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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Random Stuff

I have no time today, but there are two articles of note that do not relate to the Mets that I wanted to bring up.

First, Soriano is just an ass and Gene Orzo may be more of one. (Thanks to DG for the link.)

"I certainly don't mean to be insensitive to Alfonso Soriano," said Nationals President Tony Tavares, "but he is an employee who is subject to the control of the team's manager, under the terms of the contract he signed."

The Nationals say they believe the dispute -- which has haunted the team since the Dec. 7 trade that brought Soriano to Washington from the Texas Rangers -- will never reach the point of full-blown confrontation. In a meeting between team officials and Soriano and his agent last Thursday, the sides essentially agreed to put off a decision about how to proceed for almost a month. In the meantime, they have agreed not to discuss the issue publicly.

"It doesn't help to speculate," said Bob Boone, the Nationals' special assistant to the general manager. "We're trying to build a relationship here. What we don't want here is a T.O. situation." He was referring to Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Terrell Owens, who was suspended indefinitely by the team for "conduct detrimental to the team."

With one more year left on his contract, he better watch out. Creating bad blood between his new team in him could end up in him sitting the year out or some big chunk of time. With what is going on and the money owed to him, if the Nats cannot exact what they deem proper value of anything making it worth dealing him, they might play hardball and sit him down until he agrees to play left. It's been done before in sports and it could certainly happen again.

However, Gene Orza, the union's chief operating officer, argued that the issue is not so finely defined.

"Theoretically, the club would fine and suspend him," Orza said. "The player would argue that they can't force him to play where he doesn't want to play. . . . Since we're speaking hypothetically, what if they asked [Soriano] to be a pitcher? Could they force him to be a pitcher? It's not as simple as you're making it out to be."

Ah, the spin machine starts. Yes in theory communism works as well Gene, but we are not talking about him moving onto the mound, which is just dumb. We are talking about putting one of the worst fielding second baseman in a spot that generally goes to guys who fail at all the spots. It could be argued that he should of lost his second base job long ago simply based on performance. Left field the last resort before becoming a DH, so he should be able to handle that. So lets not just start spitting ridiculous stuff out. Soriano was an outfielder in the past, this would hardly kill him. Many, many people much more important to the game than he is and ever will be have made much great sacrifices.

* * *

I'm convinced this guy would throw at his own mother.

Roger Clemens’ son took dad deep on the Rocket’s first pitch of spring training, crushing a trademark fastball over the left-field fence Monday.

“That was probably one of the harder fastballs I cut loose,” Roger Clemens said after throwing to Koby and other Houston Astros minor-leaguers. “He got my attention.”

Then the Rocket got Koby’s. The next time his oldest son came to the plate, Roger buzzed him high and tight with another fastball. The younger Clemens dodged the pitch, then smiled at his father.

I don't see anything wrong with what happened per se, but coming from Clemens, you have to wonder.


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