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Sunday, December 12, 2004


Omar Minaya is getting desperate. At least it looks that way to me. His top target Pedro is looking more an more like he is going back to the Red Sox. Matt Clement is going to the Angels without the Mets even making a stab at him. Sexson and Delgado have interest from the Yankees as well as many other teams. The Mets are now floating the idea of bringing in Cabrera and shifty Reyes back to 2nd base or a rumored Kaz for Bret Boone swap. Just how ridiculous would it be if the Mets moved Reyes back to 2nd after giving him shortstop again? Piazza won't call the new manager back though according to Bob Klapisch, he was on a rock radio show answering calls and alive and well and not on some beach. Isn't he supposed to be the leader of this team? The Mets are also fixated on 39 year old Alou and have floated the idea of bringing in 40 year old Barry Larkin as insurance for their middle infielders and also giving them flexibility in case they make the mistake of trading either Reys or Matsui. Now the Mets are turning to Perez, Lowe, Millwood (ugh), and Milton to round out their rotation. The have reportedly offered Carlos Delgado a three year contract and although Minaya says Riche Sexson is "in the bag", there have been no indications on which way either slugger was leading. Another rumor was floated around that Mets are trying to package up Piazza and Matsui for Manny Ramirez and Doug M, although that deal seems highly unlikely and strangely intriguing (any move that will open up a window for Reyes to move to 2nd to make room for Cabrera is a mistake and just outlines to everyone who didn't know before how screwed up this franchise is how horribly bad they are at making sound decisions). Not that the Mets had a fit, but Hudson appears headed to Dodgers in a deal centered around Edwin Jackson and Antonio Perez.

While Minaya is having trouble getting a deal done, the team on the other side of town reeled in Pavano, Wright, brought in Felix Rodriguez, and dumped Felix Heredia on the Mets and are now eyeing Delgado, Sexson, Beltran, AJ Burnett, Randy Johnson, and Carlos Beltran. Fantastic.


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