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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Ollie Hopnoodle's Haven of Bliss

In Oliver Perez I trust. He was absolutely amazing last night and everything was working. There were a few articles the other about about how Oliver Perez will most likely be gone if he is a stud this year, but I say why? If Pedro is gone, which at this point is looking more likely ever day he is not on the field, Perez is not going to cost all that much more than Pedro is getting these days.

It is evident even more these days that keeping Perez should be a top priority for the Mets just because Pedro cannot be depended on. And while I would welcome him back in '09, his price tag needs to be ever shrinking. Sure the hammy is more freak accident than anything else, but it still happened. No matter what he does for the rest of the year, he cannot prove that he is healthy because he'll be four to six weeks down  already and there stands a good chance he will miss some more time. Basically, he will not be able to allay many fears this year no matter what which will inevitably hurt his value.

It is not that it is all that big of an issue and having him in the rotation for those 150 to 180 innings is a big boon, but he is a luxury in '08 and '09 while Perez is a necessity. Now, I am a big Ollie believer and I understand he will not pitch like that all year and I understand the Marlins are a bad team,  however, even at the low end of what I am predicting for Ollie this year, he will be a very important pitcher.

The game plan now for me is simple. If John Maine can continue to build of of his 2006 ERA+ of 121 and his 2007 ERA+ of 109 with another solid year through mid July, the Mets need to try and get him bought out with another year of free agency tacked on with a nice little team option. Then, go after Perez and make all efforts to retain him and hope some market buster does not jump in like the Giants did with Zito and do something ridiculous. If there is money left and Pedro wants to come back for a reasonable sum of money, welcome him back.

* * *

  • Swelliciousness to the Nth degree.

    Wright had three hits, including a 433-foot, three-run home run. Carlos Beltran had three doubles and every starter reached base except for Perez.

    Wright went through the first month of the season without a home run last year, not connecting until his 92nd at-bat of the season. He had only five extra-base hits in April last year and already had four in this first three-game series.

    Wright for MVP is looking mighty good early on. He is in mid-season form from day #1. Oh, and Carlos looks pretty good as well. A little friendly competition never hurt anyone, right?

  • Sure losing a homer sucks, but replay? Please no. Maybe one per game, but that is it.

  • If you can learn to separate the fact that Church and Schneider are here because Milledge is gone, you will appreciate them a lot more. Chruch is a good player and seems like a good guy. Schneider has done some amazing things already defensively and he comes with a nice swing that kind of makes you wonder how he was close to the Mendoza line in 2007. If you ask me, these are exactly the type of role players you need to win a World Series and as good as I think Milledge will be, these guys are without a question more valuable this season.

  • Willie's dumb comment of the day:

    Figueroa, for now at least, will not replace Martinez in the rotation.

    "He's an extra arm," Willie Randolph said. "He's in the bullpen."

    Way to make him feel special.

  • If you are not reading THE RANT, you are probably a lot less annoyed than I am.

    "Mets' new motto: Santana and Maine and pray for rain."

    Ralph R. Carrieri



    Ralph is a lame douchebag. Not only is Ollie a stud, but Pelfrey is better than a lot of other 5th starters and The Duque will be back when they need a fifth. Carrieri's lame attempt at being funny was a miserable failure since the Mets actually do not have any problems right now in the rotation. Later? Maybe. Right now? Not so much.

  • Huh? Why should anyone be disappointed in Matt Lienart? In fact, I would be disappointed if he was not in photos of this ilk. The guy is young, rich, and a professional athlete. Marriage and fidelity are terrific, but years of nefarious activities should be a prerequisite for these guys. David Wright surely knows this and so does Matt and why that is wrong is beyond me.

  • I like to believe I am the voice of reason. However, I admit that I probably do not convey that voice all that well in space being I am a grammatical disaster and long winded. For that reason, I am glad Tim Marchman is out there. He is the voice of reason and does it in a much better way than me.

    Because Pedro Martinez is 36 years old and last pitched a full slate in 2005, his latest injury comes as no surprise. It was expected and inevitable. This being so, there's no reason why it should unnerve Mets fans at all. The news that Martinez will be out for 4–6 weeks with a left hamstring strain after just throwing 57 pitches may have been heartbreaking, but neither the injury nor an extended leave for the team's no. 2 starter should affect the team's chances at all.

    Yes, yes, yes, and yes.

    The main reason for this is that the Mets are not especially reliant on Martinez. Baseball Prospectus, for instance, projected before the start of the season that the team would win 93 games, with Martinez pitching 125 innings. Both numbers seemed, and still seem, reasonable. With a deep lineup, a strong defense, and excellent frontline pitching, the Mets are a very good team that won't be ruined by not getting innings they shouldn't have been counting on. A full, healthy season from Martinez would of course have made the team even better; but then, so would a .400 batting average from Jose Reyes. One was no more to be counted on than the other.

    I still expect Pedro to add more than 125 innings and his performance will be in line with my original thinking in terms of what he would add.

    Two ways of thinking about this should make the point clear. The first is that the Mets won 88 games and missed the playoffs by a game last year, when Martinez made only five starts, and are a better team now than they were a year ago. Johan Santana, rather than Tom Glavine, fronts the rotation; Jose Reyes and David Wright are a year older and a year closer to their absolute primes; John Maine and Oliver Perez have matured, and the team didn't have a regular second baseman then, and does now. A minimal contribution from Martinez didn't cripple them last year, and won't this year.

    I want your babies Tim Marchman....oh wait, did I just type that?

  • The Mets and Binghamton have extended through 2010. Good.

  • I actually like Robinson Tejada, who has a great arm. It cannot hurt to give a look and see if he can put some decent starts together.
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    Anonymous seattle steve said...

    Its to bad BORASS is Ollie's agent, he will make him go through the free agent process. The 2nd game of the season was typical of how the METS can play, its understandable to go hit less from the 5th inning on facing some good pitching, but the Marlins pen is a AAA, and should of nopt happened.

    12:04 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Well, they 'battled' as Howe would say.

    I like what I have seen so far. Good stuff and it is good to have baseball back around.

    12:15 PM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

    Robinson Tejeda is wierd. I want to like him but he doesn't give anyone any reason to like him.

    Pedro was allowed some time off. It was expected. It's just that no one expected it to be this early. We all thought it'd be a nice summer vacation or something. Now... he's not allowed to miss anymore time after he comes. He's already used up his injury time.

    Although I still don't believe in him, Brian Bannister's performance against the Tigers must be mentioned. My goodness, that is very impressive. I might be wrong... there might be something to Bannister's pitching approach despite his stuff.

    I think some one will go ape shit with Oliver Perez this coming winter, the question is... who?
    I predict Yankees.

    No replays, basically what it is, some fantasy baseball players are pissed off they didn't get that HR during a 13-0 game.

    Willie's a dick, how could people label him a "player's manager". I've had managers treat me like crap and well, lets just say my lack of productivity led to their lack of employment.
    On Metsblog.com there's a poll asking if people approve of Willie Randolph's job. Sadly, the majority thinks he's doing a good job and approve of it.
    89% - 2,608 to be exact.
    While only 11% thinks he was unqualified for the job from the get go, only 316 sane people.
    Ralph's comment isn't even funny. I wish I could laugh but nope. Not when these names were throwing for thier teams when the Mets had Oliver Perez:
    An injured Jason Jennings, Tood Wellemyer, Mike Mussina, Carlos Silva and despite his masterpiece, Tim Redding! C'mon now, that's just... baaaaaad.

    Me and Matt Leinart share a common interest in past times.
    Also, if you keep going there's a picture of Eli Manning... looking like he just smoked a nice dutchie. Actually, I reccomend everyone keep going with that slide show, they have Michael Jordan, Chris BERMAN! and other typical college pictures from former college athletes.

    Saw the Dodgers game last night and Juan Pierre is just a mess.

    12:16 PM

    Blogger Anthony said...

    Yo Mike, long time no post. I have been slammed with a new gig and am just starting to come above water.

    Agree with Seattle S, it is too bad Boras is involved in the Ollie deal. Would be great to line him up to a nice 5 year $60 mil extension right now. The kid is going to just keep getting better. Hopefully, they will be able to work something out.

    Last night was just what the doctor ordered to calm people down after the Pedro thing. The thing I enjoyed most was the look on the players faces. They just seem extremely focused and do not want to let up. The game that they lost, they played hard, almost came back and forced into extra innings. If they continue like this first series, it should be a very enjoyable team to watch all year and we should be very pleased with final results.

    What part of New Jersey are you in? My new company that I am with The Bowery Presents are opening up a new concert venue in Montclair this coming fall. It's called the Wellmont Theatre and I am booking it. It's going to be badass. I know you are a fan of the rock, so I believe this place will be ideal for your boozing and live music enjoyment. Will be good times. Plus, all the venues we operate in the city are slamming already. Check out the website and let me know when you want to hit up some shows. It's the least I could do after all the great entertainment you have provided me with over the years.

    12:17 PM

    Anonymous tc said...

    Do the right thing, Ollie, stay close to home.

    Marchman's article is great, because I was having the same argument with a buddy of mine (Yankee fan of course) who said the Mets were "done" because Pedro got hurt. Everything he said is 100% correct, and if you thought Pete was going to stay healthy the whole year, you were smoking peyote.

    Leinart is the man, and so is Nick Lachey. Face it, those guys have a ton of money, banged some hot women in their time, and now, they are doing funnels with 19 year old sophomores from Arizona State. Good for you Matt, treasure these times, because when you are old and have herpes, it will all have been worth it.

    Replay - no thank you. That home run meant nothing, they were killing them. If it was a bigger game, Willie would have made a bigger deal ...

    Here's the breakdown of that poll ... 89% who approve read MetsBlog. The 11% who don't read this one.

    12:22 PM

    Anonymous DG said...

    Must say that Miller's difficulties last night against the Mets are the exact - and I mean, EXACT! - reasons that Pelfrey will continue to struggle this year. Like Pelf, Miller showed a plus plus fastball at times last night, but without any semblance of a secondary pitch, the Metsos just starting sitting on it. Pelfrey has basically thrown one nice game in all the time I've seen him pitch for the Mets, last September against the Braves; that was the one game where he actually looked like the strikeout pitcher he is supposed to be. He needs the year in the minors. Miller would too except that he's effectively already pitching there.

    Wish we could figure out how we don't lose Ollie this fall, but I'm just not sure the Mets are gong to be able to afford him. Plus, they will have to shell out on a long term deal for Johnny Maine!

    12:42 PM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

    If Pelfrey wasn't a first round pick, would he get as much love?
    Nothing that I've seen so far suggests he's ready for anything.
    He's not throwing 95-98 mph like he was labeled as throwing during draft season. He's throwing 92 mph and his fastball is supposed to be his plus pitch with no secondary stuff?
    That's why I personally don't like Pelfrey.

    Breaking News: THIS JUST IN! Johnny Cueto is pitching and has made me cream my pants!

    12:45 PM

    Blogger metsfanincincy said...

    A few random comments:

    I disagree that Ollie was good against a poor team. The Marlins may suck, but it isn't because their offense stinks. They scored a lot of runs last year. Ollie was good. Period.

    I am dissapointed when I hear that a young athlete has a wife. All I can think is "WTF". Actually, being married, I am dissapointed when any man has a wife.

    The Mets can certainly afford Ollie. I don't think he will get any Zito-esque offers. I see him in a Mets uniform next year.

    Hockey reviews every goal from Toronto and it doesn't delay the game. Couldn't baseball adopt something similar?

    I wanted to go see Cueto today, but the sky will open up any minute now and dump mucho rain. Luckily I have a sleazy office mate who found some site called "free mlb radio.com" and is streaming it through his Fed Gov PC.

    12:59 PM

    Blogger metsfanincincy said...

    Oh yeah, my most important comment: Mike, Thank you for showing us the silver lining of Pedro's injury. Lowering Pedro's salary demands for '09 and freeing up cash for Ollie. I like the logic!

    1:24 PM

    Anonymous Pavan said...

    Ollie is a stud, and he'll be getting stud money at the end of this year. The Mets have good dealings with Boras, I think he'll be back. You can't get a leftie like Ollie often on the open market... you've gotta jump.

    As far as I'm concerned, Pedro could pull a Clemens, and not start playing for a few months. That'll put him in midseason form for the end of the year.

    Bannister is freaking awesome. I bet after his pitching career is over, he becomes a pitching coach.

    Hey, Seattle Steve, where are you in Seattle? I've been living in Seattle for a few years, and know no other mets fans. Drop me an email at Pavanut@yahoo.com

    1:33 PM

    Anonymous sdanzig said...

    I don't trust Ollie 100% yet, but then again, I have trouble trusting any fly ball pitcher. Maine is my favorite. I like Santana, but he stepped up for the Twins. Maine's the little guy who came into his own for the Mets.

    Oh, and "Ollie Hopnoodle" is funny. "Sugar Pants" is just creepy.

    1:34 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    yeah benny, and mike, my boy bannister if showing he can get it done. i like that guy. perez performing is a big relief. jake

    1:34 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Benny, you like Tejada because you like his arm.

    Bannister is a good pitcher. He'll have a nice career, but I think everyone is saying he won't be as good as he has shown. 100 ERA+? Yes. 120 ERA+? No.

    89% think Willie is doing good? Well, one of two things is going on here. Either we are really dumb or they are really dumb. I just cannot see him being good. Average at his best, which he is not as of yet, but never above. Just has some things baked into his DNA which will prevent him.

    Anthony...I am a big fan of things that sounds good and I am close to Montclair. Keep me in the loop and I will be more than welcome to do some Quality Assurance on your behalf.

    Also, your new gig being an excuse is poppycock. I've been working crazy hours and I still manage to put together crappy posts. Step it up.

    tc, I applaud you for attempting to talk to a Yankee fan about baseball.

    Also, when Matt is old, they might be able to not just supress herpes, but rid them from the human body. Risky bet to make, but it seems plausible.

    dg, Miller > Pelfrey. One is like three years younger and probably better now.

    RE: Maine...that's why they do it before ala Reyes before Wright. You do Perez first, Maine has a baseline for which to ask.

    metsfanincincy...You are right. Ollie was filthy and I like your optimism on the subject.

    Cueto > Bailey...but Bailey is still pretty good.

    And you are welcome for my logical string. I cannot see how Pedro gets anything worth snot at this point and the Mets will be in the driver seat.

    Pavan, good idea on the partial year thing. That might be the best and gives the Mets a chance to not give him tons o' cash.

    1:35 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Oh, and "Ollie Hopnoodle" is funny. "Sugar Pants" is just creepy.

    Well, Ollie Hopnoodle is a movie....I believe it's kind of Part II of the Christmas Story.

    Sugar Pants is not creepy. Are you aware of the origins? That could be a nice little homework assignment.

    1:38 PM

    Anonymous sdanzig said...

    I remember the post where you declared Wright was "Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice". Which was fine by me, and I agreed with. Then you started calling him Sugar Pants and I said that was a bit too much. Then you started just calling him Sugar. If I was good at my job, and a fan of my work started calling me Sugar, I'd think it was creepy. Fortunately for you, Wright is classy enough to laugh it off rather than hurt your feelings :)

    1:49 PM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

    metsfanincincy, you should have gone to the game. Cueto is pitching magic.
    5 complete innings with 8 K's.
    He's probably going to blow it right now but he has a perfect game going.
    His fastball is just... beautiful.

    2:04 PM

    Blogger Itsmetsforme said...

    i agree with you in strategizing to tie up Maine and OP and not just predicting doom for re-signing OP cuz he's Bora$$ client, since Bora$$ related events are less and less predictable.

    But as for the Mets being in the drivers seat for a washed up injury prone Pedro, I direct you to other washed up pitchers pulling down job offers. I mean, Glavine is employed. I think they are going to have to part ways with the senior citizens one by one.

    The typical Willie-isms are flowing like wine. Mr. Champaign has been particularly cavalier in his demotivating and ill-advised comments this season so far.

    2:15 PM

    Blogger metsfanincincy said...

    I was thinking the same thing, Benny. I'm listening to the game and kickin' myself.

    2:40 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Well, I call him that to make fun of him, hence why I still retain my manly status. I wanted him to be less 'awww schucks'.

    And I do not recall that 'sugar and spice and everything nice'. It was only Sugar Pants. Sugar alone was me thinking faster than I was typing and I skipped the Pants.

    Cueto! Did I pick the Reds for 3rd place? I hope I did.

    Willie is in rare form already. Should be many, many quotes for me to make fun of.

    2:43 PM

    Blogger Anthony said...

    Good to hear you're in the friendly confines or Northern Jersey. Rock debauchery and booze will be had frequently this fall. I apologize for dropping the ball. I will start bringing my crap posts up again. Not sure what I was thinking, how could I not want to take time away from work each day for my own personal enjoyment.

    And agreed, when I saw that Matt Leinart story, I'm like wtf is this world coming to when a young millionaire athlete can't be banging college chicks in the hot tub??!! I mean c'mon already PC police. Give it a break.

    4:18 PM

    Anonymous kranepool said...

    You keep your hands off Marchman he's all mine!

    Why wouldn't Ollie re sign with Mets The Skill Sets shit 100 dollar bills and with our new plesure palace jsut about done they can pay Ollie and Petey and keep Petey around for shits and giggles.

    On to Atlanta and Big Pelf vs Mr. Mom and hopefully the boys show no mercy.

    4:26 PM

    Anonymous sdanzig said...

    Mike, it was about a year and a half ago that I first whined about it in an email:

    "Nice blog you have there. Been reading it for a long time now. Please stop using the term "Sugar Pants".

    You replied "When David stops acting like he is made of sugar and spice and everything nice, I'll think about it....until then...".

    Not saying that it's really a big deal to me if you call him sugar pants or not. I mean, your lifestyle is your choice dude.

    4:30 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    i thought sugar pants came from that girl that used to post here, what was her name?

    mike for some reason (no fastball) you have always been borderline rudely disrespectful of bannister, ever since he made those first spot starts for the mets and dominated. but he keeps getting it done.

    here's a quote to make fun of if you havn't seen it (lifted from metsblog) party on:

    “We don’t trip on stuff like that, ya know. We’ve been a solid team, a together-team, ever since I’ve been here. These guys believe in each other. We love to play and get after it. If you’re here with us and join the party, that’s great. We’ll invite you, you’re there…That’s why I love this group. They don’t make excuses, they just play.”


    4:44 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I will start bringing my crap posts up again. Not sure what I was thinking, how could I not want to take time away from work each day for my own personal enjoyment.

    Glad we are on the same page.

    RE: Lienart...They were legal, no? Ridiculous.

    You keep your hands off Marchman he's all mine!

    Awwwww shit. No you didn't. I'm calling me bitches and we are coming after yo' ass.

    Ha! Scott, that is awesome. I am 110% wrong.

    I stand by what I said. When he stops hurting my teeth, he can get a cool nickname like 'Da Edge'.

    Jake, you are wrong.

    I have disrespected Bannister. If he has a problem with it, he can post something here or email me. I'm very tough with anonymous avenues of mass distribution available.

    I saw that quote but I did not know where to start.

    5:25 PM

    Anonymous tc said...

    The hos Leinart was feeding beer funnels were 19 & 20. Good man.

    Cueto lost his perfect game in the sixth inning on his way to a 10-strikeout, seven-inning gem. 96mph heaters and 88mph sliders make me smile. Good stuff.

    People can call David Wright whatever they want, as long as he hits .300, 30, 100, he's fine by my book.

    Pelfrey, don't fuck up!

    5:57 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Now that you told him to not fuck up he totally will. Good job.

    6:39 PM

    Anonymous DG said...

    Mike Hampton: late minute scratch from tonight's start in Atlanta.

    7:18 PM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

    No Mike Hampton, the anticipation was building too!

    Johnny Cueto pitched really good. And another one of my hero's hit the dinger, good ol' Justin Upton.
    Appearently his big problem is control, but man, he had NONE of that today, no walks and it would take him 3 or 4 pitches to strike guys out.

    Who is mentally crazier? Joba Chamberlain after a strikeout or Carlos Zambrano after a strikeout?

    David Wright is Sugar Pants because he has no personality. He's Mr. Company Line, he's Derek Jeter, and that's just BORING!

    9:24 PM

    Blogger Anthony said...

    I'm back.

    Braves lose 4-3 to Pirates. Wow, they are tough and off to a great start losing first series of season to Pittsburgh. Now their boy Hampton gets scratched from first start, Glavine is their number 3 and their 41 year old "ace" started the season on the DL with a stiff shoulder. Exactly where are they supposed to "run away with this division easily" Kruk? Please.

    10:50 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Per KC..way to go! It's amazing what a good manager and winning mindset can do for a team. Let's hope they can keep it up.

    Bannister does his homework. I think he'll keep it up.

    Maybe they're holding Hampton back for us. Bring him on!


    11:13 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Anthony...they're the Braves. Enough said.

    11:16 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    In case anyone is worried about firstbase, there has been a Jose Offerman sighting! Esta jugando esta noche para los rojos del aguila de veracruz.



    11:23 PM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    Johan, Ollie and Maine and then “Oy Vey.”

    I also like Robinson Tejada but isn’t he too young for the Mets.

    With a healthy Alou and Delgado being Delgado once more the Mets lineup would be scary but with Alou in danger of a DL visit whenever he passes gas and Delgado quickly aging the lineup is nothing to get excited about. Omar’s philosophy of acquiring aging but still talented ballplayers is akin to buying an old BMW with over 300,000 miles. When you get it to run, for a few miles it still performs quite well but it spends more time in the repair shop than on the road.

    I sympathize with HS baseball coaches. If my old coach is still alive nestled away somewhere in an old HS baseball coaches nursing home and you see him do not mention my name. I’m sure he will still go for your throat.

    Pelfrey should be moved to the BP and told to throw as hard as he can. Let it loose Bruce.

    Martinez’s signing turned the perception of the team (and a correct perception it was) from a joke into a serious organization worthy of the attention of the best players available. This should be his last season with the Mets. The money should go to keeping Ollie. But a plaque honoring Pedro should be in the new ballpark (even if he spent approximately half of his contract on the DL).

    The secret to growing old gracefully is a gf 23 years your junior.

    2:09 AM

    Anonymous tc said...

    It's 3am rant time, and I can't say I'm happy.

    All of us love our prospects. We have committed weeks of our lives to posting about Alex Escobar, Izzy Pulse, and Wilson. And in 2008, we continue to obsess about guys who will never get a chance to have a future. I might be going on a limb here, but in my mind, Mike Pelfrey is no Jose Lima, and he is no Brian Lawrence.

    "Pelf should be moved to the BP and told to throw as hard as he can. Let it loose Bruce." ...

    At this point, while I'd normally agree based solely on a confidence level, someone needs to say fuck it and let Mike throw a few innings.

    In my opinion, Big Pelf's been messed with enough; there's a reason he was drafted so high ... and while Boras had something to do with it, it wasn't 100% on him.

    As a matter of fact, I'll personally say I have faith in Pelf. Of course, the bottom line is confidence is dwindling for everyone in the organization -- from the top, down. But nothing would help him more right now than stepping up and recognizing a shitty life riding buses in AAA isn't fulfilling his potential. He needs a win vs. the Braves, and then needs to take it from there.

    I know we all would appreciate the signing of a Vargas, Williams, etc. for depth. It makes too much sense, and I'm all for it. But we all need to remember that Mikey P. brings a shit load of pure stuff. His fastball alone has a leg on all of what the mediocre free agents bring combined.

    I know just as you do that Pelf was doomed when they stopped the 95 mph fastballs and wanted him to acquire and carry out his off-speed pitch. I know he needs a second pitch. At this level, you can't have one plus-plus and excel. But once they forced it, he lost everything. A couple of years ago, the Mets wouldn't deal Pelfrey for Zito. Now, he's worth shit? But in my mind, he's still full of potential.

    Maybe I'm naive that I just can't foresee someone being on such a pedestal and falling off so hard. I have faith Pelf can put it together. If he doesnt't, let me have it on here; rip me apart. But if Michael can win a couple of starts, relax, and throw the heat, he has the talent to be legit.

    Pelf's time to step up is now, and if he doesn't, I'll be the first to admit I was wrong about him.

    For now, do work Big Pelf. If you sucks, so be it, I'm an asshole. But I have faith you can keep the 5 spot alive for 4-6 weeks.

    3:12 AM

    Anonymous tc said...

    "If you suck" -- last paragraph. Sorry for the bad English. After couple (or five) of martinis, shit happens.

    3:14 AM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    Even though Phil Hughes pitched a good game tonight most Yankees fans I know are very disillusioned with him. The way he was presented by the scouting reports made him seem super-human. They all thought he threw in the mid 90’s and peaked at 97 mph. When he came back from the injury last year he was throwing 89 to 91 mph and so far that’s all he has shown this year. The Yankees were idiots for not trading him for Santana and I’m glad they were.

    3:38 AM

    Anonymous DG said...

    Good night for Met lefties down in a minors way! Jonathon Niese, Adam Bostick and Mike Antonini all threw at least five solid innings and got wins. In the case of Antonini, he threw six no hit innings for Savannah, and considering that he's only 22 (i.e., not old for the league) and touted as a maybe "an 18th-round steal" per BA, you got to be happy.

    I fully expect Niese to jump ahead of Pelfrey this year. He may not have the big fastball, but he came to camp in shape (as opposed to 30 pounds to heavy as he did last year). It is not inconceivable to find him pitching at Shea sometime last this year.

    And Bostick remains a potentially interesting case. He has the fastball/curve combo that could (somewhat) justify the Owens/Lindstrom trade with Florida and had a very good fall in the AFL. So 5 innings with only two walks with 7 k's and one earned run looks real nice from him. And he had only thrown 82 pitches which means had it not been opening night he probably would have gone six. Lefties generally take longer to come together, so let's hope this is his time (he's 25).

    I don't want to gloat, but waking up to minor league box scores means baseball season has really begun. And Savannah has already matched their win and run totals for last year!

    7:50 AM

    Anonymous Danny said...

    I'm hoping the guys repeating at Savannah this year experience some winning success. I think that team is a lot better constructed this year with more people that aren't rushed and are worthy of playing at that level and not just getting their feet wet at rookie ball. I have been one of the guys killing Omar's refusal to not go over-slot, and his love of drafting relievers early, but he's still done a good job of re-stocking this farm system. Now if he will just go over-slot, we can be one of the model franchises in baseball.

    TC, I almost agree with everything you say. I actually want to send Pelfrey to AAA. But I agree with this part: just send him down there and tell him to let it loose. Get the fastball back. They ruined his only good pitch. Once the fastball is re-established (up AND down in the zone, not just down, which I never understood), then start re-constructing his secondary stuff. Dude's a mess right now. And I blame Peterson, Greek God of Pitching Coaches. Don't get me wrong, I think Peterson is a great pitching coach, and his philosophies work on MOST guys, and brilliantly. But he screwed up with Pelfrey. Period. De-construct. Re-construct.

    This Niese thing is a delightful development. Parnell looked swellicious in his last spring start, too. Let's hope he carries that over. We are DESPARATE for young starter pitching depth in the minors.

    9:00 AM

    Blogger metsfanincincy said...

    A comment from a Braves fan via the AJC:

    "By Coach (Lets Go Braves In 2008)

    April 4, 2008 12:47 AM | Link to this

    A strained pectoral muscle ? You have got to be kidding me !

    Hey Mikey, Put some ben-gay or icy hot on it and get your sorry AZZ back on the mound already.

    Personally, I think you have no heart, no guts and certainly no CAHONAS !

    Dear John Schuerholz, bend over one more time and take it like a man.

    The following is your responsibility and it has been a colossal mistake.

    Letting Glavine get away.

    Trading Adam Wainwright to the Cardinals.

    Trading for Hampton.

    I call this the three stooges of pitching moves and it is the real reason why the division streak ended at fourteen."

    Bwa ha ha ha

    9:12 AM

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