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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

What, Me Worry?

It is early. We know this. Well, some of us know this. The only thing that is being reinforced for me early in the season is that I do not like Willie Randolph. Other than that, nothing is really all that apparent. As of this morning, the Mets were tied with their two biggest rivals.

The Marlins are running away with the division with their stellar undefeated record on the road, but I am not all that concerned right now. I certainly am not ready to say Beltran is 100% right just yet, but it is too early to call the Mets listless and uninspired. I am also not ready to say that Atlanta's manhandling of the Mets means anything. I mean, the Mets faced Smoltz and Hudson, which is not fun at all.

On the bright side of things, Church, Beltran, Wright, Schneider, Pagan, and Delagdo all look good at the plate. Their ISoD as a team is .069, which is rather impressive. Jose has not looked good at all and has yet to steal a base, but again, it has been five games. Personally, I think the Mets have looked decent so far. Nothing spectacular, but nothing that really raises any caution flags, with the exception of Willie continually saying some of his guys are spare parts to the media. Everyone that is not relaxed, relax. 

* * *

  • Is everyone five years old?

  • Pedro is going to start his rehab at Port St. Lucie. Actually, his rehab sounds more like a relaxing vacation.

  • Huh, what?

    "When you start the season, I try to get my guys to stay small and not try to get too big, especially the big boys who are accustomed to hitting home runs," Randolph said. "For guys like that it's good just to start small and as you get more comfortable open up. It's a good approach, but we have to get the big knocks, too."

    That was very John Madden-esque in terms of the contradictory statements.

    "You gotta play small...except when you gotta play big...and if you are playing big....you cannot play small. But when you are playing small....you cannot play big."

    "At the end of the day as a hitter you want to execute and you want to execute well," Delgado said. "Whether it's small, patient, staying behind the ball, using your hands, it's all the same. All you want to do is get that feel that you're in a hitting position before the ball gets there."

    Now that is a statement I can get behind. What you have to do is try and hit like your normally do and do it fundamentally correct. If you do that, good things will happen.

  • The D-Backs are locking up Chris Young. They are looking to structure it similar to the Tulowitzki deal, which makes sense. I think Troy is a good comp for this deal and it is certainly nice to bypass the messiness of arbitration. However, if the deal is only five years, then it doesn't make tons of sense if it does not buy out at least one year of free agency. I would assume it did and added on an option, but we shall see.

  • I hope Boras keeps flapping his lips. Flap, flap, flap, flap, flap. Then maybe the Mets can catch a big time pick late in the first round.

  • I can only dream I have a weeding this fun.
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    Blogger AE said...

    "I can only dream I have a weeding this fun."

    whether that was intentional or not, it's all types of funny.

    1:14 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    That's right Mets Fans! You boo those Philly trainers! Hell while you're at it, boo the bat boys too! They suck!

    1:26 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Ha! Fucking Weedings are my favorite.

    Philly fans should not complain about anyone getting booed. We know their history.

    1:29 PM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

    Spending night in jial with the new wife only kicks ass if you share the same cell. If you share the same cell, that's sexy. It's almost like a porn fantasy. Although the cops tased them and that's not fun.

    WIllie Randolph is a fucking idiot, I hate him soo much. It's getting worse as times goes by and that's not good.

    You know I was thinking about Chris Young the other day and if he was on the Mets. You think Met fans would be patient with him? The guy plays gold glove caliber defense out there and hit 30-30 in his first major league season BUT he had a bad average. You think Met fans would have given up on him?
    I think they would have, I mean these are the same people that wanted Milledge gone despite being one of the youngest major leaguers for two years at 21 and 22 years old. I hate some Met fans as well too, they're idiots.

    I was sad to see Tom Glavine pitch an amazing game against the Rockies yesterday, what the hell was that all about? ALthough it was good to see the Braves lose.

    I like Scott Boras as much as I hate him. He's such a genius but such a dick too.

    1:32 PM

    Blogger metsfanincincy said...

    I was wetting myslef when Lidge was on the verge of blowing that save yesterday. Speaking of Philly fans, that would have been the beginning of the end of ol' Brad. He'd be sitting in a pool of tears by the end of April.

    Willie's an idiot.

    1:34 PM

    Anonymous tc said...

    It should be obligatory to end any post here with a snippet of Willie bashing.

    Boras, like his NFL counter-part Drew Rosenhaus, are absolute dicks, and that is what makes them awesome at their jobs.

    Citi lookin good over the LF/CF fence; knocked down Wright's blast though.

    Willie blows.

    1:48 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Benny, at least Glavine lost. That's all you can hope for. He will have his good days for sure....

    RE: Chris Young...I think so because he is exciting. Check out what Reyes did and his .300 OBP...people were patient.

    Lidge is going to blow up. We all know this and it is just a matter of time. But any blowing up he does will be cancelled out when Willie gains an unhealthy love for a reliever and keeps sending him out there no matter what.

    Obligatory or prerequisite?

    Boras plays chicken with teams. Simple as that and he won't bluff. He'll just take his player down with him.

    2:40 PM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

    Angel Pagan's at bat music?
    The theme to Indiana Jones, now THAT is badassed!

    Oliver Perez, despite his troubles in the 6th, has looked really good. No extra base hits against him!

    3:05 PM

    Anonymous Pavan said...

    I hate Willie Randolph... the double play should've been made, but why the hell was Show in prior to Ryan Howard?

    Mike, I am finally totally bought into the fact that Willie Randolph sucks ass. I never liked him much, but now I want his ass out of New York.

    On a better note.. that wedding article kicks ass. All weedings should aspire to be that much fun.

    3:34 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Pagan is a gamer.

    Pavan, Willie still does not quite get when Schoe should be used. He thinks he should be able to handle both righties and lefties. Although, maybe he wanted to turn Rollins around or something and doesn't Utley (a lefty) hit before Howard? I have no looked, but just what might have been the case.

    Weedings rule. It is that simple.

    3:48 PM

    Anonymous tc said...

    Where in Jesus' name is Pedro Feliciano?

    Willie's like fucking clockwork. He puts the same guys in, and they blow 2 run leads by walking guys as Willie sits with his useless smirk. He's like the baseball version of Isiah Thomas.

    Sloppy defensive plays, shitty bullpen work, and a team that zapped all the energy out of the crowd. Willie and his mustache have to go back to the Bronx and far away from my team.

    Fuck. I'm so mad.

    4:28 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...



    4:53 PM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    Déjà vu all over again. This game is so reminiscent of the games the Mets lost to the Phillies last year. The Phillies have become the Mets’ Daddy. Once again the Mets can’t touch the Phillies putrid bullpen while the Mets bullpen gets lit up by the Phillies. The amazing part is it’s the same guys, Schoe, Sosa and Heilman. Last year the excuse was that they were tired. What’s the excuse this year? If you look at this year as a single entity then its only 6 games into the season and it’s just a loss, But if you include last year what you see here is a continuation of a pattern.

    If the team appears listless it’s because they were built to be that way. They don’t embrace the excitement and exuberance of youth. They don’t embrace players with a swagger. The do embrace the DL. :)

    4:55 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Now the sun is rising here after watching another September game here in April.

    Too bad I didn't fall asleep.


    4:57 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    tired of Willie

    4:58 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    "The Mets are NOT goig to underperform against the Phillies. The Mets just faced Hudson and Smoltz in Atlanta, they're now going to face the likes of Jaime Moyer, Kyle Kendrick, and Adam Eaton." – Benny

    How's that workin out for ya?

    Repeat after me: Carbon copy of last season

    It simply does not matter whom this line-up faces on a game by game basis. If the meat of the order can not string together a few decent innings each game, then rallies will continue to be non-existent on this team.

    How many times must we refer to this team's offense as "inconsistent"? I don't think ANYBODY here (including myself) expects hits from the top five every time they come up! Just be more consistent. And for God's sake, can someone come up with a clutch hit?

    And I don't wanna read any comments on 'well, it's still early'.


    Our club continues to get out played by their fiercest division competitors. And so far, I hate to tell you, it's lookin a whole fuckin lot like last season never ended.

    I'm not jumpin off any bridges. I would just like to see the team I root for play solid baseball like the over-paid "professional" they claim to be.

    5:04 PM

    Anonymous Danny said...

    We flew out to the fence 6 times. The Phillies get every break and take full advantage of every mistake the Mets make.

    It's beyond frustrating.

    And Feliciano better be hurt. Or Willie should be fired immediately.

    5:10 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    If Feliciano is not hurt, I think this may be the moment I am finally vindicated! How can you deny Willie's ineptness? Sosa has become the Mota of 2008 and Willie will keep going to him because "he has to get him going". I thought Mota was supposed to be the long man?

    5:49 PM

    Anonymous sdanzig said...

    Here's what I'd like reports on:

    The American League
    Progress of minor leaguers
    The upcoming draft
    Pictures of Citifield
    The reaction to the biggest Rickrolling ever

    That's about it :)


    6:18 PM

    Anonymous tc said...

    Mike writes about the progress of our minor leaguers often; he frequently posts quotes from Neyer and the rest of the big prospect forecast guys. Citifield pictures? www.stadiumpages.com -- they update them almost weekly. Aside from that, I think it's pretty mixed up over here being that it's a Mets blog.

    And about this Rick-roll nonsense, the Mets need to be a little more concerned about the product on the field than the product off it. No one gives a shit what song they play in the 8th inning if they're losing games they shouldn't be. every year since Who Let The Dogs Out, they play some god-awful song that's supposed to get the fans amped up. Know what amps me up? Good defensive plays. A bullpen who doesn't consist of Scott Schoenweis and Jorge Sosa. Jose Reyes stealing bases. And Willie Randolph buried under the Citi Field Fan Walk. Things of that nature.

    The Mets marketing department is a complete and utter joke, and every single last employee from within it ought to be fired and never offered a job ever again.

    Know what would make me happy? Not hearing Rick Astley. Not hearing that "My Season Has Arrived!!!!" And most of all, not hearing Willie Randolph's b.s. after every game about how they'll go out there and try to play better tomorrow.

    The loss today has really soured my optimism. Hopefully tomorrow Maine turns it around and restores some confidence.

    7:08 PM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    Willie exonerated.

    From Adam Rubin’s blog:
    Pedro Feliciano was unavailable because he arrived at the ballpark in the seventh inning. Feliciano had permission from the Mets to go home to Puerto Rico for a family issue after Sunday’s game in Atlanta. His 6 a.m. flight from San Juan to JFK was cancelled, and he had to be re-routed through Orlando. Mets security picked him up at the airport, but couldn’t get him to the ballpark in time to contribute.

    BTW Rubin also writes:
    Orlando Hernandez’s comeback has been sidetracked by more discomfort in his right foot. He was in New York today for an MRI.

    This fascination with ancient players has got to stop. Do the players have to be of the same generation as the manager?

    Rubin also writes:
    Not too somber a Mets clubhouse following the 5-2 Phillies win. But on the outside, amongst the fans streaming out of the stadium, there was a cheer that maybe only Isiah Thomas would appreciate: “Fire Willie!”

    12:06 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    It'll still be at least 4 days before we see Feliciano.

    12:15 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I laugh because the way Lohse pitched his first time out, he could have one won of these games.

    12:17 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Any word on Castillo?

    12:18 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...




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    12:23 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

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    12:26 AM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    Luis Castillo said his knee injury is unrelated to his October surgeries, and simply tightness related to the cold. He came out as a precaution and expects to be back in the lineup as soon as tomorrow.

    Brian Bannister beat the Yankees tonight. He has now pitched 12 innings and surrendered 7 hits, 2 earned runs, walked 4 and stuck-out 10.

    12:29 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    A team of ex-Mets could beat us now.

    Probably even those not currently playing.

    12:42 AM

    Blogger Itsmetsforme said...

    i don't really entirely blame willie for the last two games. This team has no heart. But willie bashing is so much fun.

    willie blows so bad, derek jeter wouldn't even give him herpes.

    2:57 AM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...


    4:47 AM

    Anonymous Fire Chillie!!!! said...

    Refrained from posting yesterday. That awful sinking feeling, what YB called déjà vu all over again. What a fucking pigfuck of a game.

    Then to read this morning that Chillie dug into Perez for the loss when ultimately it was his decision to go to the pen in the sixth inning. Perez did a good job but was clearly struggling in the sixth; the difference between that one out was the game at the time, and I fully supported the idea to go to Smith. So, then shut the fuck up, Willie. That was your move and the right one. You were leading 2 - zip after six, and the difference between his last start (when he threw six) and this one was a meagre out. Your problems didn't stem from there.

    The Mets look 100% pussy whipped over the last three games. I don't get the impression that Willie is ever going to get a fire under these guys. It's a good team, dare I say a great team, but laissez faire just ain't gonna do it with this bunch.

    Feliciano's absence yesterday hurt, no doubt. But bone headed bullpen management is more the issue when it comes to Chillie. I'm still confused as to why he let Sosa pitch to Kelly Johnson with the bases loaded in Atlanta. Chillie seems to operate on the seniority system, and Shoenough has seniority and nothing - really NOTHING! - else.

    And think back to Ruben Gotay's dig at Randolph and extrapolate. The Mets suddenly need Gotay back, and I'd gladly trade Brady Clark's walk and pop out for a second baseman around now with Castillo's knee acting up so quickly. Management shows no confidence in younger players with no draft pedigree. Look around the league and look at how many Mets rejects are playing somewhere else.

    Pelfrey tonight so an automatic loss. And yeah, it's like fucking September in April! Already "Fire Chillie" chants at Shea... It could get ugly. The team needs to sign a starting pitcher and better be willing to think proactively. Those bland stay the course banalities that come out of Chillie's mouth should have nothing to do with this team.


    11:37 AM

    Anonymous tc said...

    Ironically, I said yesterday that I was, "Tired of Willie's b.s. after every gay about how they'll go out there and try to play better tomorrow."

    This is an exact quote from his post-game press conference: "You know, we’ll get ‘em tomorrow."

    Go figure.

    If Pelf and Maine can't stop the bleeding vs. Kendrick and Eaton, God help Willie. DG hit it on the head: they have a laissez faire attitude, and in a division where laissez faire drops you out of the playoffs when you're up 7 with 17 to play, it's unacceptable.

    I'm past the fact Willie sucks. Him managing this team is like being diagnosed with a terminal illness -- you make the best out of whatever time you have left. I'm more bothered by the lack of emotion from the players themselves. While I at first agreed that the Phils shouldn't be talking brawls, maybe it's necessary? If that's what it takes to get everyone going, by all means, start throwing some punches.

    I know it's early, but after the end of last season, you'd think there would be a little fire within the clubhouse, but right now, it's just doom and gloom all around. And when that spreads to the fans so that after game #6, there are "Fire Willie" chants, they're digging a very deep hole to climb out of.

    11:54 AM

    Blogger Sidd Finch said...

    I like Scott Boras as much as I hate him. He's such a genius but such a dick too.

    Better to be a dick than a willie!

    12:35 PM

    Blogger Anthony said...

    This team has no fire. That is due to the manager. No one slams their bat down in anger after a strikeout. No one flips out over a bad play. I was at the game yesterday. Badass seats right behind 1st base. On the Delgado fuckup on the double play throw. After he did it, he literally had no expression. None. That is what I'm talking about. They just don't care that much. These guys right now are a bunch of primadonnas. Beltran, Delgado, Reyes, Castillo. They think it's just going to come to them and that they're "too talented" to keep on losing. It's a complete continuation from last season. This attitude comes from the manager who is at the helm.

    Willie needs to be fired immediately. Not only for all his in game fuckups. But for the way he has this teams attitude. They are flat with all attitude like they are owed something. They are getting their asses kicked by the Phillies and Braves. They have not beaten the Phils since June 30. INSANITY. That team wants it WAY more than our team. This blows. Hate it.

    We need a Lou Piniella, Ozzy Guillen, Bobby Valentine type manager to come in and just stick it right up these soft players asses. This is a joke and an embarrassment. Somebody needs to take the attitude that if you don't play for me the way I want you to play for me, you're out. We'll find someone else that will play hard and do all the fundamentals that matter to get the job done. You need to give a shit. I don't think these guys care that much. I've had enough. Willie has to go. His whole attitude has infected the clubhouse. It's a disaster.

    I'm in a bad mood over this. It's 6 games into the season and I'm in a bad mood. Ridiculous. Pisses me off.

    1:18 PM

    Anonymous Fire Chillie!!!! said...

    I'll admit that it's a totally odd word to use from a fan's standpoint, but it's just a feeling of utter helplessness. There's nothing WE can do about it obviously, But what feels and seems so obvious from the outside is invisible to the guys inside. Someone needs to incite these guys. Fans booing won't do that.

    Shit, when the Mets sucked in the 70's and you knew that the Mets would lose just about every day (and the only excitement whatsoever was that maybe Kong would hit a homerun), it was easier than watching this bunch. It was fun. This is just ponderous!

    1:51 PM

    Anonymous whozotnext said...

    I think that the bullpen is still feeling the psychological effects of Willie having burned them out by August last year and the resultant collapse. It was clear from some of the quotes that did slip out into the press that there's very little love for, or confidence in the manager out in that 'pen.

    And I don't blame them.

    3:00 PM

    Anonymous tc said...

    Via Hale in the Post:

    "The Mets New York Mets are the frontrunners to sign free-agent right-hander Claudio Vargas to a minor-league contract, and a deal could be done as early as tomorrow.

    Vargas' signing becomes more important because the Mets announced today that Orlando Hernandez Orlando Hernandez has a strained tendon in his right foot and will be in a boot for at least two weeks.

    Vargas was released in March by Milwaukee but has a history with Omar Minaya, who acquired him with Montreal in 2002. Last season, Vargas, who turns 30 in June, went 11-6 with a 5.09 ERA in 29 games (23 starts) with Milwaukee."

    Tonight's the night Pelf, or you're back to AAA once Vargas gets a couple of starts down there.

    5:40 PM

    Anonymous DG said...

    Vargas may well need a couple of turns in the minors before he gets the call, but Pelf will end up at NOrleans, mark my words. I'd sign Tejada as well if we get the chance, though Adam Bostick may surprise all of us and force his way into the picture.

    6:04 PM

    Blogger Sidd Finch said...

    At least Vargas is still less than 30. Come to think of it, then why are the Mets interested in him?

    Joe Posnanski on Brian Bannister today:

    — oh yeah, Banny. He’s now 2-0 with a 1.50 ERA, 10 strikeouts in 12 innings and ESPN is “projecting him” to go 46-0 with a 1.50 ERA, 231 strikeouts, 93 walks, 278 innings and 0 home runs allowed. I may be jumping to conclusions, but I’m betting right now that if he does that he wins the Cy Young.


    6:25 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    The tide is turning...can you feel it?

    8:46 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    It's good to see the Phillies playing well again.



    8:49 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Utley and all the writers obsessed with him and already claiming the 2008 MVP for him can suck on Mike Pelfrey's slider.

    9:36 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Six runs by Colorado off James in the 3rd: Rockies 6-1 Braves

    9:39 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Ummmm, it is never OK to have love for Scott Boras. You don't have to think he's the anti-christ like some people do, but you can't like him. Sure, maybe a 50-50 prospect "falls" to the Mets and we get the chance to pay someone who may never play in the majors $10M. But, I'll give 3-1 odds that Boras gets Perez a $75M deal from someone like...the Rangers. You know that's his advice to Perez right now. It all comes down to whether Perez is smart enough to tell Boras to go scratch. No, no love for Boras from here.

    Nice start by Pelf tonight, way better than the numbers. First off, the panic was palpable and he acted like an ace. Got an inning-ending double play which Reyes badly botched, keeps himself together and gets out with only one run scoring. Lefties killed him last year, and he more or less owned Utley and Howard tonight. If Reyes turns the DP and Utley is punched out in the fifth on that slider, Pelf is throwing a shutout through 5 with only about 75 pitches...

    Needless to say... if he can go 10-10 with a 4.50 ERA this year, that would be so, so huge for this team.

    Signing Vargas gets a muted "yeah" in my book. I really can't be that excited about signing a starter not good enough to make the Brewers, can I? Still, depth helps.


    12:49 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    It's Lima time here in Korea. Now...can I be bothered to go see him pitch..hmmm.

    Can't imagine Jose L on the kimchi and rice diet. He's probably having kalbi every night.


    10:59 AM

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