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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Learn From Your Mistakes

Every time someone brings up Scott Kazmir, another person inevitably will tell them to stop crying about it and move on. They will say there is nothing you can do about it and it is not relevant anymore. I beg to differ. It is completely relevant. It is the reason a guy who got booted from the rotation in 2005 who missed a lot of time this spring not pitching for his home country inexplicably did not have to pitch his way into the rotation.

That trade still affects today's decisions for this team and is still making it's mark. I sure hope Omar and Co. look at the fact that Kazmir is 9th in the league in innings pitched, 3rd in the league in strikeouts, and tenth in the league in ERA while owning a 4-2 record while just turning 22 in January. I hope they think about that all the time so they can be reminded to make the same mistakes twice.

Just as Victor started looking like he was settling into a groove, his elbow exploded for the second time since the Mets acquired him. That ill advised trade is fresh on my mind as the Mets are now in another pickle because of that trade. Instead of having a healthy 22 year old left handed flamethrower with a nasty slider in the rotation, the Mets will try and pick up the pieces of a battered stable of arms and band-aid it with Lima Time!™ and Jeremi Gonzalez until Bannister and Maine are back or until they think Alay Soler is ready.

The ghost of this trade is still haunting this team and now they are in some deep trouble because of it yet again. Most of us were leery of this rotation and for good reason. The depth and quality simply was not there at the backend and with the streaking Phillies, the Mets need to have something go their way and decent outings from their replacements. If this team misses the mark, we will know why. Perhaps the team will take another look at Aaron Heilman to the rotation while Jorge Julio is hot because no matter how strong the bullpen is, they need to be handed a lead and simply giving two games away a week is not a good way to about playing baseball.

Ok, I'm done venting and rehashing bad memories.

* * *

  • Kazuo!!!!!!

    Seriously. Stop booing him.

  • Laaaarrrrryyyy...Laaaaarrrrrrry....

    Some kid, who sounded very young, could clearly be heard during yesterday's broadcast heckling Larry with the now famous chant. Classic, you have to love the little kids getting into it with Chipper.

  • The Mets need the gift of innings from Lima Time!™ after the last two games. Win or lose, the Mets need at least six from him and since they took the series already, they just need innings.


    Anonymous gbaked said...

    Not to be an ass... but "I hope they think about that all the time so they can be reminded to make the same mistakes twice."

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