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Friday, November 19, 2004

Guillen Traded to the Expos.

As John pointed out in the comments of the previous post, Jose Guillen is now a member of the Washington-bound Expos. He was shipped out for Juan Rivera and a prospect. Juan Rivera had a breakout year of sorts batting .307 with 12 homers and 49 RBIs. I think it was a good move by each team because both accomplished what they wanted to do. The Angels moved a troubled outfielder and had to pick up no salary back to clear payroll for bigger fish since Rivera is making the major league minimum. They Angels also added some depth to their outfield that is currently missing a centerfielder and gives some insurance to Vlad and Garrett Anderson. Adding Rivera also alows them to DH Garrett Anderson and Vlad to give them rest while putting a capable bat in the outfield. As for the Expos, they got a cheap number three hitter. The Expos, while not a great team, are not going to be a pushover next year with Vidro, N. Johnson, Guillen, Castilla, Wilkerson, and Sledge, who turned it on at the end of the year.

Does this mean a Piazza to the Angels deal is dead? I don't think so.


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