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Friday, March 09, 2007

It's Willie Time!

Willie is obviously not my choice for premier manager of the league, but the guy has his bright spots and this is definitely one thing he does well.

"Willie prides himself on running the camp on time," a staff member said. "I think he wanted to nip this kind of thing in the bud."

"If you want get on my bad side real quick," Randolph said, "be late. I don't have a lot of rules, but that's one that easy to follow."

It is very disappointing to read these things about Duaner. We really heard nothing about this in the past about Sanchez's rebelliousness, but it's out there now like Janet Jackson's boob at a halftime show. I think Willie did a great job in handling this and he won't let it fester. For him, I truly believe it's done if Duaner can manage to be on time. However, his teammates might not be as forgiving.

"As much as I love Duaner, this shows a message that this isn't a one-man circus, this is about 25 guys," David Wright said. "When you have 24 guys relying on you as heavily as we are Duaner, it's not too much to ask to be on time, to come in here and get your work done." Sanchez hasn't pitched off a mound yet this spring. He had hoped to be ready for Opening Day, but if he hasn't been doing the proper rehab work that seems less likely.

"He needs to realize he's not only hurting himself by not getting his work in, he's hurting the 24 other guys," Wright said. "Hopefully it opens up his eyes, and he comes back with a fresh mind and wants to get the work in to be the Duaner of old."

Sugar Pants has spoken.

* * *

  • Dayn Perry hops right on the irrational train.

    Pelfrey boasts one of the best fastballs in the minors (good velocity, lateral movement and sink), but he needs to work on his secondary pitches. He's also not very polished for a collegian, which is why label-mate Philip Humber is ahead of him in the organizational queue. Pelfrey might eventually wind up in the bullpen, but the fastball will remain a pitch to die for.

    If this was written a few weeks ago, it would be more understandable, but still not that understandable. While I had some issues with him not being as polished in terms of his secondary stuff, his ability to start has really never been questioned by anyone. In lieu of his apparent steps forward, Dayn's comments are utterly ridiculous. Suck it Perry.

  • While Perry is on his way to forcing the Mets hand in including him in the rotation, Shawn Green is heading in a different direction.

    As for Green, the hitch he discovered in his swing looking at videos led to an extensive session with hitting coach Rick Down, Carlos Beltran and the venerable Julio Franco on Wednesday from which he emerged feeling a new sense of confidence. Yesterday, however, it seemed that had been replaced by confusion.

    This slow start from Green is just dripping with irony. He was all happy and looking forward to baseball with his renewed confidence in his swing and has completely shit the bed. I'm not giving up on the guy and when I wrote the Pelfrey article the other day, I wanted to include Milledge/Johnson and their battle with Green for right, but the reality is Green will have a chance to fail, but it won't be in spring. He'll have to lose his job twenty games or so into the season because no matter what, he'll be the opening day right fielder.

  • Steve Phillips has been off my radar for quite a while, but he's not off Ozzie's radar. For the record, I do not think Ozzie is on the hot seat. That is a tough division and they are a team that just turned over a pretty good chunk of their rotation. They have question marks and they don't have the best team in the AL Central, but them not finishing in first, second, or third won't have all that much to do with Ozzie as much as it will have to do with the talent of the other ball clubs.

    While on the topic of Steve Phillips, he is at it again. I read the first two paragraphs of his new article and I thought he was going to make a valid point on the Josh Hamilton situation. The right point to make is that teams get too cutesy in the Rule 5 draft and pick up guys like Josh Hamilton and Jesus Flores when all they are doing is essentially ruining a much needed year of development.

    Hamilton is not your normal prospect and needs to play everyday at this point because he is making up for lost time. In the case of Flores, it is essential young catchers play everyday. It is irresponsible and selfish to just set a player back like that. I get the fact teams are interested in trying to pull of a coup of sorts, but there was a point why these two guys were not protected. Flores never played a day above A ball and has a .257 career average and Hamilton has played 23 games over A ball in 2001 and has played in only 15 games since the 2002 season.

    Instead of running with the obvious, Phillips takes the illogical route.

    The decision to acquire Hamilton and give him a chance to be a major league player without doing anything to earn it over the past four seasons makes a statement to current Reds major leaguers and especially to the organization's minor league players. This one decision contradicts everything the organization claims is important.

    Fucking perplexing that Steve Phillips is. Every year there are a number of players who get picked in the Rule 5 draft and spend the year in the bigs. It's been happening since the Rule 5 draft was created. Also, the Reds players (at least from what I've read) seem to be very supportive. It's understood that this is part of the game and while they may not have earned it and paid their dues, GMs are tasked with upgrading their team and the Rule 5 is a way to do that. Also, they have the ability to offer them back to their old team if things do not work out as they often do not. Another dumb article by Steve Phillips and why ESPN even publishes his articles is beyond me. I mean, isn't there someone to monitor the content?

  • Maine was sharp and Phil Humber was the antithesis of sharp, but still better than the last time he was on the mound. Humber managed to make it through two innings and give up only three runs. In the end, he will be fine, but it certainly looks like he'll need some seasoning in the minors.

  • The Mets had four prospects crack BA's top 100.

    20 MIKE PELFREY, rhp, Mets
    Made the majors three months into his pro career, and should be even better now with his new slider
    Opening Day Age: 23. ETA: 2007

    Again, I'm really pumped about what is being said about Pelfrey. Obviously it is hard to read into five innings of spring ball, but Peterson does not usually pull punches and he has been raving about him as have the journalists.

    22 FERNANDO MARTINEZ, of, Mets
    Followed up an impressive debut as a 17-year-old by holding his own in the Arizona Fall League
    Opening Day Age: 18. ETA: 2009

    ETA 2009? He'll be 20 years old. Let that one sink in.

    60 CARLOS GOMEZ, of, Mets
    Career-high .773 OPS last year shows he's only scratching the surface of his potential
    Opening Day Age: 21. ETA: 2008

    That is certainly a glass half full observation in regards to his OPS, but as I've sated before, he needs to start producing. He's actually gone sideways with his numbers but steadily improved his prospect status. Gomez owes it to everyone in the universe to show off why people like him so much as a prospect.

    73 PHILIP HUMBER, rhp, Mets
    Blew out his elbow 15 starts into his pro career in 2005, but bounced all the way back last year
    Opening Day Age: 24. ETA: 2008

    Sick hook. Sick fastball. Nice changeup. It's only a matter of time for this kid to be dropping off wicked hooks at Shea.
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    Blogger Emad Mekhaeil said...

    Pelfrey's got a legit shot at making the rotation. I'm not sure if Ollie's got options, but if he pitches poorly, I can see him starting at AAA. Unless Park gets utterly carpet bombed from here on out, he is making this team. Pelfrey is not going to rot on the bench as a fifth starter for all of April.

    Humber looked terrible. FB in the 90-91 range. Nice curve. Awful command. He's got a ticket to Nawlins. No shame. He needs time.

    Joe Smith has some pretty disgusting sink. I'm in favor of taking him north. Burgos just scares me, really. All things being equal, I'll take the nasty sinker.

    Jason Vargas has showed some nice command so far. Its nice to know we have depth and that the days of Lima and Gonzalez are long gone.

    1:25 AM

    Anonymous benny said...

    We really heard nothing about this in the past about Sanchez's rebelliousness, but it's out there now like Janet Jackson's boob at a halftime show.

    Watch out Rick Peterson, there's a new metaphor sheriff in town.
    Zorro also has an interview up on John Delcos' blog up regarding the Dirty Dirty's lateness. 2 things, Zorro speaks amazing english and Zorro is a gangster, he's pissed. Everyone on that team seems really legitamitly pissed off.

    The only thing about the Shawn Green in RF is that Ben Johnson and Milledge can provide better defense. I feel thier offense would be a wash but the other two provide better defense. Green will have a leash until like Mid-May depending on his production. And then Willie will "challenge" him or some shit and then he goes on fire.

    Hamilton is doing pretty good in Spring Training, this guy is amazing. He takes time off form the game and when he comes back he's killing the ball. I'm not a big fan of druggies but I'm rooting for him, he has amazing talent.

    Humber and Jon Adkins seem like the next to get "cut" and banished to the hells of minor league camp.
    As much as I thought Carlos Gomez would repeat AA for atleast a month or so, it seems that the Mets really are starting him in AAA. That outfield is going to be sick. Ben Johnson, Milledge, and Carlos Gomez? Jeeze...

    Emad, I think Vargas has like one walk in about 5 or so innings, not too bad very good.

    Just writing this in hopes that everyone in the league is aware, the DRAFT for the league has been moved up, it is now TOMORROW, Sunday, March 11th at 6:45pm.
    It's as close to 7pm as I could make it. Judging from the responces everyone should make it but there were about 3 that didn't respond and I'm hoping you read this now so you know, (I'm talking about you Sidd, Coop, and Kyle).
    Everybody better be there tomorrow at 6:45 pm.

    2:57 AM

    Anonymous benny said...

    Oh man, I saw this and forgot to share the wealth. This article is great. It is just a kick ass article with the best quote being...

    "Maddux is a master of strategically timed nose picking, sidling up to an unsuspecting rookie in the shower and urinating on the kid's leg, and inventing just the right nickname for a teammate with big ears, a prominent schnozz or some other pronounced physical qualities."

    Gregg Maddux you sir are an asshole. I don't care how funny or how big a part of the major league clubhouse ribbing urinating on someone's leg is, it's fucked up. If R. Kelly can't get away with it, neither can you Greg Maddux, and R. Kelly is deffinitly more famous than you are.

    3:22 AM

    Anonymous Kyle said...

    I thought I did reply Benny, anyways its cool with me.

    8:41 AM

    Blogger Coop said...

    Hey benny - I wasn't sure that you needed me to respond. I'm cool with 6:45. I was cool with either day. It's all good

    11:50 AM

    Blogger Itsmetsforme said...

    Ah... red meat for the faithful...Daywn Perry AND Steve Phillips bashing. Me likes. Welcome back to the fold Mike. The "I heart Dawn Perry" post was...fucking ponderous(?)

    So much news from camp this week...

    I'd rather see Ben Johnson or Carl Lewis fercrissakes in rightfield, but you're right, we probably can expect to have to watch this chump get washed up in front of our eyes this season. Being a vet, they'll give him plenty of rope. Because...Insert politically sensitive "Omar loves the Jewish players" joke here (such as "the Mets are building baseball training camps in Israel and West Palm Beach"). Plus he's really good friendsies with Delgado.

    Where is Gomez going to play in 2008? Would the mets really go with two green (small g) corner outfielders? The only way i see that happening is if lastings becomes the playa we all know he will in '07, and is playing both corner spots for the mets...at the same time.

    12:13 PM

    Anonymous DG said...

    Snuck this one in on me, Mr. Mike-O!

    It's amazing that Phillips actually warranted a GM job, though of course we all saw the results there. Let's just saw that no one is going to offer him another opportunity.

    So, personally, I think the Rule 5 draft is fine. In essence the major league phase should be about the Uggla's of the world, but on the whole, it probably harms more ballplayers than it helps while providing a chance for players buried in other organizations.

    The Hamilton story is great though in reality, I expect there will be a trade between the Dumb Rays and the Reds to keep Hamilton in Cincy. If you read the Jayson Stark's article at ESPN yesterday, then you know that the kid is in the right place to succeed, and I wish him well.

    Flores is a different story. Big but not insurmountable mistake by the Mets. They took a chance that no team would claim him, kept him off of the 40 man and lost. Flores can probably serve as an able backup defensively, but forget about his hitting. I suspect that he'll suffer for the year spent in the bigs (though I'm sure he won't mind making ML minimum over minor league pay!) then go back down to the minors in 2008. I would be shocked if he gets returned to the Mets.

    I'd like to see the Mets farm Burgos a year (he got Rule 5ed without even changing organizations!) to work on his game even if his fastball rocks. Joe Smith would be nice to see in NY in April and may get his chance! And Steve Schmoll looks better to me than Adkins frankly.

    You can see that resigning Mota was no shot in the dark - nor reward for doping (the stupid crit we've seen on his getting a new contract) - but a sound, considered view of what the Mets would need this year. And that's even before Dirty got lackadaisical. I still expect Duaner to get his shit together, but he's gonna start at New Orleans.

    That NO outfield sounds good alright, but Ben Johnson should be the Mets 5th outfielder, not the JFJ Newhan. The HoTraps (what is New Orlean's name?) will be a great team this year, even if some of their life is sucked from them by the big team over the course over the year. You know life is changing when the Mets have not offered a job to the Ice-man Gerald!

    Cordero move seems counter- productive when you consider that Brett Harper & Michel Abreu should be at first for the HoTraps. My guess has the lineup as: C. Heitpas; 1B. Harper; 2B. Gotay; SS. AHern; 3B; Lambin; OF. Milledge; Gomez & Malek (the latter dropping out if Johnson is deprived of his proper role on the big team). Rotation of Pelf, Humb, Vargas, Bostick & Ruben Sierra (sorry had to work him in, likely Soler), pretty dang good!

    Can we petition the PCL to name the NO Mets, the HoTraps?

    1:14 PM

    Anonymous DG of the Derbervilles said...

    Bill Madden says this morning (Sunday) that the Mets should just dump Dirty for his lack of professionalism, etc. A bit harsh, no?

    7:52 AM

    Blogger Coop said...

    DG - I think it's harsh. Dude seems to have learned his lesson and its none of our business what the mets want to do with him, technically. i say fuck 'im

    8:55 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    So much to comment on and so little time! So I'll just abstain.

    11:19 AM

    Anonymous DG said...

    COOP, what was harsh? I don't understand.

    5:35 PM

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