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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Eddie C. on Mike and The Mad Dog

Ed Coleman said to temper your enthusiasm about Zito. Beane will not let him go unless it is the right deal. He said Beane wanted to throw Zito's name out there to see what offers came back and not necessarily because he wants to move him for sure right now. Basically, he is in no rush to move him, but like any GM, he is listening. Coleman speculates that any package would include Milledge and the Mets would likely favor to keep Heilman over Milledge because he has done it on the Major League level. He said that it would likely be more than Milledge as well in any deal.

Coleman also said that the Mets are fielding calls on every starter not named Pedro Martinez.

The KC deal is something that Mad Dog calls a GREAT deal for KC. That is when it was just Benson for Affeldt and MacDougal. Sure jackass. Great deal. Good deal for the Mets actually, but I'm sure there is no reasoning with you. Then Mike tossed in his two cents and said get Andy Sisco. No shit! Why not then toss in Zack Grienke too. There is a reason they are not talking about Sisco and talking about two relievers who are inconsistent. Great commentary again. You guys are the best of the best.

Ed also likes LoDuca. He calls him a catcher who hits (hits for what? mediocre average?) and plays better D than he did last year. He says he played injured and that contributed to him tailing off at the end of the year, but I say people run like crazy on him healthy or not and he is a singles hitter. Basically, a poor man's Jason Kendall. Whoopee.

He then said the latest rumor is Kaz back to Japan. Back to the land of the rising sun. The Mets would release him and settle the contract with a Japanese team. Valentine was quoted as saying the other day tha Kaz was a much better player than Iguchi in Japan and is surprised how badly he has performed. Me too because I think the dude can play. Oh well, that's the story.

I hope everyone appreciates what I just had to go through.