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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


...if this deal went through...

A delicious rumor involving the Marlins and Yankees swapping Chien-Ming Wang, Robinson Cano and Phillip Hughes for the Marlins outfielder Miguel Cabrera and lefty starter Dontrelle Willis didn't last long when it was shot down. -- New York Post

Yankees GM Brian Cashman is talking to the Phillies about Jason Michaels and the Phillies are no longer demanding Chien-Ming Wang.
-- New York Post

Talk about a rip off. Just even thinking about Cashman having the cojones to even offer that is annoying. Newflash...check out Wang's K-rate and Cano's pitches per at-bat. Cano, more than anything is a product of his environment and Wang needs to prove he can get by in any division, much less the AL East, with a Danny Kolb K-rate. Phil Hughes is marginally better than Gaby Hernandez, and it took him to get LoDuca. Suck it Cashman.


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