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Friday, September 19, 2008

'the collapse' vs september 2008

Bunches of you haven’t gotten over what happened last year. It’s understandable. Coming off a year in which we were a game away from the World Series, our hopes were high and everyone was ready for the ticker tape parade.

Those hopes and dreams were dashed when Tom Glavine officially moved past Bobby Bonilla on the “Worst Mets Ever” list. It wasn’t helped by the constant media coverage that decided that losing a 7 game lead with 17 games left is worse than losing 6 with 12 games left (the ’64 Phillies accomplished that one).

This is a new year however. We came into the season as underdogs by virtue that you own a division until you lose it. Expectations had to be different considering the changes outside of Johan Santana were minimal (re: Willie was still manager).

For a Mets fan to get upset about blowing a lead and speaking of a collapse, is a bit overdoing it in my opinion. They should remember a few things before they get all riled up:

  • We were at one point 7.5 games out of first at one point
  • Willie Randolph gave us a lovely .493 winning percentage this year
  • Delgado has sucked for half the year
  • Luis Castillo (Jose Castillo was a typo)
  • Our bullpen has been run into the ground by over use and injuries
  • Billy Wagner
  • Concussions
  • Willie Randolph
  • Maine’s injuries

I am actually quite happy that the Mets are in a race despite all these problems. That being said, any comparisons to last year are 100% unwarranted. This season was going to be a race and its shaping out that way. Appreciate the excitement that comes with the race and just enjoy baseball.


The Mets are the only team in baseball with three 100+ rbi guys.


Beltran has been awesome this year and totally under the radar.


I still cant believe Delgado has done what he’s done. I still don't know if he should be our first option at 1B next year, but I'm glad he's improved.


The “empty” minors are producing:

  • Daniel Murphy looks like he could play full time next year.
  • Argenis Reyes gives me the same feeling Edgardo Alfonso once did.
  • Kunz brings hope for the bullpen.
  • Niese looked great in his second start.
I’ll be posting periodically. Hope you guys can bear with me.

P.S. Isn’t it great not having Willie Randolph here?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

... I'm sorry. Did somebody post here?

I don't know. I could have sworn I saw a new post here. Hold on...

::rubs eyes and puts glasses back on::

HOLY SHIT! I really did see a new post!

Thank God, Mike. Go another two months without posting and you might find us on your doorstep with torches and pitchforks. ;o)

10:50 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back. DO NOT LEAVE US AGAIN!

Argenis Reyes makes you think of Edgardo Alfonzo? Really? Well, they both have a name that begins with A.

10:55 AM

Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

Watching a game with Willie as manager and Jerry as manager is soo different. I probably disagreed with every move he made. Now, i can sit back, kick it, and relax as I watch the game without really questioning or second guessing jerry. Which is good.

Mike, Argenis Reyes sucks. And I'm not a big fan of Eddie Kunz. Danny Murphy and Nick Evans however, are official!

11:27 AM

Anonymous tc said...

Jose Castillo? Sweet Jesus you have been gone for much too long.

These last nine games or so are going to do quite the job on our minds and hearts... But the Brewers truly suck ass at the moment, so I have no concerns about this being 2007-esque.

I can't wait to go to Yankee Stadium tomorrow (gf's dad asked me to go). It's going to be amazing knowing the Yanks are dead and have no chance of the playoffs, while their fans cry and the "Cathedral" (see: shitbox) is going to be a pile of rubble in a few months.

Welcome back, sir.

11:57 AM

Anonymous tc said...

Wait, is that an Ossy post... As in a guest blogger?

If so, I extend my welcome to you as well.

12:03 PM

Anonymous seattle steve said...

Welcome back.
Daniel Murphy has to play full time until proven differently, all he does at bat is produce, he makes the pitcher work, when he starts i believe we are 16-7.

1:32 PM

Anonymous Will said...

Has anyone been watching the Florida-Philly game? The bottom of the 8th? What did you think of those two calls: cantu out at home and the foul/HBP?

10:13 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Probably only the Yankees and Cards have a chance at having 3 100-rbi guys. Otherwise, it's just the Mets at the end.

10:24 PM

Anonymous Will said...

Why should I remember Jose Castillo?

10:26 PM

Anonymous benny said...

I fucking hate Brad Lidge. I mean he has to blow a save eventually right?
I'm so sick of this shit.
I thought he was scared from Pujols' playoff bomb?

12:22 AM

Anonymous Will said...

I'll be happy when he blows his first saves in the playoffs against us.

Time for the Mets to turn it up a notch and dispose of the Cubs...put something in their mind come playoff time.

11:06 PM

Anonymous NONymous said...

Click your heels twice and we'll be back in the playoffs Dorothy.

What, you're not wearing any shoes? Shit.

7:21 AM

Blogger Anthony said...

It is great not having Willie here. That is for sure. What is not great is the disaster that continues to be our bullpen. Wow. Fucking Braves. Even at 20 games below .500 they still dominate us in Atlanta. Gross. Parnell needs to get in these games. I'm not sure why Manuel won't put him in.

Argenis Reyes doesn't remind me of Fonzie. Of course with Daniel Murphy, right when we're all sold and he gets the every day starting job he pulls an 0-10. Ugh!

I am confident this team will make the playoffs at least thru the wild card. But that just blows to let the sucky ass Phils and their sucky ass pitching win 2 division crowns in a row if that happens! Are you kidding me? This team should be the team.

Sucks that Pedro is not good anymore. Hopefully he can pitch out of bullpen in playoffs along with Maine. There's a start of something maybe?

1:44 PM

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