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Friday, August 20, 2004

This is Getting Silly

The Mets sweep the double dip and when all should be good, more bad news comes out. McEwing is likely head to the DL and Keppinger is likely to be called up! And for the topper, the Mets gave Benson a two year offer with a guaranteed $12,000,000, which is a pay cut from his current salary, and two more option years. What the heck is going on? Just when things should be all rosy after Benson held the Rockies to three runs in six innings, which is the equivalent to a shutout anywhere else, the Mets lowball him. If the Mets let Benson test free agency, I will be convinced the Mets are run by a bunch of people not fit to be anywhere near the game of baseball. Right now I have a hunch that is the case, but I still hold out that little sliver of doubt.

"I think that's one of the question marks about me coming to New York, coming into the media, coming into the limelight of the big city," Benson acknowledged. "I just have to go out there and continue pitching the way I have and quiet everybody."

He has approximately eight starts to go and Jim better get something done. Sometimes I truly wonder if this team really wants to win. There is no conceivable reasoning for some of the decisions that are made. Maybe the Mets’ brass are a collection of the smartest people in the world and every other person outside their organization is dumb because just about every move they make is a head scratcher for everyone else with no fathomable explanation. After giving up what they did to get Benson, they must resign him. If he ends up to be a 1/2 season rental in a quest towards mediocrity, I may just become a Devil Ray fan.

I do not like retaliation, but in the case of the Closser's slide to injure yet another Met it was necessary. Right on cue Looper drilled Closser in the right leg in attempt to give him a 95 mph mega dead leg.

"Some things have to be taken care of on the field," Howe said, "and we took care of it."

Retaliation for someone hitting a homerun = bad
Retaliation for putting one of your players in the infirmary = good

David Wright continues to prove why everybody raves about him. He broke the 2-2 tie with a two run homerun in the top of the ninth inning to allow Stanton to get a rare victory. Stanton notched his first positive stat of the year and registering his first win. Congratulations to the Stanton family.

In some more good news, Vicky Z is most likely out for the year.

Clearly, Zambrano is feeling pressure to validate the controversial trading of Scott Kazmir. When Zambrano left Denver, he was in tears, believing he had let people down, and said, "Tell Mr. Duquette I apologize, I'm sorry and I'll be back as soon as I can."

Although no apology is necessary by Victor, Duquette is the bonehead who made the deal for damaged goods, it is nice to see that he at least cares.

In some breaking news, Wilpon is unhappy with the team's play. But he needs to look no further than a mirror and his own leathery face to lay the blame.

Scew you Wilpon

Wilpon on the trades:
"Those moves weren't made necessarily for a push [this season]," Wilpon said. "They were made for the franchise and the future"

Then he would need to explain why Benson's offer was something they know he will turn down and why they brought in a pitcher with a cranky elbow. Shit just does not add up. Maybe it is just a cat and mouse game and that was an initial offer, but the Mets do not exactly instill confidence in me in regards to their 'plans' for the future.

According to Newsday:
Notes & quotes: Kaz Matsui took batting practice and played catch with Jose Reyes yesterday in Port St. Lucie, and it is likely Matsui will start taking ground balls at second base shortly, a source said yesterday.

Cameron is now ten stolen bases and four homeruns away from reaching 30/30 for the first time in his career.

The Mets have pushed back to seven games out in the Wild Card. While I still believe the Mets chances of them making the playoffs are as likely as their front office making a move that resembles being somewhat intelligent, it must be noted that the Phillies are seven games out of the Wild Card as well. Chalk the Phillies up with the Astros as two teams that are having much more disappointing seasons than the Mets. Both of them were picked to win their respective divisions by many publications and together they sit a combined 28.5 games out of first. How Larry Bowa still has a job is a miracle to me.

Ripley's Believe it or not stat of the day:
The Mets went 55 innings without making an error until David Wright had a bad throw in the sixth inning of Game 2

* * *

If anyone ever actually checks out the blogs of note on the blogger login page, then you may have already checked this one out. I sometimes click on some if the title actually grabs my interest. Prison Pete is supposedly a guy from jail who writes letters to his friend, who in turn posts them onto the blog. I say supposedly, because you never know who is doing what on the internet and if anything is true, but it sure seems to be true. It is pretty interesting reading to get some idea of what this guy does on a daily basis and the things he runs into. He really will not get into why he is in there. The only thing that is known is that he is going to be prosecuted on the State and Federal level and that he used to be computer programmer. He has been incarcerated for eight years now and it looks like he is in doo doo up to his knees as he may get another seven years piled onto his sentence. Anyway, if you have time breeze through it, it is pretty interesting.


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