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Saturday, November 11, 2006


Buster Olney says...

If the Red Sox are, in fact, the highest bidders for the pitcher, they could steer Matsuzaka away from the Yankees and simultaneously feed into their own player development system.

The Red Sox could offer Matsuzaka and agent Scott Boras a take-it-or-leave or leave it deal of perhaps five years, $45 million, or close to the annual value of what they are paying their own young hard thrower, Josh Beckett.

If Boras and Matsuzaka balk at this and threaten to go back to Japan, the Red Sox could contact other teams and conduct a trade auction and deal the rights to negotiate with him.

Some baseball executives privately speculated on this kind of scenario Friday:

Say the Mets bid something in the range of $28 million for Matsuzaka, in their pursuit of a power pitcher. The Red Sox could ask the Mets for reliever Aaron Heilman and a prospect -- maybe Lastings Milledge, maybe a pitcher like Mike Pelfrey or Philip Humber, maybe a lesser player -- in return for Matsuzaka. And the Red Sox could also ask the Mets to forward something close to the posting fee they bid.

The Mets might say no; they might say yes. They need a power pitcher. For Heilman, a prospect and at least a large portion of Boston's posting fee, they could have Matsuzaka.

The Red Sox, on the other hand, could pay the difference in the posting fee and get someone like Heilman and more prospects in return. In the end, they would effectively be purchasing talent from other organizations, and at the same time, keep Matsuka away from the Yankees, at a time when he would be a perfect puzzle piece for the rival Bronx Bombers.

I'm torn on this one. It is certainly a very shrewd move if this was their plan. We know they want to put Papelbon in the rotation and we know they view Heilman as a closer. Would they essentially pay $10 million to have Aaron? Yes, if it means keeping Daisuke out of the Yankees hands as well, it is absolutely worth it considering how cheap their new closer would be. I would hope the Mets would not give up Milledge and Heilman. That is just dumb. However, if the cost was Heilman and a lesser prospect, it would have to be considered. Assuming of course that Heilman only gets dealt if they actually sign Daisuke which would obviously be a caveat to any proposed deal.


Blogger Itsmetsforme said...

the crazy thing is that this guy Borat is his agent. yess. how's that going to work, trade auctioning or negotiating from Kazakstan?

3:55 PM

Anonymous benny said...

That is the craziest shit I've ever read in my life.
I'm not even going to give it a responce.

5:33 PM

Anonymous benny said...

I'm bored and got to thinking how about Alex Gonzalez for 2nd base?
I'm sure the guy is very proud of being a Gold Glove caliber SS but, who knows, maybe nobody would gaurantee him a job.

What do you guys think? Alex Gonzalez for 2nd base, awesome defensively and actually comptetant at the plate.

7:05 PM

Anonymous Scott says NO said...

I like it Benny! He is not a top caliber hitter but his glove can make up for that.

This MAtsusake bull is making me pissed! Just tell us who you are butt raping money from and get on with it.

Heilman and Milledge is too much to add to $20m++++. Sorry dude but I have serious reservations about signing this unknown for this huge amount. Even if he is the best pitcher in baseball he isn't going to be with the winning team for long. Gammons says that Borat will be getting a short contrat so he will make more bucks in 3 years. $20mil for the rights to a guy we have for 3 years? NOPE.

The money we would end up sinking into this bullshit brings back a big hitter AND top pitcher...Matsusaka....NOPE!

7:34 PM


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