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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Beating a Dead Horse

As much as I hate beating a dead horse (I actually love it), it is necessary sometimes because finding something new to write daily is tough. However, it has been pointed out that Pedro's bum toe is still hurting months after the season ended. The Mets season literally could rest on a toe and let me tell you, I hate feet. Toes included. They are ugly and gross. People who suck on them have problems. Pedro's toe problem is not helping to alleviate my hatred. Is this maybe me being too dramatic? Possibly.

"This worries me a little because generally by this time of the year I'm already throwing," he said at a dinner held for major league players by Dominican Republic President Leonel Fernandez.

It only hurts a 'little' and damaged cartilage that was once previously thought to not need surgery that is hurting months later is worrisome. It is three months after the fact and if is not throwing yet because of it. My interest has been peaked in regards to this little problem. Will he actually need surgery? How long would the recovery be if any? If the Mets had a limited budget, they should have factored in an upgrade to the staff and made that a priority after the closer and the big bat. Satiating those two needs were the biggest and getting another #1 or #2 should have taken precedent over everything else, with the exception of maybe upgrading the bullpen, which is the same as it was after Wagner was signed anyway. Alas, now we all have to hope and pray Pedro will be Pedro and Benson will be the guy he was at times last year.

From NJ.com:

Officials with several major-league teams said in recent days that the Mets had been trying to trade right-hander Kris Benson and second baseman Kaz Matsui, in part to create room on their payroll so they could trade for a pitcher such as Oakland's Barry Zito, but that they were not trying to trade Zambrano.

The Mets could use Zambrano, who made $2.1 million last year and should still come in under $4 million even in arbitration, either as a starter or a relief pitcher. He made four relief appearances at the end of his difficult 2005 season, allowing one run on five hits and three walks while striking out eight in five innings.

Desperation fuels bad moves and Omar is in no doubt desperate to get another ace in the rotation for obvious reasons. How the Mets could possibly pull this move off and land Zito while holding onto Lastings is a mystery and improbable. However, at this point, I'm not sure it does not make a complete sense to go for everything this year as far as Omar has come and with the chips already dealt. It goes against every fiber of my being, but what's done is done.

Here is some more beating of that poor dead horse. Trading Cameron early. The Dodgers are heading into the season with Kenny Lofton their starting center fielder, the Red Sox do not have one, and the Orioles would like one. I like Xavier Nady and think is a fucking swell guy, but Omar looks stupid for not holding onto him when the market was going to develop. They could have gotten at the very least an effective bullpen arm for him that could have shared eighth inning duties. I like what Omar has done, but he certainly has not optimized how good this team could have been at this point in time.

* * *

  • Humber appears to be doing well.

    Humber made quite a splash last spring for New York though he only logged two scoreless innings of official work. He was wowing team executives, including Hall of Famer Tom Seaver, with his velocity and command, leading to speculation that he might make the rotation out of camp.

    Stop lying. Really, there was no speculation. They barely let him pitch any meaningful baseball.

  • You have to like Alfonso Soriano's attitude.

    Another day in the Nationals offseason brought another story from the Dominican Republic in which newly acquired Alfonso Soriano said he does not want to give up his cherished second base and move to the outfield.

    Only this time he added that he does not want to switch leagues, will play out his contract in Washington this summer then sign as a free agent with an American League team.

    "I knew the pitchers and batters of opposing teams and therefore where to place myself defensively," he told the Associated Press at a dinner hosted by Dominican Republic President Leonel Fernandez . "In the National that's going to take me a while."

    Does anyone think Frank Robinson will have a thing or two to say to him this year?

  • Molina's suitors? The Jays and possibly the Angels. He basically has no market.

  • Ah, the Yankees. They are close to a deal for Octavio Dotel for $2 million and a chance to earn $3 million with incentives. That was presumably to rich for the Mets blood on a risk and a shame the Mets could not land him. However, the big news of that day is Captain Caveman's four year deal that will pay him $13 million per year. The bottom line is this. The Yankees needed a center fielder, needed to strengthen their bullpen, and fix their rotation. Their rotation was not getting fixed since it was already filled with guys that were not going anywhere and they bulked up the other two things. They got Dotel and Farnsworth and if Farnsworth pitches like he did last year, their bullpen is solid. They have their lefty specialists for Ortizzle and they are ready to do battle. Their lineup now owns a true leadoff hitter, though Jeter was solid there. Throwing Damon, Jeter, Sheffield, A-Rod, Matsui, and Giambi out there as their top six is going to be tough to beat. I hate to say it, but they had a solid off season and look pretty good. Fuck you.

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