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Friday, May 23, 2008

The Mets Get Pantsed In Atlanta

This my friends, is what I call ugly. I'm talking Sarah Jessica Parker ugly (don't worry...I just puked in my mouth a little too). I'm not going to pretend that Willie's job hinges on one game these days because that is silly. They get swept by the Braves and his head is on the line and if win the last game he is safe for now?

Poppycock. Pull the plug now. Mind you he is not THE problem, but he is a problem and frankly I do not want to look at him anymore. What is even worse is that what we can see is what we get. What can be done? Outside of a lobotomy on each player to see if their personality changes a bit to form a team with super chemistry, not much.

On the postgame show someone had mentioned juggling the lineup. Reyes, Church, Beltran, Wright, Alou (when he comes back from the 15-day DL), Delgado, Schneider, and Castillo would be a start and it looked like Willie was on the right track for a bit, but he cannot resist batting the light hitting second baseman in the two slot. It is in his DNA.

That is not the solution to what ails the Mets mind you, but it could help spark things a bit. As Ron Darling said on the broadcast yesterday, the Braves were out hustling the Mets right out the stadium. Have they hit rock bottom? I am not so sure about that. I think it could get worse and they are practically unwatchable right now. Give me a reason to turn on the TV. Give me a reason to write a dumb blog about a crappy baseball team. The players are starting to feel the way we do which means things have gotten really, really bad.

"I can accept losing," Wright was quoted as saying. "Not easily, but every team loses here and there. But to go out and give the effort we're giving, to go out and lose without a fight . . . I just don't think we have the fire I would hope we'd have."

I think we all become irrationally emotionally invested in this team and sometimes you feel like you get nothing back. Not that the Mets owe me anything or try to intentionally give anything back to the fans, but they certainly aren't unintentionally giving us anything back and I am not so sure they are even trying to give themselves much of anything.

"Losing like this, I hope, would ruin their nights," Wright told the site after the Mets' third straight loss to the Braves. "I want them to take it personally when we lose. I want them to be ticked off. If it was a matter of talent, it'd be different. If we just weren't any good, I could put my head on the pillow at night and sleep. But to go through the motions every night . . . "

If you did not think things were bad before, you should be getting a clearer picture of the state of this Mets team. This team really does not care.

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    During SNY's coverage of Tuesday's doubleheader against the Braves, the network's on-air personalities responded to Randolph's criticism.

    "Why is Willie wasting any time watching us, for one, and two, I just think it's wrong," said Ron Darling. "I think his comments are wrong.

    "I think some of the best things we do are watching not only Willie, but also his staff, go about their business educating these young men on how to play the game."

    Fellow SNY analyst Keith Hernandez said he was surprised by the comments.

    "In my 17 years of major league baseball and 10-plus years of being up here in the booth, I've just never heard of a manager make those kinds of comments before, and I'm really quite surprised that Willie made those comments," he said.

    Hopefully we all get put out of our misery soon.

    Wednesday, Randolph tried to put an end to it with a public apology for his words published in the Record on Monday. But the one place his apology didn’t reach was the ears of ownership, with neither Fred or Jeff Wilpon taking his calls yet. Omar Minaya returned the call Wednesday on behalf of ownership.

    Asked if he felt that silence was something to worry about, Randolph said, “I reached out. Omar said that they got my call and would get back to me. But I don’t read into anything.”

    Yeah. They respect Willie.

  • More on the Mets upcoming draft. Just spend already. You have the money...

  • Ted Berg is still trying to drop some perspective on us, but he admits change is needed. It is just that I am not sure what he is saying is going to much of a boon, but moving the lineup around and making Delgado a productive platoon parter would be a place to start.

    Let us all hope that something gets done rather than throwing the same old product out there. If you wanted to get creative, now would be a good time.

  • Pedro plans to pitch through 2010.

    "I have said this before and I'll say it again: I want to pitch at least for two or three more seasons," Martinez said.

  • Adam Rubin figures out what I finally figured out and other smart people told me a while ago.

    Pedro's contract has been very,very close to a disaster. The Mets paid a whole lotta money for nothing. Sure, they might have gotten Fernando Martinez because they had Pedro. 'Might have' being operative phrase. We will never know of course, but something tells me the Mets would have been able to get where they are now without Pedro and the money they spent on him. I love Pedro, but he has been a bad place to put your money and everyone against four years or even three years for Pedro was right.

    Blogger almar said...

    "If you did not think things were bad before, you should be getting a clearer picture of the state of this Mets team. This team really does not care."

    The Mets need a manager in the classic ball-buster mode, if this is the case (about them truly not caring). Someone who doesn't care about offending the veterans, or hurting the feelings of the young players. Regardless of what Willie says about how he is in the clubhouse, I don't buy it. Because if he is different in the clubhouse away from reporters prying eyes than what we perceive him to be, then the only other obvious answer is that he has lost the players, and if that is the case, then he is a dead man walking.

    The Wilpons should just cut bait now. Why wait until they are buried deeper in the NL East. A new manager won't make Delgado or Castillo or Beltran hit better, or Alou heal faster, but it might light the fire under their ass that they need to get the engine going. Maybe a new manager can really know how to hold the players accountable and get through their thick heads

    And while we are at it, if Willie goes, I think Omar needs to be put on notice. This disaster in the making is his handiwork as well. Seriously.

    11:01 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...


    don't quit the blog or i'll find you and cut off your beer supply.

    FUGLY situation.

    but anthony is on target as usual. fire willie asap and hope for the best. can there be any reason not to fire willie?

    btw, mike i'm with you on hamilton for the hof -- and the triple crown!


    11:03 AM

    Blogger almar said...

    You know what? Now that I think about it, withOmar bending over wide legged for the commish on the slotting issue…

    FUCK IT!

    Fire Willie and Omar for pussyfying the Mets big time from the top down.

    11:06 AM

    Anonymous brian b said...

    this team is like the child i wish i never had.

    do any of our players have any emotions?

    11:38 AM

    Blogger metsfanincincy said...

    Doesn't ownership determine the slot situation?

    This is prime time to get rid of Willie. He has insulted the fans (I want him to tell me personally when the fuck I went into hiding), shoved his foot in his mouth (playing the race card was a desperate and pathetic move), proved himself to be a poor technical manager and an even worse manager of people. I don't hold Omar responsible for this - he put a quality product on the field. His Church/Schneider trade proved most of us wrong, at least in the short term. He did his job. It is the manager's job to make that team work. What a bitter, bitter failure. When he fnially gets fired I don't beleive he will ever manage again.

    12:05 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Honestly, I think I'm just about done with this year. It's not as much Willie, it's the players.

    Look maybe I'm jumping the gun, but i've been thinking about '09. Delgado, Orlando, Pedro, Alou and Perez. All gone after the year via Free Agency. Have you seen the market for FA First Base?? It's Teixeria and nothing. NOTHING!! And Tex is going to want big BIG bucks.

    The big name FA's out there next year are Tex, CC, Sheets, Dunn and maybe Perez if you want to count him.

    I say let the other teams go after Tex and CC. Sign Dunn to play 1B, sign Sheets to be your #2, resign Pedro at a reduced rate and just plug F Mart in LF.

    Lineup - Reyes, Church, Wright, Beltran, Dunn, F-Mart, Schneider, Castillo

    Rotation - Santana, Sheets, Maine, Pedro and Pefrey

    We'll expierence growing pains with F-Mart, but I think it will be worth it.

    Or am I just trying to convince myself of Dunn??


    - Nokes

    12:22 PM

    Anonymous Danny said...

    I'm frustrated but I'm firmly into the defense mechanistic "fuck it" mode.

    Just... fuck it.

    12:29 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    almar, I agree 100% it is clear Willie is not the guy, why fool around? Make the changes and make them now. It puts everyone on notice, which is not a bad thing now and then.

    If Willie goes, Omar IS on notice. And if Omar goes slot, fire him too. ERGREGIOUS!!!!

    jake...There is not reason to keep Willie around. He is not getting it done. Maybe he can work elsewhere, but not here.

    Seems like you might have Hamilton on your fantasy team!

    Brian...they do behind closed doors apparently. Robots outside.


    Doesn't ownership determine the slot situation?

    Yes, but the GM can fight for what he knows is right, no? If he cannot do it, he is the wrong man for the job. His job is put the best team on the field and convince ownership to do so as well.

    All the rest is spot on though...spot on. Well said.

    Nokes..if Willie is here...Castillo will be batting 2nd. Book it.

    Your off-season plan is rather good though. No arguments from my end.

    12:30 PM

    Anonymous I officially hate the 2008 season said...

    Firstly, Willie will be fired by Monday. He burnt his bridges baby; see the smoldering iron? That's your job!

    Consequently, I'd like to propose the reinsertion of the Joe Torre Death Watch on this blog (or at least in the comments section). Proposed name: The Joe Torre Apostle Death Watch. At least when all is said and done, he now has enough experience to manage the Yankees!

    The Mets don't want to exceed slot because they want to host the All-Star game? Um, firstly, the Yankees got one on a silver tray with tons of caviar, and although you kind of expect the Mets would get Cheezewiz instead. is there a limit to bullshit justification for a lack of vision (given the resources?). The trend lines point to more and more free agents being questionable signs as teams sign their best players to contracts through their late 20's. And as the article points out, signing on the international market is like signing high schoolers.

    I for one disagree on the Pedro disaster. Sure he's been injured, but has there been one day over the last three years that you were not just plain happy that Petey wears a Mets uniform?


    12:33 PM

    Anonymous Danny said...

    Mike, I think you are letting the poor play of the Metropolitans invade your perspective of Pedro.

    It's PEDRO man. I'm with Digital Goodness on this one.

    12:41 PM

    Blogger metsfanincincy said...

    Mike - good point about the slot situation - I agree.

    Nokes - agree with you except on one point - Dunn can't play first. Reds have tried it. It was a disaster every time. He makes Delgado look like a gold glover.

    I agree with DG about Pedro. It's just money, which the Mets have a lot of.

    12:46 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I love Pedor, but not money well spent.

    12:46 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    And has it come to this?

    I've read Fire Willie EVERY WHERE. Who do you want as a replacement?

    Who do you think the veterans on this team will look up to as a manager with respect? Jim Fergosi? Bobby V (who is in mid-season in Japan) Charlie Manuel?

    Honestly, if you want to fire Willie, and get a guy in here now who people will look up to and then maybe next year go after Valentine (which is what a majority of people want)...

    I think we have to hire Feilpe Alou.

    12:47 PM

    Anonymous i officially hate the 2008 season said...

    And MFinCincy, you a absolutely right!

    Nokes, Dunn has awful numbers with men in scoring position. I see him as the red-headed version of Kong Kingman. Maybe he works a few more walks. But personally, I'd pass.

    1:00 PM

    Anonymous i officially hate the 2008 season said...

    And MFinCincy, you a absolutely right!

    Nokes, Dunn has awful numbers with men in scoring position. I see him as the red-headed version of Kong Kingman. Maybe he works a few more walks. But personally, I'd pass.

    1:00 PM

    Anonymous Chris said...

    I'm down with Pedro. Was four years smart? Hell no, but did anybody really think he'd pitch more than one or two? That's the premium you pay to get probably the best pitcher of his generation away from a city that adores him after he helps bring them a championship.

    I'd offer that contract 10 times out of 10 if that's what it took to get him here. I definitely would have hoped for more out of him, but I think it was the right move at the time, and it's only been slightly worse that realistic expectations.

    And I still think this club needs him in the dugout fucking pronto.

    Beyond that, I'm totally stymied. I don't even know what to think about this bunch of losers anymore.

    I just hope to sweet baby jesus that if they've decided Willie needs to go they make the move sooner rather than later. If his performance is poor enough to sack him, no short winning streak is going to turn that around. If you think it's not, then fine, but don't dick around here, Freddie.

    I'm really not looking forward to this Colorado trip. It's got serious potential to be a fucking horror show ... and yet I can't look away from this train wreck.

    I've read Fire Willie EVERY WHERE. Who do you want as a replacement?


    1:03 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Yeah. Oberkfell. I blue collar guy who was a ballplayer in the past and who has...you know...managed.

    Reyes and Wright came up through him and I'm sure everyone knows the guy.

    1:48 PM

    Anonymous ossy said...

    i wouldnt sign dunn or sheets.

    we already have three easy out in castillo, schneider and the pitcher. dunn would be a threat, but he's not a good hitter.


    the pedro injuries have been bad but it hasnt been a total waste. only the toe and hammy have been unexpected/caused worry.

    i used to love joe benigno, but he has become a total douche since he got with that asshole evan mclane. he's ripping beltran while mclane rips reyes. its such an poor argument on their behalf.


    why doesnt anyone rip that piece of shit. he is killing this team even more than willie!!

    2:01 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Wait a minute: what makes you all think KEN OBERKFELL will do any better of a job??

    OK, he's managed before yes, which is more than Willie. But a major crux of the 'Fire Willie' movement has been that the players have tuned him out. What makes you all think they will listen to Obkerfell?? A guy who has NEVER managed in the Bigs before??

    You want Oberkfell, that's cool. But I do not bring him in mid-season. He needs a fresh start with new players, the '09 season. You bring in Alou (I brought up Alou in the prior post, just forgot top sign it off). For an old LATIN man his fiesty, has handeled egos (Bonds) and gains much respect. Can you imagine Delgado, Castillo, Reyes (wow, what a shocker, i just name all the players who have been accused of tuning out Willie and surprise surprise they have spanish decent) can you imagine them tuning out Alou?? Hell no!!

    Alou to finish the rest of the season and Oberkfell in '09.

    - Nokes

    2:13 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Reyes and Beltran are fine. They can play better, but are far from the problem here.

    Nokes, is he better? I don't know, but I do know Willie is not the guy. You can hire within with an 'interim' tag. You cannot do an outside hire. Doesn't work? Interim tag comes into play. Standing still while watching this is a terrible decision.

    2:25 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    And for the record, most of the people here have not wanted Willie here for a loooong time. We are not jumping on the bandwagon but merely restating things we have all said.

    2:26 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Good point Nokes. Maybe at least he'll know what the players are saying.


    2:32 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Didnt the Marlins go outside to get Jack McKeean in '03?

    And I know people have not wanted Willie here from Day One. Cant read a post without being reminded of that. I just dont think Oberkfell is the way to go this year. A veteran ball club needs a veteran manager, not a guy who has never managed in the big before. Alou would fit that mold. Then if not Alou, then I guess Manuel would have to do.

    - Nokes

    2:34 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    “They move men,” Manuel said. “I always wanted to move men, to take them to a level that they’ve never seen before. Let’s see how far you can go is how I feel.”

    As the manager of the White Sox, Manuel developed a reputation for being a fine communicator and motivator. “He’s one of the reasons why I signed with the Mets last year,” José Valentín said. “He knew what kind of player I was with Chicago, and he knew how to get the most out of me.”

    2:45 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...


    2:46 PM

    Anonymous I officially hate the 2008 season said...

    Yeah, we were the bandwagon before there was a wagon!

    I read somewhere that Jim Fregosi would be a good idea, and although he has not managed in like a thousand years, he is actually an intelligent choice. Plus, as the player who got traded to the Mets for Nolan Ryan, it would be nice to see him back. I don't know, some sort of poetic justice.

    Otherwise, I see no problem with Oburpfell. I'd even take Jerry Manual who at least has some fire in his belly. However, on this team, an interim manager will get eaten up like a junior high substitute teacher.

    And I must say that I like the out of the box thinking of Alou! Not a bad idea at all. Player manager. That would leave the Jacket to make all pitching changes, which would be better than Mr. 99 Pitches and Your Out.

    Which reminds me: this 100 pitch crap has become like a biblical commandment. Sometimes it's like Willie worries that the big whopper in the sky will smote whatever Mets not named Johan throws more than 100.

    And of course, generally it's out bullpen that gets

    PS Aaron should be required to smoke a J each time before he pitches. He desperately needs to FEEL it, not THINK it!

    2:46 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...


    2:53 PM

    Anonymous ossy said...

    alou? last i remember, felipe alou was falling asleep in the dugout in SF.

    i'll pass.

    it doesnt matter who comes in to manage if he still bats that scumbag deadbealt delgado anywhere outside of the 8 hole

    3:04 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...


    3:05 PM

    Anonymous Felix Millan said...

    For the new manager countdown clock:


    3:09 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    "I have said this before and I'll say it again: I want to pitch at least for two or three more seasons," Martinez said.

    He means he wants to get PAID to pitch for two or three more seasons.

    I'm walking the spiral staircase of apathy right now. Normally, i'd be furious and throwing things at my tv after a Braves sweep, but I wasn't. Its just so difficult to care for this team right now. But it wasn't difficult to care in 2005, 2006 or 2007.

    Perhaps we all just need a respite from this sadistic merry-go-round. I know I do.


    3:10 PM

    Anonymous Bruce Boisclair said...


    Willie's last lineup card

    3:19 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Yeah, you could go outside. However, who is out there? I'm not up to speed on managerial candidates, but I know who I don't want.

    Also, going inside means you have some room to say it is interim. Hiring outside with an interim tag is not happening.

    If it works out? Great! If not, you keep looking.

    Mazzilli is terrible!!!!

    4:34 PM

    Anonymous I officially hate the 2008 season said...

    While we suffer, let's look at Prospect # 109:

    109 CUTTER DYKSTRA, OF, Westlake HS, Westlake Village, Calif.

    Dykstra is a righthanded version of his dad, former major leaguer Len Dykstra, who starred with the Mets and Phillies in the 1980s and 90s. The younger Dykstra is a terrific athlete, finishing first in the SPARQ testing at the 2007 Area Code games in Long Beach and running the 60 in 6.58 seconds. An offense-first prospect, he uses his speed aggressively. He has a balanced stance at the plate and can hammer pitches middle in. He has outstanding power for a player his size, and his excellent bat speed produces both line-drive and loft power. While his frame is strong, well developed and athletic, Dykstra has little physical projection. Of greater concern with Dykstra is defense, as he's moved from shortstop to center field. He's not a natural fit at either spot with an adequate arm. The UCLA signee had late helium and could go in the first three rounds.

    7:27 PM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

    I'm going to be quick.
    I still think Pedro was worth it.
    Willie Randolph is an idiot.
    The season isn't fun at all.
    And if the Mets penny-pinch on this years draft as well, THEN we're gonna have problems, that will be the last straw.

    7:41 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    If you didn't hear the interview on The Mike & Murray Show on SIRIUS Satellite Radio today, ya gotta head on over to Metsblog and check out Cerrone's post.

    Gary Carter essentially takes out his shovel, digs a six foot deep hole, throws Willie in, and buries him alive.

    Really nasty shit. Seriously, I couldn't believe he actually said this out loud and over the air waves. Ya gotta check it out.

    11:08 PM

    Anonymous tc said...

    Sorry I'm late guys -- actually got free tickets to go watch the Yanks shellacking of the Mariners in the Bronx, so I figured I might as well go.

    Didn't have time to read the comments, it's late, but here's the Mike & Murray Show transcript with Carter. There are pure fuckin GEMS in this:

    “Boy, I’ll tell you what, I would love that, guys. When I saw that on ESPN today, Mike & Mike, they were talking about it and immediately I got on the phone and I called Jay Horowitz and I asked, ‘Should I try to call Mr. Wilpon?’

    If there is this going on I just want them to know of my availability. I’m only a phone call away because my contract allows me to leave the ball club. I could be in New York tomorrow, if necessary, because if there’s anything at the major league level I can leave this job.

    The comments that David Wright made saying that, you know, there’s no spark, there’s no fire, if anything I would love to bring that to the table because you know me, guys. I love the game, have a great passion for it and you know my enthusiasm, and hopefully I would be able to bring that to maybe help turn that ball club around.

    There’s way too much talent there for them to be a game under .500 and to lose four in a row to the Braves. That’s just kind of uncalled for and I think that they’ve just become complacent in some ways and ever since their demise of last year.

    And if you look at Willie’s record it is right around .500 since June of last year. And when you have that much talent there are a lot more expectations than where they’re at right now.”


    Also, Reyes, what the hell was that in the 10th. I'm fucking happy they lost, see ya later Willie, you're DONE.

    2:26 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Good day for Delgado. That's his homer for this coming week.

    Now, with all these injuries, keep Tatis in there and see what he can do playing everyday.

    9:22 AM

    Anonymous Gehoff said...

    Fire Willie and Omar, the players are just as much to blame as Willie and Omar assembled the players. Omar has done some good of course but this is his team and this team stinks.

    I'd like to see Gary Carter.

    1:36 PM

    Anonymous Will said...

    Where is everyone?

    I have had enough. Now, I am just waiting and relaxing until this team DECIDES it's going to have the balls to win. I am not going to get worked up over it.

    Still, some shakeup is in order. If not Randolph, perhaps his coaches.

    1:33 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

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