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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ho-hum....another day and more baseless claims.

Mets vs. Phillies vs. Marlins

Len from Manhattan: And Delgado vs. Howard is closer than you think, no?

SportsNation Jayson Stark: (1:18 PM ET ) How is Delgado/Howard closer than I think? We're talking a 30-RBI difference (and 11 homers). And nearly an 80 point difference in hitting with RISP. Sorry, Len. Not seeing that one.

Sometimes something so painful has to be written. No matter how much you want to resist the urge, there is simply no other recourse.

Carlos Delgado has an OPS+ of 116 while Ryan Howard has an OPS+ of 113. Now, 10 out of 10 sane individuals would take Howard over Delgado no matter what the numbers suggest, but if you are scrubbing the teams against each other at this current juncture, then it would not be fair to be so dismissive of Delgado.

Furthermore, Howard's Warp1 is 2.7 while Delgado's is 3.3. Win Shares? Delgado has 9 and Howard has 12. While you can probably construct an argument for either side, I would just say both have been extremely disappointing and have been equally as valuable (or equally as bad). By my count, the Mets would win or push at all positions in the infield with the exception of second base.

Regardless, Stark points out the fact that the Mets have been outscored by the Phillies....but they were outscored by a whole eleven runs during the year. Whoooopeeeee! If you take away both team's home parks which are drastically different, the Mets have scored 271 runs in 53 games while the Phillies scored 248 runs in 49 games.

The notion that the Phillies are much better than the Mets offensively is completely and utterly ridiculous. This falsity that keeps getting perpetuated must end! The Mets rotation is vastly better while the Phillies bullpen can certainly mow down opposing batters more efficiently than the Mets bullpen, but we are talking about one component that is better than the Mets out of the big three components.

The teams might not be all that far off in terms of talent if you assume nothing from Pedro and Church, but at least the Mets have more room for growth and starting pitching on their side. I am simply not buying much growth for the Phillies and I'm not getting giddy over their offense which is more of a show of power than real substance. Side with the better offense and the rotation which is the Mets barring a disaster.

* * *

  • Mr. Billy Wags with arm trouble is a big deal. Very big.

  • Joe Blanton is facing the Mets tonight and nothing would be more deflating than the Mets pounding the new Philly acquisition that has come to help stabalize the rotation.

  • 10 things to know about Joe!!!!

    1. Blanton's wife, LeeAndra, is a die-hard fan. According to his blog on MLB.com, called "Big Joe's Bluegrass Blog," his wife has yet to miss a start, home or away. "She's a trooper, for sure," he wrote. "She pretty much goes on every trip with me - even though she's not crazy about flying." That's love.

    Love or trust issues? We all know what happens on the road...

    10. The Mets are the perfect team for Blanton's debut with the Phillies. He hasn't given up a run in 15 career innings against the Mets.

    That just means the Mets are due.

  • Sugary...

    "Everything you want to accomplish is right there in front of us," Mets third baseman David Wright said. "We just have to go out there and grab it."

  • The Mets don't neeeeed Pedro. It would be nice if he can be league average pitcher, but he is their #5 right now. The Mets season does not hinge on their #5.

  • Here is why you don't give 36 year old catchers big contracts.

    "That's the biggest thing," he said. "I don't want to miss two years. I'm already flustered with this one because I haven't been 100 percent and I've been trying to play through a lot of pain."

  • The Mets have certainly changed how people perceive this team really quickly...
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    Anonymous ossy said...

    delgado = howard only if howard starts dating amy whinehouse.

    pelfrey is tied with maine and santana for the team lead in wins. who wouldve that would be the case and we'd still be in 1st place.

    11:32 AM

    Blogger Sidd Finch said...

    The Wankees have plenty of money to throw around at 36 year old catchers and 41 year old pitchers. We were all scratching our heads when they signed Posada last winter.

    11:40 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Don't let your hatred blind you Ossy.

    Both have been dissapointing, but the facts are facts brother. Delgado has been roughly as equal, or slightly more valuable than Howard this season.

    True Sidd...but I'm just sayin'

    11:50 AM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

    I'd be dissmisive of Delgado when comparing him to Howard, Mike, sorry.

    Although the Mets taking down Blanton would kick ass, I'd be tough. Blanton has 15 career innings with an ERA of 0! with 10 K's. Good luck Mets. I'm going to try and make the game tomorrow...

    2:01 PM

    Anonymous tc said...

    By my count, the Mets would win or push at all positions in the infield with the exception of second base.

    Chase Utley is a beast. He's VASTLY superior to our 2b trio of Castillo (suck), Easley (part-time suckage), and Argenis Reyes (half-suck, half-decent -- hitting and fielding, accordingly).

    Howard's a few years younger than Delgado. He has been getting killed busted inside, much like Delgado was early on. While I normally wouldn't foresee Howard slumping so bad, his strikeout rate is abominable, and he's on pace to break the record -- I forget if he broke it last year, or if Dunn still holds it.

    Sugary, or ticklish?

    My (ex)friend who splits tickets with me actually gave tonight's two seats to his ex-girlfriend's dad for his birthday. Needless to say I am disgusted and will not be buying him a beer at Shea tomorrow when I attend.

    2:32 PM

    Anonymous ossy said...

    this is a case of #'s not telling the whole story. a bloop single looks the same as a line drive in the boxscore.

    ryan howards comes up and i get scared shitless. delgado comes up and i hope he doesnt gidp into that lovely shift.

    2:39 PM

    Anonymous tc said...


    Good point above; I completely agree. The psychological factor has to have some bearing on how you rank guys. I'm no MLB pitcher, but I'd be approaching Delgado different than Howard -- no matter what the stat line shows. And not ever pitcher is a Papelbon who will just go after you and if he beats you, kudos to him ... Aaron Heilman? He too is probably shitting his pants when Howard steps up to the plate.

    Just my 2 cents.

    2:44 PM

    Anonymous Danny said...

    Chase Utley is a beast. He's VASTLY superior to our 2b trio of Castillo (suck), Easley (part-time suckage), and Argenis Reyes (half-suck, half-decent -- hitting and fielding, accordingly).

    And Wright is VASTLY superior to Feliz. And Reyes is significantly better than Rollins this year, whose "MVP" season is looking more and more like an outlier fluke season every week. The battle of the infields is Advantage: Mets.

    Delgado's OPS since April 27: 904

    You're spot on, Mike. Give the man some credit.

    3:05 PM

    Anonymous ossy said...

    he had an OPS of 770 & 780 in may/june. he is toast with when he has two strikes. he hit .206 in losses, .143 w/ bases loaded, .170 late & close...

    check his splits here

    i can go on for days about the bum. i wont let a hot streak sway my beliefs.

    3:21 PM

    Anonymous ossy said...

    lets be honest. if ryan howard played for the mets, would jerry bat him behind damion easley

    3:26 PM

    Anonymous Danny said...

    I'm not saying Delgado is great and I want him back next year or anything, but he's been good over the last 2.5 months after a horrible start.

    Howard probably goes on a hot streak and blows Delgado away the rest of the year. But the fact is, to this point in the season, they have offered their respective teams roughly the same value.

    Howard is already older. He ain't getting better, and frankly he seems to be regressing at the plate since his MVP season. That long, loopy swing seems to be an issue from time to time.

    3:43 PM

    Anonymous Danny said...

    Ha, I just re-read and I want to clarify my Howard is already older comment. I just mean that he is already in the tail-end of his prime years.

    3:46 PM

    Anonymous seattle steve said...

    Its games like these; we pay Johann the big bucks and he has to produce and the offense has to give him some runs to work with.
    Johann has been good but when you are making the $$$$ he is getting you want him to be like a "shut down" corner which in all honesty he has not been, well tonite he is on the big stage and he needs to produce and turn the corner of being a true ACE.

    6:25 PM

    Anonymous tc said...

    So far, so good ...

    Dbacks acquired Rauch for peanuts. He's under control through '10, and was pitching fairly well in the closers spot thus far.

    Bowden is a truly god-awful GM. Especially with the price that Fuentes keeps driving up for himself (7 perfect saves in a row!) ... could have gotten more I think.

    Re: tonight's game - the Phils look FLAT ... after that run in the first, they just look completely dominated by Santana. He's bringing it.

    Time to go watch the last three. Hopefully they keep the lead to Mr. Billy Wagner gets a couple of more days off.

    8:50 PM

    Anonymous tc said...

    I am fucking sick after seeing this 9th inning. I feel like its September all over again.

    10:03 PM

    Anonymous tc said...

    I am fucking sick after seeing this 9th inning. I feel like its September all over again.

    10:04 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Johan has permission to throw as many teammates as he likes under the bus for this piece of shit.

    Finally the guy comes out and pitches the game of the season. Finally he doesn't give back the lead. You throw out the first inning, and Santana was totally fucking sick out there tonight.

    So what happens? After 105 pitches through 8 innings, he's taken out for closer-by-committee-for-the-evening.

    This is exactly what this Philly team needs to get it's motor running again.

    Great job kids. Way to waste the finest starting effort this season.

    10:21 PM

    Anonymous Danny said...

    Disgusting loss.

    Just... awful.

    1:09 AM

    Anonymous benny said...


    1:56 AM

    Blogger Rickey Henderson said...

    Oh god, we suck again. What a cockpunch of a game.

    8:37 AM

    Anonymous ossy said...

    holy shit, god forbid the mets have a bad anything because its gonna be "september all over again.

    we are 1 game out of first place and except for one blowup (which happens in baseball) have dominated our main competition for the division.

    9:12 AM

    Anonymous tc said...


    No no no, my optimism has not diminished. At all. That was just a brutal inning, and I put that on there literally as it was happening.

    I am still abound with confidence; the Phillies looked like shit until the 9th ... and there's 60 games left in the season. By no means am I insinuating I'm depressed and hopeless like I was in the last weeks of the '07 season. I'm just saying that the loss was very '07-esque, which sucks, because they've been playing so well.

    Blanton was 100% unimpressive. He'll had little to that team if he pitches like he did yesterday. All the Mets need to do is rebound, win tonight. They'll be just fine. I'm really not concerned; we have no reason to be yet.

    Regardless, I still think Omar needs to get another bullpen arm before the break. I heard Huston Street rumblings -- that'd be like McDowell Orosco of '86 with him and Wagner. But the bounty is probably sky high.

    10:03 AM

    Blogger almar said...

    This was all on Jerry "I read Ghandi and wear cool glasses" Manuel.


    Yes the bullpen sucked.
    Yes Jose had a brain fart.

    But this may not have come to fruition had JERRY LET JOHAN PITCH THE FUCKIN' NINTH! It was a no-brainer!

    Johan had a quick 8th inning, had been mowing down the Phillies, had only thrown 105 pitches. Every Mets fan on earth assumed Johan was coming out for the 9th to punctuate this win, and Jerry decides because it was a 3 run lead, to bring a Wagner-less bullpen into the game??? This was not the time to play by the book.

    Looks like Jerry's honeymoon with the media and fans is over quite abruptly. But then again it should be when you pull off a Willie like he did.

    11:16 AM

    Blogger almar said...

    "All the Mets need to do is rebound, win tonight. "

    Well John Maine needs to get his head straight tonight and pitch like he is capable of pitching. In other words, no more 5 inning/5 walk/110 pitch performances.

    11:18 AM

    Anonymous Luis Aguayo said...

    "nothing would be more deflating than the Mets pounding the new Philly acquisition that has come to help stabalize the rotation."

    How about a 6 run 9th? That might actually top any Blanton pounding.

    11:57 AM

    Blogger Anthony said...

    Well said Almar, well said. Why the FUCK wasn't Santana in their for the 9th??? 105 pitches and pulled, are you kidding me??? Jesus, like the guy can't throw 120-125 pitches in THE BIGGEST GAME of the season to date when he completely dominated the entire game. Unreal.

    And agreed, John Maine needs to step up tonight and quit pitching like he was three years ago. Let's go!

    What was worse, was at game last night and had the biggest group of dopes on the planet behind me acting like it was a football game. So had to endure that for 8 innings while things were good. Then the dopey loud mouth "fans" left in the 8th inning. Right when I'm getting to finally enjoy game by 9th, disaster strikes and i take the long subway ride home just f'ing pissed. Ugh.

    12:00 PM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

    I'm watching the Rays game right now, against the A's. It's the 9th inning and the score is 4-2 with the Rays winning.
    James Shields was at 99 pitches to end the 8th... so what happens, he comes in to pitch the 9th!!! SHOCKER!!! WHOA!!! IMAGINE THAT!

    Johan should have pitched the 9th and I was saying that as soon as the 8th ended.

    3:07 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Huston Smith and Casey Blake on the Mets by week's end.

    7:56 PM

    Anonymous tc said...

    Take tomorrow afternoon ...

    Take hold of first place ...

    For the 1st time since April ...

    Sugary. Swellicious. Ticklish.

    11:26 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Sabathia can throw THREE complete ones in a row. LEAVE SANTANA IN DAMN IT!

    7:46 AM

    Anonymous ossy said...

    the star ledger reported that roy halladay is on the trading block... adios fernando (not tatis) and what other spare parts they want.

    the mets have to get this done!

    9:28 AM

    Anonymous Will said...

    It's 2:25 am here but loving this effort by Perez. I just hope they keep him in and I don't stay up all night to see an implosion.

    NINE Ks already...great

    1:25 PM

    Anonymous Will said...


    Fuck yeah..go METS!

    I'm glad we didn't bury Delgado when we said he was dead. Ring the bell and dig him up. TODAY, HE WAS BETTER THAN HOWARD, YEAH.

    Now I can go to sleep.

    2:31 PM

    Blogger Anthony said...

    What a turnaround. Manuel is the man. This resurgence from Delgado is mind boggling. I love being proven so wrong by him. Fuck the Phillies. 1st place Mets! The season is officially back starting today. All bets are off.

    2:41 PM

    Anonymous chris said...

    Fuck yeah!

    2:52 PM

    Blogger metsfanincincy said...

    Sorry Ossy, but I heart CD.

    I can't believe this turnaround happened. I think we all expected it to happen but lost hope. and I want to point out that they did this with almost zero production from the corner outfielders. If Church comes back and Omar makes a trade for a league average LF, anything can happen.

    3:21 PM

    Blogger metsfanincincy said...

    Why hasn't Omar contacted Kenny Loften? Isn't he better than what we have in the corners now? He only costs $.

    3:23 PM

    Anonymous someone said...

    Any thoughts on Marchman's "play the AAA guy (Pascucci) in LF" column today?

    4:54 PM

    Anonymous tc said...

    Mr. Cuban with a $1.3b bid on the Cubbies, Wrigley, & a stake in Comcast.

    While the Wilpon's have vastly improved over the past decade, I'd love for him to own my favorite team ...

    Partially because he's a fucking nutjob, and partially because he wants them to win just as much as you or I would.

    11:33 AM

    Blogger Joe said...

    If you take a look at the end of last year the collapse got kick started with the mets being swept by philly with about 16 or 17 games left. to end the season the mets went 5 and 12 while the phillies went 12 and 4 or there abouts, accounting for the mets losing a 7 game lead. about 16 or 17 games ago the mets had a big series against the phillies. over the past few weeks we've seen them go 13 and 4 while the phillies struggled and went 7 and 9, accounting for philly blowing a 7 game lead for the division. just curious if anyone has noticed that? now i know the collapse is monumentally worse than this recent change in division leaders, but the parallels are kind of funny given the amount of abuse we took last year...

    12:01 PM

    Anonymous someone said...

    An owner who inspired the league to fix the finals against him?

    No thanks.

    3:26 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    An owner who inspired the league to fix the finals against him? No thanks.

    Settle down, Oliver Stone. Shouldn't you be out in Texas somewhere looking for that second gunman?

    6:51 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I'm ok with Tatis at the moment though there might be some disgruntled, problematic LF out there I would consider if he came over for peanuts.

    10:51 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Time to end the Marlins' delusion that they can win this season.

    10:53 PM

    Blogger Sidd Finch said...

    That catch by Beltran was SWELLICIOUS! Then Tatis almost did the same thing. What a game, and Santana finished it out, although it was not a save situation.

    32 pitches through 4 innings, that was absolutely SICK!

    2:18 PM

    Blogger Toasty Joe said...

    What did you think of the Bondy column today, Mike? I covered it over on my blog.

    5:38 PM

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