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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Down, Down, Down....

Ted Berg tried to lay some perspective on us the other day and I said it was really hard to keep perspective with this team and they did not take too long to prove me right. Really right. I have tried to be optimistic for the most part, but right now, that is hard to do.

"It's not acceptable," Randolph said. "This is not the way we want to play baseball. We need to get on a streak and play more consistently. We're better than this. No one's happy with where we are and how we're playing."

It is hard to point fingers at one person or one cause, but this team just does not have it. They have talent, but they do not have it. What is it? Good question. However, it is clear that this team lacks focus and losing to Glavine and three overall to the Braves is utterly ridiculous. The inability for this team to step up is extremely frustrating.

Keeping things in perspective is just not possible because it looks like this team is just losing control. They are almost as close to last place as they are first place and truly a .500 team in every way. You do not need to be a genius to look at their roster and recognize they have talent and you do not need to be a genius to see that this team is simply not playing up to their potential.

With less than 30% of the season played, there is time to turn things around, but time is running out quickly.

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  • If this goes down, I will be piiiiiiissssed.

    18. METS. New York has the financial wherewithal to spend as much as any team does on the draft, but it apparently will stick to slotting once again in 2008, even if Hosmer is still on the table. The Mets need a catcher for the near future, and Castro has convinced scouts he can handle the defensive responsibilities and produce at the plate. New York has checked out Friedrich, but it's unlikely he'd get this far.

    I mean really. Who cares about the Commish? He cannot do anything and your farm is pretty barren. After Omar made overtures this past off-season about abandoning slot, I would be very disappointed if they passed up a better player so they do not piss anyone off.

    If they pass up Hosmer? Utterly ridiculous and why this team will never get over that next hump. You simply cannot pass up a gift like that and they better step it up on all fronts.

  • Would Pedro retire to be with his parents? Would Omar give him a Clemens-esque deal to keep him going another year or two?

  • Just in time for the summer to keep the boys cool.

    This sweat-absorbing, friction-fighting wonder powder will keep you gloriously dry and comfortable during everyday manly activities...like chainsaw juggling.

  • Tim Marchman does a great job making a case for Jose Reyes to not be the scapegoat.

    It is true that Reyes's game went into notable decline about a year ago. From last July 1 up to the beginning of last night's game against Atlanta, Reyes hit .268 AVG/.334 OBA/.414 SLG with 61 steals in 81 tries; over the preceding year, he'd hit .322/.383/.510 with 73 steals in 90 tries. Many explanations have been offered for this: that Reyes has been sulking over his contract, that he was ruined by Rickey Henderson's brief stint as the Mets hitting coach, that he lost his mojo after ceding to demands that he stop acting so exuberant on the field, etc.

  • Pedro's dad is not doing well.

    Pablo Jaime, 78, is suffering from an inoperable brain tumor, and Martinez said recently that his father does not have long to live.

    "His dad's not doing well and had a seizure," Willie Randolph said before the game. "We'll just see what happens when [Pedro] gets back [from the Dominican]. All the other stuff in terms of pitching is on hold."

    Pedro should really put baseball on hold and tend to his family. The Mets success does not hinge on him so he needs to do what he feels is right.

  • Joel Sherman pens a good piece about Willie.

    I am not foolish enough to believe race still does not motivate repugnant feelings. But I do think sports have more of a meritocracy than most environments, and that the great divide between love and hate is winning and losing. Again, Willie, look to your Knicks past: The city did not love DeBusschere and Bradley more than Reed and Frazier. The whole team won, and the whole team is remembered fondly. Just like Bernie Williams and Paul O'Neill will be from those champion Yankees for which Randolph was a coach.

    There is racism out there, but sports to me was always kind of different. If you are winning, no fan gives a shit who is from where or is what color.

    Randolph lived these New York moments, and constantly brags he is a New Yorker and understands how things work. But most days it seems he just showed up from Ames, Iowa. His self-awareness is poor, and that is hurting him way more than the color of his skin or what angle SNY cameras are shooting him. He thinks of himself as a tough, been-there, seen-that kind of guy. But his sensitivity and lack of savvy reveal the opposite.

    He tried, for example, to backtrack off the critical statements he made about race and SNY by saying he thought he was off the record with the reporter. Even if I believed Randolph (which I don't), he should know reporters grant off-the-record requests to gain the truth, so being off the record would only make you believe Randolph's harshest assessments (not his current spin) most.

    Willie just does not get it and should not be managing this team. Especially so after grasping for straws and attacking the fans. Really? The fans?

    "If you look at my body of work since I've been here," Randolph said, "I'm proud of that, because prior to that Mets fans were hiding. You couldn't even find them ... The season's just starting and you're booing my guys already? You're booing your team?'"

    Mets fans were hiding? Interesting statement. Mets fans are not hiding anymore because of Willie's body of work. Sound logic, right? I am really glad he spouted his mouth off with such madness because it only makes everything I have been saying stronger and he just validated a lot of things that I thought.

    I think at times he can be immature and stubborn and these articles truly outline that. If the Mets want Willie to be their leader, so be it. However, it is a mistake.

    Torre feels bad for Willie and no one is arguing that this job is not extremely difficult, but not everyone can do it.

  • Losing Church would be very, very bad. The Mets need him to be healthy and performing.

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    Anonymous ossy said...

    things are getting ridiculous

    things that must happen:

    1. delgado being waved
    2. willie being fired
    3. hire jose valentin as a 1b coach
    4. get a nady

    1:58 PM

    Anonymous tc said...

    Ugly baseball the last couple of days. Not much more to say about that.

    If the Mets fail to spend now in the draft, it makes no sense from both a baseball and financial standpoint. It'd be wonderful to let a Hosmer get by as to not upset the Commish ... And then 10 years down the line, offer the guy $200 million to play for us because we need him to fill a gaping hole on the team.

    Save $10 million now, or $150 million later. I'm no Warren Buffet, but that's a fairly obvious response.

    Get well soon Senor Pablo Jaime.
    I'd be down to bring Pedro back so long as he can give us some semblence of starts this season.

    Yanks started the Joba conversion last night -- interesting being that their bullpen outside of Rivera already blows. Who pitches the 8th for them?

    Willie ... shhh. Less talk, more manage.

    2:07 PM

    Anonymous Chris said...

    Agreed on all counts, but I'd like to get Petey back in here ASAP. Of course his family's health comes first, and the rotation's the least of the worries, but he might be able to counterbalance some of Willie's bullshit and help yank some heads out of asses.

    Clearly, Willie's not going to do it, and I'm not at all sure the Wilpons have the balls to let him go mid-season. So we might be looking at the very distinct possiblity that the only significant change in this team's makeup before the break (at least) is getting Petey back.

    And if they don't blow the slotting system out of the fucking water - this year of all years - I might blow a gasket.

    Another gasket, I mean.

    2:23 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    1. delgado being waved
    2. willie being fired
    3. hire jose valentin as a 1b coach
    4. get a nady

    Get Nady for 1st I presume?

    TC...Did you read that Michael Salfino article? Very good and basically in line with what you said.

    The Yankes are desperate. Yes, they create a hole, but they are in last. What can it hurt? Maybe Olendorf steps up? Maybe Farns...ah forget that.

    The Wilpons do not have the balls to do it.

    As for Petey, I used to agree with that. But now? Can 1 can really have that much and effect on this team? I say no.

    2:34 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Yeah...if they pass up Hosmer, I might shut down the blog. No joke. They don't care so why the fuck should we?

    2:34 PM

    Anonymous I officially hate the 2008 season said...

    Guys, guys, guys, calm down. I assure you that once Spring Training is over, the Mets will be better. I'll admit that MLB's decision to extend ST through the end of May was puzzling to some, but look at the standing Tampa Bay is 27 - 20, Florida is 16 - 19, Baltimore is 24 - 21, ... Don't you see that it's Spring Training? Trust me, once the guys get back to NY, it will all work itself out.

    Seriously, though, one more loss in Atlanta and it's "Free Willie" as it should have been after last season. At this point, it's clear! And somehow, it's no solace to think that all of us here seemed to get this one right.

    Surprised to see the Mets being mentioned as good citizens. And hard to believe. I think there will be blood if they pass up on someone who could rapidly improve the farm system. "If they pass up Hosmer, I might shut down the blog." I think you're right; if it gets to that, why should be even care?

    Castillo has got to be one of the worst signings in the history of Mets' bad signings. When I saw his dawdling towards Texeira's grounder yesterday - and I had told myself not to watch the game in the first place (shades of last September I'm afraid) - I couldn't believe it. Up until that point, Pelfrey had been doing his best to get through five without destroying the ship. He was throwing way too many pitches, nothing new, but also making big pitches. After that, it was over.

    And Mr. I Love Veterans scolds Pelfrey for losing focus? How many times have we seen fielding miscues sink a pitcher on the Mets? It is as if they know they have an indifferent team behind them. They know they are fucked!

    Who exactly would the Mets play at first if they dumped Delgone-o? The only first base option I can think of is Church. Carp, Murphy and Evans are far from ready and not likely solutions in their own rite, and you can keep the mediocre first baseman at NotOrleans away from the team as well. They're stuck with Delgone-o. They have no one to trade in the organization, so there will be no Nady or anyone else.

    At this point the best thing that could happen is the team finishes with one of the worst fifteen records, so that next year they can sign Mark Texeira without losing their first pick. But then again, if you were MT, would you want to play for this team?

    I may revise that, but this team sucks without a managerial change and perhaps with it as well.


    3:36 PM

    Blogger Anthony said...

    Mike, don't even speak of such blasphemy...you would fuck us all up if you shut down. There would be no where to go. We need this.

    Totally agree Ossy. What you stated would help a ton. Delgado is finished. That's the first place they grab a set of balls. Waive him. Nady replaces. How do we get Nady? Is Heilman worth anything anymore? Heilman, Luis Castillo (we eat half his contract) and couple prospects? They need to start shedding the bullshit players on this team who don't give a shit. Castillo and Delgado fall under that.

    I think if the Mets come back under .500 by Monday, Willie gets fired. I think the Wilpons do have the balls to do it. The reason being, they had the balls to drop $156 million or whatever it was on Santana. They pushed their payroll up to $140 mil. They have the new stadium. They will fire him. Especially after the shit he spewed about their tv station. I think he's a goner. He's toast unless they go on a tear...which they won't.

    I think Petey is going to do all right this year. Could help big time. I haven't lost all hope. They key is to lose a few more games and get Willie canned. Then they can start to figure it out.

    3:48 PM

    Anonymous tc said...

    I just read over that Salfino article on SNY.tv ... good stuff indeed. This stood out:

    "Hosmer is considered one of the best high school hitting prospects ever and also has been clocked at 99 mph on the mound. He could easily fall like Porcello did last year due to signability. The Mets not only pick 18th but also 22nd and 33rd, but if they pass on Hosmer and he is taken by the Yankees, Red Sox or Tigers, you know why."

    If Hosmer falls to Yanks / Sox, I will fuckin lose it.

    4:27 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    DG...well said. Well said. If they finish in the bottom 15, Tex ain't gonna help. They really need to do some rethinking here. Are the right pieces here? Are they throwing more money at the problem like the Yanks did in the early 00's? He's 29 and is he going to be worth $20 per year when he is 33?

    My brain just overloaded.

    Anthony..how can I possibly go on? I mean, wallowing around last place and passing up legit players for lesser players in the draft? Why even bother?

    I think if the Mets come back under .500 by Monday, Willie gets fired. I think the Wilpons do have the balls to do it. The reason being, they had the balls to drop $156 million or whatever it was on Santana. They pushed their payroll up to $140 mil. They have the new stadium. They will fire him. Especially after the shit he spewed about their tv station. I think he's a goner. He's toast unless they go on a tear...which they won't.

    This is go-time for Willie. Now his team that loves him oh so much needs to step up.

    TC...that is exactly what I'm saying. If the Mets pass him up so they can be solid citizens and the Yankees or Red Sox pick him up I will be beyond pissed.

    5:09 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Does Beltran care?

    9:46 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Whole fucking coaching staff needs to be canned.

    Fuck it.

    Hitting coach? FIRED!

    Pitching coach? BOOTED!


    Bullpen coach? THAT'S RIGHT, YOU SUCK TOO... NOW LEAVE!

    Manager? GET THE FUCK OUT!

    And if Omar fucks up the draft... final straw for him too. Bunch of jerkoffs.

    10:06 PM

    Blogger Coop said...

    i've been saying all along that the whole coaching staff needs to be axed. HoJo? Gone. Tom Nieto? Nice guy but odd man out. Bring up Oberkfell, promote Teufel and Niemann, bring in Gary carter. The last thing this team needs is a dude who knows what's going on in the clubhouse. Kick ass, ask questions later.

    As for extending Pedro, Mike you know I *heart* you but you cannot be serious. Pedro may have signified a change in the Mets culture but he has hindered the progress of this team too many times. You will see me jumping off the roof of Citifield if that happens opening day 2009, mark my words.

    10:38 PM

    Anonymous seattle steve said...

    Swept in Atlanta, pathetic, the front office needs to make a statement to the team , the city and the fans. The thing this team is youth... there is no hunger on this team, everyone is a millionaire... what me worry, i unfortunately agree that waiving Delgado and Chavez is needed to be done and hiring a new manager would not hurt either.

    1:28 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Save only Manuel. He showed some fire on that missed call last week and got thrown out. I like him but the rest can leave.


    4:38 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    On the bright side, if we're down 15 games on August 20th and come back to win it, EVERYONE will forget 2007.



    4:40 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Tim needs to take off the Mets-colored glasses.

    I don't buy for a minute that he's upset about the contract he signed. Actually, I just can't bring myself to believe that something that absurd is possible.

    First of all, the kid came from nothing... NOTHING! He made a glove out of cardboard, used fruit in place of baseballs, and had to avoid stepping on chickens as he patrolled the infield. So if for some strange reason he actually is crying over the fact that last year he made $2,875,000 and this year he is making $4,375,000... well someone just needs to put a bullet in his fucking head right now and end the outrageousness.

    Secondly, with the exception of one breakout season (2006) in which we all thought that he had finally put it all together, his numbers are average at best. Reyes has managed to turn the clock back to 2005, and that's not a good thing. Even though at 25 years of age (come June 11) he is still very young, Reyes has been a Major Leaguer now since 2003 (274 AB in '03, 220 AB in '04), going full-time in 2005.

    He knows the deal. We've all seen what he is capable of, but then again 2006 could very well have been a fluke. Maybe we look at Rollins and Ramirez and wish that he could put up the kind of numbers that they do, and carry their respective teams the way they do. Maybe when it's all said and done, Reyes is at best an above-average player whom the Mets can not rely on to be their "spark plug".

    Maybe I have no fucking clue as to what I'm saying (which is certainly possible). One thing I do know for sure is that every time this kid pops the ball up or strikes out with a wild, undisciplined swing, I lose a strand of my hair. And quite frankly, I can't afford to lose any more.

    4:54 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    don't quit the blog or i'll find you and cut off your beer supply.

    FUGLY situation.

    but anthony is on target as usual. fire willie asap and hope for the best. can there be any reason not to fire willie?

    btw, mike i'm with you on hamilton for the hof -- and the triple crown!


    9:57 AM

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