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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving

There are many reasons to be thankful today. The Mets did no lose today, the Mets did not sign Sammy Sosa, I did not write any outlandish post today and miscount the number people on the active roster, you do not have to read through my horrifying spelling and grammatical errors, the Mets are NOT the Yankees, Omar is the GM of the Mets, if you add up the age of the left side of the Met infield that number would still be less than John Franco's age, the Mets and Al Leiter have decided to "explore other options", there is no work today, Art Howe is not the manager, Alfonso Soriano is not on the Mets, the Marlins look like they are going to lose their ace from 2004, Kaz Matsui is not as bad as he looked in 2004, Maurice Vaughn is going to attempt a comeback and it will not be in a Mets uniform, that google lets a lot of write these stupid blogs for free, and most of all, three to four years of this:

and this:

and plenty of this:

"I heard the players were excited about the trade because they wanted to see if they could catch Kris and me having sex in the stadium,"

"Three and a half hours a day, for 162 days, of baseball is a lot of boredom. There's nothing to do, so I come up with fantasies. Owning a team would be fun. I'd have rules about cheating on your wife because that's out of control....And I'd always be in the locker room. If I'm paying them millions to play for me, I should be able to watch them walk around naked." As to who would be the first players she would trade for on her fantasy team, she says, "Mark Mulder, Richie Sexson, Barry Zito, Jeff Weaver - he's a cutie pie."

Things are starting to look up around Queens these days.

Oh, and if you want to buy Anna's calendar, click here.

* * *

  • Thanks to CWebb, 22, Ed, Anthony, Andres, Scott, Benny from da Bronx, MikeinSpain (are you really in Spain?), Sam M, GM, James, Andy41, Steve N, Amit, Shep, Cactus, Steve (from the Eddie Kranepool Society), Adam, and whoever else I left off for coming by and making it more interesting with some discussions on the Mets.

  • The Sosa deal is fading fast and George Steinbrenner has given permission for Rick Down to speak with the NY Mets which basically means he should be named the hitting coach next week.

  • The A's are going to land Jason Kendall and it is a great pickup for them. They gave up Mark Redmond and Arthur Rhodes essentially make it a steal and move that guarantees that the big three will now become the big four with the emergence of Rich Harden. Billy Beane is the man.

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