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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Random Stuff 4-17-08

Johnny Baseball has not been horrible, but I think everyone has really, really high expectations for him in 2008. Since people have such high expectations, he has been a slight disappointment.

"It was the walks," Maine said of his unhappiness.

Indeed, the free passes continue to be a problem for Maine this year. He's walked 12 in 16 2/3 innings. No other Met has more than seven.

Maine (1-1) said he's not comfortable with his fastball.

"It doesn't feel 100 percent right now," he said. "Hopefully warmer weather will help it."

The bar has been set high for him this year and a mid-rotation starter would be a huge disappointment at this point for John Maine.

  • Also from the above link, Church likes #2.

    In his second straight game in the two-hole, Ryan Church had two hits, including a solo homer. He had a hit and a walk in that spot on Tuesday, too.

    "I love it," Church said. "I've been getting some pitches that I've been able to do something with."

    Yesterday someone said in the comments (sorry, too lazy to look!) that Willie could be prepping for Alou and batting Church 7th is just nuts when you have Castillo in front of him. So, Willie could be doing some pre-Alou tinkering. If so...


    Wow. That has some punch straight down to six and could do some insane damage.

    As for Church, I was a believer. Now, it seems other people are coming around.

  • Joe Smith has looked amazing this season.

    "I made a few changes in my delivery, subtle. I'm trying to stay crouched through the whole thing, trying to get to the lowest release point," said Smith, who opened with 151/3 scoreless frames last year before struggling and being demoted - an experience the 24-year-old learned from.

    "I went through a little bit of everything. I started hot, went through the middle of the year struggling, got sent down, had to come back. Last year was a good year for me; I learned a lot from it," said Smith, who had a 6.43 spring ERA. "I was working on stuff, had a tough spring, but they showed faith in me. Now I'm going to do what I can to help the team win."

    Smith is good.

  • Carlos Beltran, team leader? Believe it.

    "As a teammate, I know, I see when somebody's not happy and I didn't think he was happy," Beltran said last night. "I tell him 'I want you to be the Reyes that you always have been.; "

    First Los making bold claims and now this? Very good.

    "I have to enjoy my game and be the way I am," Reyes said. "I can't worry about the other team getting mad because other teams they do that, what we do they do it, too. I don't care about that. I just care about this team."

    Hmmmm...Methinks the Metsies are waking up. Maybe I'm looking into this too much, but I like what I am seeing.

    "We don't care if these other teams get offended," Beltran said. "We're going to play the game like that."

    Last night seeing Reyes at the top of the steps in the dugout going nuts felt right. I makes me smile like a five year old girl in a Barbie factory....or like a 43 year old pedophile in a Barbie factory with five year old girls... whichever you prefer.

  • Tim Marchman talks Forbes. Read it and like it.

  • It seems the guy might have been playing around.

  • So far, Beltran only has one homerun. However, he has 13 walks (good for 2nd in the league) and he has a 7 doubles (good for third). The patience is there and the pop is there, so the homeruns will be coming.

  • Jon Heyman goes over some baaaad deals.

  • Pavano's agent Tom O'Connell -- the fourth agent the right-hander has gone through in his career -- believes that Pavano would still be a desired commodity on the free-agent market this winter, even with his injury history. "Carl's a 1-2 starter," O'Connell said. "Those guys don't grow on trees. Those guys are very rare, 200-inning guys are very rare in this game, and they're the ones that make the money. And he did it two years in a row, before he got hurt, and I'm sure he's going to do it again."

    Are you sure you are sure? I hate agents and their stupid spin. It generally seems as though they assume everyone is stupid. I get the fact that they have to say positive things about their player, but this makes both himself and his player that he is representing look stupid. How about just admitting Pavano had a rough time of it and is chomping at the bit to get back into the flow of things and is coming along great?

    Is Tom O'Connell trying to be Scott Boras' evil twin? The sheer lunacy of such a statement wreaks of Boras.
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    Anonymous Chris said...

    Loving the Beltran & Reyes stuff, especially considering Jose's resurgence of late.

    I'm not "intangibles" fan, but if Jose's feeling good and playing better, it's obvious this team can start to roll (yes, against the Gnats, but still, I'm not gonna complain about wins).

    Things are looking up, methinks. With Alou (and Petey?) on the not-so-distant-after-all horizon, this feels like precisely the time for this team to get ready to reel off a nice 10-4 stretch and start to shine. It wouldn't shut everybody up, but I don't think it's too late for that "hot start" we all hoped for.

    12:09 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Chris...I second that on intangibles, but this is not an intangible though, right? It's about feeling comfortable and I think we can all agree that feeling comfortable helps you perform better in any facet of life and just like Jose's excitement makes me feel excited as a fan, I'm sure it is x10 for the Mets.

    I think most non-stat things are hard to quantify, but this is a human thing. Jose + happiness = success.

    I agree that this team is on the precipice of breaking out.

    Fucking swellicious!!!

    12:28 PM

    Anonymous tc said...

    I was reading some stuff on MetsBlog about how Pedro said to some Dominican newspaper that he'll be back by the end of April because he feels great. I'd prefer he takes off until about June so I don't have to worry about him getting hurt the next day again.

    Viva Church/Pagan in the 2-spot for the time being.

    Jose cheering, dancing, and clapping, means that I will inevitably be doing the same. That's what made the Mets awesome in '06, and that attitude has every right to be brought back. And if other teams (and Willie) don't like it, then fuck them, because I do.

    Marchman: "The Yankees lost $47.3 million last year, Boston lost $19.1 million, and the Mets made $32.9 million. No small wonder that the ace ended up in Flushing." ... Dammit, Wilpon, you made $33 million, and then you're going to make even more off naming rights, and you still charge $7.50 for a hot dog?!

    But in all seriousness, that article is a blueprint that depicts how baseball in 2008 has become more than just a sport ... it's a big time business venture. Los Mets are worth $824 million, up 12% over one season (and second only to the Yanks. With a new stadium and SNY, that's big time money and we'll be getting some big time results (hopefully).

    Best quote from that whole thing: A part of the reason baseball turned profit was a "good balance between outright socialism and predatory capitalism." I am almost as big a fan of predatory capitalism as I am of David Wright. Hooray for America.

    Tom O'Connell is just doing his job, as absurd as that statement was. I laughed aloud, literally.

    Don't play on the escalators at Shea, kids.

    12:32 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    TC...100%. Why should Pedro rush? I feel good with what is going on right now in the rotation. You need to be careful with hammy pulls so why not be careful?

    The Mets are raping us. Times are good for Freddie, but he IS building a new stadium. I just think the price hike was ill advised.

    Baseball was always a business....when was it a sport?

    I am almost as big a fan of predatory capitalism as I am of David Wright. Hooray for America.

    "America, fuck yeah! Lick my ass and suck on my balls."

    You can do your job without sounding like an idiot.

    12:50 PM

    Anonymous gbaked said...

    IT WAS ME!!!

    I said it!!!

    wow... i cant believe my thoughts were brought forward for everyone to see... i am soo happy, i am gonna fuck around and not do any more work for the rest of the day!!!

    1:06 PM

    Anonymous Brady Clark's Soiled Man Diaper said...

    Half expected to see the Castillo contract on the Worst 13, but of course that might be a wee early to go there, no?

    Wise for a player to be named later (which allows for variable pricing in case that arm really really really sucks as much as his pitching does)? I'm not a fan of knocking on Joe. He belongs. And with Muniz and a couple other potentials in NOrleans, who really cares?

    BUT, the Mets have played 13 games and Joe Smith has pitched in 48 of them. Okay so it's only 7, but I have to say I'm just a wee bit worried (sorry it seems to be a wee day) about that kind of load on a kid who wore out through early and frequent use last year. He's on a pace to pitch in 87 games. (Heilman & Sosa are in for 99!) No, I think what we have here is the firm conviction that once Matt Wise can pick up his arm again, his contract, ahem, his talent will supercede Joe's obvious superior skills.

    Nelly Figueroa again at Shea. Why do I fear that this one will be harder. No surge in adrenalin. Probably no 100 tickets either. This night will give us a better read on our boy, who I honestly hope will succeed.

    Murphy, Evans & Carp, need we say more?


    1:14 PM

    Anonymous chris said...

    I second that on intangibles, but this is not an intangible though, right?

    Absolutely not intangible, right. It can't be any more tangible than his performance and the results in the W column the last two days.

    To a certain extent I don't care how or why Jose's fire gets lit, so long as it does. If he's stoking those flames with a jig or Pythagorean handshake, all the better for the rest of us who get to smile along.

    Jose cheering, dancing, and clapping, means that I will inevitably be doing the same. That's what made the Mets awesome in '06, and that attitude has every right to be brought back. And if other teams (and Willie) don't like it, then fuck them, because I do.

    Fuck yeah. I'm dropping off an 8-ball and copy of this in the clubhouse before the game tonight. Who's in?

    1:19 PM

    Blogger mr.bmc said...

    Jose Reyes is about to explode.

    His line drive ratio is off the charts this year. When Jose hits line drives, opposing pitchers cry.

    The next 10 days are gonna be a lot of fun for Mets fans.

    1:47 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    I think people have to remember that the average National League pitcher had a 4.12 ERA and the average major league pitcher had a 4.27 ERA.
    Maine is doing alright. Almost any ERA under 4 is good stuff.

    Smith is good. Smith was good last year too. What messed him up was the indredible ammount of apearences he made in the first 2 months. And it looks like its going to happen again.

    I love those Forbes list. You don't have to make money to have a valuable franchise, look at the Marlins. They rake in the dough! But are the least "valuable". Then there's also the fun accounting schemes like taking profits away from the team and giving it to a network (if the team has one) or like what the Marlins do, put team profits into the Stadium financial sheet.
    The Mets RAKED in the dough last season as well. They were the 3rd highest profit making team in the majors.
    Beltran is doing his best Barry Bonds impression and I like it.

    Carl Pavano is going to get signed on a minor league deal with an invite tospring training and then have one or two good games in the spring and then get bombed in one outing which will then lead to an injury reveal.
    - THE END!

    Mike, your forgot one of the best quotes in the history of Willie Randolph!

    “Well, you know, when I make moves like that, it’s because I know my players better than any one. I have a good feel for my players. I watch BP, I watch how guys are swinging…I think when you face a guy like Chico, and (other left-handed pitchers), you take away their change up by putting a guy like Church in that spot where – you take that away from him, now there’s fastballs and Church takes advantage of that. So, that’s my thought process. I don’t always go in to detail, because sometimes it’s just a feeling that I have.”

    How could we hate a man like that?

    2:04 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Congrats gbaked...take the rest of the day off.

    DG....Castillo's is not nearly big enough to be one of the worst contracts.

    RE: Smith...last year he was pitching in all situations and he appears to be more situational this year, so the workload may be a bit misleading, but I am taking notice.

    Chris...do we really need to give away the 8-ball? I mean, can we keep half and let them have the other half?

    mr. bmc...that was a fun fact. We appreciate it.


    RE: Maine...but we think higher of him, is that so wrong?

    RE: Willie-isms...that was great Benny. Pure gold! Who needs stats and research!!!

    2:57 PM

    Anonymous Chris said...

    do we really need to give away the 8-ball? I mean, can we keep half and let them have the other half?

    No worries, Mike, I'm gettin' two. One for the boys and one for us.

    3:21 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Way to be Chris!

    3:30 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    By the end of Castillo's contract, we're going to have a paperweight at second.

    9:17 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Prince Fielder's first cheeseburger and first homer of 2008 occur on the same night.



    9:20 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Figgy rocked tonight. One minor hiccup which unfortunately was upstaged by "the other guy". I'm just glad he didn't get the loss. He didn't deserve it the way he pitched.

    10:10 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Keep up the late party nights Washington!



    Feels good...now a sweep of Philly would be oh so nice. Let's hope the Mets return to swingin at their second home park!

    12:01 AM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...


    1:55 AM


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