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Thursday, December 09, 2004

With a Grain of Salt

Peter Gammons was on WFAN a little bit ago and he had a few things to say. Whether they are true or not is any other question. You know the source, but here are his rumors:

  • The Diambacks are going to be pretty busy. Gammons is predicting Russ Ortiz and Royce Clayton will land in Arizona as will John Garland and Paul Konerko. Garland and Konerko will part of the three way deal with the D-Backs sending Randy Johnson to the Evil Empireā„¢ and Javy Vasquez to the White Sox. The Yankees will be picking up some of Javy's tab and the White Sox will be looking to save some cash and apparently decimate their offense. No Magglio? No Konerko?

  • Petey also says that the Yankees and the Angels are front runners to land Beltran with the Astros following behind.

  • According to Gammons, Boras is trying to package his players and Derek Lowe and Adrian Beltre to the Detroit Tigers is not out of the question.

  • Pedro will land back in Boston and they might not be a lock for Pavano. The Red Sox may look for a cheaper option since they are not looking to increase payroll, even for Pavano.

  • On the Mets rumor front, Gammons says the Mets will get Sexson and Alou shortly after Pedro resigns. (I just lost my lunch too...not at Sexson, but Alou)

  • Gammons also states the obvious that there will be some surprise trades and that most of the major free agents will sign this week.

    I know the Yankees are not in our division or league and we are not supposed to care what they do, but if they get RJ and Beltran, I'll be pissed. For no other reason then I have to listen to Yankee fans babble out how great the Yankees are and will stop at nothing to win and how great life is to be a Yankee fan. I've listened to months of I want Beltran, I want Johnson, etc. Now their winy little pleas might come true. Damn it.


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