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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Optimism Abound

I am very excited for this upcoming season. Yes, in past years I might of been accused of being negative, but there is not much to be complaining about this year.

For one, my lack of concern about the Mets pitching staff is further backed up by one of the best pitchers in the game taking note of one Met's approach to batters which really has not been done before.

Oswalt is fussing with a changeup, a pitch that he wants to employ particularly against right-handed hitters. Last year, the Mets' Tom Glavine demonstrated that pitchers could have success aiming changeups at the inside corner, destroying conventional wisdom that it is a bad idea to throw changeups in that spot.

"If I get it inside, they'll foul it off," said Oswalt, who threw his change to college hitters in January. Oswalt noticed that even with less bat speed than most major league hitters, the collegians still were ahead of his changeup and yanking it foul, a good sign. "I'm going to tinker with it in spring training," he said.

Rick Peterson is one of the best pitching coaches out there.

Glavine is pitching well because he realized halfway through last season that what had worked since 1987 was no longer good enough.

"My natural reaction was, 'I was successful for 17 years this way. Who says I can't?' " he says. " 'Surely, when I fix my mechanics, I'll be all right.' "

But Mets pitching coach Rick Peterson had a more drastic solution: "Erase the scouting report."

Having a guy who listens certainly helps, but it is certainly reassuring for Met fans to have him around. The talent is there. The arms are there. Peterson has a game plan and if the Mets starters can execute on his plan, they will shut people up.

Another reason I'm optimistic is Milledge's apparent growth and the fact he has a solid mentor working with him.

"[It's] just being young, man," Milledge said. "When you're young, you don't know what's out there. You don't know how to handle certain things and I wouldn't say [it's] something that I didn't take responsibility in. It's just that you're much better, you're that much more prepared, and you know how to handle your business. You know what's going on. You know what you can and cannot do."

He was on the field two days earlier than required, blasting one home run far over the right-center wall and showing the added muscle from weightlifting and a changed diet (the five-days-a-week burgers are gone).

If Milledge does figure it out (not that I thought he was that bad) and did gain some strength this off-season, I fully expect that breakout season that most of us direly want to see from him. While he has been good, he has not been great. He is still young and has tons of ability and this could be the year he finally puts up the numbers that back up his lofty prospect status.

Ultimately Shawn Green will be the opening day starter no matter what happens this Spring Training. It's his job to lose during the season. If he performs reasonably well, which he certainly might, he lives another day and Milledge will continue to develop in the PCL. If not, I expect Milledge to force Omar's hand in terms of a roster shakeup and a promotion for good for Milledge. Lastings will be ready to give this team a boost if the opportunity arises.

Another reason I'm excited for this season is Carlos fucking Beltran. What we saw last year was Carlos take that step forward into the upper echelon of run producers and perhaps taking the steps to become the best all around player in the game.

Matt (Knoxville, TN): if you had to start an organization from scratch, what positional player and what pitcher would you want to build your organization around?

SportsNation Keith Law: Santana or Halladay for the pitcher. Positional player ... I'd be tempted to take Pujols for the bat, but all things considered I'd rather go for a guy up the middle, where it's harder to find all-around players. Maybe Carlos Beltran.

Not only do the Mets have one all-around player up the middle in Carlos Beltran, but Jose Reyes might prove to be the best player in the league next year. As for Beltran, he can produce at the plate with the best of them, he has a ridiculous eye, plays stellar defense, and can steal bases. In fact, he wants to start running more and I'm thinking we see two 20/20 players on the Mets and one 30/30 player.

Another thing to optimistic about is the future #1 prospect of 2008, Fernando Martinez.

Martinez had a couple of eye-opening shots in batting practice. One hit the right-field beam and one hit off the batter's eye in center, which is 40 feet tall. The dimensions at Tradition Field are the same as at Shea Stadium. The shot to center hit the eye two-thirds up after going over the fence, positioned 410 feet from home plate. The bomb to right traveled approximately 15 to 30 feet over the fence (338 down the right-field line).

The Mets top prospects are getting some love from Kevin Goldstein and have four in the top 34. That is pretty fucking swell.

18. Fernando Martinez, OF, Mets, 18
26. Philip Humber, RHP, Mets, 24
30. Mike Pelfrey, RHP, Mets, 23
34. Carlos Gomez, OF, Mets, 21

When you think of all the youth in Jose Reyes, David Wright, John Maine, Oliver Perez, Lastings Milledge, Ambiorix Burgos, Aaron Heilman, Jon Neise, Mike Carp, Duaner Sanchez, and the above group of four, it is hard not to get really excited. The talent that the Mets have still in the low 20's, mid 20's and even teens is astounding.

* * *

  • Mark Bowman? Certified homer.

    I think starting pitching will be the key to the Braves' 2007 success. How does the Braves' starting five match up with the ones possessed by the Phillies, Mets and Marlins?
    -- Russ C., Richmond, Va.

    In Philadelphia, fans are wondering how Freddy Garcia will perform in the bandbox named Citizens Bank Park. In New York, Mets fans are looking at a rotation that includes Tom Glavine and four potential detriments. In Florida, there's reason to be concerned about the health of Josh Johnson and Anibal Sanchez.

    And in Atlanta exists a starting rotation that includes three former 20-game winners and a wealth of questions, with the primary one being: How much can be expected from Mike Hampton?

    The Braves are the bestest!

  • Are you sitting down? Finally a good question in a chat and one that has nothing to do with Phil Hughes.

    Ryan (Bristol): Jim: A quick question do the Red Sox still get the comp. pick for Keith Foulke?

    SportsNation Jim Callis: Yes. I've confirmed that with MLB. The Red Sox lost him to the Indians, and his retirement has no bearing on the compensation pick.

    Someone out there was actually thinking about a good question to ask a good baseball mind. These guys are smart so let's try to use them to forward our baseball knowledge. I'm not saying that question was groundbreaking, but you get the idea.

    This one is still a questionable move by the Mets.

    Jarrett (Beacon Falls, CT): Are the Mets going to regret not signing Pedro Beato as a draft and follow? I realize the implimications of doing blowing the salary scale out of whack, but isnt the risk of losing a prospect like that too great?

    SportsNation Jim Callis: I think they will. And really, giving him $1 million as a draft-and-follow (which is what he got from the Orioles as the No. 31 pick) wouldn't have blown anything out of whack. MLB told the Mets that Beato shouldn't get more than $800,000, and the Mets agreed. The Orioles didn't, and they got a very interesting pitching prospect.

    While some people offer no thought provoking questions in the lighting round like who is better Hughes or Bailey (we all know it's a fucking win win), an intelligent fan asks a thought provoking question.

    Jason (NY): Better in their respective prime: Pedro or Johan?

    SportsNation Jim Callis: Pedro. Pedro was the best ever at his peak.

    I regret not watching Pedro more during that span.


    Mike (Henrietta): Melky Cabrera or Lastings Milledge?

    SportsNation Jim Callis: Milledge.

    In your face! Don't bring that junk in here....If you are going to take it to the hole, take it hard. That question was a certifiable dud.

    Eric (NYC): Better career Jeter's or Reyes future?

    SportsNation Jim Callis: Jeter's.

    That was a good question and at this point, you would have to go with Jeter because of Reyes' inconsistency over the years and holes that he still has, but his upside is immense and can make that question a lot tougher if he builds upon his 2006 season.
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    Anonymous benny said...

    Is Rick Petterson really teaching Roy Oswalt without actually... TEACHING ROY f'n OSWALT!?
    That's nuts! Rick Petterson really is amazing. Ricky P should get some royalty fees or something.

    I think its a given that Shawn Green will be gone but how will he leave? Will he be traded? Will he be released? Will get demoted to AAA?
    Lets start taking bets now.

    Mike the fact is, ALOT of player shave me excited for the season. Really genuinely excited.
    Carlos Beltran? Oh man, he just turned 30. He could still have ANOTHER career year. This could be the 40-50 year for him.
    Carlos Delgado is going to finally be fully healthy. I feel bad for the rest of the NL. How can a man in his mid 30's who had 38 dingers with 114 RBI's going to get better? We'll see....
    Reyes and Wright have me excited for the obvious reasons.
    Billy Wagner is healthy. 1-2-3 innings here thye come.
    And Moises Alou actually has me excited. The man could fucking hit.

    In New York, Mets fans are looking at a rotation that includes Tom Glavine and four potential detriments.

    No we're not. We're looking at rotation that is going to kick your ass. The media and newspaper reporters ar elooking at rotation with potential detriments.

    How can you compare with Reyes with Jeter? It's fucked up. It's just a retarded question that doesn't prove anything. OF COURSE JETER's career is better!!!

    And umm, just to mention, some guys havn't responded to the league invitation. So if your read this and HAVN'T been invited by me to possibly join the fantasy league and would like to, you can either leave your email address here. Or you can email me at eyedta@hotmail.com with the subject line "FANTASY LEAGUE" Tell me you'd like to be in on it and write the name you use here when write in.

    6:44 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    It’s just crazy that people can come up with new strategies to attach hitters especially when you do something that you’ve always been told not to do. It’s all about keeping people off balance and it definitely keeps them honest. It also goes to show you that no matter how good you are, a pitching coach can help you get better.

    I think he’ll perform decently enough for the Mets to trade him, eat his salary and get back some 22 year old in low A who can throw hard and Milledge takes his place….how’s that for a prediction?

    Beltran could have another career year? It’s highly likely he continue to hits with more power and gets better at the plate while stealing less and getting less mobile. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a 60 homer year before his contract is up. He’s a beast.

    Delgado is going to be sick this year. This lineup is just so deep and deadly. Tough outs one through eight.

    RE: Jeter vs. Reyes…it is silly to compare any 23 year old to a guy who will make the Hall of Fame. It’s unfair and the answer is obvious. You’d have to wait until he’s 30 to start the discussions who ends up better.

    9:35 AM

    Anonymous Danny said...

    Mike, are you suggesting Omar would trade for an unpolished, young power arm? That is cazy talk! (Or exactly right.)

    Yeah, I mean, I love Reyes, and if they were both 24 I would pick Reyes over Captain Jetes, but you take the numbers that have already been put down of course. I think in 10 years, Reyes will have been better if he stays healthy, but careers can veer and Reyes is no exception.

    LoDuca's thumb should also be less of an issue, so maybe he hits with a little more power this year. Last year he was resigned to slapping the ball. He does have a little bit of pop and maybe that comes out this year.

    No Beato was just stupid. Chalk it up to Omar hearting Selig for giving him the first chance to be a GM. Holdzkom over Betances still causes me to cry myself to sleep.

    10:35 AM

    Blogger SonnyD said...


    I think your post's title has got the best of you, thinking that Beltran is capable of hitting 60 hr's in a Met uniform. I know if you extrapolate his numbers last year, he's around the 50 mark, but there are a couple of things working against him - he plays half his games at Shea (and I think the new ballpark has similar proportions), and he has little power as a righty (8 in 166 ab's vs. 33 in 344 ab's last year).

    As for stealing more, he does bat third, which makes it difficult. But I just read this at CBS:

    Mets CF Carlos Beltran said Monday he'd like to steal more bases. Two years removed from stealing 42 bases, the All-Star outfielder intends to be more of a base-stealing threat after swiping just 18 a year ago. "I know that if I'm healthy and I have no pain in my knees and all of that, I'll be able to do that," Beltran said Monday after he reported to Tradition Field to take some light batting practice.

    Mets manager Willie Randolph said Beltran could have more stolen bases than even shortstop Jose Reyes by the end of the season. Reyes had 64 last year and has led the National League in each of the last two seasons. "He could steal 40-to-50 bases easy, and I say easy if he's feeling healthy," Randolph said of Beltran.

    40-30 is realistic, but 40-40 would be quite swellicious.

    11:12 AM

    Anonymous jake said...

    mike, we've been on the same page about the future of the young mets since mid-05. to my great distress, and no i have not gotten over it, the motherfuckers have up and moved to new orleans. i really think everybody needs to heart me because my summer is not going to be as cool without seeing all the aaa studs i had been waiting for. fucking tides management can blow me. the gm is a fat disgusting slob who once slobberingly yelled at me when i was in the press box and another time yelled at me for jumping over seats in the stands to get to the beerline. disgusting piece of shit asshole.

    anyway, not to be a bum about fantasy, but at this point i'm leaning against it because my other league of family and friends is so intense last year this one got second best effort, which is shameful.

    11:18 AM

    Anonymous benny said...

    Oh man, Jake you suck...

    And yeah man, that just... devastating that you won't be able to watch a REAL AAA team full of fucking studs.
    I'm not doing this to make you feel like shit but you are getting deprived of Milledge, Gomez, Jason VArgas, Humber, Pelfrey, Ben Johnson, Anderson Hernandez, possibly Burgos, and Chip fucking Ambres.

    Sonny... invitation sent. Thanks.

    11:49 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Reyes has more athleticism than Jeter for sure and the upside for numbers is far great (and I’m not saying I’m subscribing to this), but in the end, Jeter is measured by the championships and while I hope the Mets can replicate that with Reyes leading the way, it’s hard to see the Mets or anyone else winning that many in the next decade.

    LoDuca has no power anyway. He’s not hitting with more pop… He’s a .300 hitter that primarily sprays singles. Beato and Betances would have been great and were easily attainable. It hurts.

    Sonnyd, it’s not just me, but actually baseball people have cited Bonds’ transition from 30/30 type guy to big time power guy as a possible path of development for Beltran. He is bulkier and has his power numbers on an uptick. 60 homes is not unreasonable considering what he was on pace for this year if he was healthy. Mind you I did not say 60 homers perennially, but I certainly think he has big time power that can be seen in some monster shots he hits. I’m sticking to my guns here because I see a guy who is still developing offensively in terms of power. He’s only 30 and plenty of guys start hitting more homers later in their career in terms of speedsters turned power hitters. Also, his batting eye is so ridiculous, I envision him like Bonds as simply not missing a pitch and making the pitcher pay. His HRs per at-bat should remain amongst the tops in the league.

    Jake, you’ll be missed in the fantasy league, but we’ll let you live if you pass. As far as the AAA team moving, that really, really, really sucks for you especially. That AAA is team is going to be silly. Too bad you’ll miss it…you can always make more iron man trips up to Shea and tailgate with me for hours before game time.

    12:00 PM

    Anonymous Danny said...

    LoDuca has no power anyway. He’s not hitting with more pop… He’s a .300 hitter that primarily sprays singles.

    LoDuca IsoP 2002: 121
    LoDuca IsoP 2003: 104
    LoDuca IsoP 2004: 135
    LoDuca IsoP 2005: 097
    LoDuca IsoP 2006: 110

    Wow, I should probably do a little more quantitative research before posting. It felt so right in my head.

    I feel like the guy in those ESPN commercials that says ridiculous things, literally, out of his ass.

    12:05 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    "Randy Johnson will win 30 games this year for the Yankees with that offense"
    - John Kruk 2005

    12:13 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Danny...you are not alone...he is living off that 20 homer year back in '62.

    12:15 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Benny...that never gets old.

    12:15 PM

    Blogger Toasty Joe said...

    Man, try as I migiht, I just can't warm up to Rick Peterson. I'm not sure if it's the Art Howe factor, the Scott Kazmir/VZ factor, or the mullet, but I don't see him as a genius.

    By the way: Toasty Joe is open for business. Looking forward to Mr. Met's witty comments.

    1:39 PM

    Anonymous jake said...

    alright, that was too easy, but i'm in.

    benny, thanks for the list, dick, and don't forget jesus martinez come july or august.

    mike, i do need to get to shea this season. the only question is wheter to take the china bus or drive my vw bus....how much should i expect to pay for a weekend ticket to a normal game? i know i asked last year but i forget the answer. is scalping the best bet or mets.com?

    2:43 PM

    Blogger Itsmetsforme said...

    Mikes Optimism...meet Old Duque!

    Jeter can have the past. I'm more interested in the future.

    2:48 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Toasty…I’ve been out of commission with this new job and snowboarding every free second on the weekends. I haven’t been able to read anything lately. I cannot even keep up daily with Mets news.

    Jake, you are running about $40 for a good ticket, but obviously the higher you get, the less expensive they get. Let me know if you are going to make it up here for a game…Your best bet is Mets.com if you know in advance. Most of the Mets tickets were sold more towards the game day as long as it wasn’t opening day or a Yankees game or a Steve Trachsel start.

    3:02 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    So i lost the drawing for playoff tickets TWICE in october and had to pay about $150 each for the games I went to.
    And then I lose the drawing for the Opening Day and Yankee games? I don't care about Opening Day because I'm still going to be England and I wouldn't be able to attend. But I come back to New York, May 18th, and would have made it in time for the May 19th game at Shea on ESPN at 8pm.
    Fuck, I guess i'll just have to pay $60 for shitty seats...
    I hate losing random drawings, three times. I'm 0-3.
    Members of Stub Hub you sons of bitches your going to make alot of money off of me.

    Jake... your the fucking man. The Moose Knuckles are back in action and ready for 4th place! (oo0o0o the shit talking begins).
    And you know what there's still baseball in Norfolk though. You can catch a Kris Benson rehab. Catch Roger Cedeno in centerfield and then proceed to kick his ass on the behalf of all Met fans,

    3:31 PM

    Blogger AE said...

    i'm very excited for this season to start:

    1. might take a mid march roadtrip down to port st. lucie.

    2. before last season, i had gotten a 6-7 game pack for 2 years in a row. last year however the seats offered for the packs blew, so i nixed it. i only ended up going to 2 games - the 2nd game of the season and the division clinching game. going to only 2 games sucked so this year i got a 25 game ticket plan (Tues & Fri). you can say i'm psyched.

    3. the geek in me forecasted the mets to win 93 games this year, which should be good enough for another playoff appearance - mike if you're interested it's up on sports unfiltered.

    so yeah, i'm definitely psyched on the upcoming season, can't wait for it to start.

    3:33 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Well, usually they give me first crack being that I hold a ticket package, but they never sent me anything and I got nothing either! Does anyone know anything about this?

    I’d love to go to St. Lucie, but everyone is usurping my vacation on weddings.

    25 game ticket plan is for real. That is a lot of games. Very nice.

    93 sounds about right. Less than last year, but still more than everyone else!

    4:22 PM

    Anonymous sidd finch said...

    El Duque is going to NY to get his neck examined?

    I need my HEAD examined for being optimistic about the rotation for the year.

    93 wins if Duque can't go?

    5:04 PM

    Blogger Toasty Joe said...

    This just in: It's arthritis. He's OLD.

    5:20 PM

    Anonymous sidd finch said...

    benny, make sure you go to an EPL game when you are over there.

    If you can't do that, then make sure you go to a match somewhere.

    Tickets are hard to come by, but I called over there to pick up some to a Southampton v Wimbledon match several years ago.

    5:24 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    No El Duque....no problem. He's not the linchpin here. If Glavine goes down, that's another story.

    6:00 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    Oh man, I'm just not a big fan of soccer. Not at all. People keep inviting me and I keep declining, I just don't care, haha.

    But, something I am doing is working with a professional rugby team. I'm working with the Leicester Tigers. They're like the Yankees of rugby. They're balls, have all the good players, everyone wants to wear thier "stripes", and they just win... all they do is win. So I been watching a couple of those games. And the people that work for them are the nicest and coolest people ever. I hope the people that work for MLB teams are as cool and as nice.
    Rugby is cool by the way. It's football with no time stoppage and no pads. Just a polo shirt, shorts, and socks!

    6:30 PM

    Blogger bmc said...

    Braden Looper will be starting for the Cardinals this year?

    Yes. That Braden Looper.


    6:45 PM

    Anonymous Scott from Peekskill said...

    "Just a polo shirt, shorts, and socks!" -No Benny those are worn by the gay guys you hang out with. We rugby players wear boots with sprigs and rugby jumpers. Leicester are the Yankees of rugby ... they suck ass! Try Harlequins baby! They have the coolest jumper in all of sports.

    What are you doing over there amigo?

    12:31 AM

    Anonymous Scott from Peekskill said...

    Great start to the season! Duqsta and Lo Ducsta are both injured! Argh!

    12:32 AM

    Anonymous Farva said...

    "Burgos looks like he has electric stuff," Randolph said of the pitcher, whose fastball was clocked at better than 100 mph several times last season.- Damn this is another great Omar move!!!

    12:34 AM

    Anonymous benny said...

    The Harlequins are so good they're in 6th place. About 17 points behind the Tigers. I didn't know mediocrity should be something to br proud of. The Tigers beat the Harlequins earlier in the season and will most likely lose in the match coming up on the 3rd of March. I'll be there.

    And thier "jumper" is good if you like 4 squares or random colors that should never be next to each other in life.
    BTW, I thought "jumper" was what they called hoodies?

    I'm in England for the semester, for school. St. John's then hooked me up with a job with the Tigers. I'm still buggin' out and excited about being allowed to buy liquor here, haha.

    And farva, Burgos was the pitcher to hit 100 mph the most in the MLB last season.

    6:11 AM

    Anonymous sidd finch said...

    I still think you should go to a soccer match, just for the atmosphere. The crowd sings, and has a really good time. I still think you'd like it, even if you don't pay much attention to the game. Turning it down, man those ducats are hard to come by.....

    Try Boddington's on tap, do a REAL black and tan when you are there, too.

    Rugby players are NUTS! My daughter played Rugby when she was at UConn. That's where she picked up her fine taste for beers.

    9:36 AM

    Anonymous benny said...

    The Rugby players I've been able to hang out with have so far been soo fuckin' cool. They're real down to earth and real easy to talk to. Even got to ride in one of thier cars, sick ass hooked up Audi.

    Everyone here just likes beer. It was wierd, I was with the GM and he kept encouraging me to drink beer and I'm like "I'm working with you right now, you crazy old man, I can't drink!"
    Imagine Omar Minaya encouraging you to drink some beer while you file some paperwork n' shit? haha.

    10:59 AM

    Anonymous jake said...

    buster back on the shit list:

    But if the Mets have to make a deal for a good starting pitcher this year, they could have a problem, because of the shifting values in the marketplace and the relative value of pitching, and because of the lack of depth in their farm system....
    even if the Mets were to target someone like the Marlins' Dontrelle Willis, they would have to bid against multiple teams to make a deal, and a lot of other organizations have better and deeper farm systems from which to trade talent.

    11:16 AM

    Blogger AE said...

    93 wins if El Duque can't go?

    adjusting my matrix for no el duque and substituting for him with a combo of jason vargas and aaron sele results in 91 wins...so losing el duque, only costs 2 wins. that's nothing to lose sleep over.

    AND as long as ramon castro is healthy, there is not a huge drop off in production at catcher. castro and lo duca are projected to have ops in the same neighborhood of each other. it's the backup to castro that i'm afraid of...

    11:47 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Benny…the job sounds pretty damn cool and being in England makes it ever better. Sick Stuff…but knowing you work for the Evil Empire of the rugby world is disconcerting.

    Looper starting is hysterical…hysterical…I repeat hysterical.

    Watching Burgos hit triple digits might make me giggle….and no man should giggle…no man.

    Jake…but Buster is right. They can only pick up someone marginal…not a difference maker without severely overpaying. They’ll have to solve this in house and as long as Pedro comes back, everything will be fine.

    11:59 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    AE....I'm with you 110%. Spot on.

    12:00 PM

    Blogger Corbin said...

    Zumaya was the one who led the league in triple digit radar. Mark it.

    12:28 PM

    Blogger Corbin said...

    After the 2006 season, The Bill James Handbook published a list of pitchers and the number of their pitches thrown at 100 mph or more. Zumaya led the major leagues with 233, while Kyle Farnsworth was second with 26. The National League leader was Billy Wagner, with 5.

    copied from "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joel_Zumaya"

    12:42 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Mr. Billy Wags!!!

    1:19 PM

    Anonymous sidd finch said...

    Zumaya? He's nothing compared to Steve Dalkowski - a local hero in New Britain. Of course, 100 mph is nothing compared to my 168 mph, hahahaha.

    1:28 PM

    Blogger Corbin said...

    Zumaya threw a total of 1423 pitches last season. 233 of which were over 100 MPH. That is an astounding 16.4 % of pitches thrown being over 100 MPH.

    2:18 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    Oops, I messed up. I was thinking of rhte 2006 edition, not the 2007 edition. I havn't bought that one yet. And I was going off of memory, since I don't have the book with me. Oh well...

    Zoom Zoom is the shizz.

    3:22 PM

    Anonymous jake said...

    yeah mike but every team has the same problem. what i didn't appreciate was dogging our farm system. maybe it's not the deepest, but it seems pretty good to me. plus, i don't really get the whole farm system depth thing because once you get past top prospects its a crap shoot. maybe a few other teams have more top prospects than the mets, but we have some pretty good trade bait. the real point is that all teams will no longer be able to trade for starting pitchers as easily as in times past. am i wrong?

    3:35 PM

    Blogger Corbin said...

    Did anyone else win the raffle for the Subway series?

    4:00 PM

    Blogger Corbin said...

    This comment has been removed by the author.

    4:00 PM


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