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Friday, November 26, 2004

Where There is Smoke There is Fire..and There is too Much Smoke

Just when we read some good news yesterday, then this comes out today. Enough already with this ridiculous notion of bringing Sammy to NY. This makes no sense whatsoever. The money will not match. You cannot count Floyd's salary in 2006 this year and say it is a wash. That is counting on the Cubbies picking up the difference between both salaries completely including the buyout, which does not seem like something they are willing to do. Bringing in Sammy will cause a hit for the Mets of $6.5 to $10 million dollars in '05 making it less likely any more moves will come besides Sosa. Let us not even bring up the rumblings that he'd be looking for an extension. There is no way the Mets are not going to take in some substantial amount of payroll for Sosa services. Even if this year's money is magically a wash, the Mets are still stung because they will be putting more money up this year than they would up with just Floyd and the extension for Sosa would be between $9 million to $12 million for one year. That is going on the assumption Omar's man-crush does not force him to give Sosa a two year extension if this went down. Anyway this shakes out, the money will not be equal. The Mets are going to take on additional salary in '05 and a lot more in '06. Screw bringing Sosa here, let him finish out his days in Cub uniform. Let him be their problem and not the Mets problem. It has been stated before by plenty of people in baseball and the media and I'll say it again, Dusty Baker is supposidly the ultimate player's manager. Like Mike Soscia, every guy loves to play for him with the exception of some trouble makers (cough, Sosa, cough, Guillen, cough). As if Randolph's job will not be hard enough, this aging, decling diva should be kept off the grass in Flushing. How many future Hall of Famers on the wrong side of 35 on the dowside of their career can one team have?

Oh, and one more thing, this was a picture of Sammy Sosa in 2001. He does not have these anymore.

Sosa's shrinking physique last season generated more whispers of possible steroid use in the past, and he was limited to 126 games - his fewest since 1996 - because of back spasms brought on by a violent sneeze.

It's time to move on and look at more intelligent options.

* * *

  • Baseball America's top 20 AFL prospects are out. Not suprisingly enough, there were no Met prospects out of that lackluster group they sent. I'm not asking for much, maybe just for them to have sent Lastings Milledge or Yusmeiro Petit.

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