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Monday, April 21, 2008

A Heaping Helping of Awesome

Joe Smith? Off the charts with a 208 ERA+. Pedro II? Off the charts with a 186 ERA+. Mr. Billy Wags? Off the charts with no hits and one walk in seven innings. Dirty? Looking like he is off the charts with some great looking outings.

As a team, they have a 118 ERA+ which is just great. Heilman will come around and Johan will get into a groove and look sharper. Perez has looked like the ace of the staff by far with a 155 ERA+ while making people look stupid. Every game he goes out there this year, Scott Boras is seeing the piles of cash just multiply innumerably.

I cannot say any of the above is all that shocking because I believed in those arms. However, Pelfrey and his ERA+ of 122 is good for second on the staff and a welcomed surprise. The Mets now have five above average starters that I can see continuing to perform at their current level for the remainder of the season, or in Figgy's case, until Pedro comes back.

With the Mets three games over .500 and .5 games out of first, it is hard to not feel good. Amazing how much difference a week makes.

* * *

  • Chase Utley is awesome.

  • Willie lays it down.

    "Welcome to the club, just like everybody else," Randolph said. "No one feels sorry for us when we have injuries, so we're definitely not going to feel sorry for them, that's for sure. Injuries are part of the game. We've got guys out, too."

    No Alou? No problem. No Pedro? No problem. Shit is part of the game.

  • David Wright is awesome.

  • David Wright & Chase Utley are awesome. Why do I think the MVP is going to come down to those two?

  • Alou is making his way back.

  • Philly fans? Classless.

  • Jose Reyes is killing it these days and it amazes me how quickly Mets fans get down on some players. Guys like Heilman and Reyes are too good to keep down and will be alright.
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    Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

    Well the Mets take 2 out of 3 and winning the series is all you could ask for.

    Regarding Dirty, his velocity isn't back yet and who knows if it ever will but his breaking pitches look really good.

    Aaron Heilman on Saturday was BALLS meng.

    And I can't believe Alou is so close to come back! AHH!

    Frank Thomas released, WHOA! Who saw that coming?

    12:17 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    You cannot ask for two consecutive sweeps. That is just silly talk!

    Yeah, Dirty's FB might not be as hard, but his breaking stuff looks outstanding and he needs to build back up the velocity. It's all good!

    Is BALLS good or bad?

    Thomas sucks. He has been released by the Mendozas as well!

    2:43 PM

    Blogger almar said...

    You know that if the Mets win the division and the Phillies either fall short or make the WC, Utley will get the MVP. Why? Because the voters will be indifferent to the Mets, just like they were in 2006 (when Beltran should have won it) and last year, although in fairness, the Mets coughing it up may have cost Wright.

    is Utley MVP caliber? I think he will be in the running this year, but unless Wright becomes a mere mortal, it should be his to lose. Period.

    Otherwise you have to wonder if there is some anti-Mets MVP thing going on with the voters.

    6:01 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Coughing it up did cost Wright. Whomever won the East was getting the MVP...right or wrong. It was however wrong.

    Utley has crazy numbers. Both are on fire and soooo fun to watch right now.

    6:25 PM

    Anonymous tc said...

    It would be most enjoyable if Korean scientists were able to produce a spawn/offspring of Utley and Wright. I'd let my girlfriend be the surrogate and ride him straight to the Hall.

    8:49 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    You can always just let them have sex with her.

    12:37 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    When Rollins comes back and the Phillies are in Shea again, Mets fans should show up those in Philly by welcoming him back and giving him an ovation.


    8:11 AM

    Anonymous tc said...

    That would work, but it wouldn't enable me to take full advantage of the awesomeness displayed by both.

    Heilman keeps having his up games and his very down games. I thought he was going to get out of it, but by the 30th pitch of the inning, he was probably shot.

    It's embarassing for Sosa to give up a home run to a man who missed time for a twisted testicle. That's just awful ... on both counts. Here's that story if you want to throw up:

    2pm start today means I'll miss the last half of the game while taking an exam (and cheating thoroughly).

    10:18 AM

    Anonymous ossy said...

    can we trade delgado back to toronto for frank thomas

    10:39 AM

    Anonymous ossy said...

    frank thomas means no job for barry bonds

    10:43 AM

    Blogger Sidd Finch said...

    frank thomas is the chad johnson of mlb. or is chad johnson the frank thomas of the nfl?

    i hope everyone enjoyed their 18 hours of the mets in first place.

    12:37 PM


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