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Thursday, August 19, 2004

You Have Entered the No Spin Zone

"It sounds like from the symptoms, it's a new condition," Duquette said. "He was complaining about some soreness in the back of his elbow where the tricep meets the elbow."

You a doctor Jim? It sounds like it's a new condition? It may sound like that to you, but to me it sounds like you have your head up your ass.

The post actually wrote this:

One potentially encouraging sign is although Zambrano will almost assuredly head to the 15-day DL, the pitcher doesn't think he's seriously injured. Zambrano's agent, Peter Greenberg, spoke with his client yesterday and relayed that Zambrano said he does not believe it's anything serious and expects to return this year.

How is it encouraging that he is going to be heading to the 15 day DL? On top of it, that is all we need, another player playing doctor on himself. He may not be injured, but the fact remains that this does not look good. The Mets traded for a guy who's elbow hurt. Then during his third start he leaves with elbow pain and is headed to the DL.

If it looks like shit, smells like shit, and tastes like shit, then it must be shit.

The Dialy News has a different opinion on this one.

Victor Zambrano's elbow condition is unrelated to but potentially more serious than the injury he was battling when the Mets obtained him from the Devil Rays on July 30.

Fortunado will take Zambrano's place. I could not help but laugh at this NY Post comment:

Fortunato, who turns 30 next week, is a fireballing right-handed reliever who posted a 2.52 ERA in Triple-A and a 3.68 ERA in three games with Tampa.

Perhaps most important, he doesn't have any elbow issues.

Sad but true.

Orber will most likely not be back this season.

Two bits of good news:

Peter Greenberg, agent for Jose Reyes, said they will try to use this offseason to find a suitable training regimen for the injury-plagued infielder. The Mets have been stymied in their myriad attempts to keep the 21-year-old phenom healthy.


Scott Strickland will start throwing BP. Yes, when good news is a middle reliever is going to start throwing BP, shit is bad.

Hey at least Traschel is nice and healthy and pain free. Oh wait, spoke to soon. On top of that, Leiter's arm is always ready to fall off and Benson does not exactly have a great health history. And I wonder why people laugh at the Mets.

As if all that happened was not enough. Insult to injury has officially taken place. Kazmir is going to make his much anticpated major league debut against Seattle. Miracles can happen when you do not baby your prospects.

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