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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sufficient Amounts of Ass Kicking

Three series and four sweeps. What an amazing first week of playoffs and the Rockies just keep on laying waste to whomever is in their way and you can be sure that a Troy Tulowitzki t-shirt jersey will be ordered and be on my body when I head to Shea next year. I'm officially on the Colorado bandwagon and they have been ridiculously fun to watch so far in the playoffs. As for the Indians, they will forever own a little piece of real estate in my heart if they can dispatch the New York Yankees so I can turn on the radio and not hear about their greatness any more.

Speaking of the Yankees, George's comments about Torre were hysterical.

"His job is on the line," the Yankees' owner said in a phone interview. "I think we're paying him a lot of money. He's the highest-paid manager in baseball, so I don't think we'd take him back if we don't win this series."

Why should any manager get $7 million? While some think a manager's salary should be comeasurate with the team's salary, I think it is a colossal waste of money. Unless the manager is reinventing the game of baseball, you are better advised to spend that elsewhere or just keep building up a warchest. Of course the door is open since he said he does not 'think' he will taking him back, you would have to wonder if both sides would really want to continue a relationship after this season.

Even more ridiculous, Mike Francesa was speaking about Steinbrenner's statements and said it is OK when he does something like that because it is expected, but it is not OK when Jeff Wilpon does it because he is not Steinbrenner. While one is surely known for it, it certainly does not give him carte blanche to continually act like an ass. It could have been a motivational tactic to get Torre's players to step up, but I am not sure that is the point. What if Jeff was just trying to serve up a healthy plate of motivation? It was plain to see they needed it.

So if you are keeping score at home, the Mets cannot do anything without getting criticized because they 'haven't done anything' and the Yankees can do whatever they want which includes Joba 'showing up' the other team every time he is mound. Chalk up the Mets celebratory habits in the column of something they are not allowed to do because they have not done anything. It was also said that Tom Glavine would sit in the dugout and shake his head when the Mets youthful exuberance would be on display.

To that I say my Tom Glavine jersey will be getting torched this week. Hopefully by Wednesday I will be able light it up, but I have to borrow a camera. Mine conveniently broke while I was in Africa and I need to send it in. But once I get one, goodbye Glavine jersey and hello extra space for one more shirt in my closet.

* * *

  • Would getting rid of Torre have anything to do with Mariano and Jorge returning the Yankees? I would say no and it does not matter how much they publicly might allude to it mattering. In the end, they will probably be in the Bronx next season and I would assume two year contracts would be the contract length of choice in each for the Yankees with maybe a third option year.

  • Joel Sherman is huffing more than his fair share of spray paint. Here is what he believes the Mets need:

    1. More Passion
    So the Mets should look seriously at free agents Aaron Rowand to play center field and David Eckstein to play second base, and/or see if they could pry someone such as the Angels' jack-in-the-box Chone Figgins to be their jack-of-all-trades.

    Eckstein is cute in all, but I might rip my eyes out if I had to see him in a Mets uniform everyday. I would not mind Figgins for what he could bring to this team, but the Angels would be hard pressed to part with a guy who can basically fill in anywhere for them and steals a ton of bases. Also, I doubt Eckstein is the missing piece of the puzzle in terms of chemistry for this team.

    If you buy all of that, Eckstein's peskiness and seriousness about winning would enliven the Mets.

    Seriousness about winning? Who does not need more of that?

    By signing Rowand, the Mets would rob the NL East champ Phillies of a big piece. Putting Carlos Beltran in right field might diminish his leg injuries. Having Rowand and Beltran would allow the Mets to more comfortably play the limited range of Moises Alou (yes, pick up his option) in left field and also liberate the Mets to more aggressively use one or two pieces of their strength, high-end, young outfielders (Carlos Gomez, Lastings Milledge, Fernando Martinez), to pursue pitching.

    More grinders? Yes! If the Mets can get Rowand and Eckstein that will have the grinding-est bunch of grinders who have every grinded...or ground. Really though, I think the Mets already played that game of moving gold glove caliber center fielders to right field. The Mets have a wealth of outfield talent and they should use it balance out a high payroll and help them maintain some flexibility.

    And anyone who suggests the Mets should trade Jose Reyes for Santana is a fool. You might not like how the season ended, but Reyes is 24 and one of the majors' 25 best players. You build around that, you do not trade that. Better to keep Reyes and be the high bidder for Santana a year from now if the lefty gets to the free-agent market.

    Nothing to add here. I agree that Santana is nice, but it will not happen. I also like the fact he called Buster Olney a fool.

    I would seriously consider giving Aaron Heilman another rotation shot. He has the stuff for it and it is where his heart is. And if St. Louis' Braden Looper can win 12 games and throw 175 innings in his first year converted from the 'pen, Heilman can do at least that.

    I like thinking outside of the box, but I think that would be a bad idea. I think the Mets will roll with The Duque again and Humber and Pelfrey will battle it out for the fifth spot. Really, The Duque's disappearance at the end of '06 and '07 was horrible, but he will be counted on less if the Mets can have a full year of Pedro and get decent starts from Humber or Pelfrey. There might not be much depth, but you need to get those young guys going at some point and the Mets are deep enough with veterans to let them take some lumps and get up to speed. They need to be an integral part of the plan next season and whomever is not in the rotation needs to get shifted into the bullpen.

    So if the White Sox want to get rid of the $20 million left on Jose Contreras' pact enough that they would take the steroid twins, Guillermo Mota and Scott Schoeneweis, the Mets should seriously consider it. Workhorse types including Cincinnati's Bronson Arroyo, Oakland's Joe Blanton, the White Sox's Jon Garland, Texas' Kevin Millwood, Detroit's Nate Robertson and Florida's Dontrelle Willis are likely to be on the trade market. The Mets should determine the one or two they like the best and see if there is a deal to be made.

    I would condone this with the exception of Dontrelle. I would also only condone this if The Duque was going to be headed to the bullpen as I truly believe that the Mets need to start working in their top pitching prospects in some fashion. They can never become veterans unless you give them some chances to actually pitch.

    The Mets believe in their scouting acumen and in Peterson. Therefore, they should be very active in the Rule 5 draft, minor league free agency, and the Japanese market to provide as many 'pen possibilities to churn through next year as possible, because spending big on marginal guys such as Mota and Schoeneweis is foolhardy.

    Getting a hard thrower in the Rule 5 or some foreign import is a great low risk/high rewark move that I fully support.

  • Genetically altered gnats that were trained to only attack players wearing Yankee uniforms? While bugs are annoying, I do believe suspending play would have been a ridiculous decision to make in the playoffs.

    But with his team teetering on the brink of a knockout, the old Steinbrenner came out swinging on Saturday night, putting Torre on immediate notice and ripping into umpire Bruce Froemming, the veteran crew chief from Friday night's Game 2 who declined to stop play despite an infestation of Lake Erie gnats.

    "The umpire was full of [expletive]," Steinbrenner said of the retiring Froemming. "He won't umpire our games anymore."

    In the wake of that Game 2 defeat, Steinbrenner said the Yankees had complained to baseball commissioner Bud Selig about the decision to play on. "[Selig] just said, 'That's in the umpires' hands,' " Steinbrenner said. "But Jesus Christ, it was terrible. It messed up the whole team, [Derek] Jeter, all of them."

    Oh, Jeter as well? Then the game 110% (coincidently the effort Jeter is magically able to give while other mere mortals can give only 100%) should have been called. I had no idea Captain Jetes was adversely affected as well. Either way, both teams had to deal with it and champions persevere, right?

    Billy Beane lays down some common sense on the topic.

    "I have, but I'm trying to remember where it happened. That situation was not unlike cold weather or wind -- part of the elements that both teams deal with. I've actually seen bugs much worse than that; remember I spent too much time in minor leagues. Unless you forgot, I was not a good player! Remember, the bugs were bothering hitters, too. A zero sum situation."

  • John Delcos is kind enough to offer up some free advice.

    1. Fix Jose Reyes:
    I wholeheartedly agree that Jose Reyes' perceived attitude issues need to get dealt with, but how do you do that exactly? If Willie was also a contributing factor, it would be of paramount concern and other players should be gauged as to their feelings about the skipper.

    2. Re-sign Tom Glavine:
    I realize he has been pretty good over the years and did give the Mets 200 innings, but it is clear he has nothing left in the tank. Without the homeplate umps help, he is exposed and likely to get rocked. I would rather use the season to see if some youth can step up and help this rotation. If you need anything else to help sway your mind, check this out. Sure it was a team effort, but Glavine just needs to move on and his perceived indifference about his last start was just one more reason I did not need to formulate my opinion on the topic.

    3. Release Guillermo Mota:
    I would wait until the spring. However, if he is flat in the spring again and someone steps up, then release him before Willie has the chance to call his number daily.

    4. Go after Chad Cordero:
    I would love Cordero, but not at the expense of Humber which is to say he will not be available. No way the Nats let him go for nothing and I think Humber could contribute to the bullpen positively if given the chance making any deal for Cordero nebulous.

    5. Figure out a temporary plan for Pelfrey and Humber:
    As stated above, one should get a rotation spot and another a legit spot in the bullpen.

    6. Be prepared to lose Aaron Heilman:
    I am not against dealing him for someone that will help the team, but he was the Mets second best reliever in the second half and I hardly think now is the time to start dealing away whatever useful bullpen arms the Mets have. He can buck up and wait for his chance to leave the Mets when his six years of service time is up.

    7. Re-sign catcher Paul Lo Duca:
    I've stated my opinion on this one time and time again so I will not repeat it.

    8. Bring back Moises Alou:
    No brainer. He needs to come back.

    9. Bring back Luis Castillo and Damion Easley:
    I am OK with this as long it is not for longer than two years and not much more than he made in 2007, but I would like to see Gotay get groomed to be a super sub that gets a sizeable amount of at-bats. As for Easley, he is welcome back in 2008.

    10. Sign Adam Dunn:
    Only if he is on first base and Delgado is magically traded, but I want Lastings to start in right field because I think he could be a true impact player next year.

  • Thanks to John for sending this one to me.....
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    Anonymous orangeandblueblood said...

    Delcos must be a big Willie fan because his focus seems to be the Mets need to bring back tired old guys and pray they all find their youth one more time. Glavine should be gone, and not just because of the final 3 games of the season but because he is old with diminished stuff, Al Leiter had better stuff when the Mets let him go. It's time to move on. Two of Pelfrey, Humber, Vargas, and Heilman should get a spot in the rotation if there is no one of value available for a reasonable price. El Duque should go to the pen from the start and pitch in high leverage or long releif spots. He cannot handle a full season as a atarter but he is too effective to lose at the end of every season. Vargas will likely return ot AAA and be a spare part if needed. Pelfrey probably gets a starting spot and Humber or Heilman is a toss-up for the last spot. Bringing in a capable #4/#5 guy and using Heilman from the pen with Humber as a AAA spare part brought up after the break as a releiver or starter if injuries create the need is also viable. I do think Heilman should get a shot as a starter so the Mets can see if he is worth retaining when he hits free agency. He can always be shifted back to the pen if he can't handle starting. Mota was used in low leverage positions most of the season. His contract was a mistake but at this point he is OK as the last man out of the pen. The Mets could do worse. Which brings me to Schoenweis. Two more years of Willie using him as something other than the guy to get out Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, and Chipper Jones is going to drive me nuts. If the Mets are to eat a contract that is the one to eat. If you look at LoDuca's stats and are told you get sub par throwing ability with them no rational person would resign him. He even stinks as a #8 hitter because he won't take a walk and has no power. Go with Ramon Casto and try and get a Todd Pratt type veteran to go with him. At second base I would prefer someone with on-base skills, above average defense and 15 -20 HR capability to go with Gotay in a platoon. Maybe a guy like Iguchi. Millidge's time has come. Skip Adam Dunn unless you can get rid of Delgado and let Lastings start in RF on a regular basis. He needs to hit #2 in the order so he sees good pitches. Batting him #7 or #8 plays to his weakness. His plate discipline and trouble with sliders on the outer half can be minimized by batting in the 2 hole. If he proves incapable then replace him at the trade deadline. I hope the Mets don't over react and trade away key young guys for veterans on the decline.

    12:42 AM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    Ken Davidoff writes in his column:

    "Never say never, but it’s highly unlikely that the Twins, if they were to trade the two-time Cy Young Award winner, would decide on a package from the Mets.
    Or, as one official familiar with the Twins’ thinking said, “If you want Santana, let’s start with [Jose] Reyes.” And the Mets aren’t starting with Reyes, no matter how disappointing his 2007 proved to be.

    The safe bet, first of all, calls for Santana to be back with the Twins in 2008. New Minnesota general manager Bill Smith could attempt to sign Santana, due for free agency a year from now, to a long-term deal. And even if he can’t, there’s something to be said for making a run in ‘08 with a core of Santana, the rehabilitated Francisco Liriano, Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau and impending free-agent closer Joe Nathan”.

    Moreover, if Smith decides to deal Santana, the Mets don’t have enough to get him, one American League talent evaluator anonymously opined.

    The Twins boast impressive pitching depth, so they’ll be looking for young position players. Lastings Milledge? “I don’t think he can play centerfield,” the talent evaluator said. Carlos Gomez and Fernando Martinez aren’t experienced enough."

    Mark Herrmann has an interesting column in Newsday entitled Here are guys who can joke about Mets' choke.

    Mike I agree with you that the Mets are unfairly singled out for their youth’s exuberance. No comments were made about Joba’s celebration whenever he struck someone out. I think the Wilpon’s obsessive concern with image is part of the problem. The other part is the lack of aggression from the veterans and the Manager. I warned many a Mets fan that a veteran group comprised of passive personality traits resulting in what we thought was a clubhouse love-in is not necessarily a good thing. I always believed that a blend of personality types yielded better results on the field.

    Throwing Byrd at the Yankees tomorrow night almost insures a game 5 in Cleveland.

    1:16 AM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

    I agree, its simply amazing how there have been three sweeps and it was pretty close to having the entire first round of the playoffs end in a sweep.

    WOuld Joe Torre take another job somewhere else? Man, I would hope so, that would prove that he's just not very good.
    On the subject of Torre, money, and Steinbrenner, imagine being soo rich you can afford to pay some one $7 million to do absolutely nothing?

    Damn, bruning your $250 authentic Tom Glavine jersey? That hurts. Give it to the Salvation Army or something meng.

    Lol, more passion. Could you imagine being in a meeting with Omar Minaya, TOny Bernazard, and Jeff Wilpon, where they outline passion as a need and then listing players who can help them in the passion department?
    I could live with the David Eckstein reccomendations but as soon as he Sherman says, sign Rowand to put Beltran in RF, he can't be taken seriously anymore. Rowand is a nasty, nasty, nasty defender, he's great but... Beltran's better. I would like Rowand but if anyone moves its him.

    I been meaning to talk about that whole "Reyes for Santana" trade rumor talk thing. That's just... idiotic. Like, who the fuck reccomended that?

    Umm, both the Indians and Yankees had to deal with the gnats. Carmona had to deal with them as well, hell, Joba INSISTED on not using the gnats as an excuse.

    I'm not torn on Tom Glavine anymore, its time to move on. I think there are better ways to spend $12 million. The extra money can go a long way.

    The Twins boast impressive pitching depth, so they’ll be looking for young position players. Lastings Milledge? “I don’t think he can play centerfield,” the talent evaluator said.

    Fuck You! He can play center, in fact its his best position, that's where he looks most comfortable.

    Carlos Gomez and Fernando Martinez aren’t experienced enough."

    Fuck You again. What does that even mean? No shit, they're prospects!

    Fukudome... i want him

    2:10 AM

    Anonymous DG said...

    Can live with the Sherman suggestion though no one is going to talk about shifting Beltran once he wins his second consecutive gold glove in a couple of weeks. Rowand as right fielder adds grit, but would he put up different numbers than Milledge? Seems to me that it's high time to play Milledge.

    As for Delcos, what can you say? Glavine? No! Lo Duca? No! Dunn? No! Temporary plan for Pelfrey & Humber? Apparently that's trading Humber and change for Cordero as that was the price the Mets balked at (they offered Humber alone which still gives me pause). Delcos spent most of the season justifiably criticizing the veterans makeup of the team and now suggest they all come back.

    That last reflects the fact that the Mets are still, collapse notwithstanding, quite close to being a World Series winning team. Still, you'd like to see them go about it with an emphasis on youth not service years.

    The one starter the Mets should be willing to pony up for - and who they could probably offer enough for without forfeiting Reyes - is Danny Haren.

    If he ain't available, I see no reason why we don't give Heilman a chance in the rotation again given that a) the shine has predicatably come off his role as a reliever and b) he's likely gone in 2009 if his role remains relief. Pedro, Perez, Maine, Heilman and Humber/Pelfrey does not sound that bad. Then you bring in Linebrink and a couple of more arms.

    Will be contrarian and say that the Mets should keep Schoenweiss. And I don't think Mota can remain as bad as he was this past year, but he may have just poisoned his stay at this point.

    Creative with Rule 5's? The Mets? Has a Rule 5 pick ever made the Mets?

    I'd stuff that TG jersey with straw and stick it in the field to scare off the crows. Need some lighter fluid, give me a call!

    5:20 AM

    Anonymous gbaked said...

    wow... lots of long comments...

    I figured out the real reason Willie was resigned...

    It is actually a 2-parter

    a) If the yanks do fire Torre, this will prevent them from hiring Willie to replace him.

    b) If he stumbles out of the box, firing him during the season would send a much stronger message to the team then firing him during the off-season.

    9:51 AM

    Anonymous gbaked said...

    **I know Willie was not resigned... it should have said Not-Fired**

    9:52 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Orangeblueblood, I’m torn on Heilman starting. I guess he could since his change-up is a plus pitch, his fastball has some movement, and he does have another pitch regardless of how good it is. However, I’m not sure his upside is anything more than an innings eater. Couple that with him not having his arm stretched out, I’m not sure if that is way the Mets need right now.

    RE: LoDuca…as long as Castro is the man, I see no harm in letter him come back as a platoon/semi-backup where Castro gets the lion’s share. Really, I’m not 100% sold on Castro over 140 games and having a guy like DiFelice as the main backup leaves the Mets pretty exposed.

    Iguchi would be very nice.

    2x4….I thought the exact same thing. Byrd vs. the Yankees is scary. Not sure what other choices they have, but at least CC is the game 5 starter. Who are the Yankees going to throw out there?

    Also, I’m with Benny. Milledge can 100% play center and looked amazing out there vs. looking unsure in right or left. That scout has not actually watched him.

    Benny….you want me to give it away? Please…that will be like when Elaine gave the muffin bottoms to the soup kitchen in Seinfeld and they got all pissed. That jersey needs to be destroyed. Bottom line…

    Agreed….Milledge’s numbers could rival Rowand’s if Aaron is not in that badbox. All things equal and in equal parks, Milledge would do just fine in the offensive department and hold his own on defense, though not what Rowand would bring.

    Yeah DG…Delco’s just made the Mets even OLDER! Forget about youth….who needs it?

    I would still love to get Haren and Beane I ready to make some moves. He is done middling and needs to do a mini rebuild to get more to tier talent that he can control for five years or so. He is always willing to listen and I think he will be busy this off-season.

    Gbaked…Willie to the Yankees? Let them take him! For the record, I don’t think they want him. Mattingly is the guy over there who will eventually manage the team and really, do you think that the big Stein would have ever let the Mets take him? Willie was allowed to go because he was not wanted. Girardi would be in line ahead of him.

    That being said, you b) reasoning has it merits. But if they are building their team around stuff like that, we have bigger problems with our favorite team going on.

    10:38 AM

    Anonymous dG said...

    I don't think Willie would even take the job if it came at the expense of Joe T.

    Haren is the only person I think we could realistically acquire where I could see trading Lasto & one of Pelf/Humb/Mulv. He's cheap, controllable for a bit longer and still yet to hit his prime. But let's hope the Mets make all trades for pitchers dependant on their own MRI's and medical information.

    2:25 PM

    Anonymous rick m said...

    Wang has been terrible, the Yanks bringing him back on three days rest is a move of desperation. Hughes and Joba have looked terrific in relief, though. Can we dream that Pelfry, Vargas and Humber could get some effective innings like that in the Mets pen next year?

    2:41 PM

    Anonymous DG said...

    Pelfrey & Humber could, but I don't know about Vargas. He's a control pitcher without control. He had some nice periods for the Fish but that didn't translate to the Mets after he was traded.

    Yeah, good point by the way. Everyone's criticizing the Indians going with Byrd, but going with Wang is definitely more of a desperate move. I'm no Willie (version 2006) but I think that sticking with Byrd is going to be a good hunch on the part of Wedge.

    3:11 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    rick m...dream away. It would be nice to get some positive production from those two on a consistent basis over 2008.

    CC had a laborious 1st game and pitching him on short rest shows a lack of confidence. I'll take the CC Young winner (potentially) on short rest thank you very much.

    3:54 PM

    Blogger Sidd Finch said...

    Reverse the curse meant more to me than the Red Sox winning it all, it includes things like the flying ants and the dropped third strike (one benefitted the yankers in the 1941 series). Hopefully, the tribe won't have to depend on the flying monkeys, that might be a little tough to pull off.

    The Mets need to be able to extend any pitchers that they get in a trade for young talent. They don't need to have someone here that will be leaving after one season, a-la Mike Hampton.

    5:15 PM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

    What is up with Chris Sager?
    You know, the guy on TBS that is in every playoff game with his spazzy suites. The guy looks like he's stuck in the in the 1970's.
    I'm not sure whether to laugh or to think the man is sharp and is a pimp.
    He looks like he was cast in the movie Anchorman only this is real life. The man really dresses like he's in the 1970's

    8:08 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    can we get tony gwynn to be our hiting coach?

    8:29 PM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

    Anything to get him off the broadcast booth.

    8:30 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    You know, the guy on TBS that is in every playoff game with his spazzy suites. The guy looks like he's stuck in the in the 1970's.

    That guy looked utterly ridiculous to the Nth degree.

    Anything to get him off the broadcast booth.

    Classic. At least the Yankees are done. Ding dong...the witch is dead.

    11:59 PM

    Blogger Sidd Finch said...

    Those suits weren't half as bad as Lindsey Nelson's suits.

    Television broadcasts featuring Nelson were notable for his "loud" psychedelic-colored or multi-colored plaid sports jackets, 335 of which he was reputed to have owned at one time. They often clashed with the set and his other surroundings and caused scintillation to the picture when his image was being broadcast, the television technology of the time being inadequate to represent them accurately. Mutual Broadcasting System president C. Edward Little would complain that Nelson never sent any of his jackets to the cleaners and they often smelled quite awful.

    12:28 AM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

    Yeah but when Lindsey Nelson was broadcasting games and on TV, Television and more importantly COLOR television was brand new. That marketing and the research hadn't been done yet. No one knew the power of color television so he has an excuse.
    Craig Seger has no excuses for his Psychadelic suites and toupe.

    And the Yankees are out. They only played a week longer than the Mets did.

    1:07 AM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    Selecting Wang for this game theoretically was not a bad choice. Sinker ball pitchers, when they’re tired, tend to get more action on their pitches. They didn’t want to start Mussina (as it turned out he would have been a better choice) and I’m not sure if Kennedy was on the playoff roster. Wang was terrible, although not as bad as Glavine was, and Torre got him out of there with only 4 runs scoring. The Yankees lineup should have scored more than that off of Byrd but had trouble even though Byrd was throwing meatballs out there. The game was long and tedious and I found myself turning it off to watch other programming.

    Craig Sager reminds me of the real estate agent that I rented a room from in Ft. Lee, NJ a number of years ago. In addition to his real estate duties he sold used cars and was a pimp. One day he asked me if he could use my room for the night to try out a new girl. I told him I was a Research Engineer and if he sent her up to me I would give him a detailed report. There were some other side benefits to living in that house. There were these 19 year old twins that happened to be nymphomaniacs. We had a party there and these girls did some nasty things to a Hurst Shifter.

    2:49 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Wang's sinkerball was coming in straighter than a Billy Kotch fastball. Three days after getting lit up was baaaad idea. However, they had little other choice because Mussina is a disaster.

    It obviously would have been Hughes if Clemens was worth anything, but thank the lord for the Yankees putting their eggs in that basket.

    I told him I was a Research Engineer and if he sent her up to me I would give him a detailed report.

    Sounds like a good idea to me! Your stories intrigue me....It certainly seems as though you had some nice times in Ft. Lee.

    6:02 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...


    6:34 AM

    Anonymous Scott from Peekskill said...

    Ding Dong is right! Always a nice day after the Skanks are outted!

    10:26 AM

    Anonymous Scott from Peekskill said...

    The Mets biggest problem this season (obviously) was the lack of timely everything. When we were hitting well the pitching sucked. When the pitching was awesome, the bating or Bullpen sucked. And worst of all was that when everything was clicking Willie would pull some bone head play and screw it all.

    We NEED an ACE! We have no one we can truly call a stopper. Sure this might pan out to be Pedro...but it might not. I say we find ourselves a youngish ace and sign him long term. Santana would obviously be righteous but every team in baseball wants him and I don't think giving up Reyes is smart or prudent. Who does that leave...ah, nothing. Perhaps a wily veteran like Milwood, Contreras, Garland or someone of those ilk if we gave up virtually nothing to get them.

    Glavine is this seasons Al Leiter. We all liked Leiter in retrospect but we sooooooooo wanted him gone as we realised his stuff was gone. Now its time for Glavine to be gone. He was never a Met anyway.

    Luis Castillo...bye. If the rumors of your bad influence are even remotely close to truth then its been nice...ciao. If Reyes needs Ironglove valentin on the team to be at his best...bring back ironglove and platoon him with
    Gotay/Hernandez. No downside and he is signed.

    We need more pop in RF whether it is Dunn for one season before he replaces Delgado at 1b or a season of Milledge. But what if milledge is hot to start then gets colder as the season goes on? Might be better to sign Dunn and have Mill play all 3 outfield spots in platoon.

    Catcher? Michael Barrett if he is available. He is a hard dude and an excellent defensive catcher as well as an excellent game caller. Smart enough to sucker punch guys and not hit his own pitchers even after they punch him! Castro may have the game to be a front line catcher but reports have him starting a kind of Latin Mafia in the clubhouse...NO NO NO.

    Heilman in the starting rotation...give the sour faced prick a shot at it. At worst he will be a mediocre 4 or 5.

    10:40 AM

    Blogger sweep said...

    How do we get Tony Gwynn on a diet?

    Poor bastard is suffering from a case of Kirby Puckett. See what happened to that poor bugger.

    10:41 AM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

    Tony Gwynn looks like a those psychiatry blot things.
    "What does this look like?"

    Anyways, wanna hear something funny and disturbing?
    That is a true WTF!?!?! moment...

    1:27 PM

    Anonymous Scott from Peekskill said...

    Can u link this benny?

    1:34 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    can you imagine kieth hernandez crying if willie randolph got fired? hahaha suzyn is such a pussy

    1:36 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Gwynn definitely does have a bit of the Ron Darling / Kirby Puckett post career weight explosion going on. He needs to talk with Mike Golic and go on that nutrasystem crap. But... I liked him as an analyst. Good insight, not pompous. Defended ARod a bit too much, but every analyst does. Just wish he'd toss Chip Caray headfirst out of the booth one night...

    Been thinking about what I'd like to see the Mets do in the offseason, and who I'd like to see them pick up. Sure, I'd love Santana, but I'm not sure that's realistic. So here are some guys I think the Mets could pick up at reasonable prices:

    Ryan Freel, 2B - he's moved to the top of my list. At 31, not much pop, blocked by Brandon Phillips and Josh Hamilton, and coming off an injury-plagued year, he could be had cheap. But he can play second, gets on base, steals bases, and plays hard. I think he'd be a real nice fit.

    Bill Hall, 2B - my backup plan for 2B. Younger than Freel, a ton more pop, but like him blocked by a couple young players the Brewers are high on - Gwynn and Weeks. But he K's a lot and would cost a lot more.

    Rich Harden, SP - OK, I know this one is a gamble. And a lot of people would rather the Mets target Blanton or Haren. But to me, Haren will cost way too much and Blanton is nothing special. Guys with Harden's potential are rarely available, and I think you could get him for something like Humber and Gomez. Peterson seems to be able to keep pitchers healthy, and I'd roll the dice on this one.

    Hitoki Iwase, RP - I think he'd cost a lot of money, but Japanese relievers seem to have a great track record, he won't cost you draft picks, and most importantly there are very few US relievers available who I am really interested in.

    David Riske, RP - solid reliever, nothing spectacular. And relievers will cost you plenty this offseason. But I don't think the Twins will offer arbitration, so no draft picks. And if you can sign Iwase and Riske (plus move El Duque to the pen, which is a must), you can entertain trading Heilman and/or Feliciano while their value is high for another need.

    Not sure if folks are not ready to talk about offseason plans yet, but that's my therapy. If I'm not looking forward, I'll start looking back, and I'd like to move on from 2007 as quickly as possible.


    1:45 PM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

    Ube, that sounds good to me.
    But Rich Harden sure is aggravating though. Harden is a very risky person to depend on though.

    Besides Hitoki Iwase there's also Koji Uehara. He's said he's willing to either start or relieve.

    Good thinking on RYan Freel but I think Castillo is fine, really. Hell both could be had.

    Scoot, just copy and paste it...

    4:23 PM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    Increased revenue sharing when coupled with the prohibitive price in acquiring talent via trades or free agency has had the desired effect of allowing or in other cases forcing teams to keep their best young pitchers. Under Cashman the Yankees have learned this the hard way and next year’s starting staff will include Hughes, Kennedy, Wang and Chamberlain (he actually has 4 solid pitches). The Mets have to realize this too and build their staff from within (although under Willie this may be impossible).

    When it comes to utility players I prefer older players on short term contracts. Older players handle and prepare for the utility role better than youngsters that still dream of becoming a starter. Utility players are generally not consistent in their performance from year to year so it’s hard to gauge how they will perform. Utility types tend to move around as teams look for cheaper and sometimes more talented players for these spots. The Mets have been more than adequate in this area the last 3 years and I trust the group Omar will assemble for 2008 will once again be more than adequate.

    4:41 PM

    Anonymous DG said...

    Humber & Gomez for Harden? That would be seriously overpaying and way too chancy?

    4:53 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Harden...well we've talked about it before I think.

    To make it worthwhile for Beane to trade so much upside, you have to overpay. If you do not overpay, the upside of Harden is too hard to overpay so do not look for much of a discount.

    But really, I think that would get it done and the upside is so immense, you have to seriously think about it. You do not come by true aces very often and he is a true ace. But he sure smells like Prior.

    The Mets have to realize this too and build their staff from within (although under Willie this may be impossible).

    True to the Nth degree.

    Good stuff ube...Hall goes to third I think when Braun gets moved so he still has value to them and he had an injury plagued year. He's stll pretty good. I like the suggestions.

    8:34 PM

    Anonymous Scott from Peekskill said...

    Took awhile but I eventually got it to work. Thanks Beeny.

    Pathetic. I mean Waldman. Truly pathetic. This is why they are not journalists, there is no detachment. This is why there is also no critical analysis on the "yankee network." Everything over there is always roses. No one can honestly say they are truly critical unless they claim no emotional attachment.

    Truly pathetic.

    9:16 PM

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    1:59 AM


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