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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I Talk Prospects to Ignore the Pain

Jim Callis talks top 10 and I talk prospects so I can ignore the bigs.

1. Fernando Martinez, of
Still young and talented, but his lack of production may mean he's overhyped.
2. Ike Davis, 1b
Hulking lefthanded slugger can handle the outfield and pitch, too.
3. Reese Havens, ss
More likely a third baseman or possibly a catcher, stands out with approach and pop.
4. Jon Niese, lhp
Quietly having success in Double-A at age 21, he owns three solid pitches.
5. Dan Murphy, 3b
Having a breakout year with a .325 average and eight homers in Double-A.
6. Mike Carp, 1b
Back on track in Double-A after slumping in 2007, he's hitting .351 with nine homers.
7. Eddie Kunz, rhp
New York's top 2007 pick has held his own in Double-A in his first full season.
8. Brad Holt, rhp
2008 supplemental first-rounder can touch 96 mph, needs a reliable second pitch.
9. Javier Rodriguez, of
2008 second-rounder is a lean athlete with speed and projectable power.
10. Nick Evans, 1b
Another Double-A masher (.295, nine homers), he destroys lefthanded pitching.

First thing you may notice is the #2 and #3 prospects were the 2008 first rounders and #8 and #9 were drafted in the sandwich round and the second round respectively. Now, that might seem disconcerting to some, but I would a bit shocked and disappointed if a team's first rounders were not immediately in the top ten.

I mean, you would have to have a system better than Tampa to not have that happen and I would venture to guess Davis and Havens would have cracked a lot of top tens and plenty of top fives. Yes, the Met systems is weaker than many others, but Davis and Havens are solid ballplayers for sure.

As far as Holt and Rodriguez go, Holt can throw really, really hard which will always garner some attention. I am tepid on him to say the least and I think the Mets should give him a go as a starter and let him work on his secondary stuff and not make some Brandon Morrow debacle out of him and rush him through as a reliever with the lack of anything but a fastball or a Mike Pelfrey debacle and just plain 'ole rush him and change him too much.

Rodriguez has a sweet swing. You do not need to be a scout to see that and he looks like a solid player and if Mr. Callis says he has projectable power to go along with that sweet swing, I am a fan. He has a little bit of a uppercut, but nothing tremendous, and should be able to generate some lift. Some guys are too flat to really hit for a ton of power like Milledge, but this guy looks solid fundamentally.

Also, the Mets finally have some guys at higher levels that are performing. Five of the top ten are in AA and Murphy, Carp, and Evans are all in the top 15 in OPS in the league. Niese has put together a solid year and is still walking a bit too many, but had put up some solid numbers.

As for the Mets #1 prospect, I wholeheartedly agree with Callis. Yes, he is talented, but his best trait these days is being 19 in AA. Yes, he has been held back because of injuries, but why in the name of Kim Kardashian's ass do they continue to rush him? The only year you could call a good one is the first half of '06 when he had an OPS of .880 at 17 years old. Since them, he has put up .641, .713, and .722. I want him to be a stud just as much as anyone, but I cannot see one justifiable reason to rush him and not allow him to let his talent and production dictate when he is moved rather than some absurd timetable like a new stadium.

Overall, every year I am perhaps overly optimistic about the Mets system. Right now, it is painfully clear they need more pitching and especially so because Pelfrey is going through so many ups and downs. However, there are some bats and a few potential impact players that will be ready as early as 2009 which is in stark contrast to some previous season where the Mets have been pitching heavy and laden with prospects in the lower ranks.

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  • Also from the above link:

    Waggoner is a hot name on college baseball's coaching hot stove. He truly believes he can get quality players to come to Marshall, and he has expressed affection for the school and administration. He says he's not thinking of going anywhere. However, Marshall must step up and deliver a home ballpark to have any shot at keeping such an up-and-coming talent in town for long. Right now, that looks like a longshot, because the school claims to be short on funds.

    The other hot name on college coaching wish lists is New Orleans' Tom Walter. The Privateers have reached regionals in consecutive years for the first time in nearly two decades despite unimaginable adversity resulting from Hurricane Katrina. The local Times-Picayune ran a terrific story about Walter that outlines all the obstacles New Orleans has had to overcome and what the future might hold for the coach and the program. It's well worth a read.

    Basketball and Football both scout the college ranks for coaches. More often than not, it does not work out because the coaches go from being a big fish in a little pond to being quite the opposite and scrutinized more than they are used to. Less job security, less input, less everything...

    However, with such a lack of coaching talent (seemingly anyway), it is surprising no MLB teams have even tried this approach for looking for coaches. MLB seems to be a tightly knit frat that respects ex-MLB ballplayers more whereas in the past, non-MLB players were used more liberally.

    I have no idea if it is a respect thing, but it is something that probably hurts the coaching pool. Football and basketball have plenty of non-ex pros as coaches, but in baseball? Not so much. Maybe it is time to broaden the horizon a bit and expand the search for coaches.

  • Rob Neyer speaks my language.

    Dan (NJ) : Do you think the Mets have what it takes to make a run at the wild card, let alone the division? They look pretty messed up right now.

    Rob Neyer: I haven't looked it up lately, but over their last 162 games the Mets are essentially a .500 team. Are they more talented than that? I believe they are, but I think they need a shock to their system. Like a new manager.

    It seems that Mr. Neyer cannot get enough of the Mets and some national baseball writers are taking notice of our crusade.

    Speaking of consistency, over their last 162 games the Mets are 82-80. Yes, it's cherry-picking. While 162 is not an arbitrary numbers, it's little more indicative than 142 (72-70) or 182 (90-92). But you know, 182 games is a fair number of games. The Mets are two games under .500 in their last 182 games. That means something, doesn't it?

    Bad luck? Maybe. But over those same 182 games the Mets have scored 868 runs and they've allowed 869 runs. Exactly the profile of a .500 team. Over 182 games. That means something doesn't it.

    And yet the organization just rolls merrily along with the same manager and the same general manager. If I were a Mets fan I would be leading a revolt in the streets. (Actually, I would be hoping that someone else would lead a revolt that I could follow, at a safe distance.)

    Blissfully ignorant they continue to trudge down the path of mediocrity.

    “Until they prove differently, they’ve been playing this way for almost a year now, so it’s hard to believe they’re going to turn back to 2006 all at once before the All-Star break,” Darling said.

    Why anyone thinks things will magically turn around is beyond me.

    But Darling says it’s time to re-think the metrics of the Mets’ presumed superiority. The reason, he says, is linked to the changing industry itself: more and more teams are drifting away from older, higher-priced players, particularly free agents, and are instead filling their rosters with younger, less expensive talent. In many respects, having too much money is a curse – the Yankees and Tigers are prime examples — which is why Darling says the Mets’ $140 million payroll is a guarantee of nothing.

    That will never happen as the Mets have committed themselves to winning. Rebuilding is not an option at this point and that typically leads to a vicious circle.

    “We’re back to the days where 35 is old again,” Darling said. “Except for the last 10 years, when a player reached his mid-30s, he was done, he was old. And old players play like horse-[bleep]. That’s the tradition of the game for the last 50 years.”

    Does this mean the Mets are cooked for 2008? Darling won’t – can’t – say that. The wild card is their beacon of light, and it’s probably what’s keeping Willie Randolph employed. Still, the manager seems more out of touch every day, insisting he saw “positives” in the blowout against the Diamondbacks, trying to convince reporters that Arizona’s hitters “found a few holes and we didn’t.”

    And there we have it...even keeled Willie.

  • I find it ridiculous that the Willie watch is on and off and on and off. It is a flat out yes he should be gone, but how does a few wins change that? As Rob Neyer said, it is not just this season. This mediocrity goes back a looooong ways.

  • It seems the Mets had a closed door meeting which is nice that something is going on outside of the eye of the media, but we also have not heard about many of these and one has to wonder if they have not been happening, why not?
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    Blogger almar said...

    "Still, the manager seems more out of touch every day, insisting he saw “positives” in the blowout against the Diamondbacks, trying to convince reporters that Arizona’s hitters “found a few holes and we didn’t.”

    If we all want to criticize what Willie said as far as being "out of touch", then I think we are all in agreement since these comments have been typical of Sleepy Willie.

    But it is no more of an "out of touch" comment than what Omar said yesterday. Basically the two of them just bookended the past couple of lousy days days with idiotic responses. Yeah thats right, I keep harping on Omar.

    Fire. Them. Both. Now.

    Lets not kid ourselves. They can get a new manager to provide a "shock" but this team stinks. The organization needs a "shock" more than the team, and perhaps pulling a "2 fer" might be the answer.

    Face facts folks, this team is just mediocre. What more proof do you want? Darling called it correctly Forget about a turnaround. This team is just not made of the right stuff to pull that off, whether it is talent or heart. No more , no less. Durocher, Stengel (circa Yankees days) Davey, Gil and Valentine can't make gold out of crap.

    I hope I am wrong, and I will gladly eat my words. But the stench coming out of the locker room goes way up and down the managerial branch.

    12:45 PM

    Blogger almar said...

    "I find it ridiculous that the Willie watch is on and off and on and off. It is a flat out yes he should be gone, but how does a few wins change that? As Rob Neyer said, it is not just this season. This mediocrity goes back a looooong ways."

    I know I will get ripped a new one on here for saying this, but the mediocrity really started when Omar took over now that we look back. He chose Willie against his better judgement but towing the company line instead,…he preached about long-term success and building the farm system yet ended up gambling with old broken down players and has yet to develop a deep farm system to help support the rash of old players breaking down (this reason alone should be enough to get him fired),…he is the one whose underlings have usurped the clubhouse heirarchy by dealing with player issues behind the managers back (is that you Bernazard?),…it was Omar whom committed the first sin of this disaster by not allowing a new manager to pick his own coaches, a long held standard in baseball thats helps managers enforce their authority in the clubhouse.

    Should Willie be fired. Absolutely, he was a wrong fit from day one. But the Omar is the true architect of this disaster, that is making Steve Philips look like a genius more and more.

    12:55 PM

    Blogger metsfanincincy said...

    Almar - you make good points. But you ended weakly with that Steve Phillips comment. NOTHING could make Steve Philips look like a genius. He is an annoying retard.

    But I am starting to agree with you about Omar. Willie was a horrible choice, Alou was a bad signing, Delgado has proved to be a poor trade, Castillo was an obviously pathetically bad signing, El Duque was a bad signing, the bench is old, unproductive and fragile, and there is a tragic lack of outfield depth. This team is utterly dependent on Reyes to bring any sort of energy to the field and that is asking a lot from a young player alone. Wright is looked upon for leadership, but how can a young player like that lead a bunch of over the hill veterans? In retrospect, should we really be surprised by the way the team is playing? No productivity from the corner outfielders (with Church out) and no productivity from 1B. These are power positions! 2B is an offensive black hole hitting at the top of the lineup. The rotation has two reliable starters resulting in a taxed bullpen. This is a .500 club playing exactly like a .500 club. I unplugged a few weeks ago. What you see is what you've got. Unless Delgado, Martinez, Alou, and Castillo find the fountain of youth adn OP finds a brain, this is how the season will end.

    It's time for wholesale changes, but I've been Mets fan for far too long to expect to actually see it happen. I just hope Wright and Reyes are still young when the Mets get good again.

    1:39 PM

    Blogger metsfanincincy said...

    Oh yeah, and I am so sick of Willie's unrealistic, dead head, stupid, senseless, uninformed, and uninsightful bullshit. I haven't hated a Met's manager this much since Art Howe. I think I hate him more.

    I think my rant is over now. Go Mets. yay.

    1:45 PM

    Blogger almar said...

    Actually I was being sarcastic with the Steve Phillips comment, (I should have prefaced it by saying so) although Omar is sickeningly close to taking that mantle away from Steve. Although, whether we hate Steve or not, he is one up on Omar as far as bottom line results. Not defending the guy whom I despise for railroading BV, just stating historical facts prior to his periods of insanity (2001-2004)

    1:51 PM

    Blogger AE said...


    in my opinion, until colleges ban metal bats, you will not see a college coach become a professional coach. with metal/composite, you can teach a different swing than what is required of wood. that to me is a huge separation of the college and professional game.

    1:56 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    ( )

    1:56 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...


    1:56 PM

    Blogger Anthony said...

    Almar, you need to seriously take a step back and get a grip on what you are ranting about with Omar. You are so obssessed with him it becomes irrational. "I know I will get ripped a new one on here for saying this, but the mediocrity really started when Omar took over now that we look back." You have got to be kidding? Have you even looked at the Mets record the PRIOR four years before Omar took over? They sucked worse than just about every team in baseball consistently for three years straight in last place. THAT was a disaster. This is definitely turning into a debacle and is depressing, but three years straight of the cellar is a disaster and ALL due to the prior regime of Steve Phillips and his genius pick of Art Howe and the rest of that crack staff. Steve Phillips moves at the end: Mo Vaughn, Jeremy Burnitz, Roberto Alomar, on and on and on. Gross.

    Since Omar took over, the Mets immediately rose to competitive, fun, tough fought baseball in 05. Had a very solid year with something like a 16 game swing differential of 85 wins from the year before he took over. Then we all know in 06 the team came one inning away from making the World Series. Mind you that was with two kids who OMAR picked up in unfucking believable deals with John Maine and Oliver Perez. Last year the team was one game from winning the division and finished in second. Granted, the collapse was a disaster...that wasn't Omar's fault. Once the team's rolling that far into the season, that falls on the players, the manager and his staff to avoid that. Not Omar from up in the office.

    That is 3 very solid, successful years from Omar and his teams. I don't know what team you have been a fan of all these years, but I have been a fan of the Mets for 39 years and in that time there aren't hardly any stretches that last like this one (85-88, 98-00). Other than that, this organization has found a way of losing consistently. Omar has done very well by us Mets fans and this organization.

    The thing is, this is the first time in his regime that he has come to a crossroads. He has faced now what is obviously a team falling apart and struggling to remain mediocre at best. What he does now will determine whether he can rise above and achieve the greatness that he thinks he can hit. What he has done until now is more than satisfactory. But this is his test. Can he overcome this and take it to the next level? It remains to be seen whether he makes the right moves to get over this hump. It starts with firing Willie and going from there. Start unloading players that don't play. These guys have become complacent. Happens all the time with good teams after a while. It's time to shake it up. Keep your nucleus (Wright, Reyes, Johan, Wagner, Beltran) and build around that. Find players who want to play hard (Church, Schneider). And start unloading the crap baggage.

    Omar has made a few boneheaded moves, ie: Castillo (I'll never understand that one). Guess what, EVERY GM MAKES MISTAKES. But don't tell me that bringing Pedro in 4 years ago wasn't a good move. This team needed that. Same thing with Beltran. He's a great, consistent player. It helped and gave relevance to this team which they didn't have a shred of before Omar got here. Not one iota of credibility before him. Bringing in LoDuca was a great move. He brought a ton of fire that the team needed in 06 and was solid in 07. And he dumped Paulie at the perfect time. Delgado was a massive part of 06. I'm not missing Jacobs...he's replaceable. We wouldn't have done what we did without Delgado in 06. That was a move that needed to made in order to compete for the pennant. Maine, Perez, Sanchez, Endy Chavez...all great moves. Even Schoenweiss is proving to be not such a bad move after all...what he's getting paid for what he's producing is about the going rate at this point for middle relief. And then the latest stud move, bringing Johan Santana to the Mets when not one person thought he had a chance. He waited and waited and waited and got what he wanted. That was a great trade. Don't anyone tell me that wasn't worth it. Carlos Gomez is nice...he's no fucking Santana (nor will any of those other spare parts be combined even CLOSE to Johan).

    One more thing Omar brings to the table is class, respectability and he's likable. Those are all very important things that you need to succeed in with NY and it's crazyass media. I still like Omar running this team for now. If he continues to let things fall to crap with this sinking ship and doesn't adjust to make the changes needed then his time will be up. But he still deserves his chance to get things right before he's thrown out. That begins with Willie getting the axe...NOW.

    2:24 PM

    Blogger metsfanincincy said...

    If Omar fires Willie he will begin to right this ship. I still say this season is a wash, but you have to start somewhere. If he stands there with his thumb up his ass ala Willie, then all teh good he has done will be for naught.

    2:36 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I am not ready to lambast Omar just yet and everyone cannot have it both ways....Metsblog and Rubin had (via Rob Neyer) had questioned whether or not Omar can keep up with the new youth movement.

    Huh? Didn't everyone WANT Johan? Gomez, Guerra, Humber, and Mulvey make things look better and it seems he is being capped by MGMT to stay within slotting.

    Also, he screwed up with some of his drafting college pitchers, but signing Beltran, Pedro, Wagner, and Alou hurt them bad. However, 3 of the 4 were necessary and you could easily say the Alou business was a colassal waste and a pick would have been better.

    Has he REALLY killed the system? Looks to me he had little choice. You can fault him for not persuading MGMT to say fuck slot, but I simply cannot kill himm for that.

    Yes, the Bell deal was bad as was the Lindstrom deal. The Bannister deal was a league average pitcher jettisoned off. His better moves (Duaner, Maine, and Perez) far outweigh the bad ones.

    I don't know if I can hang him yet. Delgado was a stud and had a 161 OPS+ before they got him and a 131 OPS+ in year #1 and now Omar is an idiot for getting him? As bad as he was in '07, he had an OPS+ of 103 which is not terrible.

    He depended too much on El Duque? He picked him up for peanuts. The Castillo deal was a joke...

    Overall, who would have done something differently? Adding Bannister and Bell help...but I do not remember people crying too much at the time of the deals. Fact is, Omar's moves did not work out in all cases. But he has done more than good and many are defensible.

    The easiest and best thing to do is get rid of Willie who doesn't get it or doesn't get how to manage and effectively use his players.

    2:42 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    AE, what does an aluminum bat have to do with anything? College managers manage...hitting coaches handle the hitting.

    At least there are guys with much, much, much more coaching experience than Willie! I would put money on them to adapt first!

    2:43 PM

    Anonymous tc said...

    If they drop the next two, even though it's against Webb and Haren, I'd have to think Willie's done.

    Had to be about 3,000 there last night at the end (post rain-delay), and they had a Bobby V. chant going.

    Interesting thought about college managers. I agree that baseball is too stuck on the hierarchy of bringing in former big leaguers though, like you said.

    As much as I'd like to hate on Omar because of the disgrace that this team has become, you gotta agree with Anthony. I'm only in my 20s, but for my entire childhood post-1987 until 1999(at least as far back as I can remember), the Mets sucked. And by sucked, I mean were GOD AWFUL. Omar's undoubtedly done the team more good than he has bad. Then again, when comparing him to Steve Phillips, the vendor wearing lime yellow in Section 30 of the upper deck has as well.

    2:45 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Omar did it? Willie would say it was his ability to deftly navigate through a game....

    2:50 PM

    Blogger almar said...

    "Almar, you need to seriously take a step back and get a grip on what you are ranting about with Omar. You are so obssessed with him it becomes irrational."

    If you and I agreed they would be called "valid points" but because you disagree it is "ranting?" : )

    Are my points really that irrational or just foresight into where this team may beheading? We won't know until the end of the season and probably into next season whether or not Omar is still here. Granted my last line about Steve Phillips was a bit of hyperbole.

    My points of saying the mediocrity started with Omar was base don this current teams mediocrity and trying to pinpoint where the seeds of this team's current condition began.

    Mind you, I hope I am wrong in the end and they can turn it around. But there are way too many signs to dismiss it as something that can be easily fixed. Yes Willie being fired is step 1, I have advocated that, but we have to realize that may or may not resolve the issue because maybe this group of players aside from Reyes, Wright Santana, Church and others are not that good. Maybe a new manager can be the elixir? We won't know since we don't know whom would manage and the style they would bring.

    And I obsessed with Omar? No, not really. I have brought up my issues with him to try to level the playing field due to the constant browbeating of Willie without Omar getting the appropriate flack.

    3:04 PM

    Anonymous fka Deolis in '10 said...

    Cerrone getting love on Neyer? that's comical.

    But seriously, eff this team, my coworkers are now down to saying, trade reyes and bring back some talent. Which seems crazy on its face, but who could we get rid off and bring in actual young talent?

    Beltran? who wants an overpaid .280, 25hr, hitter?

    and....that's it. That's your only tradeable asset, cause you know d-wright ain't going nowhere.

    3:11 PM

    Blogger metsfanincincy said...

    You wrote "beheading". I thought of Willie.

    3:12 PM

    Blogger almar said...

    "but for my entire childhood post-1987 until 1999(at least as far back as I can remember), the Mets sucked. And by sucked, I mean were GOD AWFUL. "

    Well they were not God awful ALL those years, I mean come on. it is not like after 1986 they suddenly dropped off the table or "collapsed" or anything. : )

    "Omar's undoubtedly done the team more good than he has bad. Then again, when comparing him to Steve Phillips, the vendor wearing lime yellow in Section 30 of the upper deck has as well."

    I am as much a Steve detractor as anyone, given he railroaded BV out of town (very bad backwards step by the Mets in my opinion) but for all those who make it seem as if comparing him to Steve Phillips is blasphemy, Steve Phillips teams made the post-season twice and WS once.

    3:16 PM

    Blogger Anthony said...

    All good Almar. I definitely think Omar deserves heat and Willie doesn't deserve all the blame. It's just that I don't believe we can say mediocrity started with Omar. If whatever started with Omar got us out of what we had before Omar, I'll take it. He has obviously made some stupid moves as Mike (and myself) pointed out. But every GM will do that. What happens in the next few months will determine his fate. As far as Willie, I believe that's a done deal. Stick a fork in it and let's move forward. And for all out sake/sanity, let's hope Omar succeeds and pulls off some bold moves that drastically changes things.

    3:26 PM

    Anonymous tc said...

    I'm too young to remember 1987, 1988, or most of 1991. All I know is when I had Sunday season tickets from 1993-2001, they weren't good 6 of the 8 years I had them.

    Know what sticks out the most from then? John Franco's tendencies to lose ballgames in the 9th innings of Sunday Plan home games from 1995-1999. That ruined a significant chunk of my childhood. I'd often attend those games with my old Italian grandma, who called Franco "noodle arm" and would make us leave whenever he entered the game. The man saved 400 games, but I had to have attended at least 20 that he blew.

    While Phillips was GM from 97-03, he definitely made some good moves that no one can kill him on. When he brought in Olerud, Ventura, Leiter, and Piazza, he was spot on. But aside from the jump from 71 to 88 games between 1996 and 1997, he was mediocre at best. Once he had his core, he pretty much kept things the same until they got older and their production dropped off. The problem I have with Phillips was the Carlos Baergas, Mike Bordicks and Mo Vaughns, and the mortgaging of the future at the hands of winning then.

    3:39 PM

    Blogger almar said...

    It is all good on my end here Anthony, as well. : )

    I understand and appreciate your beliefs about the franchise after Omar took over. And I can't deny that. But I am a "big picture" kind of guy and I see things right now that are as plain as day occurring that can be traced back to when Omar took over, just that it had not reared it's ugly head until last year because we were lucky enough to see the team do what it did in 2006. It was a ticking time bomb which is winding down.

    Look, hiring Willie the first time should have been enough to fire Omar. LOL! : )

    (yes I am being sarcastic....or am I?)

    But Omar will probably not be fired until he hires another manager or is given a chance to redeem himself. And if that fails, well then we will be talking about Omar on here in the past tense and he will be forever tied to Willie at the hip.

    3:43 PM

    Anonymous seattle steve said...

    I agree that this team needs a shock to the system... so that means the manager must go... and Omar is on short leash.
    We should be: sellers,sellers,sellers

    3:47 PM

    Blogger almar said...

    "The problem I have with Phillips was the Carlos Baergas, Mike Bordicks and Mo Vaughns, and the mortgaging of the future at the hands of winning then."

    LOL! Replace "Baerga, Bordick and Vaughn" with "Delgado, Castillo and El Duque" and you pretty much have the identical scenario we are watching play out now.

    Ironic. Maybe it is not a Phillips thing or an Omar thing, but a Mets philosophy to approach team building in this way. (I know, I know,...just humour me).

    3:47 PM

    Anonymous tc said...

    "Replace "Baerga, Bordick and Vaughn" with "Delgado, Castillo and El Duque" and you pretty much have the identical scenario we are watching play out now."

    Good point.

    4:03 PM

    Anonymous DG said...

    Something positive we can say today. Mike Carp in leading the Eastern League in hitting!

    Further, how can we be down on an organization when the team promotes a guy named Stoner to AA?

    Otherwise, well, you've all already said it,...

    4:37 PM

    Anonymous seattle steve said...

    When Omar was hired his main goal was 2... make the team competitive and putty fannies in the seats... he has done that but the team is not good enough for the fans and the market it is in... this team needs more than tweaking the way it is playing and the philosphy was a mix of young and old talent, the problem is there is not enough young talent and the old is just that OLD.

    5:36 PM

    Anonymous sweet beeny bananana said...

    I hate Baseball America ranking the recently drafted guys at the top of the lists, because after thier first professional season they always suck.

    Oh and Eddie Kunz sucks.

    Regarding Fernando Martinez, his production at AA is irrelevant, not because of his age anymore, that novelty has worn off but because he keeps getting injured. Whether he would be in AA, Single A, the Dominican Winter League, he wouldn't even be playing...

    I have to say, on metsblog there was actually a topic discussing that charity event the Mets did on monday. Really? complaining about CHARITY? what the hell is wrong with some people, how do you complain about the Mets organization participating and hosting a CHARITY EVENT!!!!!

    For the past years I'd support and defend Omar Minaya but his support of Willie Randolph shows me he doesn't care. That's probably the worst decision and a demonstration of shitty judgement as I've ever seen.

    12:25 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Listen, I understand and appreciate we are all upset and vastly disappointed in this team...

    I understand and support that Willie needs to go. It doesn't even matter if you think he's a good manager, not at fault, etc. This team is the walking dead right now, and Willie's status is a huge reason for this...

    And I understand that Omar's gambles with Alou, El Duque and Castillo can only be called failures...


    How do you say Omar doesn't at least deserve a chance to turn this around? I couldn't agree with Anthony more - do we remember where this team was when Omar took over??? Take a look at the roster. Or just take a look at the record: the three years before Omar, the Mets had a .436 winning percentage. Since they hired Omar, it's been .551. As a GM, if that doesn't buy you a bad year, well... you aren't going to keep a GM for long. Ever.


    2:41 AM

    Anonymous DG said...

    Well they won, and I suppose we should just be content with the fact and not the way it was nearly blown...

    Still, I have to say that if you are going to let your pitcher go out in the 9th, he should be afforded more than two pitches before you pull him. The guy was still throwing 95 and clearly had enough. Plus, he's a ground ball pitcher, so a slow runner on first is not the end of the world. I would have given Pelfrey another batter.

    Surveying the looks on the bench, you could see that something about this team is just irretrievably gone, broken. The team karma is the same as last September, expecting the weight of failure, being helpless to change the destiny.

    And of course, yes, one night they actually pulled one out of the hat, thanks to Beltran. It should have been a celebration, but the underlying unsaid is that this was just one night were things work out as they might have worked out in 2006 but that result is illusory. It's not the same team, more like the ghost of it.

    Because we all knew in our heart of hearts that Reynolds would not get the base for being hit by a pitch and then Wags would groove a fastball and the eyes of the Mets players would be hollow with disbelief.

    I closed the MLB premium window and went to bed, figuring it was lost. A win is a nice surprise this morning, but I don't think I could even let myself read that much into it.

    7:43 AM

    Blogger Rickey Henderson said...

    Yeah they won, but Rickey firmly belives that it shouln't take 13 inning to be the freaking Diamondbacks.

    8:24 AM

    Anonymous tc said...

    After 3 long, hard swings, Moises Alou has been placed back on the DL.

    He is older than fuckin dirt.

    12:17 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Maybe we should set our sights higher. NEW OWNERSHIP.

    12:35 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Are you really Rickey Henderson?

    12:39 PM

    Anonymous Vince Coleman said...

    Ah, the good old days.

    Anyone seen my golf clubs and firecrackers?

    12:41 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Now that's the spark we need.


    12:44 PM

    Anonymous department of self serving references said...

    Kiner was just hitting Randolph on taking Pelfrey out of the game last night. I like Ralph. Imagine that some young people thinking he's just some slurring boozer ex-big leaguer, but he's always been a good announcer. And I don't think the slurring comes from a bottle...


    1:59 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I was on the fence about Pelf...if he stays in and shits the bed, everyone goes nuts. Wagner is a shut down guy for the most part...hard to really get on him for that....but whatever. I wanted another batter, but hard to really, really complain about that move.

    3:05 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Really, if I were to be as indignant as I should be, i'd suffer an anger stroke.

    Apathy is creeping in and i'm tired of this team again.


    6:07 PM

    Anonymous Danny said...

    What is the opposite of swellicious?

    6:15 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Billy Wagner?


    6:22 PM

    Anonymous Pavan said...

    Monkey Balls

    6:27 PM

    Blogger Anthony said...

    Went to the game today. Perfect day to play hookie from work, drink beer and watch a ballgame. Until....wow. Just fucking wow. What a total pigfuck.

    7:19 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    You know what feeling I'm getting from the Mets? its that same really bad feeling I get from the Knicks.
    You know the feeling, where you take a guilty pleasure in trying to figure out "how are they going to blow it this time?". Yeah... that one, its almost comical. I don't even get mad anymore.
    Watching those games and not being committed for 4 hours helps as well but still.

    9:38 PM

    Blogger metsfanincincy said...

    Wow! Doom and gloom. I left work and they were up 4-0. I turned my PC on went I got home and saw "Mets lose in 10". I guess I was shocked for the last time. But let's look at the positives:
    1. Billy won't be calling any teamates out for awhile.
    2. The Carloses won't feel inhibited about sneaking out of the clubhouse early.
    3. The Mets could have a bitchin' draft pick next year.

    On a more serious side, does anyone else think Johan should have kept pitching yesterday? Yeah, 116 pitches is a lot, but it's not like he is developing pitcher. He is a higly paid stud in the prime of his career. I don't see the problem with stretching him to 130 - 140 pitches on day when he's got his good stuff and the bullpen is gassed.

    7:05 AM

    Blogger Sidd Finch said...

    Joe Smith had a chance to step forward, and took one big step backward. Smith gets out of that inning ahead 4-0, and Willie goes to Heilman for the 9th.

    Mets get 2 runs from losing ball in the sun, so do the D-Backs.

    Willie will have to wait one more day for win #300. Or he'll get fired before he gets there.

    'Another humiliating kick in the crotch' Apologies to the Police...

    Opposite of swellicious = craptastic.

    10:43 AM

    Anonymous DG said...

    Opposite of swellicious, version DG = Blowistic

    11:07 AM

    Anonymous Scott from Peekskill said...

    Blowtastic I think you mean DG. Or perhaps Blowriffic.

    Fire Willie, get it over and done with. Like ripping off a puss strewn band aid...one fast motion.

    Just send him a fax saying "Dude, your fired. Clean out your locker and help yourself to some stationary."

    Bob Brenly the former DB's WS winning coach is the man for the job. He is not a hard ass but is a tough competitor and is available.

    11:17 AM

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    8:31 PM


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