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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Baby steps....

Mike (St Louis): With the way The St. Louis staff UNDER performed last year, could everybody be blowing our starting problems out of proportion? We have Carp and El Hombre!

SportsNation Buster Olney: Mike: I think that the Mets and Cardinals have gotten as much progress out of their starting pitchers as you can in spring training. Wainwright and Wells have been terrific for the Cardinals, and similarly, Oliver Perez and Mike Pelfrey and John Maine have shown real signs of getting better. This doesn't guarantee a carry-over into the regular season, but the coaching staffs of both of those teams have to feel good about what they've seen from the rotations.

Optimism is a trait that you have to have if you are a Met fan. Generally speaking, I've thought this team has had a shot to make the playoffs at least one point every year since they reached the World Series with the exception of one and they generally gave you some reason to believe at some point. This year, while the entire baseball world is pointing and laughing at our craptastic rotation, us Met fans are sitting tight and saying, "you just wait".

It is interesting that the three guys who are considered the guru's of pitching had starting pitchers make the most progress. Kip Wells looks like he's more Chris Carpenter than Mark Prior and Daniel Cabrera has shown flashes of being a dominating force this season. It is one thing to have good arms that were successful and polished before you got them, but it is another thing to take projects or throw aways and have them blossom and take massive steps forward (...and I'm not grouping Pelfrey into the project or throwaway bucket).

There a few big stories of spring like Josh Hamilton, Kip Wells, Daniel Cabrera, Jon Papelbon back to the bullpen, Barry Bonds' homerun swing, Mark Prior getting sent to AAA, Daisuke's mysterious pitches, but looking back come playoff time, no story will be bigger in terms of the effect on their ballclub than the Mets trio of 20 something starting pitchers shutting the Phillies and the entire baseball world up. I think they gave everyone enough of a look to know that the Mets are clearly not in bad shape. With this offense and this bullpen, I see five pitchers primed for success.

It's go time and I expect a pitcher's duel and an eventual Met win tonight.

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  • Josh Hamilton? Legit.

    Steve (Columbus): Buster, everyone keeps talking about how unhappy Junior is in RF. Irregardless, Freel throws his body around like a rag doll in CF. Do you see Josh Hamilton getting a decent shot at say 400 ABs?

    SportsNation Buster Olney: Steve: Absolutely. Had two scouts say last week they think Hamilton will be an impact-type middle of the order hitter this year, because of his plate discipline. If he hits, he will play.

    We make fun of Jake for drafting Hamilton in the third round, but he might actually have the last laugh here. Just let that sink in. A guy who has had fifty pro at-bats over the '03, '04, '05, and '06 season is not skipping a beat. Just imagine if this kid had not had any setbacks. There were stories of him when he was in high school like he was Robert Redford in The Natural. Smashing 500 foot homeruns when kids are not supposed to have power. A blend of tremendous speed and fielding ability he seemed like a player that was destined for stardom. If he can somehow make good on the talent that god gave him, you are looking at a real life depiction of The Natural and a real life story that could easily become a baseball movie.

  • After all that, Wright is batting fifth and LoDuca second.

    Willie Randolph said the Mets will bat Paul Lo Duca second tonight against the Cards, with David Wright hitting fifth. ... The Mets signed Ricky Ledee, who was with the team for part of last season, to a minor-league deal. ... Sandy Alomar Jr. likely will agree to head to Triple-A.

  • Melky is one of the top 24 players under 24? God save us all.

  • Milledge is taking steps forward and I think he is going to be an impact player that is going to make a difference for this team.

  • Ass.

  • Went to see Bloc Party last night....siiiiiiiiiiick. They were badical. I was extremely excited to be going to this concert and they did not disappoint.

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Sidd....take a look at the comments from last night you haven't yet. There is some help about your ESPN fantasy baseball issue. Hopefully that does it for you.

    11:23 AM

    Anonymous the brooklyn bum said...



    12:51 PM

    Blogger metdynasty said...

    I have a feeling that our new trio Maine, Perez and Pelfrey will be one of the biggest stories of this season.

    We didn't win it all last season somewhat because of bad timing: injuries, weather, wrong pitch at the wrong time...

    Something seemed missing. We had brightest young stars: Reyes and Wright to lead our lineup. We didn't have young pitching stars to lead our rotation. This year, the timing is much better. Maine, Perez and Pelfrey are all ready at the beginning of the season,a true dynasty in the making.

    12:53 PM

    Blogger Coop said...


    I LOVE IT!!!!

    1:38 PM

    Blogger Itsmetsforme said...

    i say leave Ct Red Ass in the two hole. I made fun of it last year, but why fix it if it aint broken?

    Awesome pictures and shit about pitching injuries in the New York Times "Week in Review" section today (not baseball preview section), if you like that sort of thing.

    Steinbrenners Stiffs fortune's are trending up, I'm afraid. Doug Mancanthitz has not secured the Yankers starting 1st base job. I just wanted to say that. Also, shouldn't you new yorkers be out trying to bang Steiny's daughter? Think of the damage you could do if you married into that family? Here's the plan: Don't let her know what you're up to, marry her, bide your time. And then one day "Hello, is this Jim Duquette? I have a job I'd like to discuss with you..."

    Also MLB and big cable are still negotiating! Yay for me!

    2:04 PM

    Blogger Itsmetsforme said...

    by the way, is that a picture of Jorge Posada grabbing arods woo woo?

    2:08 PM

    Blogger Itsmetsforme said...

    "Jorge, not in front of Derrek, you know how he gets."

    2:08 PM

    Blogger Kenny said...

    Very impressed that you saw Bloc Party. They'll be in Atlanta in June with them and Kings of Leon playing back to back nights. To steal a line from Borat, very nice!

    So the season starts tonight - Fuckin' A. I've a six pack of Trumer Pils with Mets/Cards written all over it.

    2:55 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I really liked you better Mike when you weren't such an optimist. I have 0 faith in Ollie, not much more in Mr. 5 Ks in 23 Inn.I hope you are right, and that the second half major decline by Mr. Wright is over.

    4:59 PM

    Blogger Anthony said...

    Mike, did you get to check out Albert Hammond Jr as well? I thought he was very good also. Bloc Party definitely rocked. That new venue The Palace is cool too.

    12:28 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Albert Hammond Jr. was badical. I thought they were very good.

    11:35 AM

    Blogger Anthony said...

    yep, a very badass show all around. I'm a concert promoter. I am taking up a new gig this fall full time that's going to be unreal and will be able to get you hooked up with tons of killer shows all the time everywhere in the city. Will keep you posted.

    Mets game last night was fucking perfect. Very happy man today. They could not have gotten off to a better start in my opinion. Everybody got a hit. Defense was phenomenal. Glavine was brilliant. Gold stars all around. I want to sweep these fuckers.

    2:20 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Yes, keep me posted. My next show is Peter Bjorn and John May 1st...

    The defense was impressive. Even Alou got in on it. This team is going to be really, really good. It was one game, but I saw nothing different than last year. They picked up right where they left off.

    2:39 PM

    Anonymous The Stupid Guy at the Back of the Bus Who Never Shuts Up said...

    I must say that the highlights were almost good enough to make up for the fact that the game was too late to watch here in Europe. Stache! Awesome.

    Like that Willie brought Mr. Anonymous (Joe Smith) in to relieve Jose Feliciano (yeah, I know it's Pedro!) in the 8th. Next time he faces Puhols, he's gonna bitch slap him with strikes; as it was, he threw 8 of 12 pitches for strikes. There are certain Met relievers who could never do that (anyone know a rhyme for Bambi?).

    I'm officially starting a David Eckstein Love/Hate club! I cannot decide whether to love him because he's an annoying, pesky non-athlete making it as an athlete or hate him because he's an annoying, pesky non-athlete making it as an athlete. I suppose that if he was a Met (I'm not in any manner wishing that) I'd go for the love, but man, is he annoying!

    Oh and PS, the Rangers (of New York) scored more runs than the Mets did last night!

    5:25 PM

    Anonymous DG said...

    Furthermore, Manny Acta is going to have a long, long season. Bet you he ends up wishing he was still a third base coach.

    Mark my words, the Nats could break the Mets' all time record for losses, and I was kind of hoping they'd hold that one forever!

    5:55 PM

    Anonymous sidd finch said...

    Life is good - I can add players, as soon as ESPN.com fixes the waiver problem. feh.

    8:24 PM


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