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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Drafty, Draft, Draft. I Like The Draft...

Klap speaks about the draft.

Minaya says the Mets will abide by only one edict when choosing between college or high school candidates, and deciding whether to pursue pitchers or position players: This time around, the GM said, "we're going after the best available players. That's going to come first."

We can only hope that is the case dollars and commisioner's office be damned.

That sets the stage for the draft, in which the next generation of Mets is waiting to be plucked. With Alou, Wagner, Delgado and Pedro Martinez all nearing the end of their careers, the next set of decisions the Mets make will be important, if not critical.

Damn straight. With so many early picks and what looks like a decent draft class, the Mets have the ability to give the farm system a quick facelift like the Red Sox and Yankees have been able to do in recent years.

Michael Salfino is also talking draft and thinks the Mets should go for Andrew Cashner, who is a college closer who can pump it into triple digits, Reese Havens, a shortstop the Red Sox are rumored to be hot for, and Isaac Galloway.

For the record, more triple digit arms fail than succeed. That doesn't mean Cashner will not be good, but it certainnly appears that the Mets have a dire need for starting pitchers and positional players more and should focus on that. If he really is the best player on the board, so be it. However, it does not seem like he will be to me. If he falls a bit more to 33, shake and bake. However, at 18 and 22, they should focus on something better.

A little tidbit for yo' bad selves...K Law has Cashner as the 22nd overall prospect in the entire draft so the Mets taking him there would be in line with his talent, but another college reliever?

* * *

  • Steven Goldman brings up some good questions.

    The chicken-and-egg question is, are the two teams bad at drafting or bad at development? That is, did Eric Duncan fail the Yankees, or did the Yankees fail him? Would Billy Traber have been an ace starter if he signed with a team other than the Mets? There is no sure answer, but "both" is a disconcerting possibility.

    Sometimes you have to wonder...

  • Nate Silver has some pretty good insight to managers and their effect on a team.

    Mark (Milwaukee): Along the lines of the BP home page today, would you consider manager affect be one of the unchartered areas in baseball analysis? Randolph has been in the news of late and around here Ned Yost is taking a thumping but I'm not convinced. Do you have a general philosophy about how much any manager affects the play on the field? I have a hard time blaming Yost for a number of the Brewers problems.

    Nate Silver: Sure. My general philosophy about managers is embodied by the Hippocratic Oath: first, never do harm. Don't railroad your young players, don't overuse your young pitchers, don't overmanage. I don't think that either Randolph or Yost have any of those problems particularly. At the same time, I also don't think that there's a whole hell of a lot of difference between an "established" manager and a replacement-level one, and so I don't think you should need too much of an excuse to let go of a Yost or a Randolph if you think you need a change of direction.

    1) Never do harm: Randolph has been guilty of that. Yes, he has done some good, but his stubborn attitude and his propensity to stick with vets too long and kids too short outweigh that. He likes to be even keeled and tries not to have some knee jerk reaction to things and while I think that is a good trait at times, Willie takes it to the max. Also, he likes to utilize his gut rather than make decisions based upon information which is just an egregious errror. Numbers do tell us things.

    2) Don't railroad your young players: There have been many times that young guys did not get a chance. Keppinger, Bell, Humber in the pen last season while Mota was scuffling, Milledge while Green was adding next to nothing, Gotay while the field was performing at a dreadful level, keeping Wright down in the batting order for way too long (minor, but indicitive of a trend).... While he has not burned anyone's arm out (he tried hard with Joe Smith in '07), he seems to give them a really short teather while the grizzled veterans have all the time in the world.

    3) Don't overuse young pitchers: He has been pretty good in not beating anyone up, but the Mets really have not had a young pitcher putting up a good enough performance to warrent being overused. Smith came close and it is unclear if he was beat up early on which lead to him folding in the 2nd half, but Randolph gets the benefit of doubt here.

    4) Don't overmanage: Sometimes his pitching matchups are bit too much for me and he is not the greatest double switcher, but I cannot say he overmanages. To that end, I think he just lacks the ability to really be a good tactical manager and often just makes the flat out wrong moves.

    I agree with Nate a lot in what he says and agree that you can get a league average manager in here to do the same job Randolph has done. Now that may not be reason enough to switch and I am sure there is sentiment out there that if the Mets fealt they had a viable option Willie would be gone, but a change like that shakes this up and that can help.

    His job is safe for now because he went 5-2 in the last seven games, but my view has not changed since day #1.

  • Howard Medgal writes an article that is my worst nightmare and suggests that some believe Joe Torre should have, would have, or could have been the Met manager had he been available. Just thinking about that makes me cringe and that is exactly something the Mets would have done. They would have tried to capture some of that 'Yankee magic' with a 'proven winner' and 'consummate professional'. Blech. Anyway, before I get too derailed, I just wanted to bring to you all this excerpt.

    There certainly are aspects to Willie Randolph’s managing that could improve—for instance, his use of Pedro Feliciano, his most versatile and effective reliever besides Billy Wagner, in primarily blowouts, or only as a lefty specialist, despite his ability to get righties out, and pitch multiple innings at a time. Feliciano has now pitched in 30 games—16 of them in games the Mets won or lost by 4 runs or more, and in 6 of the 14 close contests, he’s faced two batters or less. A change to a more optimal usage pattern would help every other member of the bullpen, Heilman included, to pitch in more comfortable roles.

    Not that Feliciano has been terrific against righties, but it is worth a shot, no? Historically he has been proficient against batters from both sides of the plate and with the bullpen in a weird spot, it would help if Willie had the ability to optimize what he has.

  • Oliver Perez came into last night's game with the Giants with an 84 ERA+, the most walks allowed in the National League, and a 1.525 WHIP. After the game, it got worse. He had a 71 ERA+, the most walks in the National League, and a 1.633 WHIP. Good times.

    With all the talk about Mike Pelfrey moving out of the rotation, one has to wonder why Oliver Perez would not at least be in the discussion. In May, he has posted game scores of 41, 58, 67, 33, and 47. He has been what everyone outside of us Met fans thought he would be. Just an erratic lefty who could not put it together. After last season, I was rather sure he was the real deal and was coming into his own, but I was wrong.

    At this point, I am glad I am not the GM because I wanted to hand Perez a rather hefty sum of money. I am not sure what the Mets game plan is for next season, but giving Oliver a few wheel barrels of money might prove to be a bad idea.

  • Mike Pelfrey will remain in the rotation and that is the right thing to do.

  • If one thing is more of an indictor of the fans disgust with the Mets this season than the All-Star voting, please let me know. The fans have booed before, but they have always kept some Mets in the voting no matter what. This year? Not so much.

  • I was quite shocked ESPN was allowed to play the Mets games as their Sunday night game being the Mets had a Monday night game in San Francisco. Whether they wanted the game or not should be irrlevant because ESPN put the Mets in a bad spot which should not be allowed.

    The Mets are going to have a grueling flight all the way to San Francisco, where they open that series tomorrow night with the Giants," Miller said.

    Naturally, Miller neglected to explain why the Mets were forced to make that "grueling" late-night, cross-country flight. In order to have done that, Miller would've had to say this: "If the guys I work for at ESPN didn't move the game from day to night, the Mets would not been forced to make that grueling flight. In fact, they probably would have already arrived in San Francisco."
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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    picking up from the last string of comments...

    anthony do you still maintain the diet you described a couple years ago? i think it included heavy drinking on the weekends, heavy workouts during the week, with protein shakes full of 8 eggs ala julio franco? just wondering since you mentioned hooking up instead of watching the game if those shakes still give you all that gas you told us about.

    or was this someone else's diet i'm remembering?


    4:21 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    What the fuck?

    4:26 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    what's the matter, mike, you don't remember every comment ever written on your blog?

    i can't swear it was anthony but somebody had a very funny post here about punishing their body system by partying hard on weekends and trying to make up for it with a francoesque diet and weight lifting workouts during the week. it was probably inspired by all those articles about franco and egg whites.

    anyway, if you prefer an on topic comment i agree that willie should still be fired and nothing, not even the playoffs and perhaps not a championship, can change that.

    another homer from hamilton each of the last two nights. dude is raking.


    4:41 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Oh no...off topic is a jeter-like 110% fine, but I'm just 'what the fucking' the entire comment and thought of the comment.

    4:51 PM

    Blogger Anthony said...

    Jake, you are correct, that was me with the egg white protein shake plan. But I must clarify, this was not influenced by Julio Franco! I started that diet 10 years ago. Long before I discovered Franco's diet. And yes, still going strong with the weekend drinking plan while trying to make up for it during the week. Has worked quite well over the years. Sometimes if I drink during week, it needs to be made up on weekend which throws everything off. Either way, I'm glad I didn't watch the debacle last night and made the choice I made.

    Can't wait to see what Pedro has in him tonight. These guys really need to win 5 of 7 or it's more of the same.

    5:22 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...


    Anyhow, if Miller had any fucking balls he would have said EXACTLY that. But then again, ya can't blame the late game on ESPN since Ollie had arrived in San Fran a day earlier.

    Fuck OP. This is the guy's contract year, and this is how he pitches when a contract is at stake? The douchebag probably realizes that even though he continually shows that he is fully incapable of adjusting as the game progresses, that someone, somewhere will hand him a nice chunk of change because:

    a) He's still in his mid-20's

    b) He's a lefty

    You know what he really is? A total enigma.

    How many times do we have to see guys with "electric stuff" disappoint? There has to be a point where it all finally comes together and the pitcher eventually learns how to actually pitch rather than throw. After 6 seasons as a Major League starter, he has yet to do that.

    Flashes of brilliance do not make for a great pitcher. Ollie has never been able to find any consistency in any part of his game, and quite frankly, I don't think he's all that bright. Adjusting to certain situations? Bah! Who needs to do that?

    5:33 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Anyhow, if Miller had any fucking balls he would have said EXACTLY that. But then again, ya can't blame the late game on ESPN since Ollie had arrived in San Fran a day earlier.

    Nice. So I guess Ollie has no one to blame.

    Ollie did take some off and stopped 'throwing', but it did not help.

    We will see who is desperate when this off-season is upon us.

    5:52 PM

    Blogger Anthony said...

    Thank god Omar didn't throw him 5 years 60 mil that was being talked about. Yikes!

    6:59 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Well, in my defense I wanted 5 years @ $55 million but that included this season. I'm sure he would have given the Mets two more good seasons after this along with two shitty ones.

    7:18 PM

    Anonymous tc said...

    This draft is either going to be very good for the Mets (fuck the slot!, selecting best available talent) or very, very poor (commish dick sucking, passing up raw, high-ceiling guys and playing it safe).

    Because we have three 1st rounders, Cashner with one of those picks wouldn't drive me nuts. But if they do that, they better make a splash with one of the other two.

    You hit the nail on the head with your analysis of Willie's four areas of suck.

    Perez? Fuck him and his inconsistency. Give me Sheets!

    Jon Miller, Joe Morgan, Tim McCarver, and Joe Buck need to be put out of their misery for the sake of all humanity.

    I, too, am a fan of binge drinking copious amounts of alcohol on the weekends. It makes me forget about things like my job, my girlfriend, and my asshole boss (if you are reading this, you are truly a dick, ... and I did nothing in work today but watch YouTube videos of draft prospects).

    8:58 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    and my asshole boss (if you are reading this, you are truly a dick, ... and I did nothing in work today but watch YouTube videos of draft prospects)

    You are my hero...

    9:38 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    1:15am... 9-6 after a 9th inning 3-run homer given up by Show. Still nobody out...

    1:18 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    1:20am... 9-1 lead at one point, yet here is Wagner coming into the game because for some strange reason, Show can't get 3 outs with a 6 run lead.

    1:21 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    1:22am... Scary at the end there, but Wags closes it out with an easy double play ball.

    Leave it to the Mets to turn a laugher into a nail-biter.

    1:25 AM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

    s time around, the GM said, "we're going after the best available players. That's going to come first."

    Music to my ears.

    The chicken-and-egg question is, are the two teams bad at drafting or bad at development? That is, did Eric Duncan fail the Yankees, or did the Yankees fail him?

    Wow, good question but I think its certainly a mix of both. And to be fair, Duncan was never that good to begin with. It was mostly hype.

    1:53 AM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

    I"m a huge fan of binge drinking... unfortunately, I don't work out to make up for the drinking. In fact, I don't even save the drinking for the weekends, I do weekdays as well.
    I'm actually drunk right now! hurray!

    1:54 AM

    Blogger Sidd Finch said...

    OP has gone through this before, in 2005 with Pittsburgh. Interestingly enough, the majority of his craptastic pitching has occured after Boras compared OP with Santana at comparable times in their careers.

    I haven't been drunk since 1982, unfortunately, my liver enzymes are still elevated. Still paying for good times 25 years later...

    10:40 AM

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