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Monday, September 22, 2008

Prove It

The Phillies close out the season with 6 games against the Braves and Nationals at home. They have a combined record of 22-8 in games against those teams this year. Atlanta has particularly sucked against them by winning only 2 of 15.

The Brewers close out the season at home with 6 games against the Cubs and Pirates. They have a combined record of 16-9 against them with a sparkling 11-1 record against the Pirates.

The Mets finish out with the Marlins and Cubs. They last faced the Cubs at Wrigley while scoring two runs in the games. The losses where lopsided but closely fought contest until the Mets pen let game get away from them (surprise!). The Marlins have proven to a consistent pain while playing above their heads.

From an impartial perspective, the Mets have the toughest time coming this week.
  • The schedule favors the Phillies and Brewers this week.
  • Facing Zambrano and Harden should be difficult. 
  • Pelfrey (0-3, 7.91 ERA) against the Marlins should be difficult to overcome.
The Mets have to prove they belong on the field in October. They can too. The offense and starting pitching is good enough to carry this team into the playoffs despite the ‘pen.

They just have to do it. I mean, we need a Dane Cook Playoff commercial and I don’t need to hear about a damn collapse next year.
Brad LidgeGary Anderson anyone?

Let us hope so.
Say hello to your Buffalo Bisons.
I think Maine should shut it down. I can’t see him making an impact and I would hate to see his ’09 spent rehabbing from something worse.
Game 82? Does that take away from the ‘games left’ presentation we’ve seen 81 times?
I still can’t believe the Phillies are pitching the way they are.

Their bullen has only 15 Blown Saves (Mets have 29).  They also have the majors third ranked bullpen ERA (3.23).
Willie sliding into 2nd base last night made me sick. He was such a damn douche.


Anonymous tc said...


Interesting stuff from Stark on ESPN today ...

If games lasted 6 innings, the Mets would be 84-52, good for an 11 1/2 game lead in the NL East.

If games lasted 8 innings, the Mets would still be 83-59, good for a 6 1/2 game lead in the NL East.

Do you know how fucking staggering that stat is? That is ABYSMAL. Our bullpen sucks dick. Even the players are sick of the bullshit, with Sugar Pants throwing a veiled jab at them after the debacle in yesterday's game with, "We could feel the momentum slipping away."

Yeah, no shit David, everyone in fucking New York can see the momentum slip away.

Put Parnell out there if no one else can get the job done. Put Muniz. Put the fucking 90-year-old usher named Steve who works in Loge Section 4 to get an out if no one can. I'm sick and tired of this Heilman, Schoenweis, Feliciano back-end nonsense. Enough is enough.

And for that matter, if Omar wants to jack my ticket prices 300% for next year (yes, you read that right -- Loge full season tickets jumps roughly 300%), then you better go out and sign a god damn closer capable of getting someone out so I don't need to see Luis Ayala, who had an ERA of 7 for the NATIONALS trot out in the 9th inning.

That's enough from me. If they don't win 3 of 4 from the Cubs -- who are resting starters -- they're 100% done.

3:57 PM

Blogger mr. met said...


5:00 PM

Anonymous tc said...

Mike? Naaa. Can't be.

5:12 PM

Blogger mr. met said...

Ha. Your lack of faith disturbs me.

5:26 PM

Anonymous tc said...

The lack of faith depends on whether you are referring to the bullpen of the Metropolitans, or the author of the Metropolitans.

I have faith that you are the latter. Faith in the former ... Not so much. I pray Maine can come back and offer some semblence of hope, but I won't hold my breath. Perhaps Pedro needs to go to the pen, or Johan/Pelf go an inning on his bullpen day.

Either way, this team can win the East and make the playoffs... But someone has to step their game up.

5:36 PM

Blogger oSSyCoCoTaSo said...

Maine should be shelved.

Let's not jump off a bridge. We only have to win more games than the phillies or the brewers.

6:38 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate this team

8:55 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, fuck the division.

Honestly, I'm not sure why I even want to see them make this miraculous playoff run. They are not the 2006 Cards! It's not happening again. My 56 year old, single her whole life, owner of 3 cats, 2 parakeets, and 4 gerbils neighbor has a better chance of getting married then the Mets do of winning the WS.

It's all going to end very badly, so they might as well just end it now. And fuck Shea. I'll be at a wedding anyway so I'll be missing whatever grand bullshit ceremonies they'll be having.

10:46 PM

Anonymous benny said...

Fuck Aaron Heilman.
Fuck Luis Castillo.
Fuck Scott Schoenweiss.
Fuck the New York Mets.

12:00 AM

Anonymous benny said...

Seriously though... Fuck Luis Castillo, like... ALOT! Fuck him. Fuck that guy.

12:02 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't even know why I continue to watch anymore.

At least try to compete! For the love of all that is holy and sacred, could they at least play like they give a shit?

This isn't even baseball that we are all watching. In fact, I think there is a technical term for the "game" that these pansies are playing, and it's called PUSSYBALL.

Never been a big fan of the pussyball. Big fan of the pussy, just not the pussyball. And that's exactly what these pussies (not a fan of these particular pussies though) are playing.

12:22 AM

Anonymous tc said...

I wasn't going to bother commenting about that nonsense that was on SNY tonight at 7pm. But I need to vent about my dislike for certain things. Such as ...

11 hits? 11 runners left on. Glorious.

Luis Castillo? You have brought the ability to suck to a new dimension.

The word "dislike" doesn't do my feelings towards Luis Castillo justice. My sentiments for him are now bordering Roger Cedeno hatred.

There is nothing to say about someone who watches three straight fastballs to end the game.

It baffles me that despite Castillo's inability to contribute at bat, in the field, in the clubhouse, or in any other way to make him meaningful to this team, he still starts games in a pennant race.

Luis Castillo is an utterly useless human being. I wouldn't even let him sit on the fucking stool by the tarp down the line to field foul balls. At this rate, he makes Argenis Reyes look like Jackie Robinson. He makes me wish Jeff Keppinger was still here. Fuck, he makes me wish Carlos Baerga was still here. He is that awful.

Jon Niese? You're young, I don't want to see you anymore until next year ... at midseason. I'm serious. No more fucking rookie starters with under 10 games to go. I don't care if Johan needs to go on 3 days rest. This is a playoff race, I can't watch a fucking kid my age serving up hanging curveballs that Jason Marquis hits 400 feet.

Bullpen? Saving my fingers the agony of trying to type feelings.

Nelson Figueroa? You were a nice story ... in May. Go back to the Mexican league.

Parenll? You give me some hope. Unfortunately, you won't be getting a chance to prove yourself with 8 games to play.

Jerry says he's going to use starters in relief on bullpen days if need be; I expect to see Pelfrey in the 8th tomorrow after Johan goes 7 like he usually does.

Honestly, if they didn't have Johan this year, they'd be buried in 4th place, about 10 games under .500

I'll be at Shea tomorrow to watch Johan attempt to salvage the season. The Mets need some major help from the Brewers if they even want to sniff the playoffs at this point.

I'm not even mad, I'm just disappointed.

1:05 AM

Blogger metsfanincincy said...

Great to have The Metropolitans back for the stretch run. Man, I missed this blog. I can't think of another blog where the commenters kept it going. Ossy - thanks for stepping up. Good to see you ALMOST gave Delgado some love! Glad to have you guys to comiserate with. Fuck.

Mike, good to see your name. At least we know you're alive now.

1:38 PM

Blogger Anthony said...

Anon, classic. Pussyball. That is perfect. These are a bunch of pussies playing pussyball. They all can suck it. What a fucking joke. I'm so sick and tired of wasting all this time paying attention to this crap, spending tons of money on this crap to have them pull this kind of gutless shit back to back years. Luis Castillo should be dropped from the roster right now. He is worthless.

1:42 PM

Anonymous chris said...

I think "put up or shut up" would accurately convey my feelings toward this team, were it not for the fact that they seem to have decided to shut up about a week or so ago.

Great time to revert to your Randolph-era form, fellas.

I keep trying to tell myself that I should be excited to even be watching pennant race baseball right now, but it doesn't feel like a pennant race. It feels like a free fall.

Maybe we get lucky and suck slightly less than the Brewers. Maybe.

As far as I can see, tonight's game is a must-win for ol' Johan and crew, no? I'll settle in for a complete game shutout around 7 p.m.

It's a good thing I love getting my hopes and dreams dashed against the rocks, otherwise it'd be awful tough to be a Mets fan.


(post script: thanks ossy, welcome back blog! Huzzah.)

2:28 PM

Anonymous chris said...

Close enough. Thanks, Johan.

10:31 PM

Anonymous Will said...

Brewers had just taken a one-run lead. Mota comes in.

He's been our best pitcher out of the bullpen..bla.bla.bla

4 pitch walk

Pirate lead.

Thank you Mota for giving one back.

10:43 PM

Anonymous Will said...

Luis Castillo could make himself useful late in games by walking more slowly to the plate, thereby giving the relievers more time to warm up.

10:48 PM

Anonymous Will said...

but it's not to be as Prince Fielder hit a walkoff.

Hey...I don't mind the Brewers keeping it close to the Mets. If we come back and overtake the Phillies...it could mean Philly being out of it altogether...and I'll take that.

11:21 PM

Anonymous tc said...

That, friends, is why you pay a man $23,000,000 a year. If it wasn't for the 'pen and their 8 blown leads after Santana had left games, Johan would have 20+ wins, be in the top 3 in ERA, and top 5 in K's. Also know as, Cy Young.

Great pitching performance tonight with some clutch hitting from Wright, Murph, and Reyes.

It was so bad when Feliciano came in tonight, that there were actually "throw a stike" chants coming from the Loge.

Luis Castillo was booed mercilessly. He had shitty at bats and failed to cover first on a potential double play. The only good thing he did was walk.

The sad thing is, Argenis Reyes sucks more somehow. He couldn't even get a bunt down in three tries with a pitcher who was throwing straight 92mph fastballs.

No letting up these next two games.

12:40 AM

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