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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Philly Making Power Moves?

There have been many, many acts of futilty throughout history born out of desperation. It is inevitable. You can either go down quietly or you can try and do something....anything. To me, it is sort of admirable the way the Phillies decided to 'go after it'.

I know this all sounds petty and irrational being the Phillies run differential is 39 runs better than the Mets, but I am a believer again. The Mets are a juggernaut and have finally started clicking and the Phillies could not just stand idly by and let the Mets blow past them. They had to take action immediately.

Joe Blanton may be an innings eater and hat has value for sure, but his 77 ERA+ and the overall negative trend of his career leaves me not all that concerned. He peaked in 2005 and has been either slightly above or slightly below average since with a his worst season yet in 2008.

The beauty of it all is that Brett Myers and Adam Eaton have basically just been as bad as he has so he basically gives them no discernable upgrade unless of course he turns it around and becomes league average again....dare to dream Philly fans...dare to dream. I mean, sure this helps and they dealt from a position of depth, but you will excuse me if I yawn this one off.

* * *

  • Pedro gets pushed back and I really do not expect much from him the rest of the way. He has become extremely fragile since joining the Mets, but Tony Armas can probably hold the five spot good enough for the Mets needs.

    Overall, Pedro has been really bad so it is not like there is that much to replace.

  • Strangest quote...

    Manager Jerry Manuel characterized Church's situation as "kinda ticklish," referring to the effects of the concussion Church sustained on May 20.

    Kind of ticklish?

  • The man speaks the truth.

    Before he became aware of Hernandez's premature departure, Manuel reiterated that El Duque would be hard-pressed to displace of the regular starters.

    "I wouldn't take any of those guys out," Manuel said. "It's gonna be tough for El Duque."

  • Fun facts from Buster....

    Batters with highest percentage of working into hitters' counts (min. 200 PA):
    Albert Pujols, 33.3
    Ken Griffey Jr., 32.6
    Pat Burrell, 28.8
    Adam Dunn, 28.5
    Ray Durham, 28.0
    Jayson Werth, 27.9
    Chipper Jones, 27.7
    Nick Swisher, 27.4
    Jim Thome, 27.3
    Jason Giambi, 26.9

    Batters with lowest percentage of working into hitters' counts (min. 200 PA):
    Alexei Ramirez, 8.2
    Ivan Rodriguez, 8.5
    Miguel Olivo, 9.2
    Joey Gathright, 10.3
    Clint Barmes, 11.1
    Erick Aybar, 11.3
    Carlos Gomez, 11.3
    Corey Patterson, 11.3
    Jason Bartlett, 11.7
    Hunter Pence, 11.8

    Pitchers with highest percentage of working into hitters' counts (min. 300 PA):
    Oliver Perez, 27.6
    Phil Dumatrait, 26.5
    Daisuke Matsuzaka, 25.6
    Miguel Batista, 25.2
    Tom Gorzelanny, 24.7
    Dana Eveland, 24.5
    Andrew Miller, 24.5
    Doug Davis, 24.4
    Seth McClung, 24.0
    Barry Zito, 23.8

    Pitchers with lowest percentage of working into hitters' counts (min. 300 PA):
    John Lackey, 9.2
    Ervin Santana, 10.2
    Kevin Slowey, 11.8
    Greg Maddux, 12.0
    Joel Pineiro, 12.0
    Dan Haren, 12.3
    Andy Sonnanstine, 12.3
    Justin Duchscherer, 12.5
    Carlos Silva, 12.6
    Paul Byrd, 13.1

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    Anonymous ossy said...

    no suprise whatsoever to see ollie there.

    if mr. 0-1 aka todd zeile still played, he'd be there too.

    lackey is the effing man. save the pennie's for him omar!

    12:27 PM

    Anonymous seattle steve said...

    mea culpa... i was a seller less than a month ago and now?????.... i feel we should hold the line and stick with what we have and not stop the progress of what we have on the farm????
    The key to me is the health of D. Easley... once he went down the team went with him ( last year), he can play the infield and outfield and his bat is always there in the clutch, if Church can get the headaches under control we will be fine.

    12:37 PM

    Anonymous tc said...

    Kind of ticklish?

    Sort of like breaking it to your girlfriend that you've been banging her sister.

    I was sad for a while, but these last 10 have me smiling like a little schoolgirl bitch.

    Joe Blanton? Fuck him. The Phils gave up their #2 and #4 best prospects and another one to boot. Being that the Phils system is so much "better" than the Mets' (relatively speaking) -- I'll equate the prospects they gave up to Guerra and Mulvey prior to the Johan trade.

    Hmmm Guerra and Mulvey for Joe Blanton?! Sweet deal Gillick, you got fleeced. (I know that Gillick dealt position guys, but the principle works)

    I can't wait for next week when the Phils come into Shea and we beat the piss out of them.

    1:15 PM

    Blogger Anthony said...

    Wow, look at the amount of confidence that is just SPEWING from us Mets fans! "can't wait for next week when the Phils come into Shea and we beat the piss out of them". "The Mets are a juggernaut". "hold the line and stick with what we have". Amazing what one month will do in baseball. That's why I love this game. You never have any clue. These are good times that we need to savor right now as we know it won't last forever.

    But what was up with Santana last night? Yikes. That being said, I think the team could be poised to win the next three and make it 13. Maine is very due for a solid start, Ollie is smoking right now and Big Pelf is now Big Pelf. The Reds suck. It's a perfect storm to break the franchise record.

    Joe Blanton to the Phils, Richie Sexson to the Yanks...those are some mighty big power moves.

    Pedro, damn. We've all come to the realization that it's pretty much over with him. Almost three years of sucky. Major drag. It's been a very ticklish situation of late.

    I believe the Mets are 18-9 now without Willie. Revel in his embarrassment. He was George W of baseball. Cocky, arrogant, stubborn, clueless, no facts to back him up asshole. Thank god he's a "Yankee again". Good writtens.

    1:49 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Ollie...and Gomez. Gomez is a hacker. He needs to cut that down to take his game to the next level.

    That 2b looks good, though really not something they needed. Even so, needed or not, Blanton is not worth much.

    Point taken Anthony...but 10 games!!! FIRST PLACE!!! The Phillies are in trouble and the Mets pitching has been so good man. It is all about the pitching, which we all thought would be good. If that keeps and and there is no reason to think their 1 through 4 won't, jeez...

    It's been a very ticklish situation of late.

    You know I'm going to beat this to death right?

    Everything is no longer 'sugary', but 'ticklish'.

    You are spot on in regards to Willie.

    3:01 PM

    Blogger Anthony said...

    Ticklish is now it until something else takes over.

    3:18 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I think that might game over, no?

    3:27 PM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

    I think its a decend trade for Philly. It certainly improves them. But by how much? Who knows.
    Joe Blanton in 15 innings against the Mets has a 0 ERA with 10 K's.

    Does Buster's list of lowest percentage of working into hitters count, surprise anyone?
    Just full of straight HACKERS! Carlos Gomez, Pudge, Corey Patterson, jeese.

    4:30 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Benny...it does improve them.

    But it is ticklish to assume it is by anything much. Hear me out.

    The Philly bullpen has been lights out.

    Blanton, Eaton, and Myers are all sub-80 ERA+. You want innings from your starters, but 5.5 vs. 6.5 won't make a whole lot of difference for 60 games.

    So, you save the bullpen, what...12 innings in the 2nd half?

    Furthermore, that bullpen has been lights out and will pitch LESS to give sub-average pitcher MORE innings.

    The math is all fuzzy, but I think many will overestimate his importantance.

    4:51 PM

    Anonymous Danny said...

    Santana's declining peripherals are not ticklish.

    The dude is great obviously, but... I would like to see some stabilization sooner than later in year 1 of 7.

    4:58 PM

    Anonymous gbaked said...

    There are many players who dont do as well their first year in NYC. Its just alot to get used to. Especially coming out of Minnesota. Which may be the opposite of NYC.

    While I have faith that Santana will improve as the season progresses... I think he will be much more comfortable next season, which is why his end of the year numbers come october should not be the end all be all of our opinion of him.

    5:30 PM

    Anonymous ossy said...

    u would think that blanton would have a deflated ERA pitching in that stadium. the assumed era drop that people predict going from the AL to NL will be negated by the fact that he's gonna pitch in a pretty little league field

    5:41 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    10 in a row = resubscribe mlbtv


    8:07 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    Jake, are you going to unresubscribe to MLB.TV now that the streak is over?

    1:19 AM

    Anonymous tc said...

    These next three at Shea are going to be fun ...

    7:47 PM

    Blogger Sidd Finch said...

    Hmmm Guerra and Mulvey for Joe Blanton?! Sweet deal Gillick, you got fleeced. (I know that Gillick dealt position guys, but the principle works)

    I heard rumors that Gillick is going to go back to Seattle at the end of the year and be president of the Mariners.

    Kind of like the Ron Francis to Pittsburgh Penguins trade.

    10:23 AM

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