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Sunday, October 17, 2004

The Frontrunner

According to NJ.com, Willie Randolph is the front runner despite not even interviewing yet. The article also mentions that the Mets plan to give him the resources necessary to succeed.

If he does get the job, the plan is for the Mets to surround him with a solid coaching staff that includes Rick Peterson as pitching coach and would hopefully include Jaramillo as hitting coach. Jaramillo said yesterday that if he doesn't get the manager's job, he would prefer to return to Texas as the Rangers hitting coach, but that could change.

This statement about Jaramillo possibly being the hitting coach is rather muddled now since the Post is saying that the Rangers only have given him permission to interview for the managerial job and no other.

Meanwhile, The Post has learned that the permission the Rangers granted to the Mets to speak to Jaramillo is good only to hire him as manager and not hitting coach, according to one source familiar with the negotiations. That revelation obviously makes it less likely that the Mets would be able to hire the highly-regarded Jaramillo in any capacity other than manager.

This kind of puts pressure onto the managerial situation because it is all or nothing with Rudy if this is true. I guess Omar has some tough decisions to make in the next week and Rudy's value to the club as a manger and hitting guru have to be weighed. If the Mets higher Randolph then they lose the value add that Jaramillo brings being an accomplished hitting coach and bi-lingual manager. Although I admit I have no idea who would be more qualified for the job knowing only what I read about the two in the reputable NY papers, but it seems on the surface that Jaramillo brings more pluses to the table.

From the Post:
Though Jaramillo's only managing experience is at the Rookie League level (where Minaya was his coach), he's said to be a commanding, in-your-face kind of guy. And when when he talks, people listen.

At least he does have managerial experience which Randolph does not have. Also, he is a guy that people actually listen too and that seems like what this team needs. Howe lost the players ears a long time ago.

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  • Some interesting Carl Pavano news.

    Count the Indians among teams that could make a run at the Marlins Carl Pavano this winter. They have made signing a rotation-topping starter their top winter priority.

    They have a good young team and a good young rotation, they have the money to do it and it would sure be a coup if they can pick up arguably the best available starter.

  • Carlos Beltran is one homerun away from tying Barry Bond's record for homeruns in a post season with eight.