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Monday, September 29, 2008

Placing the blame

As the dust settles and I begin negotiations with the devil to acquire opening day tickets for next year, I think its time to look at the top three reasons at why this team failed.

1. Willie Randolph:  Willie was a burden on this team. He represented the collapse in my eyes and was pretty much the worst manager I have ever seen in a Mets uniform (1994 – present).  A mistake was made when it was announced that he would be back in 2008. He gave us 69 games of management that would eventually cost the team its playoff hopes.

2. The Offense:  This team scored 4 or runs in 78 games this season.  They scored a grand 183 runs in those 78 games. That translates to 2.3 runs a game. In the remaining 84 games, they threw 616 runs on the board. 

They scored a bunch of runs but were just frustrating considering the talent they had. It is understandable that you are not going to hit the ball hard every time out, but some consistency would have been nice. The main culprit of that is obviously Carlos Delgado. Jose Reyes was guilty of it in April. Beltran had a down month. Wright was erratic.  Castillo, Alou and Schneider/Castro were essentially worthless. David Wright was also atrocious at times, just not over long stretches.

3. The Starting Pitching: This may surprise many but the starting pitching was actually worse than the relief corps. Outside of Johan Santana and Mike Pelfrey, no starter was consistent this year. Maine and Perez took substantial drops in performance and their 5+ inning outings were frustrating. Pedro gave you a high wire act every time out.

The biggest factor in having an effective bullpen is limiting its use. We saw too much of Pedro Feliciano, Scott Schoeneweis and Joe Smith.  The starting staff did not give the Mets enough innings and it came back to bite them in the ass.

Most people blame the bullpen, but I really cannot get mad at them. Wagner, Sanchez, and Heilman were all hurt. Feliciano, Schoeneweis, and Smith were out there just too damn much. That adds up to a bad pen. Sure they pissed us off and were hated but they were not in a position to succeed if you really think about it.

Minaya deserves some blame but this team had enough talent to win. He did not add anyone in the pen, but besides Chad Bradford, I cannot think of anyone who was moved. Maybe Ayala was all that he could land on.


I think it is done and settled with… Carlos Delgado cant hold Ryan Howard's jock strap.


I am officially rooting for a Dodger-Red Sox World Series.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blame goes to everybody. I can't type anymore on this. See my last comment on the prior post Mike made.

Bottom line: Blame goes to everyone in this organization. From top (owners) to bottom (bat boys).

That's right! Get rid of the bat boys! Their attitude sucks!

Seriously, major changes need to be made. Oh, and enough about Randolph. Please. He's been gone for months now and he aint comin back.

Please. Stop talking about him because he has nothing to do with the fact that in September (again) this team choked like fuckin dogs.

2:41 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, and GO RAYS!!!

2:43 PM

Anonymous benny said...

Everyone is to blame. Everyone but Johan Santana can be blamed to an extent.

As far as the bullpen goes, everyone is to blame. Feliciano, Schoenweiss, Stokes, Ayala, Heilman, EVERYONE except Joe Smith NEEDS to go. Blow that shit up and start from scratch.

People also need to stop this Mike Francesca "get rid of Reyes and Wright" stuff. That's just retarded. I won't even begin an argument/debate on that, its just stupid. Yeah lets get rid of the top players in thier respective positions! That's the answer to the problems!

But jeeze, NO accountablity? AGAIN? That's what's been bothering me.

2:50 PM

Anonymous benny said...

Oh and Ossy, Dodgers- Red Sox World Series?

Tampa Bay Rays all the way man!

And I will say it now, they will make it to the World Series. I'm not sure if they're going to win but... they will be in it. They'll be facing the Cubs.
The series will go 7 games.

2:51 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Exactly. No fucking accountability.

I mean cmon, Jeff Wilpon, what the fuck are you smokin? Overachieved?


So with that kind of rationale, then you can't raise ticket prices for next season in the new park.

Right? Because according to your dumb motherfuckin ass, the team you and yer pop paid for consists largely of bums who were lucky to even get as far as they did.

Right? RIGHT?!?

Please, for the love of all that is holy and sacred, sell the team. Just sell it.

2:55 PM

Anonymous seattle steve said...

On Wed nite when the murph opened the bottom of the 9th with a triple and we did not score to win the game, I turned to another station and told the misses the season is over... we are a team that can "load the gun" but can't pull the "trigger".
I agree 100% that the starting pitching except for a few exceptions got to there pitch count way to soon... we spent way to much money on Castillo and should of gotten Eckstein to give this team some backbone.
I realize we won 89 games but 93 wins was the magic #, the pitching staff needs to be rebuilt...I hope Maine is not damaged goods and is loss for next season, blow up the bullpen...
WS... Cubs (I'm a Lou fan)v The Rays( gotta give kazmir and the Glassman some love)

3:42 PM

Anonymous Orangeandblueblood said...

I had the same reaction to Game 3 against the Cubs. After Wright's pathetic AB and the inability of anyone to rise to the occasion and drive in Murphy from third it was clear this team would do just a little less than what was needed to make the playoffs. I think Wright and Reyes are great complimentary players but they are clearly not Ryan Howard or Jimmy Rollins. The Mets young future crumbles under pressure, the Phillies' embrace it and produce. Two years in a row leave little doubt. I wouldn't look to trade either but if a great offer was made I think it has to be considered. More likely the Mets need to add a hitter that thrives on being the pressure situation hero. Manny fit the mold, but would be a nightmare in LF, maybe Maglio Ordonez. Church needs a righty platoon mate because he was worthless against lefties. I hope the Mets let Perez go and find someone more consistent (Derek Lowe for instance). Perhaps Blanton would have been a good idea after all. No team in their right mind will take Castillo so the Mets are stuck with 3 more years of $6M/yr black hole in the line-up and no range at 2B. As for the bullpen, looks like Omar fell in love with the catch lightning in a bottle approach and it exploded in his lap. Start from scratch. Good call last off season Omar. The only way the Mets make the playoffs next year is if Minaya is fired and a new GM that is free to scrap Omar's bad moves comes in. Otherwise Omar will not owen up to the bad deals and just tweak the pen and hope for luck from the baseball Gods. If the Wilpons want to win it starts with releasing Minaya. It's time for a fresh start.

4:18 PM

Blogger oSSyCoCoTaSo said...

Wilpon prolly read my earlier post and agreed! this team did overachieve to an extent! how often do you see a managerial work? hahahaha

smith held righties to a .193 avg and .583 OPS

schoeneweis held lefties to .178 avg and .516 OPS

feliciano held lefties to a .210 avg and .573 OPS.

I would like to think that heilman and Sanchez can perform well when not injured.

besides, who do bring in? anyone worth bringing in is gonna cost a fortune via trade or precious draft picks.

You cant say forget willie. he factored in this season. a september win is the same as an april win in the standings. he lost us alot of games.

4:22 PM

Blogger oSSyCoCoTaSo said...

no minaya = more wilpon influenced decisions

kazmir? following the draft salary slotting?

every gm makes bad moves. find me one who hasn't. omar has made mistakes but he has done well here.

4:26 PM

Anonymous Gehoff said...

The Phillies were the biggest chokers in baseball until last year. Rollins may have "clutch leader" status now but for years was just a mediocre player with talent. Reyes and Wright are both better than him. Hopefully as they mature they'll develop into some sort of leaders too but I dont ever want to see either traded. And Ryan Howard sucks. I'll admit he gets some big hits but he is not a good hitter or fielder and that ball park seriously juices his numbers.

5:03 PM

Anonymous DG said...

I blame Obama and the Democrats for this failure. Of course this is not the time to ascribe blame!

While I agree that the starters were inconsistent outside of Johan & Pelf, there's just no way to claim that 30 blown saves didn't outsize those inconsistencies.

Manuel completely changed the clubhouse culture, but even he knew that the pen was a crap-shoot that the team was more likely to lose. I do think that his lineup over the last two games was pretty stupid, sacrificing good pitches to the Murphy's and Evans's and allowing teams to pitch around Wright.

In the end that failed Wright at bat against the Cubs was probably the final blow. I still cannot believe that Murphy didn't make it home and Shea quake under the sheer excitement. They ripped our hearts out one too many times.

Overachieved? I think half of me agrees and half of me doesn't. I don't think it's because of Wagner so much as a host of inherent weaknesses to a roster with a very strong core. Omar has his work to do, that's for sure, but imagine how much worse it would have felt had not Pelfrey finally arrived and Daniel Murphy saved leftfield's spot in the batting order.

5:49 PM

Anonymous tc said...

In 1969, the Mets won because of a full team effort. From the top down, they eminated hard work, determination, and a no-lose attitude.

In 1986, the Mets won because they put together a core of players that did everything right. From Gooden and Darling in the rotation, to a 'pen of McDowell and Ojeda, they had solid pitching. They had superstars that led (Keith and Carter) and dynamic youngsters who wanted it just as badly as the 15-year veterans (Doc and Straw). But most of all, they went out every day and played their fucking asses off. Dykstra, Mookie, Teufel, Backman -- those were the guys that made that team.

Most of all during those two tenures, the Mets had an inspired fan base. The same principles applied to a team in 2000 that went to the World Series with an outfield consisting of Timo Perez and Jay Payton.

It isn't the names or payroll that advance through a postseason. Ask the Cardinals. Ask the Rockies. And get ready to ask the Rays and (possibly in 3 innings) the Twins.

When I look back upon the last three seasons, all I see is a bunch of individuals. Tom Glavine? Billy Wagner? Carlos Delgado? Luis Castillo? Carlos Beltran?

Not one time did one of those men step up and do anything to make this team better. They put up fairly good stats all year, appeasing upper management. But when it came down to it, not one stood up and did one fucking thing to make this team competitive.

The culture of this organization sucks. The Mets need a Pete Rose. They need a Gary Carter. They need a Cliff Floyd or a Jason Varitek -- guys who stand up and put people in line and keep the clubhouse in order.

Instead, we got a bunch of overpaid millionaires that leaked everything on earth and bitched/complained to the media constantly, and broke the hearts of millions of Mets fans.

Not one time in three years has a pitcher thrown at an opposing batter to stand up for teammates. It took two and a half years for a manager to actually get thrown out of a game to rally the troops.

The same principles that destroyed the 2000 team -- WHINY VETERANS -- destroyed this one. Kazmir left because of Leiter and Franco ... Milledge was sent packing because some old fuck didn't like him slapping high fives. At this point, you give me a Lastings Milledge or a Mike Jacobs any day of the week. They may not be as good as a Church or a Delgado, but they fucking play their asses off and want nothing more than to win. Look no further to the Marlins celebrating on the field after the Mets last out (conveniently made by Ryan Church).

As much as I dislike the Steinbrenner family for being the antithesis of what is right in the world, the fact that NO ONE IN THAT ORGANIZATION would allow what happened here to go down is a blatant, valid face. Unlike the Steinbrenners, the Wilpons cash out; they are content with saying, "Oh well, we tried. At least we overachieved and made it to game 161!"

Sorry Fred, and sorry Jeff Wilpon (whom my level of hatred for equals Lions' fans distate for Matt Millon), but almost doesn't cut it when you are pricing out the average fan next year. You want to overachieve? Make ticket prices the same as they are in Baltimore ($5 Fridays).

I'm disgusted to be a Met fan today. Disgusted. I'd rather lose and have a team I enjoyed watching, then get to the point we have during the last two seasons.

How do you fix this situation? I don't know. Time will tell. But two things need to happen. 1) a clubhouse overhaul, and 2) a change in organizational thinking.

7:07 PM

Anonymous Will said...

Thanks TC. I'm too disenchanted right now to write anything but you've said it all.

I remember watching those 86 Mets. They picked each other up. Even when they were behind there was just the feeling that they would come back and get it done. I rarely had that feeling with this team. What's worse, when they had big leads, I never felt like they'd last and that somehow, the other team would come back and make it close. Watching this kind of team year in and year out is going to cause an increase in strokes. I'm not going to watch in 09 if it's the same old story. It's not fun. 1983-85 were fun and there weren't any playoff winners among the bunch but the attitude was there. One could feel without a doubt that the winning season was coming.

I don't feel that and haven't felt that for some time. Just a lot of uncertainty and inconsistency.

9:49 PM

Blogger metsfanincincy said...

"I think Wright and Reyes are great complimentary players but they are clearly not Ryan Howard or Jimmy Rollins. The Mets young future crumbles under pressure, the Phillies' embrace it and produce."

Wow. I can't believe I'm reading stuff like this. The Mets young future = David Wright will be 24 years old and Jose Reyes will be 25 years old when the 2009 season starts. The Phillies "young future" = Ryan Howard-30 years old and Jimmy Rollins-31 years old when next season starts. Think about that, please! DW and JR are fucking KIDS still. How great will they be in 3-4 years?! To put things in further perspective, Ryan Braun didn't even make the majors until he was the age that DW is NOW. Most players don't even make it to the show until they are the ages that DW and JR are NOW. Daniel Murphy is a (potentially) great complimentary player. Ryan Church, the same. But DW and JR? Fucking STUDS that are going to get better and better. Enough complaining that our 24 year old superstar didn't come through in the clutch. He's fucking 24!

Listen, I hated watching this team give it up over and over again this season. That moment where Murphy hit the 9th inning clutch leadoff triple against the Cubs was beautiful, man, and the events following it were attrocious and painful to watch. But I have faith that any team that has the young core that the Mets have (DW, JR, John Maine, and Big Pelf), a Stud Ace (Johan), and a guy like Belran has hope for years to come. Get a solid innings eater and a #5 and get some decent bullpen arms and this team will be fine.

8:16 AM

Anonymous Danny said...

I think Wright and Reyes are great complimentary players but they are clearly not Ryan Howard or Jimmy Rollins. The Mets young future crumbles under pressure, the Phillies' embrace it and produce.

You have got to be kidding me with this. And what are their respective ages?

As much as the team's failures kill me, the notion of placing a disproportionate amount of blame on the players on this team who are actually great is what bothers me more.

Never lose sight of the fact that Reyes and Wright are 25 years old. 25!

8:18 AM

Anonymous Danny said...

Oh, and I love you Mike, but to blame the starting pitching over the bullpen is absolutely insane.

The Mets' starters had the 3rd most IP in the NL. The bullpen had so many appearances because they couldn't get anybody out so somebody else had to be brought in. Get some guys that can throw a full inning and you would be very pleased with their usage. The pen needs to be blown up. Pronto.

8:22 AM

Blogger metsfanincincy said...

OK, DW will be 26 next (not 24) next season. But still, I stand by my words. He will only get better. When DW peaks Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins (not to mention Chase Utley) will be old.

8:53 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the modern era, our focus on reaching the postseason can approach tunnel vision, so I think it's worthwhile to consider some context. For the second year in a row, the Mets will have a better record than an NL division winner. The combination of small divisions, an unbalanced schedule, interleague play, and a wild card create a lot of fuzziness about the term "better," the same way that three levels of short series can confuse people about "best." The Dodgers are five games worse than the Mets by record, and worse than that if you take caliber of competition into account. They're being celebrated thanks largely to the inability of their four opponents-by-dint-of-geography to assemble a team capable of winning 85 games. The Mets, or for that matter, the Yankees, didn't have that luxury.

12:42 PM

Blogger almar said...

"The culture of this organization sucks. The Mets need a Pete Rose. They need a Gary Carter. They need a Cliff Floyd or a Jason Varitek -- guys who stand up and put people in line and keep the clubhouse in order."

No coincidence that ever since Cliff Floyd left, the Mets have wet their pants down the stretch twice.

I have been saying for the longest time the culture and personality of this team has to change from what it is now. I foolishly gave the front office the benefit of the doubt that after last yea they would address that. Guess not. So going onto 2009, I have no faith that they will address this in the off-season, or that they are competent to field a championship team. I will believe it when I see it.

What little street cred they had left with the fans after 2007 is now gone.

8:13 AM

Blogger almar said...

There needs to be an edict in the clubhouse and for all personnel in the front office. No more sound bites that proclaim the Mets to be "the team to beat" or "a play-off caliber team" before or during the season.

It is apparent that this team,...this organization,...is none of the above, nor has been none of the above the past two years, and does not deserve tbe label.

And enough with the silly, non-sensical, minor-league, crappy themes from the marketing division. Unless next year it says something truthful like "The 2009 Mets. Folding like a cheap suit", we don't want to hear anymore.


8:19 AM

Blogger almar said...

I disagree that Wright or Reyes should be traded simply because it is difficult to replace that production in a team that needs to find production in LF, 2nd base and 1b.

That being said, Wright needs to get his shit together. he is quickly (and fairly) beginning to get a rep of spitting the bit in high octane pressure situations. Whatever he has to do to resolve it, resolve it NOW! Perhaps the pressure should be taken off him by the fans and the media by not making him out to be some leader of this team. Maybe he really is not a leader type. Leaders happen naturally, not forced and we may be forcing it on a kid that is not meant to be one.

Regardless,…whether it be therapy, psychiatry, religion, voodoo, whatever,...he needs to get over it. Otherwise, for all the numbers he will be putting up year-in, year-out, he will have a rep that will be difficult to just shrug off.

Time to grow up, be a man and grow a pair David. Your "woe is me" routine after you cough it up, is wearing a bit thin.

8:27 AM

Blogger Sidd Finch said...

In 1969, the Mets won because of a full team effort. From the top down, they eminated hard work, determination, and a no-lose attitude.

In 1969, the Mets won because they had 3 starters who totaled 750 innings pitched, with something like a 2.8 ERA between the three of them. And when those guys couldn't finish, they had Ron Taylow and Tug McGraw to finish the job.

In 1969, The Mets had 4 players that hit over .270. Their team batting average was .253, and that's including Cleon Jones' team record .340.

The Mets team leader in HR and RBI in 1969 was Tommie Agee, with 26 and 76.


Oh, and a complete collapse by the Cubs. The Mets went from 9.5 games behind to 10 games ahead in six weeks.

10:44 AM

Anonymous Scott from Peekskill said...

Great to have you back amigo!

I am officially hoping for a Dodgers - Devil Rays (yes the Devil should still be in the name! Damn bible bashers!) With the Devil Rays winning it all. Furthermore, I want a 10 year stretch of Yankee obscurity! Just like the 80's!


12:51 AM

Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

Just thought of this... My biggest complaint over the years has always been settling for the mediocre guy when the impact guy would "only" be $3-$5million more.
So with that in mind, lets look at Oliver Perez, he made $6.5 million this season. He's expected to make, what? $10-$12 million over 4 years or so.

CC Sabathia made $11 million this season. I mean, I have no idea how much he's going to end up getting but a fair guesstimate would be $15-17 million over 6 years or so. Which is VERY similar to what Johan's contract situation.
CC is a year younger than Johan but a year older than Perez but is a HUGE upgrade over Perez. So for an extra $5million or so, would it be worth it to go after CC Sabathia?

This whole time I thought it was dumb and would never happen and thought whoever reccomended that is living in la-la land and think there are infinite funds BUT when put into that perspective comparing Oliver Perez and CC Sabathia, it makes a little more sense, looks feasible, and in my opinion doesn't look so far fetched anymore.
Hopefully Omar is thinking this way and deems it worthy, I certainly do.

1:40 PM

Anonymous DG said...

Benny, wrote this @ Delcos's house as well, but you are underestimating how much CC Saathia will cost. That throws off the argument by a lot. I'd love to see them go for him. Ultimately, however, the money's probably better spent on a closer.

4:12 PM

Blogger Anthony said...

It seems there's a lot of chatter that the Mets are going to go after CC. Makes a lot of sense in a lot of ways. I don't want this team to turn into the Yanks. But the reality is they are going into a shiny, new stadium where they are going to make a SHITLOAD of cash off of that stadium...all the luxury suites and triple uptick on ticket prices. They do own their own cable tv network that they make a SHITLOAD of cash off of that as well. So why not make CC a reality. They payroll was at around $137 mil this year with about 30 dropping off which put them at 107 payroll right now. It should not be out of the equation to think they bump up to $150 mil for next year. That is exactly a 10% increase. Is that asking too much considering all the hype on the new park? I don't think so. If that's the case, the Mets have about $40 mil to work with. That covers CC at $18 per, K-Rod at $15 per and leaves an extra $7 mil to play with thru acquisitions and trades.

Getting CC AND K-Rod takes this team to an entire new stratosphere. Tell me Johan, CC, Pelf, Maine, fill in the blank is not the most badass rotation in baseball. Add to that a shutdown closer in the 9th that's BETTER THAN WAGNER. It's a no brainer. Do it.

We have power bats already in Wright, Delgado, Beltran along with Reyes lighting things up. The Mets could use more gritty hard ass role players (ie: Backman, Dykstra, Mookie, Teufel, Hojo from the 80's). Not gaudy number guys (we already have those), just solid players to replace left field, 2nd base. That can be done. I love the rumor of taking on Eric Byrnes for Castillo. Byrnes is the kind of player I'm talking about. 110% everyday to compliment our stars. Maybe Daniel Murphy in a platoon at 2B or outfield. Adding guys like Byrnes and Murphy into the mix gets it done fairly cheap (about 5 mil after trade of Castillo). And those players will leave it ALL on the field.

So the point being, I'll take CC/K-Rod all day long and so should the Wilpons. That would get this team A LOT closer to the promised land than landing another big bat.

It can be done.

4:33 PM

Blogger Anthony said...

Oh, and one more thing. CC, K Rod means no depletion of our farm. No trades.

4:34 PM

Anonymous benny said...

DG, am I really underestimating what he's going to make?
I mean "asking" for a certain type of contract is very different than getting it.
Carlos Beltran's 10 years $200 million turned into 7 years and $120 million.

Although with more teams possibly being involved, maybe your right. If Sabathia requires more than Johan, I'll pass, no doubt.

DOdgers winning 6-0 right now all I can is... fucking Cubs, lol

11:21 PM

Blogger oSSyCoCoTaSo said...

when healthy, you can argue that the dodgers have the best line up in the playoff.

CC sounds good and all but I've just seen him go out two years in a row and yuk it up. i dont know if he'll work out here.

11:28 PM

Anonymous department of self serving references said...

Suppose I should put off launching the Ambiorix Burgos Fan Club until next week...

9:07 AM

Anonymous tc said...

Front office lowballing Jerry. Offering 2yrs at 1MM per. Jerry wants 2MM.

Lennon in Newsday says maybe the Mets turn to Bobby V. if negotiations falter with Jerry.

Call me crazy, but I wouldn't mind that.

CC? Sure! At least my hard earned cash pissed away on season ticket money (again) will be going to a good cause instead of into the Buy-Jeff-Wilpon-Shiny-Things Fund.

9:26 AM

Blogger almar said...

"Front office lowballing Jerry. Offering 2yrs at 1MM per. Jerry wants 2MM."

Is Jerry insane??!

He should take the 1MM and leave it at that. To ask for 2MM for being an interim manger who did a good (but not great) job when they fell short, and for a coach who has been on the front lines for the last two collapses,…is just plain crazy.

I hope the Wilpons use what little good sense they have left and tell Jerry to take it or leave it.

Then again, perhaps Jerry saw how the Mets ownership does not hold anyone accountable, and figured this was his best shot at being overpaid.

9:43 AM

Blogger Sidd Finch said...

Suppose I should put off launching the Ambiorix Burgos Fan Club until next week...

I guess that makes the Bannister deal a total zero.

Hey Mike, that Dodgers-Red Sox thing may be a reality!

3:56 PM

Anonymous tc said...

Can we post a new blog entry: Picking Up The Pieces.

It doesn't have to have any content, but it'd be a wonderful forum to post responses to outrageous hot-stove rumors such as this:

Yankees get: Carlos Beltran.

Mets get: Robinson Cano, Jose Veras (or Brian Bruney), Ian Kennedy, some other prospect and cash.

This is actually a posting on Metsblog.com, Waswatching.com, and even Neyer from ESPN devoted an Insider blog post to it.

Thank god Abraham had this to say: "Presumably, this trade is contingent on Omar Minaya smoking a lot of crystal meth and the Wilpons spending a weekend out of cell phone range. Why the Mets would trade an All-Star caliber switch-hitting 31-year-old center fielder for a second baseman coming off a bad year and assorted spare parts is uncertain."

12:14 PM

Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

When I saw that trade proposal, I couldn't even get words out of my mouth. I just a goofy face while shaking my nead "no" violently.

12:53 PM

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