not think they will be putrid. In fact, I think they can take out the White Sox for fourth. The Tigers edge the Twins out by a hair, but fear not Cleveland fans, they will be in the playoffs.

AL West
1) Angels
2) Mariners
3) A's
4) Rangers

The West will be better than anticipated with some pretty decent baseball. The Angels are still going to edge out the Mariners despite the injury concerns. It will be a fun race to watch with the A's being the feel good story and putting forth a better year than anyone expected.


I picked the Yankees to miss the playoffs for four years now and this will be my fifth. I will be right one of these days at which point I will unleash a barrage of 'I told you sos' like you have never seen. I just think the Indians are really, really good and have a weaker bottom three in the Central than the East has. I think the AL East will produce four 80 win teams as stated above and that simply means not enough wins to go around for everyone in the division to produce two playoff teams.

Not that there is anything wrong with that. The Yankees are on a great path, but depending on their young pitching is big risk and there will be high highs as well as low lows. And their offense? I think they are very good, but as good as everyone thinks? Damon and Cabrera are not boppers, Abreu and Matsui are diminished players at this point, Giambi is more valuable than people think, but still nothing tremendous, Posada is just not as good as his MVP-like numbers would suggest from last season, and Jeter, while very good, is getting older and not the offensive player he used to be. A-Rod and Cano are unabashed studs. However, A-Rod will regress off his insanely good historic 2007 season. That is nothing to be ashamed about as 20% less than what he did last year is still good for one of the top five players in the league, but it is unreasonable to expect him to replicate that.

The Yankees will be very good in 2008, but the Indians are just as good, if not better, and have an easier road to the playoffs.

We'll cover the individual awards on Monday.

* * *

  • I will unjustifiably miss you a lot Ruben. I will miss the Sunday's we spent together when I would stand up and yell R-R-R-R-R-R-R-u-u-u-u-u-ben (rolling the Rs of course) every time you got up. I hope you land on your feet little guy.

  • This is one large helping of a bad idea.

  • Pelf and The Duque are going to fight it out today and it really frustrates me to see Pelfrey continually shit the bed. If The Duque sits in the mid 80's again, Mike might win by default. However, the man needs to step it up. At 24, he is starting to not look like a prospect this year.

    At this point, I'd call up the Cardinals and see if they would do a Reyes for Pelfrey swap. They seem to be two guys that need a change of scenery and still have some considerable upside. I think Mike can be good, but this scrapping of pitches and yo-yo-ing that seems to be going on with him cannot be all that good for him. Maybe Duncan's approach will work better.

  • Fuck yeah..

    Willie Randolph, as you know, has to win and keep winning if he'd like to keep his job. This is as it should be. The manager always gets the credit when things go right and the blame when things go wrong, and in both cases this is often unfair, but Randolph was directly accountable for several inscrutable choices that directly cost the Mets a playoff spot and millions upon millions of dollars in associated revenues last year. His inexplicable willingness to repeatedly hand the ball to bad relievers in tight games down the stretch in September, his refusal to give Lastings Milledge the playing time he'd earned, and his inability to dispel the evil funk that settled on the team in the last weeks of the season could, individually and collectively, be fairly said to be why the Mets aren't now gunning for a third straight NL East title.

    In two of three seasons, the Mets have played below their talent. Whatever his strengths, this is good reason to think that Randolph isn't a good enough manager to actively improve his team's chances. Fortunately for him, all he has to do is not actively damage them. If he can't do that much — and all that would take is an ability to learn from past mistakes — he has no business running the Mets.

    Preach on brother Tim. Your words resonate like a symphony to me. I've said it a million times before, Randolph adds nothing to this team. He takes away a few wins and at best, we can hope he does no damage as Marchman states. He is a disaster when it comes to the Xs and Os and his reluctance to trust youth over stale veterans is borderline criminal. One win cost the Mets 1st place and I believe Randolph added negatively to the team, which should never happen and is unacceptable for a team of this caliber to lead by a sub-par captain.

    When he first started managing, people said give him a chance. It's his first time out and he is learning. You know what? Learn in Pittsburgh. Learn in AAA. Not on the Mets when they have a team that is ready right now. Frankly, it blew my mind they gave the reigns to someone with zero managerial experience and only one year of bench coach experience to the most passive manager I have seen. Three years later, Randolph has proved to me he just might be incapable of learning from his mistakes because he is stubborn. Just like he says the young kids have to 'earn their chops', he has to earn his. As of now, he is far from doing that.

    Randolph believes what ultimately doomed them is "we weren't ready to be a champion. Baseball is funny. It can fool you. You think - because it's such a long marathon - we've got time, we've got time. But the game is cruel sometimes. When you think you've got time, you don't.

    Yup. He just said that. Willie is the one who kept saying they had time and was saying there is no reason to panic....publicly at least. There were a few million people that believed the entire 'we've got time' thing was bullshit.

  • I truly think Joe Girardi is a much better manager to lead the youth movement in the Bronx. With kids, you need to be a bit more stern sometimes and Girardi will do that.

  • David Wright? Sugary.

    How is it possible that this guy already is entering his fourth full season in the majors? Wasn't it just last week when he leaped on the scene? Check out this fact: He already has hit 97 home runs, which is 10th in team history, and driven in 365 runs.

    Never mind that Wright already has scored a nice $55-million contract, has received his share of publicity thanks to dozens of magazine covers and can't walk in Manhattan without people snapping photos on their cell phones.

    He's living the life of a superstar and he's only 25 years old.

  • The Roberts to the Cubs talks are just about dead. Seriously, what a terrible and horrific rumor and I am very happy to not read about it anymore.

  • Inking Rios long term is a great deal for the Blue Jays. I think Rios is just about to become a mega-star and will far outperform Vernon Wells over the next few seasons.

  • If anyone knows how to get around a firewall at work, please let me know. My company decided to block ESPN.com for some reason and I cry a little bit on the inside everyday I cannot frequently check Rob Neyer's blog. IM me @ mineral207 or email me @ metropolitans at optonline.net
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    Blogger Sidd Finch said...

    Keep on picking the Yankers to not make the playoffs, Mike. Even a clock that's broken is right twice a day.

    12:10 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Thanks Sidd!

    12:35 PM

    Anonymous DG said...

    So, DG says:


    Wild Card: Phillies

    Red Sox

    Wild Card: Tigers

    I know it's a stretch to pick the M's over the Angels, but personally I think the potential is there.

    Teams to watch out for, i.e., potential spoilers:

    NL : Rockies again
    AL : Blue Jays

    Met Rotation Wins:

    Maine 21
    Johan 19
    Ollie 17
    Petey 14

    I'll add the wins for the fifth once there is a fifth.

    12:46 PM

    Blogger Chris said...

    I think McCutchen is on the Pirates, not the Marlins

    1:02 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Chris...Fuck you. Actually, I'm sorry for lashing out like that....you are right. I get him and the other dude mixed up. Someone help me out...who came over in the Cabrera trade?

    DG...Mariners are close man. I'm not denying the upside because they could have the best 1/2 punch in terms of starters.

    Phillies? Really? Cubbies can pitch man. You'll rue the day you snubbed those guys. RUE!

    Other than that, we are spot on.

    Forgot to do my rotation predictions.

    23 for Santana....21 for Maine...15 for Perez...13 for Pedro...6 for Pelfrey...7 for The Duque.

    1:38 PM

    Anonymous ossy said...

    Division winners

    Cubs (only cus the brewers staff is hurting)
    San Diego

    Seattle/Anaheim (basically the same team: all pitching/no hitting)

    Dodgers (hopefully torre is smart enough to limit pierres AB's)
    TWINS (carlos gomez!!!)

    staff wins
    santana 21
    maine 20
    pedro 15
    perez 15
    duque 6
    pelfrey 6
    neise 2 (booya! ya didnt see that one)

    al cy young
    1 verlander
    2 sabathia
    3 carmona

    AL MVP
    1 cabrera
    2 ramirez
    3 ortiz

    NL cy young
    1 Maine
    2 Santana
    3 Hamels

    NL MVP
    1 wright
    2 reyes
    3 fielder

    AL manager of year
    1. wedge

    NL manager of year
    13 Randolph

    2:08 PM

    Blogger SonnyD said...

    Mike - it's Cameron Maybin.

    Your comment about the Mets vs. Phils pitching, now that Myers is back in the rotation, they have a solid 1-2. After that, it gets pretty putrid.

    I think you are spot on with the rest of your picks there...nice work. I would LOVE to see the Rays in 2nd this year - they just need someone to step up in their rotation after Shields and Kazmir (if he can stay healthy).

    Duque getting hit pretty well against the Orioles (the worst team in the majors) is not a good thing.

    2:16 PM

    Blogger SonnyD said...

    Randolph as manager of the year? You HOMER!

    2:18 PM

    Anonymous ossy said...

    that my friend is 13 not 1

    2:22 PM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

    Hurray for predictions that where never going to look back and check!

    NL East

    NL Central

    NL West
    Giants will be worst team in baseball

    I say Braves win the wildcard although it'll probably be the Brewers, regardless its between those two.

    As far as the American League goes, I feel bad for one of the following teams, Red Sox, Yankees, Tigers, and Indians, as one of them will not be going to the playoffs.

    AL East
    Red Sox
    Blue Jays

    I don't think the Rays are going to be third place but they will be good, maybe close enough to catch the Blue Jays but in the end they'll end the season in 4th.

    AL Central
    White Sox

    AL West

    This will be like the NL West of 2007. Even the A's are going to surprise. And with all the injuries the Angels are getting there's a chance the Mariners even win the division. I like thier starters, I like thier bullpen, they have really good defense at SS, 3B, CF, and 2B, and thier lineup is not too shabby.

    AL Wildcard
    Tigers and sorry Yankers, I think this will be the first year of no playoffs for them but they probably go back to it in 2009 but not 2008, too much dependence on young pitching.

    Word, we do rotation predictions too? Can I go the John Kruk route and say Johan will go 30-0 like he said Randy Johnson would go in his first season with the Yankees?
    Damn you John Kruk.
    Wow, Tim Marchman, easily the best writer in New York.

    Oh man, Sunday is Nationals vs Braves. Very nice. Only two days away. And then the power that be, has forced me to work on Monday. FUCKING...BRUTAL.

    Man, I keep reading that Gotay was in tears. IN TEARS!

    "he Philadelphia Daily News reports that Adam Eaton may have pitched himself out of the No. 5 spot in the Phillies rotation"

    My oh my.

    2:27 PM

    Anonymous tc said...

    Obligatory pick post:

    Division Winners:
    Mets, Cubs, D-Backs
    Boston, Detroit, Seattle

    Rockies, Yankees

    Pennant: Mets, Boston (Why not?)

    Mets Staff Wins:
    Johan 22
    Maine 16
    Pedro 15
    Perez 14
    Duque / Pelfrey 12

    AL Cy:
    1) Verlander
    2) Sabathia
    3) Bedard

    AL MVP:
    1) A-Rod
    2) Cabrera
    3) Mannny

    NL Cy:
    1) Johan
    2) Peavy
    3) Hamels

    NL MVP:
    1) Wright
    2) Rollins
    3) Fielder

    AL Manager:

    NL Manager:
    Sweet Lou Piniella

    2:37 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...


    Braves claimed infielder Ruben Gotay off waivers from the Mets.

    The Braves didn't want to carry Brent Lillibridge as a bench player, so Gotay will join Martin Prado to give the Braves two backup infielders until Omar Infante returns in late April. At that point, the one of the two playing better figures to stay. Gotay should get the odd start at second base versus a lefty, but it's doubtful that he'll have any fantasy value.

    - Nokes

    2:53 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...


    Thanks for the help today despite you failing. You get some points for the attempt.

    Totally unfair! Picking two teams. Not allowed. San Diego is ballsy pick. Headly and Kouz have to be huge for them. They are the lynchpins. Twins? Really?

    Niese with two wins? I like that one. You shot your load early on the indiv awards. You've now tainted mine and hopefully I can not steal yours. Maine for Cy Young? I hope so...he's on my fantasy team. Very homerific too...I like.

    Thanks Sonnyd...I will have to fix that one. Good to see you chime in....

    No checking Benny. None whatsoever.

    Braves claimed Gotay? Ouch man. Ouch.

    3:06 PM

    Blogger Sidd Finch said...

    Benny, it's a good thing that we won't be looking back at this shite!

    NL East

    NL Central

    NL West

    Wild Card - Braves
    NL Worst - Astros

    Rotation - Johan - 22, Maine 20, Pedro 15, Ollie 15, Pelfrey 12, Duque 7

    Yeah, that's 91 wins from the rotation. Call me delusional, but don't call me late for dinner.

    NL Cy Young - Santana
    NL Manager of year - Bob Melvin

    AL East
    Crimson Hose
    Blue Jays

    AL Central
    Pale Hose

    AL West

    AL Wild Card - Tribe
    AL Worst - Orioles, by a large margin

    AL Cy Young - Beckett
    AL Manager of the Year - John McLaren

    3:27 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Ha...I don't think I added mine. I think mine would be too high as well, but 91!!!! Wow. That is going to be like some record. 19 wins out of the five spot? I need just soiled my silk thong.....grrrrrr.

    3:39 PM

    Anonymous ossy said...

    i like the twins. they have a solid lil squad. good OF. questions @ 2b,3b,ss but solid otherwise. their pen is sick.

    ill take anaheim over seattle bc i dunno what mcclaren is capable of doing and richie sexsons sucks. beltre isnt even 30 yet? wtf.

    maine should improve. his ego needs stroking for his performance. his pitching should do the boosting. dont forget he is young and he had to watch his back with willie randolph around.

    4:16 PM

    Anonymous tc said...

    Pelf didn't have it at all again today. He needs to take a vacation and figure himself out. Too much talent to be sucking to the line of 3.2ip, 6 hits, 3 earned, 3 walks, 2 k's, and a loss. 8.14 ERA in spring? Sad faces abound.

    El Bunion not bad, however, 5ip, 4 hits, 1 earned, 2 k's? I'll take it, welcome back to the 5 spot. I still want Vargas and Freddy.

    5:14 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    El Bunion it is!

    The Twins might be 3rd place good with a good Liriano, but let us not go nuts Ossy. I like Gomez as much as the next guy, but, 1st?

    Beltre has been around for a looooong time.

    6:02 PM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    Now let’s see. The last time I correctly predicted the final league standings was, well never. I’m always at the extremities of the bell curve. Well……..

    I believe the Mets will be in for a dog fight with the Braves. Hampton will finally stop his Carl Pavano impersonation and actually pitch this year. The Mets, otoh, with Alou out have an obvious weakness at the bottom of the lineup against left handed pitching. Castro could help offset this but I suspect Schneider will be given the bulk of the catching and Castro will not pinch-hit for Schneider since the Mets will only carry 2 catchers. Anyway even though it was a small sample size last year LM’s OPS against left-handed pitching was .956 and Lo Duca’s career OPS against left-handed pitching is .837.

    Willie is another factor that draws the Mets back to the pack. But I still believe the Mets will win the division. Of course if Pedro breaks down all bets are off.

    Mets rotation:
    Johan Strauss: 19 wins
    John Remember The Maine: 17 wins
    Pedro: 15 wins
    OP: 13 wins
    5th spot: 7 wins

    NL East

    NL Central

    NL West

    NL Wild Card

    I really don’t give a flying f*ck about the AL except if the Tribe or Redsox appear in the WS they will beat the Mets.

    7:42 PM

    Blogger ERNEST RILES said...

    As a pessimistic Halo fan, I still (kinda) back your pick of the Angels finishing atop the West, but for the first time in years, they're banking on the offense carrying the pitching through the first two months of the season, and my pessimism is thriving. Injuries are a bitch (Escobar, Lackey, Shields) and cant' be planned for, but if they wouldn't have made the O-Cab for Garland deal, they'd be looking at a rotation of Weaver, Santana (the bad one), Saunders, Moseley, and Adenhart/dirtdick FA signing, until late may or June (if they're lucky).

    Combine that with GA and Vlad bitching about DH'ing (when it's both of their best position at this point), the org's non-committal nature re: Kotchman being an everyday 1B, the clusterfuck at SS, the lesser-of-two-evils approach at C, and Shields and Bootcheck being on the DL for the start of the season (leaving two slots open for dirty AA or AAA relievers), and I've gottta believe the Marniners are the favorite in the AL West.

    Lord knows I'd love to be wrong, but I think, despite the cakewalk of an early schedule, the Halos have the ability to dig themselves a hole that's too deep to dig their way out of by the time anyone gets healthy.

    Via AE, I'll be pulling for the Mets in the NL, despite my hometown ties to the Dodgers (who will be good, but not as good as they could be as long as they play Pierre and keep Kemp and Ethier off of the everyday corner OF spots...oh, and no 3B kinda hurts too.)

    So, picks:

    AL West (today): M's
    AL Central: Tigers
    AL East: Sox
    AL Wild Card: Indians (not sold on the Yank's young rotation)

    NL West: Dodgers
    NL Central: Brewers
    NL East: Mets
    NL Wild Card: Cubs

    1:44 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Tell me the Post's article about the Braves claiming Gotay is not true.

    12:50 PM

    Anonymous tc said...

    John Maine with another scoreless performance today. 3 hits, 5 k's over 4 ... spring ERA to the tune of 1.53

    I like how our #4 has #2 stuff (and it's arguably borderline #1 stuff on days he's really on). Fear the bottom half of the rotation, NL. Wonder if the Orioles would like to do that one over again.

    Other thoughts: Beltran hit a pitch down and a little in for a homer -- good to see.

    Reyes took some bad cuts (struck out twice), but his numbers this spring haven't been as bad as he looked today.

    Delgado hit a double to the gap hard, making good contact lately.

    Schneider can't hit for shit, but he threw Pablo Ozuna out by three steps. Nice to have someone who contributes defensively behind the plate. Now try to get a hit or two.

    I am very, very excited for opening day next week.

    And Joe Morgan is atrocious, if no one has heard that enough. He called O.P. Odalis Perez today, and overall, his voice makes me want to kill small children.

    7:06 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Gotay 1-3 and drove in one in his debut.

    10:35 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I'm watching the Dodger game. That old stadium is just insane. The shortstop and leftfielder are practically on top of each other.

    11:31 PM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    John Delcos in the LoHud Mets Blog on the Gotay move:

    I can see both sides of the Gotay issue, but for me the downside in seeing the guy go is the potential problem at second base. Luis Castillo has two bum knees and is there anybody besides me who can’t see a breakdown there?

    Yeah, there’s Anderson Hernandez in the minors, but he can’t hit. Gotay is no Gold Glover, but he’s not a butcher, either. I can see Hernandez kicking away more Met rallies with his bat than I can see Gotay blowing games with his glove.

    Losing Gotay isn’t going to make or break this season, but he’s young and athletic. However, because he hasn’t had full time at-bats we don’t really know what to expect. Fernando Tatis, on the other hand, is 33 and coming off injuries. He’s been relatively non-existent the past few years.

    I think Gotay can do more things overall, such as bunt and pinch-run.

    I would think Gotay has a greater upside, and if the Mets really needed a Tatis-type player, they could get one at anytime. If not re-signing him later.

    1:47 AM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

    The thing Delcos fails to mention is that if Luis Castillo goes down with an injury its Damion Easley and Marlon Anderosn who are going to be filling in not Anderson Hernandez.
    And by the way, Anderson Hernandez is an amazing bunter. That's almost seems like that's all he can do at the plate.

    JOe MOrgan is very bad. I was watching the game and i was pulling what little hair I had, out.

    4:53 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

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    Blogger Thomas said...

    This comment has been removed by the author.

    12:56 PM

    Anonymous tc said...

    Per Newsday, the Mets set their final roster spots already ...

    Pelfrey gets the 5 despite blowing of late, Duque starts the year on the DL. Ten days to show why you belong Pelf, prove 'em wrong.

    Joe Smith, and not Stokes or Figueroa grabs the last bullpen slot. I like, I like.

    Brady Clark, and not Tatis snags the last bench spot. There goes the logic behind cutting Gotay loose. He's going to hit a walk-off against us in September, calling that now.

    All 407 lbs. of Raul Casanova holds on to backup catcher as Castro rehabs.

    Other than that, nothing shocking... opening day lineup:
    Reyes, Castillo, Pantalones de Azúcar, Beltran, Delgado, Church, Pagan, Schneider, Johan

    12:58 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Good stuff Mike - nice post before the season starts, like an appetizer before the main meal...

    On the Gotay front, let's remember the roster spot we wanted him to win is (should be?) only temporary until Alou comes off the DL. I think the Mets took a calculated risk that it would be easier to pass Gotay through waivers now when everyone was in a roster crunch than a month from now when another team has had a few injuries and is desparate for a quality infielder. Gotay's spot on the roster was done the day the Mets signed Castillo and then Easley...

    Nice predictions as well, for my two cents I think there are two teams you are sleeping on. I think the Pirates are *way* better than the Cards and Astros. Plus, and this is my sleeper pick, the Blue Jays will win the AL East. Before you laugh, check out the rotations - not the names and the hype, but the stats. They have the best rotation in that division.

    Finally, no rotation in baseball will get more than 75 wins - it just doesn't happen. I will be absolutely esctatic with:

    Johan - 18
    Pedro - 14
    Maine - 17
    Perez - 12
    5th spot - 10


    2:11 PM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    According to Metsblog the lineup, spots 1 thru 8, against Left Hander Mark Hendrickson will be:

    -------------------2007 OPS Versus LH Pitchers
    SS Jose Reyes--------.795
    2B Luis Castillo-----.778
    3B David Wright-----1.106
    CF Carlos Beltran----.940
    1B Carlos Delgado----.704
    LF Angel Pagan-------.755
    RF Ryan Church-------.655
    C Brian Schneider===.636

    3:28 PM

    Blogger Sidd Finch said...

    Pantalones de Azúcar.... sweet.

    9:59 AM


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