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Monday, April 14, 2008

Brady Clark? Banished to the Land of Wind and Ghosts.

Brady Clark is 35 years old and an eight year veteran. Basically, he has no excuse for making costly blunders. Your veteran bench guys are only there to play smart baseball. They are not expected to light the world on fire, but they are surely expected to know the game of baseball when they are in.

"I screwed it up," Clark said after the Mets ended up stranding three runners without scoring in that inning. "My instincts told me to go, and by the time I thought better of it, it was too late."

I get that people make mistakes. However, when you are in the position that a Brady Clark type player is in, you make the most of whatever small opportunities you get. Yesterday, he did not and made what seems like a game changing mistake. The Mets lost in many different ways yesterday so I am not pinning this all on him, but that was a pivotal spot where they had the Brewers on the ropes. In that position, he fakes breaking to home so he can draw a throw or takes a nice lead and breaks to home if Fielder goes to second.

It may be hard to concentrate at all times being this is a long season, but bench guys need to play smart ball to contribute because they are not always going to be able to do the things that more talented starters can do. Brady Clark failed miserably at that on Sunday. Double plays? They happen and you have to give some credit to the pitchers for executing. However, baserunning mistakes and hacking at first pitches while the pitcher is clearly laboring is inexcusable.

I can accept losing when you play the game smart. I can accept a starter getting roughed up every now and then when you play the game smart. This team did not play the game smart yesterday.

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  • Sugar will be on Letterman tonight.

  • In honor of Jackie Robinson, the Mets will be wearing 42 tomorrow.

    Every Met will wear jersey No. 42 tomorrow against the Nationals in honor of Jackie Robinson. Tomorrow is the 61st anniversary of Robinson breaking baseball's color barrier with the Brooklyn Dodgers.

  • Cone will do fifty games for the YES Network and something about that feels so wrong. However, while we are on the topic of the YES Network, I just wanted to say they are a borefest. I jumped over the Yankee game on Friday  during commercials for the Mets game and holy crap was it terribly boring.

    Boring stories, boring voices, boring play by play. Boring.

  • The infirmary report:

    Reyes should be back Tuesday and Sanchez could be back later this week after pitching in back to back games.

  • More terrible rants...

    "If Duaner Sanchez is activated tomorrow, I'll drive him to Shea rather than risk him taking a taxi."

    Haha. Good one.

    And the

    "The Mets should have signed Carlos Santana instead. At least then they would get that eighth-inning song they're looking for."


  • Schneider feels the pain for his battery mates.

    "It doesn't matter if I get four or five hits and have a couple of home runs," Schneider said. "It doesn't matter, if the team loses. Some people may not believe that, but it's true, because I'm back there battling with the pitchers, too. So when the pitchers have a little bit of a rough day, I do, too, because I'm back there working with them."

    Overall, he and Church have looked great. Really good to have two solid all around players that can meaningfully contribute and represent upgrades in each of their respective positions from the 2007 squad. However, the Mets are neutralizing their upgrades by playing shitty ball. Not good.

  • Wow! LoDuca wants the Mets to lose? Why would a division rival want that?

  • Moises is coming back and is playing a rehab game in St. Lucie this weekend.

    Also from the above link...

    Fill-in Angel Pagan, who led off the past two games with Jose Reyes (strained hamstring) sidelined, lifted his average to .385 with a 2-for-4 performance Sunday against Milwaukee. Still, despite Pagan's success, Willie Randolph plans to return him to the No. 6 or 7 slot in the batting order once Reyes is healthy, rather than consider Pagan for Luis Castillo's No. 2 spot. Randolph predicted Pagan would be a reserve player when Alou is back.

    Well, it looks like I was right. Not that Castillo did bad yesterday, he actually had some very good at-bats, but he is not a spark plug. Right now, this team needs a spark and it seems that Pagan has been delivering that whenever given the opportunity. Conclusion? I am no fan of Willie Randolph.

  • Greg Maddux says this is his last year and that is not good. I wish he could keep going, and going, and going... He is off to another great start and already has two wins. Seeing him hit 400 would just be flat out insane. At 349 wins that seems like a stretch, but you never know.

  • Jim Callis does a little Yu Darvish action.

    "He has plus stuff, and plus command and control to go with plus makeup," one scout said. "If I had a big game, I would be comfortable with him on the mound. He's a No. 1 starter for me. Absolutely filthy last year, and he played most of the year at 20. We'll see what happens as the innings pile on his arm, but he would be 1-1 in the draft . . .

    "We're not talking a 'blow them away with a fastball and knee-wobbling stuff' kind of guy. We're talking a kid with a projectable body who knows how to pitch and is still developing physically—and is really good right now. He still might end up with jaw-dropping stuff. He's still very young."

  • With Bannister continuing to defy all logic, I'm sure we'll see a new Banny Blog today so keep an eye out for that.
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    Anonymous Dang G said...

    I'd personally rather see Pagan in the 6/7 hole than Castillo. How many clutch hits in that spot would we not have seen if Castillo had been perched there instead of our Angel in the outfield?

    BTW, you almost kinda hafta feel sorry for Endy suddenly being referred to as the 5th outfielder. How did he get in Willie's doghouse? I mean specifically, last week he, Randork, said that Pagan was his 4th outfielder, so we then can infer that Endy is ....

    Brady Clark? Isn't he the guy who took the spot that our real backup SS, you know the one who now plays for the Braves, should have had? I know that Clark's days as a Met are numbered regardless, but don't you think that the Mets would have had an easier time passing RG through waivers in a couple of weeks when Alououououououououou comes back?

    Glad that Glav is working out for them. The number one draft pick and supplemental work fine for me.

    5 DPs? You mean, FIVE? Glad I didn't see yesterday's game.

    Rare for me to miss a Sunday, but Thee Silver Mt Zion Memorial Orchestra and Tra-la-la Band was playing here in Paris. Like the name or not, you must check them out! (Plus their new album is on iTunes. Note, check out "Horses In The Sky" as well.)

    12:04 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I'm looking for a spark at the top and the usual suspects are not giving it. If everyone else is firing on all cylinders and Reyes wakes up, fine. But right now, they need to get something going and I think he plays a big part.

    Poor, poor Endy. I agree, but with Pagan now in the fold and being a switch hitter, it looks like Endy is D-O-N-E. Buried on the bench!

    Gotay > Clark. But that decision hardly surprises me.

    Yes. Five. I was there. Horrific. And there were like four Brewers fans behind us being very loud and we got owned.

    I will check them out in iTunes for sure. I have some good new music I need to get around to posting about...That's for another day though!

    12:12 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    As far as LoDuca goes, he is just pissed off because the Washington DC area doesn't have as many hot 16 year old girls as the tri-state area.

    2:10 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    Brady Clark is an idiot. And Brian Schnieder was safe on that "double play". I was pissed off about that game for two things. They did not score a fucking run on Guillermo Mota who just sucks with his flat fastball and overall wildness. Same goes for Gagne, he has nothing.
    And the second thing that pissed me off were the Mets finally scoring runs against Jeff Suppan who I hate with a passion and has pitched good agains tthe Mets.

    YES Network ruins announcers. Cone, Paul O'Neil, and Al Leiter all suck on the Yes Network and we all know its te network's fault because Al Leiter is one of the finest color men ever. When the Mets would do thier usual playoff elimination, I always looked forward to hearing Leiter's insight.

    Too much booing at Shea Stadium. For as many players that suck and piss me off in this world, and for as intense as I am when it comes to baseball, I don't boo. The booing is scary at Shea.

    Like I said on Saturday, the bold prediction is that Pagan stays in the 2 hole!!!

    Maddux can keep going. Amazing. He is amazing.

    I heart Yu Darvish.

    Brian Bannister has my respect!

    2:59 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    As far as LoDuca goes, he is just pissed off because the Washington DC area doesn't have as many hot 16 year old girls as the tri-state area.


    And Brian Schnieder was safe on that "double play".

    Eh...they got a lot of calls their way. These things happen, but it was still close enough to go either way, no?

    Leiter is good...but Singleton and Justice are bad...Kay is a hack. It's bad over there.

    BOOING!!! Totally forgot Booing Heilman is just ridiculous. The fans really suck. I was not booing, but plenty of other people were.

    3:07 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    What does a player have to do to not get booe'd?
    Heilman has been a solid reliever for 2 years now! Giving up a homeurn at an unfortute time allows the fans to boo forever. And when he's finally good they wont cheer, they'll just stay silent.
    Shea Stadium is turning into Yankee Stadium with all the knee jerk feelings. It's true.

    3:43 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Preach on brother Benny. 'Tis weird in the stadium these days.

    I know people are frustrate because they like this team, but c'mon.

    4:48 PM

    Anonymous seattle steve said...

    My biggest complaint re: this team has not changed in the last 3 years, they suck hitting in the clutch, terrible in timely hitting,for the amount we are able to hit our BA w/ men on base is terrible and until that improves we will be playing meaningful games in Sept. but not in OCTOBER.

    5:21 PM

    Anonymous tc said...

    The only man who should be booed, and booed heartily is Willie. Other than that, if they suck, just leave early and head home and have a cocktail.

    I love me some Yu as well. I've been reading online that it may cost $100 million ... JUST to post for negotiation rights. That is silly money regardless if he is a #1 starter or not. I mean, Johan got 140$, and he's established as a dominant MLB starter for a number of years. Then again, it's not my cash, so open the wallet again Wilpon (at least my $15 for parking went somewhere).

    Schneider & Church have more than held their own. Pagan is another under-the-radar Omar move that has paid off.

    Dirty will be welcomed to the 'pen with open arms.

    "Of all the things I have ever seen," the Yanks announcers the absolute worst, especially Waldman on the radio.

    6:03 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    But TC it IS your money. They pay more for the team, they raise prices. Their bottom line is soooo not affected.

    $100m for Yu is flat out crazy. Spend $10m extra mill in the draft and int'l over the six years Darvish will be in his first contract and you'll be much better long term for much less money.

    "Of all the things I have ever seen," the Yanks announcers the absolute worst, especially Waldman on the radio.

    I think you forgot the !!!!!!!! after 'seen'.

    Steve, it is clear something has to improve. However, if you look are the league, everything is blah. Who isn't close to .500??? Crazy shit going on.

    6:07 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    As much as I'd rather have another manager, Willie's not the one batting with potential rallies and hiting into double plays in 5 consecutive innings. Damn. They even loaded them again after a DP and still didn't get it done.

    What happened to the team that won that 13-0 game which seems so long ago?


    10:22 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Why is Bannister defying logic? He was absolutely fantastic last season on an awful... AWFUL team. And this season he's proving that it wasn't a fluke.

    He'll have his share of bombs, but I fully expect for him to have a wonderful season for the royals.

    11:25 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Oh, and Benny, you obviously were not around when HoJo was on his last legs.

    This man was one the most popular Mets in the history of this organization. Yet when every club in the National League decided to finally stop throwing him fastballs, he could no longer produce. And if you weren't around to witness it live, no joke. The man just could not hit a breaking ball.

    And there was no mercy. It got to the point where he was being booed as he was walking to the plate. And the fans did this on a regular basis.

    11:36 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    It is not ALL Willie's fault, but he adds to the problems by being inept. He is not the only reason, but a reason and I do not see him as being the right personality to lead this team.

    I have been saying that since day #1 and have never relented.

    Bannister defies logic by possessing such pedestrian stuff. I think we all love the guy, but to say his performance in 2007 and 2008 is expected is just crazy talk. CRAZY TALK!

    Met fans have booing/anger issues.

    11:52 PM

    Anonymous tc said...

    Bannister = Smart

    Simple as that. He knows his stuff isn't amazing; he recognizes he can't beat guys with his fastball, so he outsmarts them and relies on spotting his pitches and off-speed stuff a'la Greg Maddux.

    Mike, they already raised prices to the point where I am immune to feelings. $7.50 for a foot-long hot dog? No thanks, I'll pay $5 for the one that is a couple of inches shorter. $15 to park? No thanks, I'll park in the slums across the street. $7.50 for a beer? No thanks, I'll smuggle Jack Daniels in a soda bottle.

    Stick it to the man that is Freddy Wilpon.

    1:17 AM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

    Yeah me and the stadium food do not mesh. I love ot eat before or just suck it up and wait till afterthe game to eat food.
    I usually eat some food at the Outback Steakhouse on Queens BLVD it is yummy all for about $8. Big ass legit real deal burger with a drink and a side of mash potatoes for the price of one Bubba Burger :-)

    1:58 AM

    Anonymous dang G said...

    Double Willie:

    "We've seen a lot of players come through the pike and do what Pagan's doing, so let's keep this in perspective."

    We have? Way to motivate your team dude!

    "I like Luis in the No. 2 spot," Randolph said. "He's still one of the better No. 2 hitters in the game."

    By No 2, he means hitting like shit, right?

    7:57 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    DG....I just read your post now. I was as appalled. We are on the same wavelength there.

    9:49 AM


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