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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Baseball Is Alive and Well

I have to say, I derived a lot of enjoyment from Wednesday's games. Watching Big Z. take on Brandon Webb was really fun to see. It was especially nice to watch games in which had Ted Robinson and Ron Darling doing commentary because it definitely made things more familiar. Of course it would have been amazing to see the Mets on the big stage, but it is what it is and I'm still going to enjoy as much baseball as I can before the darkness is upon us.

In the first game, the Phillies lost with Cole Hamels on the mound. They lost with their true ace on the mound and you would have to think the Rockies have a serious advantage here. Though their starters are nothing great, it certainly not a scenario that any Phillies are to enthused about. And yes, I know no one wants to lose game one, but you especially do not when you have the best pitcher of the series from either side on the mound.

Beckett just continued to add to his postseason lore and just annihilated the Angels with a complete game shut out. He dropped eight strikeouts and allowed four hits while throwing only 108 pitches. Has any trade worked out as well as the Beckett deal did for both sides? Two teams got exactly what they were looking for and you can safely say neither side would want a do over.

Brandon Webb is just one of my favorite pitchers to watch. When all is said and done, he is going to be one special player. It is easy to forget that Webb is not just a one trick pony and he has a nasty curveball and a pretty fucking good change-up. He will not get the CY Young award this year, but actually fared better than last year in many categories.

As for today's games, one question stands out in my mind. How much does a manager get caught up in numbers? Wang's home and away splits might not be of Ervin Santana proportions, but his 2.75 ERA at home and .235 BAA versus his 4.91 ERA on the road with a .300 BAA are big enough to open some eyes. In fact, you can see a pretty large disparity between his home and away numbers in 2005 and 2006 as well.

Would Joe be better off holding him back until the Yankees third game and try and hope for at least one win or do you just go with your best pitcher no matter what the numbers suggest? I would tend to throw numbers out the window in a case like this when you have a clear cut ace of the staff and shortage of quality starters, but it bears noting because you know the media will be all over this one if the Yankees go down.

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  • The Mets and Glavine's relationship has seemingly come to an end.

    Tom Glavine is likely to decline his $13 million option with the New York Mets by Friday's deadline, giving the pitcher time to think about his future.

    Glavine's contract said he must make a decision on the option by the fifth day after the Mets concluded their season.

    "Tom and I have been having discussions since Sunday. As he has indicated on prior occasions, he's going to take time with his wife and his family and consider all of his options and then make his decision," Glavine's agent, Gregg Clifton, said Wednesday. "It is doubtful he'll be able to conclude that process prior to Friday."

    I would have to believe that if the Mets wanted him back, he would be back. I am sure this was all contingent upon some gentleman's agreement that it had to be mutual, but I am certainly glad the Mets are moving on. I hold no ill will towards him, but I will be torching my Glavine jersey and filming the goodness that will ensue.

  • Also from the above link:

    In other news, All-Star center fielder Carlos Beltran had arthroscopic surgery on both knees Wednesday, and an MRI exam on pitcher John Maine's left hip revealed he doesn't have a sports hernia.

    Left-hander Jason Vargas also had a bone spur removed from his pitching elbow. Mets medical director Dr. David Altchek performed the operations on Beltran and Vargas at the Hospital for Special Surgery.

    Yikes. Who knew Carlos was going under the knife?

  • Zach (Orlando, FL): You say Hughes and Kennedy over Clemens and Moose. I agree with you from where I am sitting, but is there a manager in baseball who would go that route?

    SportsNation Jim Callis: Probably not. Too difficult to defend the moves if they don't work out. Though why anyone would expect Mussina to do anything is beyond me.

    And there it is. The veteran vs. rookie problem. You would rather get burned with the vet because of media pressure. Wouldn't it be nice if Torre stepped up and made the correct decision? Of course now that I say this, they will probably throw back to back no-no's.
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    Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

    Hearing Ron Darling really made me happy. I was surprised to hear him but it was good.
    I didn't catch the whole game as I was at work but I'm sure it was a good game, as was the Rockies and Phillies game. Good stuff.

    Tom Glavine was pretty good for the Mets but, I think its time to just move on as well, for some reason he's still counted on to be some sort of #1 starter. I think that title belongs to Oliver Perez or John Maine, of course this is not even considering Pedro. Glavine at best should have been the team's 4th starter but nope, can't hurt his ego!

    Mike, I love rookies and all young guys but sometimes you just can't do it and it ha nothing to do with the meida its just... you can't do it. This isn't Al Leiter or Shawn Estes we're talking about, this is Roger fucking Clemens and Mike Mussina. One has been a hall of famer for about 10 years now and the other is a border line one, you HAVE to go with them in the playoffs...

    1:31 AM

    Anonymous D-D-D-D-D-D-D-DG said...

    Well, Pedro will pitch opening day, and in any case, he will justly be viewed as the Mets #1. He should be, especially as we can expect higher velocity readings next year with yet a bunch more months of rehab and weight work.

    Glavine as you noted in a previous post is not going to improve on this year's, ahem, "disappointing" ending. He'll still be viewed for the body of his work, so doodoo arguments have we here. Was he good as a Met? Stricly average. Peterson seemingly helped him tweak his stuff, but smoke and mirrors and batter impatience, that's about it.

    Beltran under the knife is a good thing as any team that would consider a trade has got to have pause. I cannot say how much that little suggestion by EColeman has wormed its way into my brain. Trading Beltran would be foolhardy, and trading Reyes might spring Kazmir-like rage even if we do acquire someone we may even be happy about.

    You gotta love how the NY minute demands that all be forgotten once someone underperforms or, in the words of Mr. Tom Glavine, disappoints. Reyes is an elite shortstop. Bartlett is a pear. And if we are to be forced to forgive the manager, then why don't we forgive the shortstop that said manager may have caused to go down the tubes? I'm sick of it.

    Good first night of playoffs. D-Backs/Indians here we come.

    8:05 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Benny. Sometimes you absolutely can do it and should do it. Mussina has no business starting a playoff game, but he will. That is just a mysterious mystery. Clemens I can at least get, but I will not complain if it turns out bad for them.

    Also, the Mets and other teams definitely have the media in mind when making moves and even signing players. Teams are image conscious and I think they are influenced at times.

    Reyes has become a goat of sorts and I do think he has growing to do, but he can do things that no one else in the league can do right now.

    Trading him and other talent on top of that does not make sense no matter who they get back. Like I said, at some point it is just too much talent to get back. Shit, if the Twins could get just a player of Reyes' caliber back and one pitching prospect I think they would be doing cartwheels.

    8:17 AM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    I guess I am one of the few (if only) posters here that witnessed the early to mid ‘70’s. The Mets had one hell of a starting staff in Seaver, Koosman and Matlack. Koosman had a decent career even with his arm problems. Until the arm problems Koosman threw as hard as Seaver did. Matlack was special until back/arm problems caused his performance levels to drop. Opposing batters cursed when the Mets came to town since their offensive numbers were about to take a drop. Yet even with these 3 the Mets got into only 1 postseason in the 70’s and that was a fluke season. Those 3 made the Mets a potent playoff team but unfortunately the surrounding cast made it almost impossible for the Mets to make the postseason. That’s why I hate the idea of trading away the store for a ace pitcher and creating holes on the ballclub. BTW Tom Seaver threw 290 innings twice and during his Mets’ career threw over 270 innings 7 times. Its awsome, especially when you see Zambrano go 6 innings as he did last night and take himself out of the game.

    9:38 AM

    Anonymous ossy said...

    trading jose reyes would be a stupid ass move. he slumped half the year and had great numbers.

    any notion of trading him is retarded because as hard it is to find elite pitching, its hard to find a great defensive ss who can lead off.

    fans dont appreciate what reyes does bc of rollins and ramirez and jeter do. rollins numbers are inflated. hanley cant play defense. derek jeter sold his soul to the devil and will blow him in hell for eternity.

    trading reyes and our top pitching prospects is GAY

    2:05 PM

    Anonymous ossy said...

    and he is signed on the cheap ($23m through '11). we cant trade him.

    can we take kick tires on jason bay?

    i wanna keep jose valentin in some fashion.

    can we explorer danny haren or oswalt? id blow a load for a oswalt trade. i dont care if we give up the rights to mr met

    2:19 PM

    Anonymous DG said...

    Seth (New York): Tell me that the Johan for Reyes rumor isn't for real... Omar would never deal Reyes. But, does he have the chips to put together a decent package for Johan, aside from Reyes and Wright?

    Keith Law: (1:15 PM ET ) That wasn't a rumor - it was something a writer made up and claimed made sense for both sides, which is true if you assume Omar has an IQ of 12.

    2:26 PM

    Anonymous seattle stev said...

    I have read very little baseball the last 3 months since when they lose I can't read and don't want to know, its inexcusable to lose 6 of 7 on a home stand where the $$$$ was on the line. The biggest mistake was pitching 2 rookies against the Nats and saving Pedro for the Cards where they were shut out by joel Pinero who was a major disappointment with the Mariners and BoSox this year. It showed that he wanted Pedro to start game one of the LCS, message to Willie, next time win a playoff spot before you decide your post season rotation. I realize that some players had off years ( Delgado) but I believe the biggest loss we had this year, was Damion Easley. He could of been used to spell Reyes plus it was amazing how many clutch hits he had when he did play. If we go after Santana... Humber, Pelfrey and Gomez could get it done, in closing what I saw of this team there is no real leader like a Jeter, Rollins, etc. to get in there faces.
    So I hope to see Lou and the Cubs in the WS, thats who Willie should talk to.

    3:28 PM

    Anonymous Irving from Morristown said...

    Kaz Matsui grand slam puts Rockies up 6-3. Kaz Matsui? Name sounds familiar.

    4:55 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I think we all agree that trade is whack and Keith Law's comments were funny.

    He said 'a writer' but he meant Buster Olney. I do not believe they get along.

    Kicking the tires on Jason Bay would be nice and I certainly think the Mets could find a fit. I would also not mind kicking the tires on Josh Barfield either as he has become superfluous over there.

    SS....I think Pedro was gassed which is why he was held back. If Willie did that, he should be fired immediately, but I do not think that is the case.

    I agree 100% on the leader thing which is why I say it needed to come from the manager. And we know even keeled Willie would not do that.

    5:49 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Kaz Matsui grand slam puts Rockies up 6-3. Kaz Matsui? Name sounds familiar.


    I still like the guy. I harbor no ill feelings and thought he would do well if given the chance to get out of NYC.

    5:49 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    And the Phillies are on the brink of ELIMINATION!

    GO Rox!


    12:12 AM

    Anonymous DG said...

    Actually, I harbor ill for the guy. He totally failed. (Plus he further exposed how stupid upper management is when they shifted Reyes to make room for him at short. Interesting fact, first basemen don't stretch for the ball in Japan. It is not considered honorable, nor as we learned from Kaz was backhanding the ball.)

    Very sad to see that Thin-Mint Wank piched awfully yesterday against my adopted favorites the Indians (have a great buddy here who's insanely into the Clevelanders - no suprise, he's born & bred- so I root for his happiness).

    I swear I looked at the Phils last night and saw Guillermo Mota pitching for them. He came in right after Aaron Sele. How generous of us to loan them our bullpen!

    8:19 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    The Yankees are in trouble...Their bullpen is horrific outside of Joba and Mariano and unless their starters can go six, it is going to be an interesting series to watch. In fact, Joba might never even warm up!

    DG....I blame MGMT for doing that and Kaz was injured a lot too. His first year was actually not bad and he was on pace for 50+ doubles before he went down. His next season though was a disaster. No way around that one.

    Rockies are in full kick ass mode.

    9:24 AM

    Anonymous DG said...

    From Rotoworld:

    Orioles VP of Baseball Operations Jim Duquette announced his resignation Friday.

    He'll attempt to acquire Victor Zambrano for another team next year. It's unclear whether Duquette was forced out by new president Andy MacPhail. He almost certainly had fewer responsibilities with MacPhail's addition.

    Sorry guys but I don't think I can add anything to this!

    1:32 PM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    Joba Chamberlain was attacked by gnats (not the ones from Washington) tonight at Jacobs field. Here we have a photo of Chamberlain leaving the clubhouse after the game.

    2:55 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Who was it last week that hoped to see the Phillies out in 3?



    8:55 AM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    The Yankees have exploded tonight against the under belly of the Cleveland staff. They have an excellent chance of beating up on Byrd tomorrow to even the series. Tonight Hughes and Chamberlain have combined to shut down the Tribe up until this point in relief of a staggering Clemens. My question is how did the Yankees, a club that has been in the post season longer than my feeble mind can remember, draft kids like Chamberlain, Hughes and Kennedy? Where were all the great scouts of these other teams, you know those anonymous scouts and GMs that sports writers quote frequently, when their teams passed on these players. Chamberlain has the most talent I have seen since Doc Gooden.

    9:39 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Chamberlain dropped because of concerns on his knees. Hughes was a high school pick that was drafted 18th I believe. That is hardly that low for the second or third best high school pitcher. Kyle Drabek went #18 last year, but dropped more for signability.

    Kennedy is supposed to be good...but I think people are not betting he'll be an ace. More of a mid-rotation guy at best.

    Either way, the Yankees drafted really well of late and just kept stockpiling arms. You have to respect their rebuilding job....and be partly jealous since the Mets best pitching prospects have fell way....way...way short of these guys.

    11:31 PM


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