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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Mets' Fancoeur

A bit ago it seemed unthinkable for Mr. Wright to jump past Jose Reyes on the MVP charts. However, with Reyes cooling off a bit and Wright driving the offense at times of late and playing a solid hot corner, he has moved past Reyes however so slightly and may very well be the top candidate for MVP if he keeps it up.

Since April when he hit .244/.370/.311, he has hit .320 and slugged .563 while hitting 22 doubles, 19 homers, 61 RBIs, and stealing 22 bases. He is slugging close to 1.000 after the break and doing all of that in something the voters love. A push for the playoffs. Right or wrong, wins get looked at for the Cy Young Award and team wins play a role in the MVP race unless someone is so much more overwhelming, which Miguel Cabrera is pretty damn close to being.

As BP stated, he is getting more ink for his weight than his play, but just as an aside check out his comps through age 23:

1. Hank Aaron (959) *
2. Orlando Cepeda (933) *
3. Frank Robinson (925) *
4. Joe Medwick (920) *
5. Mickey Mantle (914) *
6. Ken Griffey (907)
7. Andruw Jones (907)
8. Hal Trosky (905)
9. Vladimir Guerrero (900)
10. Al Kaline (900) *

Scary how good he could be for a long time. If Wright and Cabrera both keep their current production up, it would probably be Wright that edges out Cabrera but whether he will edge out the rest of the field is another question. One thing that I'm pretty sure of is that Wright is probably going to finish in the top five at his current pace. In his rookie season, he finished in the top twenty. In his second season, he finished in the top ten. This season, he should almost certainly finish in the top five. He is a safe as bet as any to win an MVP award in the next five or so years.

* * *
  • The Mets are just emitting feel good vibes all around of late and that good feeling just keeps rolling with Tommy getting his 300th victory. I know I have lost some faith in his abilities this year, but as Rob Neyer pointed out, 2004 was strikingly similar and he was able to reinvent himself and turn things around. However, it is hard to not see him struggling a bit more this season than he did back in '04. Unless Atlanta offers him a sweetheart deal, I can see him retiring.

  • Ha!

    Rick SD: Do you think there is often too much weight and kudos given to individual stat data accomplishments in what is supposed to be a team sport?

    SportsNation Joe Morgan: (11:48 AM ET ) Finally somebody that understands the game. You're right. Statistics are overrated. What you do to help your team win is what it's all about. These stats like OPS, it doesn't tell you what you do for the team. To my opinion, to help the team, you drive in runs or score runs. That helps the team. That's how you should be judged.

  • The Yankees want the 500th homerun baseball for a signed jersey. But hey, they are also willing to give 'a lot of things at their fingertips' and they 'think Clemens would give some stuff'. That roughly leaves the gap in value approximately $99,000 to $399,000. Sounds like a good trade to me! God forbid some poor guy gets to make some bank on a lucky catch. A-Rod can get in line like everyone else and being that he makes $25,000,000 a year, I think he can afford it.

  • Note to Johan...maybe Terry Ryan knows how to run a team better than you do.

    One was play a day game after a night game, which Casilla can do because he's young and doesn't have the chronic leg and hip problems Castillo does.

    The other: Castillo was Sir Slap-a-Lot. Casilla can drive the ball some.

  • Big Barry Lamar Bonds tied the all-time homerun record and though many feel strongly about it, I am extremely ambivalent. I do think it is a shame that he is not getting as much due as he deserves for being one of the greatest hitters and all around baseball players in the history of the game. However, that was to be expected as he is not an endearing character and he is not free of questions. Also, that Bud Selig with his hands in his pants gag was utterly ridiculous.

  • Pedro makes his first start on Wednesday.

  • Not so encouraging words about the Mets top two pitching prospects.

    Fran (Flushing): What is your take on Pelfrey/Humber as it pertains to their prospect status? Any other prospect tandem fall as far this year?

    Bryan Smith: No, I don't think they have suffered some huge fall this season. Pelfrey wasn't Major League ready and his profile was reading a bit high, but he'll be OK. I think I said it in a previous chat, but his fastball command and movement is going to allow for a lot of good starts, even with fringe secondary stuff. Humber is also probably a back-end guy, but I think Rick Peterson is going to really help get the most out of him. There are pairs that have suffered more this season, I promise.


    Seth (Cambridge, MA): I'm not sure he's really expected to be a leadoff man in the longterm, but how does Carlos Gomez's top-of-the-order potential rate? I know he's blocked by Reyes, but I'm curious, for s's and g's.

    Bryan Smith: If I was evaluating Gomez as a leadoff guy, I would worry both about his walks and his strikeouts. The walks are the biggest problem, as he falls into the Doug Glanville Rule 5 trap from my series. His strikeouts are acceptable, but I think the Mets might be best off trading Gomez and keeping Lastings Milledge for the outfield. Gomez comps too well to the bad column.

    Well, that is certainly interesting. The Mets have a glut, but unless something really good gets put on the table, what's the point? The Mets would be looking for young pitching and that just does not get traded anymore.

  • This will make your head spin.

  • Ugly game by the Mets and that is all I'm going to say about that.

  • I went to the Muse concert on Monday at MSG with the Cold War Kids opening up. The Cold War Kids were decent enough, but Muse was simply a grand display of awesomeness. It was quite the show and it really reinforced my belief that Matthew Bellamy is flat out one of the best musicans out there. Sheer genious was spewing from that guy throughout the entire show.
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    Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

    The co-worker went to that same concert with Muse and the Cold War Kids opening up. He said that Cold War Kids was quite possibly the worst thing he's ever heard in his life. He said they were trash. He saw the CD at work and just went on about how bad they were. So maybe you're being nice when you say they were "decent".

    I was looking at some splits from Tommy from the past 3 years and he seems to do really good in the "cold" months. He's been good in March/April beggining of May and then in late September and October, so hopefully he continues this trend.

    Rick SD understands the game! I don't think that Joe morgan bothers me anymore, I find it hilarious and don't really want it to end, he makes me feel smart. Its good to know your smarter than a Hall of Fame baseball player and the #1 baseball analyst in America.

    Fucking Mets.... Fucking Braves, I hate the Braves.

    Mike, I feel like you when it comes to Barry Bonds and I've felt this way for a very long time and I've expressed this and I hope everyone knows this. I havn't cared at all about Bonds and this "controversy" and on Saturday when he tied it I was actually smiling, I have witnessed baseball history and I'm proud of that. BUT I'm not going to lie, when he broke the record today, I felt a little dirty. I just didn't feel right. After all these years of "not caring" and just being happy to be alive for and witnessing history, something felt wrong when he broke it... not good.

    2:28 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    It takes a Mets fan to catch a record ball surrounded by Giants.

    6:48 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Who is Bryan Smith? I'd say he's pretty far off in terms of the rating of both Humber and Pelfrey. He said that they haven't taken a fall, but about 5 months ago they were considered a 1-2 punch of the future by people in and out of the organization. Pelfrey was constantly said to have #1 potential, and Humber was considered borderline major-league ready and was only supposed to be building his arm strength with a full season in the minors. And who the hell is Bryan Smith? Some guy who joined Baseball Prospectus this year? Forgive me if I'm not balled over by his qualifications...

    8:38 AM

    Blogger AE said...

    - based on WARP3 (which includes fielding) cabrera is at 11.3 and wright is at 10.8 - which means that cabrera has clearly had the better year - so far. however, since team wins are the criteria for winning an mvp, cabrera probably won't win it. it's also interesting to note that cabrera is actually having a decent year in the field despite all of the noted weight issues.

    - i was at the game last night and it was just sad to see how far and how shallow matt diaz was playing towards the leftfield line when lefty hitting luis castillo was batting. he was only 10 feet from the line and about 20 feet in from normal lf depth. with sugarpants batting 3rd, diaz had to move about 50 feet back and to the right (30 ft back to and about 20 feet to the lf gap for wright's power). it was insane to watch the shift. if that right there isn't evidence that castillo cannot turn on a fastball, i don't know what is. needless to say, this is in julio franco territory, but could be even worse. it's a good thing he can play decent defense...

    - i'll say it here - lastings is the real deal. i can see lastings becoming the new sheffield - in terms of ability - hopefully not in attitude. but yeah, to trade away lastings would be a big mistake...

    10:27 AM

    Blogger AE said...

    - i forgot to mention newhan's triple in last night's game.

    anytime you can hit a triple over andruw jones head, that's special...even if it comes in a loss.

    10:41 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...


    The only reason I was being nice to them was because I’ve seen Nathan (the singer) acoustic at a Dustin Kensrue show that was good and I think their album is good. However live, they were really lacking. So if I didn’t know they were a decent band, I would have hated it.

    I wouldn’t say that Joe Morgan annoys me. I wouldn’t miss a chat of his for the world. The sheer entertainment value of it all is off the charts.

    I only felt dirty about Bonds breaking the record because I did my blurb about him tying it and now my blurb looks silly and outdated. Who has their finger on the pulse more than me? I don’t care that he broke it really. The guy might threaten 800 if his knees hold up and he DHs after this year. Steroids or not, that is legit and he was a 40/40 guy before he was roided up (or seemingly before he roided up). His HR/AB is just downright crazy. Only Mark McGwire (10.61235), Babe Ruth (11.7619), and Barry Bonds (12.92857) have under 14 AB/HR for guys with 500 or more homers and it’s not like he is just a homer guy. Gold gloves out the wazoo…batting average…OBP…steals…the guy is a monster. Whereas (and maybe I’m not being fair) McGwire was more a product of the roids/era, Bonds was not.

    It takes a Mets fan to catch a record ball surrounded by Giants.

    Did a Mets fan catch it?

    Bryan Smith may not have even seen them and his opinion could in fact be way off. Of course it may not be, but do not shoot the messenger.

    11:03 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    AE…I checked out his fielding stats which is why I suggest he might run away with it. While some guys are butchers, he has not been and for his size, his range isn’t even that bad. Scary stuff….

    The Castillo deal was not a very high risk one, but I like I said, I hope they are not married to the guy if things do not work out. They shouldn’t be, but if his problems are all to glaring, then use him off the bench. 18 RBIs when you start all the time is just nuts, but now I get it.

    ‘Stings is good. I agree with the Sheffield comparison. I think he can hit .300 to .330 perennially with 20 to 25 homers. He can rake.

    I still hate the Braves…The Mets need to step it up. 7-3 against them? The division could be one or lost in this series….really. I mean, if they can finishing like 14-5 against the Mets, that is 9 games! That seems excessive and Mets should close the gap, but they haven’t yet. Even 13-6 or 12-7 is extremely bad and they are simply giving them too many games.

    11:09 AM

    Blogger AE said...

    dustin kensrue?

    are you a fan of thrice???

    i am really good friends with their drummer, he's a big baseball fan...

    11:24 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Thrice would be one of my top three favorite bands to see live and one of my top favorite overall.

    Illusion of Safety is as badical as an album can be and Dustin's folk album is just sick also.

    11:46 AM

    Anonymous ossy said...

    suppose barry hitting all those hr's was attributed to his roids. u can say that spiked his numbers.

    but at the same time, the roids ravaged his body. all that time he missed recently attributed to age and roids. if he wasnt on it, he may have not hit 73, but i dont think he would go and miss so much time. for me they negate each other.

    12:33 PM

    Blogger AE said...

    "Thrice would be one of my top three favorite bands to see live and one of my top favorite overall.

    Illusion of Safety is as badical as an album can be and Dustin's folk album is just sick also."


    Riley (Thrice's drummer) and I went to a Dodgers-Mets game out in LA during June and he was wearing a SugarPants T-shirt...dude is a Mets fan...as far as NL teams go.

    Now only if he'd wear Pant's shirt on stage...I will have to request it the next time they play in NY...

    12:42 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    >>The division could be one or lost in this series….really.<<

    As frustrating as the game was last night, I don't think that the division is won or lost in this series. I think even if the Mets lose 2 of 3, the Braves will probably go on afterwards to cough it up against the lesser teams and this is where the Mets can pad their lead considering they have a softer part of the schedule right after this series, while the Braves play the Phillies. It is realistic to see the Mets gain the games lost against the Braves, and then some. Of course we all know how the Mets tend to bend over for weaker teams this year.

    Where I am concerned is the mental aspect. Because it doesn't matter if the Mets win the division by 15 games, if they meet the Braves in the NLCS,...well, we all know what the ending to that story will be.

    12:43 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Ah, Thrice’s drummer is a Met fan? That would rocket them into the top spot…They are pretty sick live. They dole out a healthy dosage of kick ass.

    I don’t see why he wouldn’t wear it on stage if he is a Mets fans…represent! I believe they are touring later this year, but have not worked out or confirmed any dates in this area. I haven’t checked in a bit, but I’ll be going for sure. I get to see my ex girlfriend and good music. What else does one need?

    this series

    I didn’t mean this three game series, but in the overall season series. If they just continually beat them for the rest of their games this year, they make up a lot of games. Not that I think they’ll sweep, but if they do, it’s a 2.5 game lead or whatever with seven games left. If this grand display of suck keeps getting put forth by the Mets against the Braves, they are truly in it. If the Mets could win 5 of the next 9, that would go a long way to solidifying the division. But right now, 7-3 against them makes me weep for the future. They seem to play bad against them and head to head means a whole lotta ground can be made up.

    Ossy…your logic confuses me. But I’m with you…there are so many extraneous factors that you could bring up in every era that you just have to say fuck it and enjoy the good times….

    1:36 PM

    Anonymous jake said...

    is sugarpants used more generally than here and a couple other blogs? there are tshirts? i did not know that.

    thank god i missed most of the game last night. perez needs to tighten up.

    i am not ambivalent about bonds. i strongly dislike him. i'm hardly a moralist, but the guy perverted baseball history. i understand there have been hitters and pitchers eras. but this different. yes bonds was great before, but his juiced numbers are riculous, and for me that's a problem.

    i've always beem fascinated by how baseball is a perfect game -- it's crazy how well the dimensions of the playing field work, for example -- and i always appreciated how players could be measured against one basic standard across baseball history. bonds and others spoiled that.

    of course it wasn't just the players, blahblahblah -- some things go without saying. and i might have done the same thing in their shoes.

    but still, those guys fcked with baseball, so fck them.

    1:45 PM

    Blogger BookieD said...

    Wright's pants have been quite sugary this year, but Miggy has established himself as one of the Top 2 players in the NL, at the ripe old age of 24. Maybe he'll eat himself out of immortality, but for the moment, what he is doing has been remarkable (for those concerned about such things, he even has a World Series ring in his resume to further validate him). The only things you can really say about D-Write in comparison are that he steals more bases and that Miggy could never be the face of your franchise (wich certainly counts for something, but does not preclude one from being an MVP). And while we're on the subject, Hanley is giving Jose a run for his money at SS. Stupid Marlins.

    Win 1 of 3 and the lead stands at 3.5. Given the way the Mets seem to be beating up on the rest of the competition, it is possible they can win the division while losing every series to Atlanta. I read that D-Wright wonderd aloud whether a team had ever won a division while losing every series to the 2nd place team. Has that ever happened?

    2:07 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Jake…He was just wearing a Wright jersey as I took it and AE was just using his pseudonym that we gave him. However, Sugarpants is not used much these days here and I don’t know if anyone else is using it.

    I turned the game off 3-0…it wasn’t looking good and I had to catch up on some Shark Week action. Which by the way, was nuts. That dude who was swimming with great whites (even if they were 10 footers) is out of his mind.

    It is impossible to judge ballplayers on basic standard. IMPOSSIBLE! You have to compare players with respect to their eras. Just like 20+ complete games looks ridiculous now but was the norm, power numbers that were once gigantic are the norm. Nothing you can do and the game changes. The big boost in numbers is less from roids and more from other factors if you ask me. Suckier pitching…diluted talent pool….smaller foul area….most training…whatever.

    Bookied…It is easy to forget about Miggy’s ring. I think it is sometimes unjustly used to validates someone’s career, but it is what it is and he has one.

    Isn’t Hanley a horror with the mitt? I could put Miggy at short and have him suck and put up crazy numbers. I’m not sure I really think they are comparable unless he stays there. I know some of you would combat me on that, but the same way Upton was a horror show at short and needed to be moved to center, Ramirez probably should as well.

    It definitely is possible, but it could also come back to bite them. It is imperative they go one game over or under .500 the rest of the way against them. Just too much ground could be make up head to head.

    RE: Wright’s question…good question. I wonder how many? I would tend to think not many hence my fears.

    2:35 PM

    Anonymous jake said...

    i understand the game changes. maybe basic standard isn't the right way to put it. but there was at least a framework for looking at numbers that got busted. whatever.

    2:44 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I mean if you think the roids is a problem and Bonds is to blame, what about all the other things that owners and league allowed? DHing is big help for a lot of these guys and the stadiums are pretty small with no foul area and no discernible advantage has been implemented for pitchers. Everything is slanted towards run outside of what happened in San Diego. There are a lot of factors at play here that goes beyond steroids....

    Didn't the Yankees build a short porch for all their big hitting lefties including Ruth? Wouldn't that be a form of cheating or slanting some advantage to his side? Straight down the line is ridiculous!

    3:00 PM

    Anonymous jake said...

    i hate the dh.

    and i hate the yankees and their stupid porch.

    except for ruth, i don't hate him. even with the porch his numbers were still negatively distorted.

    yes there are countless things that slanted numbers, some offensive some not, but for me this is different. i do get what you are saying and think on a logical level you're right, it just doesn't sit well with me.

    plus, bonds is a jerk. throttling your girl in public isn't really my style.

    4:28 PM

    Blogger Itsmetsforme said...

    re: pay up fay-rod!

    this blows my mind that they want to nickle and dime a fan. If i caught that ball, i'd never sell it to him. Although I'd string him along for as long as possible. 2 million and a night with his wife or daughter. That would be my starting offer. And if Slappy ever got the ball, it would smell suspiciously like urine and my balls.

    RE: "Gomez comps too well to the bad column."

    Here is something unpopular I am going to say: Stats are fun way to enhance your enjoyment of the game and make some comparisons, but statements like this are totally useless to me. What is a comp? I'm no Murray Chase, but the fantasy fad and the creation of more useful stats has the negative externality of allowing pretty much any joker to become an "expert." Ms. Dawyn Perry is a great example. I'd almost prefer the crazy ad hominim attacks of that douchebag Wallace Matthews--more entertaining, and his ridiculousness can't be covered up by a veneer of scientific accuracy. It seems to me many younger fans substitute years of watching baseball for a dogmatic adherence to statistics they don't even fully understand. I know you guys love the rotissery games, but in some ways its affecting the average fan's judgement. Watch Gomez play once in a while, Bryan. Then take an elementary stats class and read the chapter where they discuss sample size. Sorry to rant.

    RE: Bud Sigheil

    Buds hands in his pants the other night, or Bud's throwing up his arms at the tied "all star game" a few years ago. Which is more classic Bud? You make the call.

    4:38 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    remember how dayn perry got all fat? i just saw his new pic and he looks like he's on the nicole richey diet.

    4:43 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Here is the off the pain killers Dayn Perry.

    Where is the Nicole Richie Dayn Perry?

    5:07 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    My favorite Yankee? Lou Gehrig. Dude was badical.

    I’m not saying we were less distorted, but everyone is distorted and it was much more than roids that factored into the increased power #’s and I fear that it is getting singled out unfairly without looking at the grander picture. Not that HGH and roids aren’t here, but not looking at the other issues does no good in helping regain the balance between pitching and hitting.

    It may be time to raise the mounds by a hair.

    Does throttling = beating? I’m not for Bonds as a human being, but whatever. There are plenty of jerks in sports! Why single him out?

    Itsmetsforme…..urine on the ball is nothing short of genius. Although, I’d make the sure contract did not have any stipulations precluding you from doing such. You might have made a big mistake.

    RE: Gomez and stats….stats are useful, but when it comes to Reyes (early on) and Gomez now….you cannot go exclusively by stats. There has to be balance! Stats might give you cause for concern, but just watching tells you he’ll get there…have patience. So I agree with here, but Gomez and Reyes are the minority. Not many guys are immensely talented like they are and it’s a numbers games. Guys with his numbers generally won’t be anything special and Bryan Smith would probably be right the majority of the time with statistical analysis.

    5:07 PM

    Anonymous ossy said...


    enjoy the dope head dayn perry

    6:54 PM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    Some signing information from Metsblog just incase some one here is not aware of it.

    "The Mets have signed international free agents 16–year-old OF Cesar David Puello Santana and 16-year old infielder Wilmer Alejandro Flores.

    Mets Director of International Operations, Ismael Cruz, on Flores, in a team press release…
    “Flores is the biggest international signing this year and we are very excited at the opportunity to have him in our organization. Many teams were bidding higher for him and he chose to come to the Mets ahead of the others for the opportunity to play in our organization. Both signings are a result of a team effort from everybody in international scouting.”"

    7:28 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    On his way from Queens to Australia, he just stops in for a game...



    8:43 PM

    Blogger Itsmetsforme said...

    fair enough, but they'd never catch me on the ball cheeze. How can you stipulate that? I also up my offer to sleeping with his wife and daughter at the same time. And that stripper he visits.

    if i caught chippers record hr, i'd throw it back. no shit. i would. and if i caught andrwuw's i'd throw it AT him. Let's see you snapcatch this, showboat. God i hate atlanta something unhealthy.

    when's the last time we penciled in payrod into the mets lineup next year? Lets see the Mets offense get all anemic with the next Mr 700 in the middle of it. Omar could promise him a special merchandise tent. Him and Beltran could ice each other's bumps and bruises. Whats another $35-40 mil a year? But i digress.

    10:54 PM

    Blogger Coop said...

    Mikeeee, will you be at the game on Sunday?

    12:20 AM

    Blogger Sidd Finch said...

    Payrod can stay right where he is, in the paradise that he himself created, the money grubbing dork.

    8:35 AM

    Blogger metsfanincincy said...

    Dayn Perry now looks like Gay-n Perry.

    11:13 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Ossy, that pic is insane. It looks like a mug shot.

    Two-by-four…I did see it and didn’t get to post it due to me attending the game and imbibing beverages of an alcoholic manner.

    if i caught chippers record hr, i'd throw it back. no shit. i would. and if i caught andrwuw's i'd throw it AT him. Let's see you snapcatch this, showboat. God i hate atlanta something unhealthy.

    Nothing wrong with that…I think it actually might be healthy.

    Coop…I will be in Lake George grilling meat and drinking beer….ah….good times.

    11:57 AM

    Blogger Itsmetsforme said...

    but sidd, think of the abuse we could level upon slappy mcPay Rod if he was ours!?
    like buntran times five! with extra production. Maybe we could beat the br*ves?

    3:51 PM

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