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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Day Two of the Posting Period

Don't believe me. I'm just some dumb guy from New Jersey. However, these guys have some street cred.

Depending on what you think about Barry Zito, Matsuzaka may be the best pitcher available this off-season. Between the posting fee and the long-term deal that will follow, he may sign the richest contract of any player before the 2007 season. He's been a key contributor to Seibu since 1999 (when he was 18!), throwing nearly 1,200 innings in the last seven years, striking out 1,141 batters and earning an ERA well under 3.00.

If those numbers belonged to a MLB pitcher, well, he'd be Johan Santana, only a year younger. (Be careful: you're drooling on the keyboard.) Of course, the NPB isn't the same as the American major leagues, so it's unlikely he'll match his 2006 ERA of 2.13 over 180 innings in the US.

It is said that the NPB is equivalent to AAA, but I definitely tend to think it is a step above AAA.

Plugh translates Matsuzaka's 2005 stats and a chunk of his '06 numbers as follows:
Year    ERA     IP      H       HR      BB      SO
2005 2.74 215 185 16 63 200
2006 2.52 187 156 21 39 181
Let's say, for whatever reason, that you're skeptical of those numbers. So am I. It seems well established that the NPB hosts a higher level of baseball than American Triple-A, but for the sake of argument, let's translate his 2005 NPB stats as if they were accumulated in the International League. (I can't find all the components I need to do this with 2006 stats, so 2005 will have to suffice for now.)
2005    IP      HR      BB      K       FIP
NPB 215 13 49 226 2.56
MLB 215 18 65 189 3.44
So, as long as there's nothing about Matsuzaka that makes him incompatible with success in America, and assuming that the Seibu faces harder competition than Pawtucket does, the upper bound on his ERA these days would seem to be about 3.50.

Estimations, equations, fornication, masturbation, computations...before you get all sassy, we all know no one knows what Daisuke will do here, but it is fun to think about. We all know Kaz was a bust. We all know the history of pitchers from the Eastern part of the hemisphere do not have a good track record when getting paid $15 million per year. We all know that Irabu was supposed to be the Japanese Nolan Ryan. However, Daisuke is the pitching equivalent of Ichiro Suzuki. Ichiro is the only guy who has his first name on the back of his jersey and is the best position player that Japan has ever offered. Daisuke is the best pitcher Japan has ever offered.

Before he came to the states, Irabu had nine seasons in Japan and posted below a 3.00 only twice and never posted below a 2.40 ERA. Since then, baseball in Japan has gotten better as we can all tell by Japan's WBC win. Daisuke has posted below a 3.00 ERA in six of his nine seasons including his rookie season in 1999 when he was 18. Is he a risk? Yessum. Is he an expensive risk? Yessum. Is the ceiling a high one? Yessum. Ichiro won the MVP award and the ROY award in his rookie season. Is it possible Daisuke makes the same kind of waves in 2007 in the bigs? I certainly think so.

* * *

  • In case you missed it...read this. Simply one of the best reads ever on a blog. Also, this one is a gem too.

  • I heard something about Mota getting a fifty game suspension, but I could not find it anywhere on the net. He should have just retired like Roger and came back mid-season.

  • Wright goes deeeeeep.

    What a day for David Wright. A few hours after joking with Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe in his downtown office, the Mets third baseman crushed a two-run homer with two outs in the ninth inning Thursday night as the MLB All-Stars finished in a 7-7 tie with the Yomiuri Giants in an exhibition game at Tokyo Dome.

    Wright, who entered the game in the sixth inning, struck out looking in the seventh before turning on a first-pitch fastball from Giants reliever Takahiko Nomaguchi in the ninth. After rounding the bases, Wright followed up with his custom handshake with teammate Jose Reyes in the dugout.

  • The reports out of Atlanta say that Tom Glavine will likely return to the Mets, but the reports out of New York are saying that it is not to far along and Glavine has not made up his mind.

    "We've had absolutely no talks with the Mets whatsoever," Clifton said.

    What is really weird is after the false reports by Scott and the New York papers, Clifton is singing another tune.

    Glavine's contract was restructured earlier this year to include a $7.5-million player option and a $14-million team option, but if Glavine chooses the Mets, Clifton will simply negotiate a new one-year contract.

    "I will pick up the phone and I'll say, 'Listen, Tom said he wants to be a Met and we understand you want him back. So let's figure this out,'" Clifton said.

    It certainly affects how the Mets will attack the pitching market so hopefully Glavine sorts this out soon.

  • M's out...Mets and Yankees are in.

    Fearful of the steep posting price for Matsuzaka, which could reach a record $30-million, the Mariners, owned by Japanese businessman Hiroshi Yamauchi, apparently want to allocate their funds for re-signing Ichiro Suzuki, who will be a free agent after next season.

    But the Yankees, desperate for a front-line starter, have no such payroll concerns, and the Mets insist they are not rattled by the prohibitive cost as well. One person familiar with the situation said on Wednesday that the Mets definitely will bid for Matsuzaka, and that dealing with his agent, Scott Boras, is not a deterrent. The Mets believe they have a good relationship with Boras after negotiations for Carlos Beltran and Mike Pelfrey.

    Omar! Mikey wants birfday gift and he wants Daisuke.

  • Token minority interviewee? Maybe.

    Mets third base coach Manny Acta reportedly will interview for the A's manager's job when he returns from Japan.

    That is added to his growing list of managerial interviews he has already had.

  • We'll be reading about Jeff Allison for years to come as a another sad story.

    Allison, as first reported Tuesday on the Greensboro (N.C.) News and Record's Web site, also has been charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and resisting a public officer, both misdemeanors, in connection with an Oct. 25 incident. Police said Allison was spotted driving a 2002 Dodge Ram truck that had been reported stolen when he was pulled over.

    Allison, 21, tried to flee but was apprehended by officers, police said. Allison, who listed a Greensboro address on the arrest report, faces a Nov. 30 court date on those charges.

  • What in the name of David Wright is going on with Lost? Just when they have the best episode by far, they go and do what they did last night. For anyone who has not watched it yet, I do not want to ruin the surprise so I will not speak of what happened, but what the fuck? Then they overload my senses with a preview of next week's episode which included a wanton bres-a-sist shot of Kate and tell me it's the season finale and Lost will not be back until 2007! 'Tis a cruel world we live in.

    Anonymous Coop said...

    Mike, I've never heard of Fire Joe Morgan blog, but that piece on Aramis Ramirez was the FUNNIEST SH*T I HAVE EVER READ IN MY LIFE (your piece on Making fun of A-rod, then segway into Zambrano bashing back in like April is up there too).

    As for no saying a player is "cute" (I'm a girl, I can get away with it)...why is "Sugar Pants" acceptable?? :p

    NOTE: Coop loves the sugar pants name

    12:08 PM

    Anonymous bennyblanco from da bronx said...

    NBP like AAA? Well I guess this was the year of the shitty leagues since the best of the NBP league won the WBC. And then the Cardinals won the WOrld Series.
    Hell, even the Miami Heat of the Eastern Conference won the World CHampionship.

    Even though I said it yesterday, I'm gonna say it again.
    Alot of these japanese guys come at the age 35, waaay past thier prime and some of them weren't any good to begin with.
    Ishii had wlak raito's close to 5 even in Japan, no one should have been surprised how that worked out.
    Komiyama was 36 in his only MLB season.
    Iriki was another one who wasn't very good in Japan either and he was 35.
    Matsuzaka is the opposite of what the Mets have had come from Japan. He's young, healthy, and dominant.

    And because I'm bored, Here's Dice-K's line in the only time he faced MLB hitters, it was during the 2004 MLB All Star vs Japan series.
    On November 11, 2004 he pitched:
    9 innings, 5 hits, 6 K’s, no walks, and just 1 run.

    Fire Joe Morgan, I discovered it somehow like 2 weeks ago, love it. I even went into thier archives to read alot of their stuff. Excellent. Everything they write is funny.

    Roger Clemens is boring now. His off-season fun house game is just annoying as hell now. PICK A FUCKING TEAM AND STOP FUCKING WITH THE ASTROS OFFSEASON PLANS!

    I guess Wright was just fucking tired as hell at the end of the season. To me that's the only way to explain his whack ass performance in the playoffs. He had 2 weeks off and now he's good. Soo depressing, if only he coulda done that on October 19, 2006. 2 weeks too late David.

    The Nationals and A's have interviewed like 20 people each. I want Manny to have a job damnit! I want to bust out the ol' like "I'm proud of Acta and hope he does good in ________"

    At what point do we point, laugh, and stop feelign sorry for Jeff Allison? Freakin' asshole. He's gotten like 40 second chances. Life doesn't work that way you crack head.

    12:35 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Well, Coop, I'm joking. You are allowed to do whatever you want. As for Sugar Pants, that is said in jest and not to be taken seriously, which many have. I have received emails asking me to stop using it. Out of context, Sugar Pants is bad. In context? Ok.

    Benny, you and me are on the same wavelenght on Daisuke. I've been waiting, what, two years for this?

    Joe Morgan is a great site. I'm sorry I've deprived myself it's joy for a long time. Really great stuff.

    He could have been gassed. He should get a few more days off next year, but he did get a lot of time off at the end of the year.

    You can point and laugh now. He was a millionaire that got caught in a stolen pickup truck.

    12:52 PM

    Anonymous sidd finch said...

    In 30 years, Jeff Allison will be the same as Strawman or Sammy Stewart: A crackhead who ran out of money. He'll have regrets, too, but it'll be too late. The thing about those guys is that they don't have the inner strength to overcome it. It's really too bad, I think Doc Gooden is headed that way too.

    There's an example of someone who got a lot of money way too soon.

    1:06 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Oh, and I'm sure he will try ten comebacks like Josh Hamilton is still trying to do.

    1:14 PM

    Blogger BookieD said...

    LOST: Worst Episode Ever. Mike--sorry I don't have time or energy to blog about it, but I can e-mail you my thoughts offline.

    I know this is left over from yesterday, but I am still not understanding how Glavine on the roster in 2008 at $12.5 million is a good idea. Is there any chance he'll be worth that kind of money at that time? With such a huge salary, he will have to start, and won't he be blocking the way for one or more of the kids to come up and start? Won't the $25 million over 2 years negatively affect any type of signings or trades the Mets will be trying to accomplish over the next two offseasons? Will anybody be more likely to buy tickets to a game in '07 or '08 (save for any game Glavine is trying to win #300)? Tommy was great for us last year, but I'm not understanding any of this.

    1:16 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    They cancel shows like Arrested Development, but keep shows like Lost. I really hate tv. I just can't identify with 99% of humanity.

    The Mets ain't getting Dice-K. There's this little team with an obscene payroll called the Yankees... perhaps you've heard of them?


    1:45 PM

    Anonymous brian b said...

    While I admit this season of lost up to this point has been much of a let down (except the Locke episode that was great) I thought there were parts of last nights episodes that were good. I enjoyed Eko's back story, and I rather enjoyed his speech on if he was a bad man or not.

    The line that comes from who he is talking to right after that floored me, I thought we were headed for a great ending... then... It got a little weird.

    Here's to hoping next weeks episode is awesome so we can go into the 13 week layoff expecting to show to regain its past glory.

    1:48 PM

    Anonymous brian b said...

    Also, what if a team who doesn't like the yankees just throws up like a 50 million bid for rights to negotiate then offers a crazy low deal like 3 million a year for 5 years just so he'll deny it, they'll get a refund and he goes back to japan for another year whilst he stays out of the yankees hands?

    1:49 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    'Also, what if a team who doesn't like the yankees just throws up like a 50 million bid for rights to negotiate then offers a crazy low deal like 3 million a year for 5 years just so he'll deny it, they'll get a refund and he goes back to japan for another year whilst he stays out of the yankees hands?'

    Selig will take away your rights and give it to the next highest bidder.


    1:51 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    If a team does that, and its obvious, Scott Boras would probably get pissed and have the Comissioner's Office do something about it.
    Selig would PROBABLY meet with Seibu and reward/award the bid to the second highest bid or something.

    I don't know the process but Selig would not allow that at all.

    1:54 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    They cancel shows like Arrested Development, but keep shows like Lost.

    Though Arrested was my favorite show, I have to say, I love Lost. Both are great man. Arrested Development getting cancelled is a sad commentary on the state of our society. That show was genious. Perfectly cast and just swell.

    Yankees can have a an obscene payroll. It boils down to who has the stones to pony up $30 mill.

    Mr. Ecko is a stud. I think we can all agree on that fact. Yes, it ended weird to say the least. I like how they introduced a new attractive chick since camp life was getting a bit boring. Prediction: Her tool friend/boyfriend gets axed next episode.

    Well, I'm not sure they can just do that or if there are rules protecting Daisuke from some team just cock blocking the Yankees. I'm not sure how it all works. Maybe they can take it to arb court or something. Also, the team runs the risk of it getting accepted. Absurd deal or not, it's a lot of money to play chicken with.

    2:05 PM

    Anonymous brian b said...

    You should check out the shoe Heroes if you are tired of lost or think they've gone off the mark. It is very similar and I'm enjoying it so far. I'm not much of a TV guy but Lost, House and Heroes are the 3 shows I tune in to watch. Arrested development was a GREAT show but the bottom line is its not as cheap to produce as reality television. TV sucks.

    I'm not totally sure Selig can just change the rules like that on the fly though. It is a lot of money to play chicken with but if you offer the kid very little money, why in the world would he accept? He's looking for a payday, he doesn't really care how much money his club get out of it.

    If he doesn't get signed this year I read he doesn't become a free agent in japan till like 60 days AFTER the deadline here so he'd have to go up for bid again.

    I like tommy gun but if we are gonna sign him for 2 years 25 million why the hell dont we just get zito for the extra X million it would take (where i assume 2 < x <= 5). I mean they are both lefties, neither has a blazing fastball... Maybe the mets just want to avoid a bidding war. Oh yeah I know I know tommy brings veteran leadership, but isn't that why we go delgado? Pedro brings that too (if he is healthy) and it's isn't like Zito's never been to the playoffs before.

    2:39 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    I was bored and was looking at another one of those websites/blog dedicated to contracts/payrolls.
    I saw that Shawn Green is getting paid $9.5 million in 2007.
    The DBacks are paying $5.8 million of his salary, leaving the Mets to pay ONLY $3.7 million of his contract, which in my opinion is chump change.

    Omar is the man.

    And BrianB its not that Selig can "change the rules" its the argument of "whats good for the game" that you always hear but never see any action on.
    Selig would use that as his argument to explain why Team X had a bogus bid.

    3:00 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    LOST comment: Yes, I agree Mike. The black smoke kicking Eko's ass was a bit much. The producers have way too many "weird" story lines going on at the same time. Others, french chick & her daughter, electromagnetism pulses, mulitple hatches, black smoke, walt's powers...way too much shit going on. I just want to see more Kate getting island-raped. Kate has the hairest arms for a hot chick. The new chick is hot I second that.

    Nice to see DW come through in the clutch for a pre-tune up tournament game in Japan. Where were you in the NLCS?

    Does the bid amount count towards the salary cap? I think it should count.

    I wonder if Omar will be more inclined to deal Heilman now that Mota is out of the picture. Talk about blowing a killer payday. Good job Mota.

    I say sign Soriano and Zito. And patch the backend with the kid pitchers. Give Milledge a shot in left. The kid has potential and I like the cocky attitude.

    3:18 PM

    Blogger Itsmetsforme said...

    There will be an awkward silence on this site if the Mets get Daisuke and he screws the pooch.

    Yeah Brian B, why pay Zito money for toothless Tom? Particularly when I suspect Tomahawk has ABSOLUTELY NO LEVERAGE. I bet the Br*ves don't want him that much. And he basically reduced his teams to two. We might look back on this as a collosal blunder if he is signed for two years and more than 10 mil a year. Japanese pitchers, Old Br*ves...sorry, it reeks of old Mets.

    Last night's Lost. C'mon what do you want? Ok I admit the writing has sucked lately, but I'm still addicted. They finally introduced a legitimately hot chick, albeit forgot to give her any nonidiotic lines. And it had a pirate! (the guy staring back in the closed circuit tv in the new hatch).Everyone loves pirates!
    And I was tired of Echo anyway--he had communication issues. I think the black fly cloud is getting over exposed.

    3:19 PM

    Anonymous rick m said...

    The biggest thing that worries me about Matsuzaka is not how he will fare in MLB vs Japan. It's the number of innings that he's pitched at a young age. The most successful pitchers throughout history have been the guys that were in their mid twenties before going over 200 innings. Nolan Ryan (25), Warren Spahn (26), Steve Carlton (24), Roger Clemens (24), Tom Seaver (23)... they all gave their arms a few years to strengthen before taking on that kind of work. On the other hand, young guys with great stuff who were overworked before their 22nd birthday rarely have good careers (Dwight Gooden, Gary Nolan, Jim Nash, Herb Score). Yes, I am a baseball-reference.com geek.

    3:19 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    Anonymous, the bid does NOT count towards the salary.
    I read somewhere that teams use the money from the scouting department to bid. That includes scouting actual players and money to sign amatuer/international talents.

    I just find it real hard to believe Matsuzaka will fail. Everything suggests he won't. And he's no pussy like Kaz Matsui, he's a hard ass. The man has balls.

    3:44 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I still like Lost. I mean, it had not been good as I'm used to it, but it was like three episodes that were marginal or at least different then we are used to and the latest one was very, very good I though.

    I'll check our Heroes though.

    Your thoughts on Glavine and Zito ring true, but if Glavine wants to come back, they have that handshake deal that the Wilpon's would NEVER retract. That's why. Suck, I know.

    Benny, Omar pulled off a great deal. Green could get cut or traded with the Mets footing the bill and it would not be a big thing. Omar is the man.

    I just want to see more Kate getting island-raped.


    Kate has the hairest arms for a hot chick.

    I've never noticed. But I don't think I'd care of she has skidmarks on the outside of her pants.

    There will be an awkward silence on this site if the Mets get Daisuke and he screws the pooch.

    I'm will to bet my blog he will not shit the bed. How's that for confidence?

    And it had a pirate!

    Fuck yeah man. Who doesn't like Pirates? They pillage booty, that's all I need to know.

    For the record, I never said I didn't like it anymore. Much to the contrary. It was just starting to have a different feel, but I think last night's brought it back. I loved the part where the chick from the other's was showing Jack that film of her telling him to fuck up the surgery. Totally not sure if she is fucking with him or truly not fucking with him. Everyone is trying to fuck with each other in that scenario. I love it.

    Rick..The bright side? Check his innings. He doesn't go over 200 typically. They play less games. He's topped 200 twice.

    Well, the money could come from anywhere, but it doesn't count against the luxury tax cap. Just add it to the stadium mortage! Fuck it. He's already in the hole a bizzilion dollars.

    He's got the cojones the size of cantaloupes they charge $50 for in Japan.

    4:06 PM

    Anonymous rick m said...

    The bright side? Check his innings. He doesn't go over 200 typically. They play less games. He's topped 200 twice.

    You're right, I stand corrected. I guess I've just heard so much about his mythical 250-pitch game that I have this impression that his arm has been mightily abused...

    4:53 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Mike, the site needs another Chuck Norris list posted. It's been long overdue.

    I agree with you guys about Mat-zukazuka. He should be a stud pitcher, but you may pull an Irabu.

    I personally would go after Zito or make a play for D-Train. I wouldn't be whining if the Mets did end up signing D-Matz, but I just think the proven MLB pitcher is a safer bet.

    I would also look past any skidmarks on Kate. She's totally fuckable...period.

    5:07 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Rick, you are right about his HUGE pitch counts. That is a concern of mine, but I'm trying to find a bright side.

    I like Zito and D-Train and will not cry if the Mets nabbed one of them.

    I'll look into the Chuck thing.

    5:10 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Takashi Kashiwada, Masato Yoshii, Hideo Nomo, Tsuyoshi Shinjo, Saturo Komiyama, Kaz Matsui, Kaz Ishii, Shingo Takatsu, Dae Sung Koo.

    These are all of the Mets players who came from Japan and all of them sucked.

    I know other teams have luck with these guys, the mets are not one of those teams.

    Not saying "don't go after him", I just would ratehr have proven starters like Zito.


    5:27 PM

    Anonymous Scott said...

    OOh, what is that cold, sharp sensation between my shoulder blades? oh its... "the false reports by Scott" oh the pain!

    Just watching the Dice throw on youtube. He has small hands. This is fine in Nippon where they play with a smaller ball but here in the ol US o'A might be a problem with the regulation size ball. Hmm, huge bucks for this guy could be trouble.

    Yes, LOST is killing me! WTF! Season Finale in November?!?!?!

    Yeah its time to let Tommy go out to pasture and use that 25 large on Zito.

    Green has nothing left on his contract! Excellent. Smithers have the rolling stones killed and axe Green. Then pick up a Soriano on a 5 year deal.

    6:20 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    Alright, I'll run them off:
    Kashiwada only pitched 25 total innings in Japan in 3 years. So he didn't pitch much, and when he did he was just decent.

    Yoshii was decent but what the hell were you expecting from him an ace? If people were that's messed up and not fair. He was a serviceable guy. And not at the level Matsuzaka is right now.

    Nomo was past his prime in the half season he was here. The league caught up to him after 2 dominant years, and one nice year.

    Shinjo, first of all was a position player. Second was a bench player that got alot more playing time than he should have. And in Japan he had horrible OBP and decent pop. Guess how he did in the US!!?!
    Decent pop with horrible on base skills, tada! No one should have been surprised and see that coming.

    Komiyama was a piece of shit that was 36 years old, talk about past his prime, he was a washed up Japanese player, despite the whole "Japanese Greg Maddux" thing, what were you expecting?

    Kaz Matsui still bothers me because nothing suggested he'd be bad. He has all the tools obviously, since we did see flashes of excellence. I'll stick to the notion of injuries messing him up and being messed up mentally. He'll be good in Colorado watch.

    Kaz Ishii was another piece of shit that had walk ratio's close to 5 even in Japan. What were people expecting? To somehow gain control? He stayed as the same pitcher he was in Japan. Nothign changed.

    Mr. Koo, really? Your gonna hold that against him? What were you expecting from Mr. Koo? Dominance? He was a 36 year old lefty who sucked even in Japan. Should have not come to a surprise.

    And finally, Shingo Takatsu. I still like him. He just got a bad wrap because of Willie's decision to bring him in with the bases loaded with 0 outs. He almost got out of it. That one outing that Willie shouldn't have put him up sealed his fate.
    I still like him and would have resigned him.

    Maybe its not tha Japanese players? Maybe its unfair expectations put on them?
    When the Mets sign these players what exactly where you expecting?

    6:24 PM

    Blogger Itsmetsforme said...

    Hey Benny you resorted to using "pussy" "ass" and "balls" to make your case for signing that unproven japanese pitcher. He of the heavy workload better not Dai-suck! Hardeharhar.

    "When the Mets sign these players what exactly where you expecting?
    just sayin."

    Um, one out of the 8 would perform well?

    RE LOST:
    I just have one other thing to get off my chest: Isn't a shame that the yummy mummy Other hanging out with Jack has such a big dumpster? Or is it just me? It makes me feel the way i did when i first caught sight of Jeannie Zaluski's posterior. I'm a degenerate.

    "There will be an awkward silence on this site if the Mets get Daisuke and he screws the pooch.

    I'm will to bet my blog he will not shit the bed. How's that for confidence? "

    **ok I'll take your blog, but i think the "The Ken Oberkfell For Manager Movement" feature needs updating.***

    love and smoochies,

    9:56 PM

    Blogger Itsmetsforme said...

    shit I take that impersonation back. I jsut remembered when emad somehow kicked my computer off a mets chat board 2 or 3 years ago.

    stop impersonating him, you bastards!

    9:58 PM

    Anonymous brian b said...

    I still like Lost as well.

    The question is, did ben put Juliet UP to what she did to make sure that Jack isn't just going to try to kill ben? Is she being sincere. It's very hard to tell. If Jack wanted Ben dead all he would have to do is not operate at all. It's twisted and sick.

    The layoff is because of the rage caused by last year when they would show repeats when people were expecting new episodes. So this year they are doing the split schedule, which I agree is better than one week new, two weeks repeat, one week new, one week old, one week new... etc.

    This is going to be an interesting off-season and it is exciting knowing that we have GM who loves to dabble in the trade market and that we are restricted to just free agents.

    10:07 PM

    Blogger BookieD said...

    Don't get me wrong; just because I hated this week's LOST doesn't mean I hate the show, or even Season 3. I just think Eko was too big-time a character to go out like such a chump in what seems like a meaningless death. Yes, the backstory was interesting, but it ultimately lead us nowhere. That being said, I like all the tales from Camp Others and the new and improved Desmond. The eyepatch guy was cool as well.

    Heros is great. I don't think it's as tight as LOST, but it has more action and seldom drags. If Matsuzaka is half as good as the Japanese guys on that show, he will be worth every penny.

    All the free agent talk is fun, but I think Omar will have a couple of moves up his sleeve that nobody sees coming (like the Delgado and LoDuca deals last year). Without the Beltran-like White Whale out there (though Zito and Matsuzaka sort of count, it will be fun to sit back and just see what develops.

    10:08 PM

    Blogger Emad Mekhaeil said...

    'shit I take that impersonation back. I jsut remembered when emad somehow kicked my computer off a mets chat board 2 or 3 years ago.'

    I did that? I rarely act so maliciously.

    That being said, nobody fucks with the Jesus.

    11:43 PM

    Blogger Itsmetsforme said...

    haha emad, you're something special.

    ...you also somehow changed the settings on my toaster and signed me up for a year of Ladies Home Joural, if i remember correctly.

    2:01 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

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