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Friday, April 04, 2008

Note To Ollie

I briefly went over Oliver Perez yesterday morning, but there was no game today and nothing new has entered my mind regarding the Mets. I do not really care that A-Rod is all grown up these days and realizes he has made mistakes by listening to Boras for some coin, but it actually has a lot to do with this situation that is going to happen between the Mets and Perez.

Could Perez succeed elsewhere? Yes. But for a guy that has gone through some pretty low lows after being arguably the best lefty in the league for a year at such a young age, Ollie should proceed with extreme caution. The Mets are a deep pocketed National League team that is going to have what seems to be a neutral park to go with a pretty impressive foundation of young and extremely talented players. Johan knew that this place sets him up to compile while winning, which players do claim is important, but I have my suspicions.

Will Ollie be in line with Johan's thinking? You hire Boras to chase every last penny and drag out negotiations and this is definitely one of those cases where you kind of get the feeling that things might not actually work out for the player if they leave. Oliver is a great position to really put up impressive numbers as Met while making plenty of money. He is entering his prime years and seems to be putting things back together and the Mets will put up a fair offer for sure. However, the question is, will a few million dollars be more important than being in the right place? Hopefully Perez sees the light.

* * *

  • The Duque update.

    Orlando Hernandez’s Florida State League start is over after five innings. El Duque allowed two runs on three hits while striking out six and walking one. He allowed a third-inning solo homer to Vero Beach Rays first baseman Matthew Fields. I’m told El Duque had impressive offspeed pitches, but his fastball looked offspeed, too.

    His fastball is sitting in the low to mid 80's these days. But you know what? I'm thinking he could be completely mediocre with that the way he changes speed. Fantastic? No. However, as a #3 or #4, he is simply keeping a seat warm. Also, it is possible he can Livan Hernandez light, who also tops out at 85.

    Believe me. I would not want to him starting game #1 of the inevitable World Series trip the Mets will make, but he will be utilitarian.

  • The Mets are eyeballing Claudio Vargas, which gets two thumbs up from me. Also, Nellie Fig might get a chance to stick around a bit longer.

    Just in the last year, Figueroa has been A) the winning pitcher in the Mexican League all-star game last summer, B) the MVP of the Taiwan Series last fall, C) the MVP of the Dominican Series this winter and D) the MVP of the Caribbean Series in January. We guarantee no pitcher in history has ever done all that in fewer than 12 months.

    "He pitched his butt off in front of Omar at the Caribbean Series," says one scout. "And he pitched like that all winter long. I know people see the name and wonder. But you see a guy pitch like that, and you say to yourself, 'Why isn't this guy in the big leagues?'"

    The only problem is, Willie sees him as another arm. Just another pile of poo to toss against the wall in some no doubt poorly chosen situation like say letting him sit for three weeks without pitching and then give him a start.

  • KLaw loves DWright as much as we do.

    Kevin (STL): True or false: David Wright is the best all around player in the NL.

    Keith Law: True.

    Fuck yeah.

    Tyler (Conyers, GA): True or false: When healthy, Chipper Jones is still a better player than David Wright.

    Keith Law: False.

    Ha ha. Douche. Look, they are both amazing players, but can we stop the homerism? Not only is David Wright better now, he is probably better than Chipper ever was at the same age. Chipper hit the bigs for good at 23 and had a 108 OPS+. He followed that up with a 136 OPS+, 199 OPS+, and a 148 OPS+. Wright hit the bigs for good in 2004 at 21 and put up OPS+ of 118, 139, and 150.

    Chipper is already a Hall of Famer and it is crazy to think his injuries have held him back, but he could have been even more highly regarded than he already is. That being said, Wright is looking like he could be even better than Chipper.

    re: david wright: really? not hanley? i know he's got less history but he rakes

    Keith Law: Can't play his position. Hanley is atrocious at short. And the first person to talk about Hanley's and Wright's error totals gets banned for life.

    K-Law loves Sugar Pants, who is made of sugar and spice and everything nice*.

    * Everything nice basically consists of concaine, hookers, whiskey, and beating up people weaker than you and yes, this is a Pozcar

    Tyler (Conyers, GA): How in the world can you say David Wright is better than Chipper when Chipper is healthy? In 2007 Chipper beat Wright in AVG (.337 vs. .325) OBP (.425 vs. .416) SLG (.604 vs. .546) FPCT (.971 vs. .954) and ZR (.797 vs. .771). It is not even close who is the better player when both are healthy and on the field.

    Keith Law: Um, no. Jones has been a bad defensive third baseman for years now, while Wright is among the best. And Shea Stadium kills power hitters. Try again.

    Wow Tyler. That is quite a compelling argument. Actually, not much annoys me more than people who try and argue who is better between two Hall of Famers. I mean, aren't they both pretty damn good? However in this case, you would be hard pressed to find many people who are not biased siding with him.

  • So far, all good stuff buzzing around.

    gmulligan1 (Kew Gdns, NY): Is there any hope at all that Omar Minaya might do some research and take the amateur draft seriously this year?

    Kevin Goldstein: They have a ton of picks this year, and they're willing to spend money -- that's the early word on the streets.

  • Timmy rehashes some bad memories.

    Bannister was just one among many players shipped abroad from New York for no discernible reason in around that time. Relievers Heath Bell, Matt Lindstrom, Royce Ring, and Henry Owens were all cast off that November in deals that brought in four fringe minor leaguers who have since pitched a combined 11.3 innings and taken 27 at-bats in New York, and show little promise of doing much more any time in the future. Casting backward a few months, second baseman Jeff Keppinger was sent off in July, in exchange for recently released second baseman Ruben Gotay; going forward, the streak was capped in December, when catcher Jesus Flores, then 21, was left exposed to the Rule 5 draft, and snatched up by Washington. In retrospect, even given Bannister's strong 2006 and Bell's emergence as a top setup man (last year he pitched 93.7 innings with a 2.02 ERA and 102 strikeouts), the last two of these losses were the most consequential.

    The thing is, I was not horrified by everything. For one, I did not think Bannister was all that good and still remain skeptical despite his gem against the Tigers. Keppinger for Gotay was not horrible, though they just released Gotay. As for Flores, he was an A-ball catcher. I agree with everyone else who says, "well look at the 40 man and tell me you could not find room!" You probably could have, but we all know that every spot on the 40 man roster is very valuable. Not many people have A-ball catchers on there I would presume.

    The moves that went wrong were all, in their way, defensible, but in the aggregate they betray a worrying carelessness and a lack of that knack for picking which young players with long odds of real success will actually succeed that separate good from excellent general managers. The costs are paid in wins, money paid to uninspiring veterans, and perhaps worst of all in cohesiveness. The Mets are, far more than they need be, a collection of bland players in their baseball middle age, who came up elsewhere and will retire elsewhere having made no real impression and done nothing unique. This isn't the worst of all possible situations; but things didn't need to be this way.

    However, what does jump out is the fact that, as Tim said, there was really no discernible reason for the moves. Basically, most of these guys were just people who were already deemed useless and never really got a shot. No matter what popped up, they found person, after person, after person to stand in when these guys could have. So at that point, Omar decided to traded them for people he might like instead. Did they all look horrible at the time? Eh. Kind of looked like spare parts getting spit out, but nothing egregious*. In hindsight, these deals are horrible and worst off, were kind of done peripherally. They were not made to fill any needs, but more or less because Omar likes to make little moves a lot. Sometimes they work out and sometimes they do not. These did not.

    *With the exception of Heath Bell who I backed, and back, and backed, and backed. Actually, 90% of us did and everyone saw his usefulness but the Mets.

  • Gotham goes over the Mets teop ten prospects as BA sees it and I am not agreeing. Well, not totally disagreeing either.

    1.Fernando Martinez – OF
    2.Eddie Kunz – RP
    3.Brant Rustich – SP/RP (above, left / photo courtesy UCLA)
    4.Jonathon Niese – SP
    5.Nathan Vineyard – SP
    6.Robert Parnell – SP
    7.Joe Smith – RP
    8.Scott Moviel – SP
    9.Danny Murphy – 3B
    10.Wilmer Flores – 3B/SS

    After this spring, Niese shoots up the charts to #2 without even thinking twice for me. Kunz is after Vineyard, and just about ried with Rustich.

  • The sky is no longer falling.

    Mets officials believe Pedro Martinez's injury really is a mild strain that will sideline him only until mid-May, so they're not inclined to seek any outside pitching help now. Assuming Orlando Hernandez progresses well during a minor-league rehab assignment that began last night with high-A St. Lucie, the Mets should need just one start from Nelson Figueroa next weekend against the Brewers before El Duque slots into the rotation. In five innings last night, El Duque allowed two runs on three hits, struck out six and walked one while also hitting a batter and throwing a wild pitch.

  • Hmmmm...

    "I love his demeanor, the way he attacks hitters, his intensity," B-Mets manager Mako Oliveras said. "Last year, at the end, I was really proud of Parnell. Hopefully he gets to pitch in the big leagues."

    Parnell spent three weeks in big league spring training before being sent to minor league camp. At major league camp, he got to learn by watching the Mets major leaguers pitch and work out.

    "I got to see how they hold their change-ups," Parnell said. "I'm trying to develop that this year, so I got to see when they were comfortable throwing it, what count they use it in to set up hitters."

    A nice change would make me rethink his ceiling. Right now, he is a reliever, but with a change, he has the arm to be a starter.

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    Anonymous DG said...

    Agree with you that Niese is now number 2 on that list, but one might add as a caveat - and despite my very strong belief that Niese will actually end up pitching in the Mets rotation - that last year we all thought Mike Carp was golden after last spring and now he's DH-ing for the B-Mets.

    But I do think that Ollie is going to be a very tough sign regardless of the very obvious and good point that he would clearly benefit from staying in NY with The Jacket and all. True that Delgado's contract will likely be coming off the books next year and that might free up some change, but I expect they'll try to invest that in a first baseman. I hope he stays though I'd probably get more sleep if he goes; for whatever reason, I have to stay up and watch him pitch when he's going for the Mets. Starting at 1 a.m. Paris time, that can ruin you for the next day!

    Man, Bartolo Colon is throwing 95 in the minors. How nice would it be to be plugging that into our rotation with Pedro out?

    From the Braves game last night:

    The short-handed Braves got creative in an attempt to win the game. Chris Resop started the inning and gave up a walk, a sac bunt and another walk to bring Adam LaRoche to the plate. At that point, manager Bobby Cox brought in Royce Ring and shifted Resop, a coverted outfielder, to left as a replacement for Matt Diaz. Ring struck out LaRoche, and Resop was moved back to the mound, with Gregor Blanco taking over in left. Resop, though, then gave up the hit to Nady that put the Pirates ahead, and Matt Capps closed out the Braves in the bottom of the 10th.

    Like little league but then kind of cool. Think Willie could ever think out of the box like that? I'm trusting you understand that that last question is rhetorical!

    12:51 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Nice post Mike - just what I need on that annoying first off day. I have a bunch of thoughts, but would love to focus on what you were saying about Omar, because I think it is forgotten way too much.

    I'll be the first to admit that Omar lost a few useful players last year, but that's where it ends for me. Flores, Bannister, Bell, Lindstrom, Owens, and Keppinger. Of those guys, Bannister is the only one who would be anything more than a backup / last reliever out of the pen for the team in the next 3 years. And if you look a bit further, you can at least see the reasoning behind these moves.

    - Flores was an A ball catcher; not only would the Mets have had to keep him on the 40 man last year, but for the next 2-3 years until he was ready. He was also coming off an injury. Frankly, if you're a team trying to win a World Series during that time frame, that's an investment you just can't make. You need that spot for emergencies, flyers on veteran pitchers you might need, etc.

    - Bell was 28 years old and did not mesh with Peterson by all accounts; at best he would have been the 7th guy in the pen, and he was out of options. Get something for him while you can, unfortunately for us the guy we got has been wrecked by injuries, and Bell's numbers are inflated by PETCO. Whatever.

    - As to the rest, Omar basically traded Bannister, Owens, and Lindstrom for Vargas, Bostick, and Burgos. Bannister and Vargas were each young starters with a smattering of success in the majors coming off an injury, but Vargas was 2 years younger and lefty. Lindstrom and Burgos were guys who could hit triple digits sout of the pen, but Burgos had two years of major league success and was 5 years younger. Owens can bring it but is nearly 30, while Bostick has heat, is lefty, and still has a chance at starting. Keep in mind Burgos was decent in the Mets pen until he was hurt (same ERA as Lindstrom), and could still be a big part of the future plans. Look it hasn't worked out, and yes I think Bannister, Bell, and Lindstrom gets us into the playoffs last year. But looking at the whole picture, they traded a few useful "now" guys for "future" guys with a much higher upside.

    Those are Omar's bad trades. His good ones? How about Maine and El Duque for Kris Benson? Ollie, plus Kunz and Moviel through the draft, for Mike Cameron. Stealing Delgado for (essentially) Mike Jacobs. And obviously stealing Johan. Those are franchise builders.

    All I'm saying for those who would criticize Omar (not you, Mike) is please keep the big picture in mind. GM's will make good trades, GM's will make bad trades, and all you can ask is that the good trades outweigh the bad ones, and Omar's ledger is far, far, far into the plus column.

    As for the draft, it's not that the Mets don't go over slot. They went over for Pelfrey, plus last year with Cole Abbott and Robert Carson. The "problem" is Omar loves relievers (especially hard throwers), and once he's out of the first round, he can't resist those guys. Really, you can see the same thing on the major league level, as the one indefensible move last year, and I think it cost the Mets the playoffs, was signing Mota and keeping him all year.


    1:16 PM

    Anonymous tc said...

    "I would not want to him starting game #1 of the inevitable World Series trip the Mets will make, but he will be utilitarian." - And you called me the jinx!

    Being a Gm of the Mets is a lose/lose. For every great move you make, there's a less important bad one that drives everyone nuts and causes fans to harp on it.

    Come draft time, I foresee the Mets taking the Tigers route and taking the best available guy regardless of price, which is what they should have been doing for years.

    Can't wait for Johnny Maine tonight.

    1:46 PM

    Anonymous gbaked said...

    one thing I have noticed about omars trades... he tends to send the fridge players, the guys that people say "they need a change of scenery", to teams that are very good for them to succeed.

    Minus the flores and gotay (because they were grabbed... in situations where odds were we were gonna keep them... also, this is a situation where having all the media hurts us) the guys that he traded all went to the perfect situation.

    Bell is perfect for the west coast, in petco, for a team that knows how to handle a bullpen.

    Owens and Lindstrom, guys with lots of question marks, went to a team that takes chances on cheap ?.

    Bannister went to a no pressure situation where he would have a chance to start everyday. very nice for a guy who never had good "Stuff".

    even in Canada, when he traded cabrera to boston where he went on to win the WS (am I remembering that right? wasnt there really no reason to make that trade?)

    While it doesnt say much for his business practice, it does say alot about his character...

    idk... maybe I am reading into it too much, but i think Omar generally cares about his players future.

    1:55 PM

    Anonymous gbaked said...

    btw... its friday... screw grammer

    and LMillz also fits into that scenario nicely.

    1:58 PM

    Anonymous tc said...

    NY Post:

    Gotay appeared to blame Willie Randolph for that decision based on how he responded when asked about seeing the Mets' manager this weekend.

    "I'm not going to go out of my way to talk to him," said Gotay, who had tears in his eyes last week when told he was put on waivers.

    He's hitting a walk-off at some point against us. It's a given.

    This picture off MetsBlog has me excited:
    Sorry I don't know how to embed that. But the stadium behind left field looks awesome, and '09 can't come fast enough to be sitting in some new shiny seats.

    2:18 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    remember when bell was roller blading to spring training. that must have been his downfall in willie's eyes.

    how awesome would it be if the mets won the next 20 games in a row, and then fired willie anyway?

    4:04 PM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

    Who knows with Oliver Perez but the brightside to everything is that at the very least the Mets aren't the Marlins or Twins and can sign him if they really want to. Remember Omar only shy's away from shitty and mediocre players. His track record from Pedro and Billy Wagner shows that Omar gets it done.

    People are talking about El Duque's fastball like it matters! LOL! he isn't Mark Woehlers, his whole schtick is based on throwing loopy, cartoony, crazy breaking pitches.

    I like Claudio Vargas but I must mention again, I really like Figgueroa, his control is very nice, I like the fact he can spot his pitches. He's effecctive and he has a rubber arm. All those appearences in the Winter Leagues, came on like 2 days rest and he pitched one one day rest for the championship game.

    * Everything nice basically consists of concaine, hookers, whiskey, and beating up people weaker than you and yes, this is a Pozcar,and you can't forget about Bacon Vodka.

    Why do people have competitions regarding "Who's better?" Can't we just enjoy Chipper Jones and David Wright playing baseball? Like... why does Tyler from Conyers, GA have to get soo pissed off? Relax homeslice!

    Yeah that Jesus Flores thing is just INEXCUSABLE! Just not a smart move on any level. He was kept off for 40 man for JASON STANDRIDGE! Who was released in like February before spring training even began!
    Although I must say, he is not ready behind the plate. I was watching him yesterday and he's a mess back there. I mean one of the main reasons the Phillies won is because of Flores' shitty defense, he allowed a ton of passed balls. Speaking of that Phillies vs Nationals game, Ryan Howard sucks donkey balls on defense, MY GOODNESS! Anyone who complains about Carlos Delgado needs to sit down for 9 innings and watch Ryan Howard botch play after play.

    Eddie Kunz sucks.

    I like Ruben Tejeda!

    hink Willie could ever think out of the box like that? I'
    Rather then wonder if he would, I would just like to know Willie's reaction to something like tha. His head would probaby explode.

    5:11 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    DG, Mike Carp is not Golden? In Niese's defense, he had far fewer holes and question marks than Carp.

    How can you not love watching Ollie. Ollie kicks ass. An Ollie jersey needs to be on my back, but alas, it might be only useful for one season.

    Colon throwing 95? No way. Uh uh. I don't believe that shit.

    Rhetorical question noted and we agree.

    ube, you are right on and that thought process went through my mind at the time, but looking back, it seemed like undeeded tinkering, which is never good.

    As for the slot, it's going over slot later. Not the first round. Later...that has killed them.

    tc, I am not able to jinx. I'm not sure why, but I can say those things...you however, cannot.

    Willie treats some players like shit. He's a player's manager if that player is 'his guy'. That is obvious to me.

    gbaked...I do not think he is heartless, but the question should be, why do so many guys need a change of scenery? If they can be successfull anywhere, why not for the Mets?

    how awesome would it be if the mets won the next 20 games in a row, and then fired willie anyway?

    My dream scenario.

    5:21 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Ah, bacon vodka? Inexcusable on my part.

    The Flores thing is excusable. I don't care what anyone says. Impossible to know that would have happened and worked out!

    5:24 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    Mike... Jason Standridge.

    5:41 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    What? On the 40 man? It doesn't matter. 40 man spots are valuable. To put a non-ML contracted catcher in A-ball on there for three or four years is nuts!!!

    5:47 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Or fired Willie and then won the next 20 games!


    10:07 PM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    When Colon was being treated roughly by the Yankees in a ST start (he didn’t last one inning) it was noticed by the Yankees announcers and Joe Girardi that Colon was throwing hard (94 mph fastball). The Red Sox sent him down to build up his lower half of his body as well as arm strength. He still has to be considered fragile, handle with care, but it looks like Theo has done it again.

    Cox’s deployment of his pitcher to the outfield and then back to the mound again is not new. I remember Davey Johnson making similar moves.

    Bell’s minor league peripherals seemed to suggest success in the major leagues but the way he was used made that all but impossible. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason to Willie’s handling of him and Bell was not put in a position to succeed. Bell also didn’t have a strong relationship with Peterson and based on what I have read it appears that if Peterson has a shortfall he is somewhat pedantic and not flexible in his approach.

    3:08 AM

    Anonymous seattle steve said...

    B.Bannister did not have the measurables that Omar likes, which is to bad, because the kid is a Pitcher not a thrower (who we traded for)who is now injured. Since the pressure is always "to win now" pitchers like Bannister have to produce now in a big way or they become another "trading chip". I'm kind of glad we have no more"chips" ( F. Mart excluded) so the kids on the farm can show there stuff.

    11:59 AM

    Anonymous seattle steve said...

    A side note... I caught the Yankee games yesterday,go Rays, and the announcers on the NO Network were terrible... Kennedy got lit up and they were apologists the whole game.

    12:07 PM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    A funny thing happened on the way to the Cy Young or it happens every ST.

    While there is no way of projecting a season’s performance based upon one game it is also not possible to do likewise based upon ST stats. All I kept on reading was how Maine was going to win 20+, win a Cy Young and is the best pitcher on the Mets staff. While Maine may very well be in the CY Young competition and may very well win 20+ games (I doubt it) he has a snow ball’s chance in hell of being the best Mets starter with Santana around. Every year fans become excited or depressed based on ST performance when they should basically ignore it. It is not a precursor of what to expect in the regular season.

    5:47 PM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    Wow, what was Willie’s thought process in letting Sosa pitch to Johnson? Of course I assume that Willie has a thought process.

    6:58 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I'm glad I fell asleep and missed the end.

    Let's hit them hard Sunday and leave them hitless.

    I still hate Chipper Jones. We might as well let him hit off a tee.


    12:00 AM

    Anonymous DG said...

    Anyone know if there was a pitcher (Feliciano) warming up when Sosa was supposed to pitch to Kelly Johnson last night?

    1:13 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Is it September or April?

    2:48 PM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    Is it September or April?

    Silly me. I forgot that games lost in April only count as half games in the standings. My bad.

    2:54 PM

    Anonymous DG said...

    Only half games in the standing... Sounds like the Clinton argument against caucuses!

    Teams awfully flat today...

    3:15 PM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    The club looks flat because of their tepid, by design, personality. Most of the characters on the ’86 team would not be tolerated by present management.

    Tough loss for Santana pitching without his best stuff held a very strong Braves’ lineup to only one run and that was a gift.

    The normal platitudes about it being early, no team ever went 162-0, etc. etc. does not apply here because the Mets need a good start to exorcise the ghosts (real and imagined) of last year’s collapse. The last thing this club and our beloved manager need is a bad start and the media and fans exerting pressure on this team and saying it’s a carry over from last year. A good start sends a message that this is a new year and last year was an aberration.

    6:11 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Glad to see things have not changed since 2007. I was afraid that our offense would finally come through in key situation when facing quality teams.

    Silly me!

    Oh and just in case nobody here knew, the Braves line-up from top to bottom is so much better than the Mets.

    Can't wait to see our boys underperform against the Phils. Afterall, the Phils do need a wake-up call in this early season. And who better to provide this wake-up call than our beloved Mets!

    Cause that's how they roll. Share the wealth... or in this case, the misery.

    6:51 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    The Mets are NOT goig to underperform against the Phillies.
    The Mets just faced Hudson and Smoltz in Atlanta, they're now going to face the likes of Jaime Moyer, Kyle Kendrick, and Adam Eaton.
    Meanwhile the Mets are throwing out Oliver Perez, John Maie, and an automatic loss. The Mets will win 2 ot of 3. These are the Phillies, who over the past forever, have only been good against the Mets for like 9 games. Lets get real here.

    It's early, the Tigers don't have a win yet, the Orioles, Royals, and the Marlins are all in first place, and Kenny Lofton hasn't even been signed, MUCH LESS BEEN TRADED! It's early.

    8:35 PM

    Blogger Anthony said...

    "Meanwhile the Mets are throwing out Oliver Perez, John Maine, and an automatic loss"...classic.

    I am concerned about the way this team is looking. Very flat and zero urgency. I think this comes from the manager. The whole "we'll be all right, we'll get them tomorrow" bullshit. I don't think he knows how to make these guys realize they actually need to give a shit and that they haven't done anything in the last three years. F that. If this team is at .500 or less on May 1, I want Willie gone, adios, see ya, later.

    9:56 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    It sucks to lose any game.
    And like mentioned above, all the games count the same no matter what the month it is BUT again, it is early.
    The Tigers STILL havn't won a game and although they're not super human like most "experts" expected them to be, they're still pretty good.

    Also, the Braves are pretty good, we cannot lose sight of that. I personally picked them to win the wildcard.

    I hate Willie Randolph.
    I also hate the fact that fans/people are like "oh Willie has nothing to do with the bats being dead, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH" but I will ALWAYS stand behind the fact he NEVER should have been hired in the FIRST PLACE!!!

    11:33 PM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    I saw an interesting fact at ESPN the other day. It appears that no team in the history of baseball has ever won a pennant after losing their first five games of the season. So, perhaps, the Tigers are in more trouble than they realize.

    It’s important to beat the Phillies and dispel the notion they are the Mets “Daddy” this year.

    I’ve been sick with the Flu so I was in the perfect mood to troll at Metsblog today. There was a free for all divided among those fans who rationally worried about some of the Mets problems and dislike Willie, those who were irrationally depressed and obsessing over the teams performance and those “Sunshiners” that believe all is well, the sun is shinning, the birds are singing and are so taken aback by the other posts that they personally attack all other posters they do not share sexual escapades with. So until they stopped my posting I agitated every one of them especially the “Sunshiners.” These “Sunshiners’ act like an internet police and try to ban any other viewpoint that they do not agree with. I cannot understand why some posters take criticism of a team, its players and management so personally. Perhaps they are related to the team but most probably they didn’t take their Prozac today.

    12:35 AM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

    I used to love metsblog, it was possible to have nice debates on players and who to acquire and then too many people signed up and it ruined everything.
    I don't even read the comments anymore, I just read Cerrone's regurgitation of news and links.
    It's not fun on metsblog, those people are dumb.

    2:19 AM

    Anonymous DG said...

    In slight defense of the Mets, I will note that the Braves basically have two pitchers, Hudson & Smotz, and they faced both of them. Still, the manner in which Jose, Castillo, DW & Beltran played automatic out yesterday was disturbing. I agree that Willie is not functionally adapted to the makeup of the team but would rather not live through the bad ball that gets him the hook. Got the rumblings of anxiety this weekend and hadn't realized until then the extent to which the collapse percolates through my inner psyche.

    That said, Smoltz brings it at 95 consistently yesterday and throws five good innings of a genuine pitchers battle. Santana did not have his best stuff but, in the words of the immortal Art Howe, he battled.

    Just those four innings of nothing Braves relief that get to me! ...

    6:36 AM

    Anonymous ossy said...

    holy shit i fucking hate willie randolph.

    9:36 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Hudson and Smoltz is rough. They Mets lost against two pretty good arms and I am not all that upset about it.

    That being said, the Sosa/Johnson match-up is just silly. Feliciano should have been in there, but Willie has a new favorite.

    12:38 PM

    Blogger Anthony said...

    I was also wondering about why Feliciano wasn't in there. They didn't use him at all this week. Very confusing.

    Hudson/Smoltz is tough. But so is Maine/Santana. Really not good to lose both of those games. To do nothing in the last four innings against there bullpen was ridiculous.

    I just thought these guys were going to come out with a fire and intensity from the start that would blow people away. It was an average week at best to start out. Not good. Reyes is really bumming me out. Seems like more of the same from last year. I can't figure out what is happening to this kid. He should be a monster and he just isn't doing what he's capable of. Very frustrating.

    They need to take 2 of 3 against the Phils or this is going to get very interesting quickly with the Willie status. I think his ass is on the line big time and he will start feeling the heat quickly if they lose this series. As DG said, I would much rather not have Willie to get fired because that would mean they're playing good ball. I don't want to see the ugliness that will have to ensue in order for him to get fired.

    1:11 PM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    I was also wondering about why Feliciano wasn't in there. They didn't use him at all this week. Very confusing.

    It is best not to try and make sense out of Willies moves. It’s just Willie’s gut being Willie’s gut.

    2:44 PM

    Anonymous ossy said...

    i see us gettin shut down by smoltz and hudson...

    omg bobby cox put his two best pitchers in position to face the team that he foresees as his main competition this summer? what a novel idea!

    he even decided that an game in april is just as important as a game in sept because a win is a win and sometimes *gasps* teams lose divisions by even one game!

    holy shit! what a novel idea?! bobby cox's gut must be using performance enhacing drugs like common sense!

    3:12 PM

    Blogger Anthony said...

    Very true 2B4. Will save a lot of stress and time in my life if I don't try to figure out what Willie's thinking.

    3:13 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    bobby cox's gut must be using performance enhacing drugs like common sense!

    Haha, very nice. Doesn't it suck toh ave such an idiot at the helm for the Mets? :-(
    Omar Minaya hiring Willie is deffinitly the un-sung, "Worst Move" he's made. Een worse than the Heath Bell, Brian Bannister, and Lindstrom deal, is the hiring of a man who has never ever had experience managing any team at any level, not even Little League.

    3:31 PM

    Anonymous ossy said...

    its not even funny.

    the fucking turd shouldve set up perez to pitch against the braves and maine for marlins/philly. with the rain out he shouldve pushed santana to open up tomorrow. of course he doesnt do that and we get pelfrey against philly. thats an automatic loss and who knows how perez is gonna react in jam packed shea. but the fucking turd will push back santana so he can face ben sheets this weekend.

    WTF? i rather have a lobotomized art howe than this piece of shit.

    PS. isnt it funny that yankees pilfer our old players/managers and turn it into all these WS titles while we do it once and it cost us lord knows how much.

    gary carter anyone?

    6:03 PM

    Anonymous tc said...

    No words needed for Willie. If they're sub .500 on June 1st, he's done for. Funny how MetsBlog's approval rating dropped to something like 55% today after the 2-3 start. They're drinking Metropolitans kool-aid.

    The whole team still seems lifeless. At this point, if I don't see Jose dancing or high five rituals after big plays, nothing is helping them unless Keith Hernandez comes out of the booth with bricks of 100% Colombian pure.

    I'm driving home from Maryland this weekend just to go see Johan. Him vs. Sheets is going to be enjoyable; combined, they've let up three runs in 4 starts.

    Bold prediction: Johan on 5 days rest against a free-swinging Brew squad in his first start at Shea -- 15 k's!

    12:55 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Yep, it's still September. After we sweep Philadelphia, it'll be May.

    But what do I know. I am just one of those Mets fans not considered a real fan by Willie.

    There was an interview with Willie when the Mets opened in Florida. The interviewer commented on how there were a lot of Mets fans rooting for the team. Willie responded that he couldn't wait to get back to NY where "our real fans are."

    No offense to the majority of you. You are real fans, but so are the rest of us living in Florida, Cincy, France, Korea.

    Fuck Willie Randolph.


    1:27 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    He should go back where his real fans are.

    1:28 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    sorry and Seattle and elsewhere....

    1:28 AM

    Anonymous DtotheMFingG said...

    What the fuck is a Rickroll? The guy is a total homer:

    ...posted by Matthew Cerrone...
    So, FARK and DIGG rallied their troops, and got 5 million people to vote for Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up in the team’s eighth-inning sing-a-long contest.
    Instead of declaring Astley the winner, the team will hold a live, run-off vote.
    Tomorrow, during the eighth inning, they’ll play Never Gonna Give You Up, followed by Living on a Prayer on Wednesday, I’m a Believer on Thursday, Movin’ Out on Friday, Sweet Caroline on Saturday and Build Me Up Buttercup on Sunday.
    …i actually like this solution…instead of just ignoring the FARK.com results, which are very real, Rick Astley and their efforts are recognized…however, as it was explained to me by the team, knowing full well that only a small, small percentage of those 5 million votes came from actual Mets fans, by playing the top six songs at Shea, the team can now gauge how their own, real fan base takes to each tune based on audience participation, which will ultimately determine the stadium’s new sing-a-long song…
    …the funniest part about this entire thing is that, i never, in a million years, thought i would dedicate this much time and space to Rick Astley on MetsBlog.com…and i laugh every time i write his name…well played, FARK…well played, indeed…this may be one of the biggest Rickrolls ever…

    11:34 AM


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